Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
Life is like a box of chocolates
Summary: Eilethyia and Castor discuss chocolates, emotions, and the afterlife, and Velvet the rabbit makes another appearance.
Date: PHD023
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There are some quiet parts left in the ship. From outside of one of these rooms Castor opens the door as quietly as he can before walking into the room and then shutting the door as quietly as he can. After the doors have been shut he isn't as quiet anymore. He begins walking toward a small tent that has been set up with hopes of finding someone inside. As he walks to the tent he says, "So, I managed to score some chocolate for the wounded in the sick bay and well, I thought you might want some." He says to the tent as he approaches. He doesn't say what he traded however.

Eileithyia lays back in the quiet of her tent. "What?" she asks sitting up, it's clear she's probably been dozing, her voice just sounds sleepy. "Chocolate?" she peers out like a woman on a mission. "What kind? Does it have almonds?" Velvet the rabbit is clutched in a dark hand.'

The pilot smiles warmly at the sound of Eileithyria's voice. He has a small wooden box with him, "Well, I didn't count, but I would say that some of these do. Some of these are also dark chocolate. It is sort of an assortment of chocolate from around the Colonies." He says as he holds the box, "All of the chocolate bars I have set aside for the wounded, however, all of the really good stuff, I am giving to you." He notices Velvet and his smile grows slightly warmer, most Aquarians are none for not tipping their emotional hat, but he can't seem to help himself here. "This is one of a kind stuff."

Eileithyia smirks. She sets Velvet on her head. And then balances her way to the side of the pilot. "Soo… you can have all the dark chocolate, I'll take regular milk chocolate with almonds, and other kinds of nuts."
You paged Castor with 'Eileithyia smirks. She sets Velvet on her head. And then balances her way to the side of the pilot. "Soo… you can have all the dark chocolate, I'll take regular milk chocolate with almonds, and other kinds of nuts."

Castor offers the box to Eileithyia and as Eileithyia is busy with the box it gives Castor a moment to reach into his back pocket and pullout a camera because he is so getting a picture of Eileithyia with Velvet on her head. After he takes the photo he says, "Fair enough, though this is a huge range, that is a huge supply of chocolate." He says, "Should last you a long while."

Eileithyia gasps. "I am not eating all of this!" She eyes the camera suspiciously. "That picture better not end up… well anywhere.. other than in the darkness of space when your done with it."

Castor takes a seat and looks at the digital picture, "Well, it came out well I think." It is a close up shot, focusing on Eileithyia's eyes and Velvet appearing to look downward back to her eyes. "Trust me, this is between you and me." He then looks back at the Chocolate, "Well, you can trade the bits you don't want for something." He then takes a seat at the front of the tent to get down to eye level, "Or you can save it for when you want it. Though, so far as I know it is the last of it's kind on the ship."

Castor says softly, "Well, I gave up my last unopened bottle of Aquarian Rum and a quarter of my opened box of cigars for that."

Eileithyia turns. "You what? Oh boy." She opens the box and scans the chocolate offerins before taking one and eating it.. crunch-almonds.

"Well, I wanted you to be happy and I figured it is a small price to pay. Besides, you are on vacation and you need a little luxury." He then grins, "If I knew your vices I'd have brouht something better, though for now, this will have to do." He then leans back, "The almont ones are from Aquaria, the planet may be mostly water but the weather is nice year round and so we can grow almonds as well as the chocolate beans."

she makes a play at talking to Velvet-the rabbit. "What do you think." She laughs at some silent commentary. "Yeah, I didn't think so."

Castor says in gentle and amused tones, "A woman without vices?" He then takes a moment to think about that, "Well, now I've seen the elephant. I'm going home," He says with a wide grin. "If it was anyone else, I'd say they were lying, but, as for you Eileithyia, I believe it."

Eileithyia grins. "To be honest, I probably do have vices, but they're not obvious to me, because I don't see them that way. I mean what re your vices?"

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "Me? Mine are simple, drinking and cigars. I'm not a great gambler, I'm not much of a womanizer, and I'm not the angry and broody sort. I'm the sort of guy that wants a good cigar and a stiff drink and friends to talk too."

Eileithyia nods. "I think those things ,are what we all want now adays. The worlds too crazy. To not have all of them." she plucks the rabbit from her head and hands it to Castor. "You might want Velvet if the world becomes too crazy."

Castor takes Velvet, "What do you think Velvet?" He holds the rabbit to his head and then he looks back at Eileithyia and he places Velvet on his head and hands the camera to Eileithyia, "Here, you take a picture."
Eileithyia grins. She takes a picture though it's a cute one. "Hmm.. I think might just carry this around with me…"
Castor gives a soft chuckle, "Well, I'll try to find a printer that I can print these to seperate from the photo center. So I will print a copy for you but I will also print a copy of you with Velvet." He then leans back, "Eileithyia, I want you to know that I talked to Mooner."

Eileithyia blinks. "And?" she asks softlu, as if trying to brush of the nasty feeling associated with it. "I mean… I don't know if felt out to be accused for something that the time seemed natural. I mean, being close friends then, is not the same as well…" she shrugs. "There's a difference. I was a friend…. then… " she seems word-lost.

Castor moves in and gives Eileithyia a soft quick reassuring kiss. He then leans back, "And, she doesn't care what we do I mean, seriously, she asked me outright if we were fraking. Though her point is we can't be obvious about our relationship. We need to be careful so in public we need to act like our rank dictates and in private we can be anyone."

Eileithyia nods. "Yeah. I know. Its harder to switch when your not used to rank and file, and romance and foils." she says trying to toy with words. "Hmm.. I completely understand. Wait she asked if we were frakking, your joking right? I hope you didn't make up some wild story."

Castor shakes his head, "No, I told her we had feelings for each other but there was no fraking." His tone is genuine, "You and I move at our own pace." He then takes a moment to reflect on washing machines but says nothing, "To be honest with you it is harder for me, the Orpheus had a strong stance on what we are doing."

Eileithyia blinks in a sort of thoughtful way. "A strong stance? Like no means no, and don't even try and emotionally get attached?"

Castor says in an almost fearful tone "As in, do it and we send you to hack for fraking ever."

Eileithyia ewws. "Gee… that's really harsh. You're such an easy going guy…"

Castor leans in and say, "This is why I am glad I am here. The Kharon is much more laid back. Well, so long as we aren't obvious."

Eileithyia nods. "Well for someone who's never been military, who's never had these emotions feel like this, who's always enjoyed touching another in a hug or something, it feels… strange to have to be soo…" she shrugs again. She plugs Velvet back from him. "My rabbit." she says childishly.

Castor looks at Velvet and says, "How about this, when I think of Velvet I will think of you because you are real to me and when you think of me, I hope you will feel the same." He studies Velvet furiously before turning back to Eileithyia, "As for my emotions, I'm an Aquarian, my emotions run as deep as the sea, even if I don't always show it."

Eileithyia smiles. "Still waters hide sharp rocks." she says with a small smirk. She hugs the rabbit again. "Agreed. Quite the same. I mean, if not for you, I don't think I'd have gotten out of the whole I'd been in so many times."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "I'd be lying if I said you didn't help me too." He then leans in, "So, if we help each other than we are more than some mere fairy tale."

Eileithyia nods. "I guess. Though I'd like to know how I helped you. I seemed to getting a lot more advice."

Castor takes a moment to be honest, "Eileithyia, you helped me because I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel like I have to keep the other pilots in the Air Wing positive. So, I feel a certain gravity, a certain responsibility to work towards becoming the best officer I can be. My brother reminds me of that and so do you."

Eileithyia nods. She moves closer to try and hug him. It's one of those hugs that has her hands hands along her back as if trying to shelter him, though one of her hands is sort of touching his face and hair, pulling him closer hto her chest. "Its ok." the sound of crying.

Castor accepts the hug and then says, "Pollux is gone." His tone indicates a certain sadness as he squeezes, "However, you remind me of the best parts of him. Frak me, he was a good person and a good leader."

Eileithyia smiles. "Well I don't ever think I will lead, so much, I mean unless you know I start a colony or something. I wanted to do that once I was done service, you know go off find a good planet, found a wonderful colony full of education, green fields, open skies, harmony."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "How about this, we lead together, you and I. We lead humanity to the goal that whatever is beyond us requires and we live happily forever after."

Eileithyia nods. "Well forever is aVERY, long time. I would think think that we live happily for as long as we're together. Because forever, means you don't die, and life without death, is just an accumulation of experience."

Castor says softly, "Well we aren't meant to die alone and so when we die we will be with each other in paradise." He then gets a lost look upon his face before saying, "And so I hope to be with you."

Eileithyia awws. "The same." she leans back, stretching out a bit. "The same… you should probably leave. " she yawns. "I am going to go take a nice long nap."

Castor moves into the tent and leans into Eilethyira, "Me too. Frak I could use some sleep and I am off duty."

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