Light and Sound
Light and Sound
Summary: Castor again tries to get to know Roubani, with negligible success and some geekery.
Date: PHD030
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Kharon - Mess Hall

With the messhall open, Roubani is here on his normal meal shift which, from the fact that he's still in his flighsuit, must have started immediately after CAP. The young Ensign is alone at the far end of a table that holds a group of Marines at the other end. Busily horsing around, but Roubani barely seems to notice. He's reading while he eats.

Castor takes a moment to step into the mess hoping to find something warm and moderately delicious. He rubs his stomach slightly as he enters and this action causes him to scan the room looking for said semi tasty food. He looks over at the Marines as they horse around and he shrugs giving their space to do so it is only fair since the pilots due the same as does everyone else. He moves to get his meal which he signs for as he takes a seat across from Roubani, "What are you reading there, Poet?"

A stray wad of paper goes flying through the space between Roubani and Castor, tossed and forgotten by one of the Marines. Roubani's dark eyes follow it, one brow lightly arched, then they go to Castor as he lifts his head, politely. "Sir. Brushing up on programming…nothing terribly interesting, I suppose." His tray is lightweight, a bowl of thin rationed soup and bread that he's still working on.

Take a moment to look over at the Marine's just to make sure the paper toss wasn't intentional before he turns back to Roubani, "Well, what ever keeps the mind active you know." He then begins looking at his tray. It isn't a bowl of soup and some bread but it is a balanced and well rationed dinner. However more importantly his vegetables, rice, and a bit of mystery meat is a warm meal. "I never was much of a reader myself. Never had the time for it." He says almost regretfully.

"I'm sorry to hear that, sir," Roubani says, as though he'd just taken a wild guess as to what would be a good thing to say right then. "What is it that you do in your time, then?"

Castor picks up his utensils, "Mostly? I drink. These days I've been studying up on Raptors and trying to find out where the guncam footage is so I can study up on the Cylons and look for weaknesses." He then takes a spoonfull of rice which he eats with a big smile, ah, hot food. "You know Poet, sometimes creature comforts are all we really need. A hot meal means something. It means we aren't just things you know. It means we have a society." He then takes a spoonfull of mixed vegetables and takes a moment to chew and swallow before saying, "Also, it is just nice to have a warm meal."

"It's accessible from the Ready Room," Roubani informs Castor offhandedly, then listens to the rest as he folds his hands atop the book. His answer seems to encompass all of Castor's opinion without really giving one of his own. "Is that so?"

Castor scoops up some mystery meat, it is most likely processed ham but at the warm meat hits his mouth his smile becomes a bit wider and he says, "Yeah, it reminds us that we are human and not an animal or a machine. It reminds us we have a place where we belong." He puts his hand down on the table gently, "A dinner table is a place for home, a place for being with people that mean something to you and a warm meal is the force that brings us all together." He thumbs over to the Marines who are now having a good time eating, talking, and goofing around. "That sense of family and connectedness comes from those marines fighting together, sure, but they don't fight everyday. Instead they eat everyday and so this…" he holds out his hands, "means something." He then picks up his spoon with his left hand and begins eating again.

Roubani sits patiently through the lecture without nodding. As some point he picks up his tea, half hiding his mouth as he takes a polite, slurpless sip. "Would this be an example of Aquarian mindset, sir? I'm afraid I've not been very exposed to it."

Castor thinks about this for a moment as he eats before he offers, "Well, family is a huge part of our identity and meals typically aren't eaten alone by Aquarians. Though family to us includes the people we spend time with on a ship as well as close friends." He then takes a moment to say, "However, I'd like to think this is more than just an Aquarian thing."

"I see." Roubani sets the cup on the table again, folding his hands around it. He still maintains the air of someone listening to an academic talk rather than one engaging in light conversation. "You seem to have an acutely developed sense of family, sir," he remarks in his soft voice. "Are you married?"

Castor takes a sip of water from his cup and says, "Do I have an acute sense of family?" he says to himself as if the question had never entered his mind. "I reckon I do." He says to himself as his eyes look up to meet Roubani's, "Nope. I'm not married. I'm one of those career types and so I need to be the best officer I can be. I owe to the people who got me here. What about you, Poet, are you married?"

Roubani actually chuckles under his breath, tapping his thumbs against the mug rim. "Really, sir. What do you think?"

Castor takes another bite of mystery meat which gives equates to a slightly goofy if not beaming smile on his face as he says, "I dunno, you've got the young librarian thinker thing going on for you so maybe you've stolen someones heart."

Roubani mms quietly. "Is that also an Aquarian tendency? Confusing marriage for a matter of the heart?"

Castor takes a moment to think about this, he isn't normally used to being so introspective, "Well, I reckon that given the importance of family to us it is a matter of heart. Marriage in any form is the union of two people who love each other and who wish to lead a family together."

Roubani raises an eyebrow slightly. "With all due respect, sir…that's terribly naive."

Castor lets off a soft chuckle, first he was told by Fenix he was puppy dog and now Poet tells him he is naive. "How so, Poet?" Castor asks as he continues to eat his warm food which clearly pleases him.

"Well," Roubani replies, mildly. "Marriage is first and foremost a committment made to achieve economic and social stability, and for the continuance of one's bloodline. Love has nothing to do with it and indeed, emotional fulfillment is better left to affairs outside the marriage where they can be made and broken at will. Where I came from, marriages were arranged by our parents to ensure they weren't overshadowed by petty issues like whether or not you 'love' each other."

Castor lets out a simple, "huh?" It isn't a question, but it sounds more like saying, 'let me think about this', "So you're saying there is love is not a factor? Wow, on Aquaria marriage without love would just be unthinkable. Love is the most important thing to us because we protect those we love and so to us love is one of the most important things to recieve in life. It is what we are searching for because love leads us to starting our own family. To be fair, if confusing, we have a sliding scale of family non-blood related men and women can be included into our families as well." He finishes his meal and says, "To be fair, what you are suggesting makes sense but it doesn't sound like marriage would be very fun."

"It would seem very selfish," Roubani says, quietly, "To expect something so important to also have to be 'fun' for you."

Castor taps his pockets trying to find a cigar that isn't there before he says, "What Colony are you from?" he asks cautiously not wanting to piss off Poet. This is probably the longest and best conversation he has had with the man.

"Sagittaron, sir." Roubani's eyes are drawn to the patting. His own stay folded, though he does offer politely, "Would you like a cigarette?"

Castor shakes his head at the offer for a cigarette, "Funny thing that, I don't smoke cigarettes, they just go by too quickly." He then says, "I've met a few from folks from Sagittaron, though, you're the first to tell me somehing about your Colony."

"It was a diverse place, sir," Roubani says, as though making a careful disclaimer. "Some areas followed tradition, some no longer did."

Castor grins, "Fair enough, every colony has those that follow one way and those who follow another. Every has a path, though not everyone chooses the word they walk on." He asks, "Was it as bad as everyone said it was?" he then adds, "The way people were treated leading to that guy, the leader who they tossed in jail."

Roubani pauses, thumbs tapping his hands. "That's quite the loaded question, sir."

Castor shakes his head, "Sorry, my meaning isn't to start an argument I just never got to see the other Colonies and if it is true than that is horrible."

Roubani just regards Castor for a few moments. "You're very judgmental for someone who's never been there."

Castor says, "Judgemental? I don't know, maybe, but I just don't like to hear about people suffering you know. The tale we heard in school was pretty rough but then things suddenly got better. I'd ask more but I think I'm going about this in the wrong way and I'm not out to destroy this dialogue we've got going."

"I'm glad your heart has something to bleed about, sir," Roubani says, reservedly. "But I assure you that if you've got the gall to come out the doors with that sort of opinion then whatever stories they've told you have left out quite a lot of the facts." He unfolds his hands and pulls his cigarette pack from his pocket, tapping it against the table. "But I don't place the blame on you, Lieutenant. Perhaps we ought to discuss something else."

Max has arrived.

Castor sits at a table with Roubani as a group of marines enjoy their lives loudly beside the two pilots.

Castor looks at Roubani for a moment before saying, "Poet, I was asking because I was seeking the truth because I obviously learned the wrong things in school." He takes a breath, "Though you are right, we should change the topic of discussion. To be fair I'm looking for an in with you and I seem to be failing." He takes a breath and then ays, "How about this, I'll offer my past to you freely if it helps make a conection."

"An 'in'?" Roubani asks, sounding honestly curious. "I don't think I understand. I'm just a person, the same as you." He has a cup of tea, around which his hands are folded, and a dry book on Peyton-class computer systems. "If you'd like to talk about yourself I certainly wouldn't mind."

Max comes walking into the messhall, turning and heading right over to the chow line. She gets her tray, and moves along. Every now and then taking a look around at the various repairs that have taken place, humming to herself. She gets her food and utensils and turns, pondering a bit where to sit.

Castor shakes his head and says, "I mean, I want to see how you are my brother. I want an in to see how I relate to you." He takes a moment to say, "So, I don't want to talk about me but rather I want to see how we relate."

Roubani gives Castor an uncomfortable look. "We already relate, sir. I mean…" He clears his throat, obviously in some distress with this conversation. "We're here, aren't we? To start with."

Max sings softly to herself as she balance her tray, carrying it over to a table near the others. She set down the tray, before flopping into the seat a bit, "Lets see…hold the pickles, hold the lettuce..special orders don't upset us…." as she picks up her fork and starts to eat.

Castor takes a moment to distance himself, "Perhaps old Aquarian habits die hard. Forgive me for being so personal." He then takes a moment to rub his temples. "We want to know how deeply we relate to each crew member." He then takes a moment to clear his empy food before taking a seat. He looks over at Max, "You went for that option? Seriously, I mean there are better and warmer food options."

"No, I apologise, sir." Roubani looks a bit embarassed at himself, rolling the unlit cigarette around his fingers. "I suppose I'd just like to have a normal conversation, is all." His dark eyes glance at the unfamiliar Max.

Max hmms, as she turns smiling.."I eat what I'm hungry's a simple decision really." She grins a bit, "You should try it…leafy greens…you'll love it, trust me. If not, you can get back whatever you paid for your meal."

Castor looks at Roubani, "Fair enough then Ensign, I guess I am working on Aquarian ideals." He takes a moment to think before he says, "Social connection is different between each colony." He then looks over at Max, "YOu re hungry for leafy greens and to what purpose?"

Roubani glances at Max's collar, counting pips. Another superior and so he doesn't really relax, putting down the cigarette and picking up his mug for a sip of his weak tea. Over the top he watches Castor and Max converse, as though this might give him some much-needed help to talk the way Castor seems to want him to.

Max says, "What purpose?…why to end hungry and raise enjoyment levels of course." She laughs a bit, "Isn't that why you eat?..or is it just some kind of fuel source for you?" As she takes another bit of her meal, looking to Roubani, "You know what I mean, right?""

Castor looks at Roubani for a moment and then over to Max, "I reckon I know what you mean." He says in a semi thick Aquarian tone, "I agree food is a joy that is if it is kept in moderation." He then looks back at Roubani as if to give a look, 'Sorry this happened.'

Roubani for his part seems content with being quiet. The reserved young Ensign finally lights his cigarette, keeping it in the hand away from the eating Max. "They say the human body at rest gives off as much heat as a one hundred watt light bulb," he supplies, with a slight half-smile. Granted, it's only 11 percent efficient as a heat engine, but I suppose we can't be perfect." A glance at her food. "That it's a fuel source shouldn't be underestimated."

Max nods, "They say milk, it does a body good…" she grins again. "Well me, I enjoy my's the little things that keep you going, and make you happy…right…" Max smiles, "So if it's not food, what makes you happy?"

Castor offers, "It is the table that makes you happy because it reminds you of your family and friends." He then takes a sip of water wishing it was something stronger before he says, "Though warm food does make us happy."

Right, apparently that was the wrong thing to say. Roubani's ears turn slightly red again and he ashes the cigarette, content to just listen again.

Max smiles at Roubani, "Come about you…what makes you happy? I'm guessing flying has to be there somewhere on the list, right?"

Castor remains silent this time as he takes another sip of water wishing it was some kind of booze. He then looks back ot Mac, "Lay off, Poet, Songbird. The man needs a moment to think." He says in a friendly but protective manner.

Roubani smiles a little at Castor. "Thank you, sir. It's alright." He gently scratches his eyebrow with his ring finger, looking at Max. "Not really, sir. It's…enjoyable, but I shouldn't say I seek out that particular feeling." He pauses to consider. "Lights make me happy, I suppose. And patterns, seeing how they make and break themselves."

Max nods slowly, "right…oooookaaay. Well then…best of luck with your..patterns." She takes a bit more food.

Castor looks at the eltee jig for a moment before looking at Max, "Patterns mean something. I mean frak it all, we survived and that means something. We are alive here and now and so that means that something wants us to be here." He then takes a moment to look back at Roubani, "What kind of lights ensign?"

Roubani clears his throat softly at Max's reaction, looking back down and over his mostly eaten food and the technical tome on the table next to his tray. "All sorts, sir," he answers Castor, with a shrug. "Light and colour are a fascinating thing…they touch every part of who and what we are. There's little so purely beautiful as light waves." He pulls his book over, stacking his tea mug onto his tray.

Castor stands and looks at Roubani for a moment, "You focus on lights and colour and I focus on emotion, " He says softly, "And so we shoul be in dialouge." He then stands and takes his empty tray away, "However, Songbird, keep on doing what you do."

Max continues to eat, just listening for the moment. A bit odd this one is she thinks for a moment as Castor stands.

"You make everything a dichotomy when it doesn't have to be, sir," Roubani offers to Castor as he too stands. "Your mind is full of separate circles instead of…instead of a Venn diagram. If I could wish for you, it would be that you could overcome that." He picks up his tray and nods to Max. "Sirs. If you'd excuse me, I've got CAP soon."

Max hmms, as everyone leaves…she shrugs a bit, and goes back to eating her meal as she hums to herself….

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