Linear Thinking
Linear Thinking
Summary: Finally getting the chance to talk with the XO, Hadjara tries to put thought to word and manages to succeed.
Date: PHD 213 (11-18-09)
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[ Library - Deck 3 ]--------[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #213 OOC Time: Wed Nov 18 12:48:33 2009

A small desk to the aft is the first sight that greets an entrant as they step into the library. Kharon's library is respectable by the standards of most of the Colonial Fleet. The stacks and shelves run the entire length of the room. The access rows between the stacks are a close fit for a man of average build, and would be a squeeze for broader individuals. Every inch of the shelving is used. The circulating collection spans centuries, and ancient texts are compiled alongside contemporary Colonial selections. In addition to printed text, there is an expansive collection of digital disc movies. Viewing screens are available at intervals throughout the library. Magazines and periodicals are located in a smaller shelving unit, several of them issued just a month or two before Day 0.
-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------

Praxis has taken one of the viewing screens of the library and popped a movie in, the man sitting back in a chair with his hands folded over his chest. It appears to be a classic movie with laser swords and some sort of unseen force that binds all living things, or whatever. Anyway, bottom line is that the XO, despite being in uniform, is currently on his own time. In one of his hands is a styrofoam cup of black liquid.

A figure enters the library quietly, showing a near-reverence more commonly found when one's in a chapel, not a room full of books. They duck into one of the isles only to emerge several minutes later, just about running into the XO as they…Hadjara…has her nose in a book about horticulture. She looks up just in time and blushes, seeing how close to disaster she was. "Excuse me, sir." She'd move elsewhere so Praxis can have his privacy but something about the movie catches her eye and she winds up hovering, posed over the Captain's shoulder as she watches.

Praxis looks up from the movie as the voice of the Ensign chimes in, a brief little smile and a nod in dismissal before his eyes return back to the film. Several more minutes of the movie pass before Praxis suddenly furrows his brows, still feeling a presence over his shoulder. He turns his head back to her and jade eyes lay upon her visage, again the brief smile returning. "Ah, sucked in I see." he mentions with brevity before looking back. "Feel free to pull up a chair if you like." The styrofoam cup is brought up to his lips and he sips at the caffeinated beverage.

Hadjara was already trying to hook a chair by its leg with a foot to drag it closer right before the Captain's offers made, making her blush when she's looked at. "Thank you." Clearing her throat, she looks around quickly before just going for it, the chair turned around after it's brought just to Praxis' right, Jara seating herself in it backwards so she can rest her arms over its back. "Don't think I've ever seen this one," she muses quietly; for those in the know as far as her past and her training went, such a statement wouldn't be a surprise but it could very easily just come across as strange to those who don't really know her.

Praxis quirks a brow at the fact that Hadjara was already going to join him regardless of if he offered or not. He's not particularly impressed by that social faux pas, but no one here is as tight-panted as Demitros except maybe Captain Marek. The command officer shakes his head and lets it go, because there's no way he'll make it here if he's that picky about social things. "It is a classic." Demitros says, gesturing to the moving picture on the screen. "Though the robots in this particular movie are a bit nicer."

If Hadjara notices the displeasure the Captain feels she doesn't let it show, the movie too engrossing to lose too much of her interest. "Nice robots. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it?" There's a twinge of something when she says that, something that borders on sadness but where it lingers in her words there's none of it to be found upon her face, her expression totally neutral. "So how have you been," she ask shortly after that passes, that question poised quickly.

Oh god. First Hadjara seats herself down to a movie with Praxis without invitation, and now she's TALKING. Okay okay, to be fair, Praxis was talking too. And he doesn't really mind that much…he's seen this film a few billion times anyway. Glancing back over his shoulder for a moment when she asks how he's been, confusion settles in. "I say this with some degree of amusement but I cannot recall when you got so close to me where my welfare would be any real conce-" Then Praxis thinks for a while back to what someone else had said. About pushing other people away because he likes to be the lone wolf. "I'm doing satisfactorily. And yourself?"

Hadjara shrugs a bit, darting her gaze over to the Captain, a minute frown now lingering upon her face as he starts to question her. She almost says something, -almost- responds to the way he questions her like that but when he breaks off and actually answers her she relaxes. "I am doing well, thank you, sir. And am glad you're…" Platitudes are not the abrupt woman's strong point so she takes up shrugging and smiling instead, hoping that'll be enough to convey how she's glad he's okay.

So they're both okay. Praxis nods his head, unsure even how to continue the conversation from there. So he wanders his eyes back to the film and continues to watch, a bit of an awkward air hovering between them. Socializing is not Demitros' strong suit. He is a very work-oriented person … and outside of work when there's something that needs to be done, he does it. Like beating some sense into Kitty a while back. He looks back again, something finally coming to his mind. "Didn't you say you had something to talk about to me?"

She had actually kind of forgotten that there was something she wanted to bring up, perhaps having that fact stripped from her as she is watching what transpires between the characters, only the fact that the XO brought it up reminding her. "Oh. Yes. I had done some thinking when we were prepping for the testing, sir. Granted, it might come across as some mental…flailing, but I think I can present it in a way that might make sense to someone else besides me."

"Go ahead." Praxis encourages, rotating his chair such that he faces her now instead, becoming uninterested in the film. "Perhaps I can assist with getting your thoughts in order, if all else fails."

Hadjara takes a deep breath. "Well, I was thinking. It seems like the Cylons are an adaptive race of…things and it got me to wonder. What if they learned about our stealth testing and started to develop that same technology for their own use?" A hand is raised, palm down, thumb and pinky finger held out to resemble a Raider's 'wings'. "Preemptive thinking. It's not easy to do but I see that we're going to have to really start doing that. Starting with this." It manages to come out better than she anticipated it would but it's still not as smooth as she hoped, getting her to grunt in slight frustration.

"Unfortunately, what we were doing wasn't really implementing stealth technology." Praxis calmly explains, never moving from the current position he's in. "It was just operating our Raptors at a low enough power level that they won't even show up on Cylon sensors. The only defense against that is to increase the operating efficiency of sensors to detect power at a much lower threshold." He rubs at his eye gently before continuing further. "However, the notion of thinking that they may use our own tactics against us in a more general sense is something that we should not ignore, and of that much I can heartily agree, Ensign."

Hadjara's brow tightens a bit when Praxis explains it to her. "I see. I wonder how that theory came into being," she murmurs under her breath before continuing, now taking a different approach, choosing to go with what she knows, boxing, instead of trying to explain it in a more technical manner. "It's like a boxing match. You got to tuck your arms in and protect yourself from possible punches while looking for openings your opponent might leave you. It's kind of like playing chess. Got to protect your king while looking for ways to get to the other guy's." Shrugging, she shoots a look at her conversation partner, trying to see if she's making sense.

Praxis looks a little amused at her likening to boxing and chess, the command officer shaking his head. "I assure you, at default, especially in a time of war we're actively doing that. I suppose they refer to it as 'fighting a war'." Demitros smiles. "If there's something in particular that you would like to implement or propose by all means you can send it through the proper channels. But have faith in Tactical, Ensign."

"I have all the faith in all the Colonies in what we do, sir. It's not that. I just can't stop thinking that we're very behind here and we need to catch up. Find a way to get ahead of those mother frakkers for once." Jara doesn't even so much as flinch when she cusses, going on as if Praxis was one of the guys, not the second-in-command of the Kharon. "I was thinking that we need to find ways to detect stealthed Raiders -now- opposed to when we need it. What's the worse that can happen? We'll be ready for once instead of caught with our frakking pants around our ankles while we are sitting, taking a crap." Reaching her left hand over to the right, she starts to rub it, either out of need or habit.

Praxis nods his head. "Ah, I see what it is you're saying." he mentions with a few nods, everything finally making sense to him after Hadjara speaks. No, he doesn't mind that here she talks the way she talks. In CIC he might be slightly more against it but it's not the case right now. "I believe that next time when you are putting forth the notion I would have said something such as, 'Sir, I propose that we start researching and developing ways to increase our sensor efficiency in the anticipation of stealth Cylon Raider vessels.' If you had done that, there would have been much less swimming around trying to figure out just precisely what your point was." A nod. "If it's something you would like to pursue on your own time, perhaps I will consider it."

Okay. Now Jara feels like an ass for having voiced her ideas like she did, Praxis' suggestion at how to word her own making her wince. Blush, too. "I'm sorry, sir. I am not very good with putting thought to word sometimes and it frustrates me which, unfortunately, makes it all the more difficult for me." It's only the fact that the Captain's as nice as he is about this entire thing that keeps her from excusing herself and leaving, the embarrassment about enough to kick in the urge to get the frak out of there. "I wouldn't know where to start, sir. My computer skills are basic, at best. I could try to program a few sims but anything more than that will require someone with more know-how than what I have." The massaging of her right hand stops, finally, and she goes a bit limp, slouching over the back of the chair.

Praxis inclines his head slightly at the apology, noting the shade of color Jara's skin turns when she is spoken to. He glances down to his watch briefly before looking back up, scratching the side of his neck while she continues to speak. "So what you propose is going to take some more resources and manpower." He nods as if he didn't need further convincing from her. "I'm sorry, Ensign. I can't devote time and effort into something that hinges completely on speculation. Though you should still keep the scenario in mind - your job takes the quickest thinking and reaction time. I have faith that you can come up with a snap solution in no time - that's why you're on the bridge. The most talented reside within CIC."

Hadjara can't help but to chuckle quietly. "No, sir. It wouldn't have to take anything away from the ship. It's stuff that can be worked on during free time and I think all it'd require is an upload to the proper systems once we're assured that it works. Ship's operations shouldn't be hindered at all." Or at least they shouldn't be if Jara's on the right mental track, here. When complimented, she finds herself uncertain as what to do or say now, that praise bringing out a side to her that she's not used to showing, a side of her that's a lot more humble than how she can be. "Thank you, sir," she manages to squeak out, that being all she can say now.

Praxis nods his head to Jara. "Keep me or the TACCO updated on your actions, and ask before you do something potentially unauthorized. I suppose I do not have to remind you of that." he carefully reminds her. At the gratitude he just waves his hand dismissively. Looking back to the movie, he sees that it's ended, and he ejects the disc from the player before replacing it back into the proper case.

"Of course not, sir. I'll let someone know before I do anything." When the movie's ejected she sighs, Jara hit by a twinge of guilt at how she talked through the movie; it wasn't her intention to interrupt yet here she is, having trodded on the XO's free time. "I'm sorry about that, sir." Nevermind that she was prodded into talking about what she had in her mind. it's her fault.
Work follows Praxis wherever he goes on this ship, whether he is off duty or on. That's why he gets his own quarters, that's why he lives in luxury and that's why he has many many people to do things for him. Demitros is used to working instead of playing … and to most on the ship everybody figures that he never spends any time off duty anyway. "Never mind it, Ensign." he says again dismissively, taking the movie and returning it to the previous spot on the shelf.

Hadjara is only marginally soothed, the dismissive manner of the XO helping to make her feel a little less guilty but she still feels it. "Hey, sir? Do you happen to box?" It's a comfortable subject for her, it being pretty much what she knows outside of what she was taught when she signed up, a safe topic for her to talk about.

Praxis turns his head towards Hadjara. "I do, a little bit." he mentions, shaking his head. "I'm afraid I'm a little bit handicapped, however." He moves over to one of the bookshelves and reaches forth to pick up a sizable textbook with his right hand, picking it up. "Observe." He then places the heavy book on his left hand and tries to hold it up, the XO grunting, gritting his teeth, and seeming to be in complete agony before he drops the book onto the floor.

Wincing, Jara stands when she notices the expression on the Captain's face and she moves closer although she hesitates on picking the book up for him, not wanting to offend by helping him. You know. A man's pride is a fragile thing, causing her to wait and see if her aid is needed before doing anything. "How extensive was the injury?" Touchy subject to bring up? Undoubtedly, but something compels the Ensign to ask.

"Extensive." Praxis says with a bit of a smirk, bending over and picking up the book right after it drops, anyway. He can handle anything with two hands, no problem. He replaces the book back onto the shelf and looks back at Hadjara. "I don't wear these glasses because I have myopia." He indicates his right eye. "It's a good thing that my vocation requires the use of neither these days."

Hadjara understands about career-changing injuries but she doesn't say so, the conversation they've had so far being mostly about her and she'd rather get to know the XO better than have the conversational spotlight return to her. "No. It just requires a keen intellect and wit, traits you have in abundance, sir." She gives better than she gets where the compliment department goes, the way she says that to Praxis done so with ease and sincerity.

Yes yes, career changing injuries. As in, get hurt, win the rank of Captain and lead the rest of Humanity into failure! Despite Praxis' unvoiced outlook on life, he still very well knows the qualities he has. "Thank you, Ensign." he replies, though it's easy to perceive her words as, you know, sucking up to the boss. Regardless, he brushes off his uniform and smoothes out the wrinkles before shooting a look at his watch. "I think Captain Marek wanted to see me before I returned to duty. Would you please excuse me, Ensign Sharifa?"

"Of course, sir. I do thank you for your time. I'll get to work on those sims for you when I have the free time and keep you and the TACCO updated as things progress." She straightens her posture in a manner that's just shy of a perfect 'at attention', a show of respect. "Take care, sir…" As an afterthought she adds, "And maybe someday we can spar a bit," Jara totally fishing for someone else to box with.

"You as well. Perhaps we can." Though Praxis is probably going to get the shit kicked out of him anyway. Demitros, on a tight schedule begins to depart, undoubtedly to see Hadjara again soon when the next off-duty time comes around. Maybe even on-duty.

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