Letting It Air Dry
Letting It Air Dry
Summary: Martin finds Ashe and Jupiter, Eddie then finds Martin
Date: PHD141 (09-06-09)
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Lines of whirring and sloshing machines extend far into the rear of this room. The off-white color of the machines appear in mild contrast to the battleship gray walls and flooring, the smell somewhere between detergent and dryer sheets. Beaten and heavily used metal folding tables are the only other objects in this room, their stainless steel surfaces kept clean by the hundreds of articles of clothing thrown over them every day.

Jupes' hand, just one, comes up to slide over Ashe's neck before it tangles into his hair. Her other hand remains locked on his ass, even as he leans in over the washer. Both legs wrap around his waist, one trapping her arm against him. "What?" She's tangled up so tight in the marine's arms, there really is no mistaking what's going on between the two. No, no clothes have gone awry. Just hands. Sloppy makeouts in the laundry.

Ashe grins at Jupes, looking down at her and leaning towards her a bit more, voice being soft. "Remember about oh, three weeks ago? You asked me something in the corridor." A bite on his lip but instead of responding or finishing the thought, the Marine is leaning forward to engage the woman in another barely restrained kiss.

The wheel to the laundry spins suddenly and is pushed open. Martin has taken to dragging a duffelbag full of laundry behind him. Having decided to do it himself instead of waiting for someone to help him, he steps through and stops. Scowling, he lets out a sigh and turns back towards the door, dragging his bag behind him.

Jupiter's mouth opens, and gets tongue instead of being able to answer. A laugh is stifled as the pilot and marine get back to keep the interdepartmental relations friendly. They were ordered to play nice, after all. Ohshi — the hatch opened. Jupes' legs uncurl from the marine, and her hands slide, the one gripping Ashe's ass more slowly than the other. "What was that." That she asked. Nevermind the flush.

Inattentiveness is never good when you're on Marine duty, must be why Ashe is such a shittastic Marine. He blinks when she pulls away and tilts his head chuckling. "You know what it was. The, well, you know." Cough. "It was during one of the fights." Because that narrows it down. He apparently has not caught notice of anything going on since Ashe hasn't moved.

"Oh hell no…" Martin says, coming back into the laundry, slamming the door behind him. "You know what? I'm doing laundry. I walked all the frakking way down here…" He says, stoping towards the third washer down from them. Quickly, he one-handedly starts to load it.

Jupes reaches over to grab Ashe's shoulder, and she pulls him in close. Martin already saw her kissing him, so what the hell. She says to the marine, "I remember. What about it." She's got a good grip to keep the marine from fleeing just yet. "Shut up, Boner. We're having an adult conversation over here." One step from having adult relations. Suck on that.

Boner, what the frak? Ashe glances behind him hearing the voice, seeing the brother to the woman he's having sekrit times with. Swallow. Completely caught off guard, heck, even a little nervous Ashe swallows again and glances back to Jupiter shaking his head. "What? Oh, I lied." The words are rather flat as his attention is right back at Martin, perhaps concerned about a 2x4 of some kind swinging at his skull.

"No you're not. Although I'll admit it's refreshing to see you've cut back to one guy at a time." Martin smirks, playfully bantering with his sister. He gives no indication as to whether or not there's any truth to the statement. Keeping them OUT of his peripheral vision, he dumps in the detergent and starts to shove his clothes into the agitator. "I'll be out of your way in a minute."

"What." Jupiter glances from Martin to Ashe, and those blue eyes lock there. Whatever it is they're talking about, it sure has Jupes' attention. Her reply to her brother is quiet, "Boner." It's a quiet warning. Her eyes remain on Ashe. "…"

"We." Ashe starts and shakes his head, "We'll talk later. Sorry, not the way to drop that, I know." He motions towards Martin, "You uhm, need to you know. Take care of that." Swallow, cough, attempt to move away some so he can make an escape as red creeps up under his off duties to his neck region. Granted, his eyes don't pry away from Jupiter's for a moment.

"Could you not call me that right now?" Martin makes a vomit face as he shoves in another pile of clothes one-handedly. That's twice now she's called him boner while making out with Ashe. "Just a second. Don't leave or I'll break your face, Swift. I'm gonna load this thing and get out of here."

Jupiter and Ashe staring contest, go! "… Uh, yeah. Okay." Whatever he just said to her in code is really slowing up those gears in her head. You can almost hear them grinding. Possibly to a halt. Jupes makes no move to stop Ashe leaving. For once she isn't kicking him out the door. "Let's make it the gym. Bring your sparring shoes." Uh oh.

Eddie has a little thing called timing. Either that or an awkward radar that lights up brighter then a DRADIS on war day. She comes through the hatch, a bag bouncing against her calves as she enters. A glance up, a flicked look around at who's here, a little shake of her head, and she's back to staring at the floor.

Ashe's backpedalling almost has him bumping into Eddie. Turning he finally breaks eye lock with Jupiter to look at the pilot and blushes slightly, "Hey Mooner, sorry, sorry." Apologies? Polite? Apparently Jupiter's not the only one whose mind has ground to a complete halt. "Sounds good Martin." To a face smashing? Finally his eyes return towards Jupiter as he swallows, not from nervousness but from something else. "I will, I'll bring extra gloves too. Need to avoid another concussion." Awkward chuckle, more movement towards the hatch.

Blinking, Martin spins around to the newcomer and sees that it's Eddie. Red-faced, he turns to his washer and pinches the bridge of his nose out of frustration. "Alright, come, go, do whatever. Just…Jupiter meet me for dinner later at least? Frakkin hells…"

Jupiter finally grins. She nods to Eddie as the other problem child from Red arrives on the scene. "Yeah, sure, Boner." So much for not calling him that. Her eyes flick to her brother.

Eddie does a little dance around Ashe, bobbing and weaving until she finally waits for him to just peel around her. "Yeah, man. Whatever." She mutters, a little flat and impassively. "Am I interrupting? Lords of Kobol know I've done enough of that today." Her chin hitches up in silent greeting to Jupiter as she rounds over to a machine and clangs it open.

"Enough of that today?" Martin asks, turning to Eddie. Lowering his brow, he moves his hand to the back of his head, pausing his laundry loading operation. "Help me, Eddie. Save me from this?" He asks, turning his eyes to his sister. Laughing, he looks in the direction that Ashe went. "Yanno, Peanut, you and I ain't so different sometimes…kick his ass."

"It's all good." Jupes replies to Eddie. She reaches up to sweep a hand through her hair. Nope, nothing going on here. She glances over at Martin and shakes her head slightly.

Eddie glances back over her shoulder to wear Ashe disappeared, then looks back to Jupiter. Eddie might not be smart? But she's not stupid either. She lofts a brow, but that's the extent of that. The drawstring of her bag is pulled open and she unceramoniously pours all her laundry inside. "I don't know what -this- is, but you're most assuredly on your own." She replies to Martin. The last thing that clunks out of the bag is a flask of hooch that she fishes back out of the basin.

"What'd I do? How was I supposed to know? You knew I was coming down here, Peanut." Martin protests, sending a glare in Jupiter's direction. Turning, he slaps the button on the washer, starting it. Dumping himself into a chair, he runs his hand over his face. "Thought you had my back, Eddie…"

Jupes kicks her legs crossed and remains on her perch on the dryer while her clothing cycles away in two of them. Her eyes flick from Eddie to Martin, quiet for a moment. "You're slow, you're injured, and I figured you'd take a little longer. You chase tail and have more mopey clingy discussions with Case than I change my panties. She's like a frakkin' land shark. How's I s'posed to know you'd show up on time for once."

"Hey, when it comes to your sister, I'm not a fool, Dash." Eddie says simply, even cracking a bit of a smirk. Dropping the lid back down and climbing up ontop of it, Eddie cracks open the flask and takes a pull from it. Jet fuel would taste better by the look on her features and the resulting, "Gah." A swipe of her hand across her lips, "Unless you saw Jupes with the marine bent over a washer, shoving a gerbil up his ass…don't look so traumatized, Martin."

"Eh, she's my sister. It's…uncomfortable, but yea, it's not like I haven't subjected her to any pain. As for Case though? That's done. I guess her and Thorn are getting pretty solid." Martin corrects, resting his left hand on his lap. Sighing, he looks to the ceiling and rubs his forehead. "And who's chasing any tail? I'm not…"

Jupiter grins and shoots a look at Eddie. "That's just animal cruelty, Mooner." She slides off the washer as her dryer finally dings, and takes the couple of steps over to yank it open. She pulls out clothing by the armload, and drops it onto the folding table. "I don't keep track of your dance card, Boner." She makes no further comments on Case, thank the Gods. "How's the weather out there, Morales? I'm still off flight status."

Eddie tilts her flask up again, her throat undulating by the heavy gulp she takes. "No telling." She tells Jupiter, her voice a bit hoarse from the grain alcohol. "I'm still off myself. Tomorrow I test out to see if they'll let me back in the cockpit. Aren't we just a bunch of rejects." Nope. No comment on Dash, his love life, or lack there of. Nope. Uh-uh.

Scratching the side of his head, Martin keeps his bashful, eyebrows down ape posture in place as he fishes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Opening the pack, he rattles around the nine cigarettes in side so that he can set one free enough from the group to grab with his lips. "Mooner?" He asks quietly. "I know it's not my place, but do you want any help prepping for that? I can't pilot but I doubt that alcohol's gonna help."

"Grounded too? Still? Shit." Jupes shakes her head and looks over to Martin. "No wonder your ass got shot down." Obviously certain members of the wing need the assistance of others to stay in functional. Ahem. "I tried driving the viper with one arm about a week ago. It was pretty hilarious. You should try it sometime. I'm pretty sure a little sauce never hurt one of us in the cockpit." Oh, sarcasm. She's flown hung over on so many occasions.

Eddie looks at the flask in her fist, "Medical clearance is tomorrow, I don't have to be sober until the next day. That's when I fly." She glances sidelong at Martin. "And thanks for the offer, but I think I'm ready for it. Rabbit's been putting me through my paces." Another swig. "You guys miss my sarcastic ass out there? That's sweet." She salutes them both with the container of alcohol. Here's to sauce.

Looking to Jupiter with a pointed, invisible thought sent in her direction, Martin chews the side of his lip. Bringing his lighter to his lips, he sparks the flame to life and lights the cigarette. "Miss your sarcastic ass all around, Eddie." Martin says as the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "So Jupes? Are you and Swift a thing, officially but unofficially? Just curious."

"Shut up, Boner." Jupiter shoots Martin a pointed look, glancing up briefly from her pile of delicates. Fold, fold, fold. She creates a little stack of panties, then starts on the shirts. No rabid denials and laughter in his face. No vehement cursing or name calling. Uh oh.

"Martin? Are you fucking that chick from Black Squadron yet?" Eddie asks pointedly, implying maybe it's just none of his frakking business. Not that Jupiter can't handle the sibling situation on her own, but Eddie's clearly rubbed the wrong way, at the moment.

Martin blinks at the sudden question. "No I'm not." He states plainly, looking from Jupiter to Eddie to regard her features. Shaking his head from left to right, he brings the cigarette to his lips for a drag. "I'm not dating or frakking anyone right now, Eddie. I give you my word on that." He adds in for good measure.

"He wasn't wrapped around any chicks when I found him in the Game Room," Jupiter notes, as if that's helpful and supportive. It sort of is. But… not really. She glances over at Martin, and gives him a look. A brow arches slightly. "So anybody heard anything about that bare assed coffee service in the corridor the other day? How come I always miss the naked coffee service."

Eddie slides her gaze away from Martin, letting the conversation drift away from their collectively frakked up personal lives. "Alex got into some shit with the CAG and was made coffee bitch. He took it to heart. Just avoid answering the question 'one lump or two' should he ask." Sluuuuurp.

…of her alcohol. Not nekkid coffee man.

"I'm not wrapped around any chicks." Martin smirks, leaning to the side to ash his cigarette. The frown that reaches his face is effectively a T-bone collision in the cold war that is Martin and Eddie. Looking back to give Eddie a concerned look, he rises and moves towards her, turning his head to Jupiter as he walks. "I saw Ick in the hallway with the coffee. I didn't take any though because let's be fair, it was two to three feet away from likely being coffee that was pissed in."

Jupiter snickers. "He's a little prick. I'm sad I missed that." She finishes up folding and goes back for the second load of laundry before flipping the doors closed. "Smart move, he probably teabagged the grounds first."

"Trust me. Not little." Eddie tells Jupiter simply, though there's only so many ways a woman would know that. Of course they have a co-ed head, so maybe it's just happenstance. Mooner's eyes track Martin as he decides to come her way for one reason or another. "Baby, I don't care who you are seeing, I was just trying to make a point."

"I learned from the best." Martin smirks sidelong to Jupiter, reaching for Eddie's bottle of hooch. It's a calm gesture, likely that he's asking for a pull from the bottle for himself. "What point was that?"

Jupes grins back to Eddie. No need to point it out if it were general experience. She nods to Mooner. "So it goes. Good for him." Again at the folding table, she finishes up the quick precision folds, then picks up her duffle before slinging it over on the edge of the table to begin stuffing it.

Eddie eyes Martin's hand for a moment, perhaps considering the state of his cuticles and the cleanliness of his nails before she's willing to hand over her booze. "Don't ask uncomfortable questions unless you want to chew through a few of her own. Besides, this way we both have plausible deniability regarding Jupes and the marine." With that, she slaps the flask into his waiting hand. Over his shoulder, she flashes Jupiter a wink.

Turning his head to look at Jupiter, Martin gives her a blank face. "Hey Jupiter I'm gonna stay in here while my laundry goes. I'm serious, how's dinner sound? I want to spend some time with you." He asks, giving her a hopeful face like a lonely, quiet puppy. With that, he brings the bottle to his lips and takes a pull. It gets handed back to Eddie.

Jupiter glances over at Eddie, and flashes a smile that's hidden as she looks back to her laundry stuffing. She shoves the last stack of panties into the bag, and leans against the table briefly. "Mooner makes a good point, Boner." She does one of those chin up nods in her brother's direction. "Yeah, meet me in the Mess later. Play nice or don't get caught." She hefts the bag onto her shoulder and moves to walk past the two, patting Eddie's back as she goes. "Luck with your eval." Zoom.

Eddie gives a nod and a muted, "Thanks." To Jupiter as she takes off. Her attention then goes back to Martin as she receives the booze back, "Do I need to wipe this off first or have you purged yourself of all Samantha cooties?" She asks. In all seriousness.

Martin smirks, stopping a few feet from Eddie to release the bottle. "It's free of Case cooties but while you weren't looking I stuck it up my ass." Martin says, turning his head to watch Jupiter leave the room. Well…better later than never. "Eddie, I'm fine about uncomfortable questions. Talk to me…" He says, looking back to her face. "Something's frakking wrong and I hate seeing you like this."

"Oh so /now/ you hate seeing me like this. When you walked the frak away without saying so much as a word to me about going back to Sam. That. /That/ was okay. But now you don't have a port for your little ship, -now- you're all concerned about my well being." Okay, so maybe before when Mooner insisted they were cool, she was glossing over a few things. "I'll tell you what's wrong. This whole godsdamned ship has gone love crazy, and I can't even get /laid/ because of my new found morality. Everywhere you look, people have coupled up seemingly over frakking night."

"I deserve that." Martin says, frowning and turning his face to the floor. "I'm not going to try to dodge the blame on that one bit. I used to try to give good explanations but you deserve better than that. I played games, I frakked with peoples' heads, and like a scared little boy I freaked out when I didn't have everything to me handed on a silver platter. I'm sorry." Martin admits, looking back to her face. "But it's not about me not having a port in the storm, Eddie. We've been avoiding eachother, and…frak…I don't know." He sighs, trying his best.

Eddie is still sitting ontop of the wash machine, and so from this lofty position, it's easy to tag him in the shoulder with the heel of her hand. "You're frakking right, you deserved that. I said anybody by Passi. Anybody. And you crawled back to her anyways and then shut me the frak out in the cold. Then that little tart goes and spreads her legs for someone else, and I have gall to feel sorry for /you/."

Martin grunts, the palm to his left shoulder affecting his tender back. Moving his left foot back to stabilize himself, he turns his head to drag off of his cigarette. "Feel sorry for me? Frak no, Eddie don't feel sorry for me." He turns back to her face, exhaling to the side. "I was so godsdamned obsessed with doing the right thing that when you were barely…" He stops, they've already been over this. "Eddie?" He lowers his voice. "I'm trying to get myself together too. I called a truce with Thorn. I sent her in his direction. I've made mistakes and I'm drawing this line in the sand that I'm not going to make any more. Please…I abused your trust and don't you think for one second that I didn't throw that in her face when she fessed up to me about Thorn."

"That bitch deserves a veneral disease the likes of which have never been seen." The thing is with Eddie is that she blows up easily, but comes down quickly. She even might look slightly apologetic about tweeking his back if her features weren't so overcome with a scowl. "She certainly doesn't deserve one set of accepting arms after another." Jealousy doesn't become Eddie, especially when she's jealous about Case. That has her taking another swig of the alcohol.

"She's got her heart in the right place, Eddie, I can't fault her for that. I just can't be that guy anymore." Martin replies, taking another drag from his smoke. He turns the cigarette, extending it to her for a drag while he exhales. "I guess I figured if she found that, whatever, good for her. I just can't be pulled in so many directions at once anymore. So please, me giving a frak about you isn't some backdoor Romeo attempt to get back under your skin. Eddie? I really do, truly care. If something's wrong and I'm not seeing the signs…please…tell me. I'm here for you."

"She doesn't have her heart in the right place, she has her head up her own self absorbed ass. I mean, I thought I was bad, but frak." Eddie takes another swig of the liquor, then sets it aside lest she drink it all and far too quickly. "Shit, stop talking like I'm going to go off myself. I wouldn't dare, because Sam might try to take blame just so she can play the 'Poor Me' card some more. Gimme a cigarette." Eddie demands gruffly, instead of asking.

Martin scoffs, putting his cigarette back between his lips to free his left hand. Grabbing his smokes, he offers them to her. His words are slightly mumbled due to his mouth being forced tight on one side. "Sam's tough on herself like that." Martin says, moving to belly up against the washer beside her. "So what's going on Eddie? Is it just me that's been bothering you?"

Eddie takes the pack, shaking out a smoke and tossing the packaging down by the flask. Join her den of vices, oh yes, little smokes. "Or she's just a manipulative liar who has to have attention even if it means martyring herself to get it." Nope, tonight Martin's not going to get an ounce of sympathy for Sam out of Eddie. Or even understanding. "I told you what's wrong. You just weren't listening. For once I think I can be happy and make someone else happy to, but every choice I've made has been the wrong frakking one."

"I just wanted to make sure we're getting everything out on the table." Martin replies in a non-confrontational manner. "I guess all I really can do is tell you how I feel." Another pause. "I know at the time it wasn't your thing, but I wanted to get inside. We never talked, at least not with words, and believe me I felt every last bit of it. That day you shaved my face, that was a conversation. I know you enough to know that. Historically, I'm only good at making guesses in the cockpit, and that's sometimes the only place I'm not afraid to follow my instincts." He drags off of his cigarette, looking to her. "I just wanted you to tell me, even a little bit, how you felt."

Eddie hops down off of the wash machine so she can stand by him, her chin lifting just a hint to re-equalize their height. "You were comfortable. You were safe. And I would have done just about anything for you. But we never asked. We never challenged. So we never…grew. So we were what we were, which was convenience."

"Convenience my ass. I didn't want to come across like a girl, but even you knew that on some level I was wanting reassurance. That's not convenience, Eddie. I just didn't want to cause any more scars. I didn't want my name on too many of those because if I couldn't make you laugh I sure as frak should have not been a reason for you grabbing that bag." He turns to her, giving her a plaintiff look. "But I wanted to. I wanted to challenge. I just…froze up."

Eddie curls her lips in, rewetting them with a pass of her tongue. She never got around to lighting that cigarette, and now she just flips it and tucks it behind her ear. "And I was a bitch to you. I know I was. I never gave anything, I was just there. Sam's not the reason we fell apart, Martin. We were. And when you called me out on the mat in the gym, I balked. So you had every right to go out in search for something more real, instead of just some…saturday night special."

Martin swallows, keeping his position squared across from her. Moving his left hand to his pocket, he hangs his thumb from it and lowers his voice. "Eddie, you could never be a saturday night special. You're too gods-damned badass." He chuckles softly, shaking his head from left to right. "I'm not exempt from that need to feel something warm, loving, and important while all of this shit's going on. When I felt like I was drowning, I started flailing. I never, ever meant to abuse your trust."

Eddie quirks just a little smirk at being called badass, but it doesn't stick for too long. "There are a million concessions I could have made, down to the smallest thing like actually spent the night with you instead of vacating almost immediately. I don't mean to dredge all this shit up again, hell, it's been what. A month? More? I just wish you would have told me. Anything. Even a 'hey Mooner, Sam and I are gonna give it another go'. Instead I gotta learn by seeing her crawl out of your bunk and down right /gloating/. Anyway. I'm just sore because my shit's not working out, that's all." She pulls the cigarette back out and shoves it in her lips. "Gimme a light."

"I didn't expect her to gloat." Martin admits, pulling out a lighter and clicking it on. Holding the flame up to offer to light her cigarette for her, he continues. "Sometimes I wish I would have told you something too. I'm not trying to dig up anything painful either, Eddie, but you and I have a bond that I don't want to act like isn't there anymore. I'm done with this smoke and mirrors bullshit." He pauses. "What shit's not working out?"

Eddie leans over the flame, puffing to light a cherry on her smoke. One major lesson in life every girl should learn? Make eye contact with the man offering you a light. It's like a carnal rule or something. As she leans back from it, she exhales that first warming lungful of smoke. "Alex. He told me to give him a day. It's been well over a week and …nothing. Beginning to think I have an inbox somewhere that I'm not aware of, and there's a huge frakking stack of memos there just piling up."

"That's what I was sensing." Martin replies, turning to lean back against his washer. "Not that this was what was going on, but just you and Alex." Martin replies. "And just for the record the only reason I was so vague even when you where shaving my face was because my gut was screaming that you and him had something going on. I'm dead frakking serious, Eddie. I'm wanting to try this whole doing things right thing…" He offers her a soft smile, which then contorts into a pained look of sympathy. "…want me to frak him up?"

Eddie gives a slight shrug, leaning back against her washer nonchalantly. Mooner doesn't even jump when the buzzer goes off just as she does so. "Just another thing I'm willing to let…slip away. I'm not going to fight his choice. I'd rather save some face. Drink some booze. Smoke a cigarette." She lofts the one he gave her up, "Maybe switch to tuna. Too bad your sister's taken."

"Eddie? I'm only going to say this once." Martin grins, turning to empty his own washer. The machine went off nearly five minutes ago, something that Martin ignored in the heatedness of their conversation. "After what you and I have done, it would be beyond weird if you and Jupiter hooked up. Not only that, it would destroy my self esteem. I'd have to join the chaplain corps." Martin winks, grunting as he leans in to get his wet laundry.

Eddie's eyebrows hitch up a hint, as he says he's only going to say something once. He has her attention. When it comes out about Jupiter, she actually gives a little startled laugh. "Right. Yeah. Well. That shit mighta been fun for shock value in college, the truth of the matter is, I could never cut it as a vegetarian. I need meat. Which appropo of nothing, I haven't had any siiiiiince…the pink dress." She nudges him out of the way. "Here let me." Offering to help him with his laundry.

Martin starts to protest, but then relents. Stepping out of her way, he goes to at least prepare the dryer for her. In the laundry are the usual suspects: His shirts, his pants, and his boxers. Opening the door to the dryer, he primes the machine and stops beside it to watch her. "But…I thought you had a thing going with Alex. The pink dress, that was when you and I danced…"

Eddie starts transferring over his clothing in big wads. She's not going to piece through it for any hidden treasures. "And when you and I clawed each other in your bunk. Yeah. The last time I had sex." She says simply, shoving his wet things in the dryer before heading back for another armful.

Martin seems almost surprised, but doesn't voice it. After all, her thing with Alex was established before they even knew eachother, but to assume that meant sex would probably be insulting. "Oh…" He says, moving his booted feet to hold down the door to the dryer. "I gotta ask, Eddie, just because I'm curious. You ever see yourself settling down?"

Eddie stuffs the last of his clothes in the dryer and flicks it on, then starts working at transferring her own. "Sure. I was sorely tempted to ask Nadiv to have one of those marriages of convenience his culture's so known for before he…well. Right. It was a dumb idea anyways. Two months ago, I wasn't even sure if I could love normally. I've finally come around to /that/ idea. Gimme some time on the rest of it, yeah?"

"Of course, yeah, I was just curious." Martin smirks, turning around to thumb on his dryer. Being a helpful gimp, he holds open her own dryer's door for her so that she can load it. "When I was in that bed, staring at the floor, none of this heartache meant anything to me, you know? Frak…I was just happy to be alive. Not to change the subject, Eddie, but something changed in me. I want to spend time with my sister. I want to build a life for myself here, not just find distractions while hoping I don't get shot down. After the scare, I should be thinking the other way, but I just can't explain it."

"That's all it takes. One good fright in the cockpit or a good knock on the noggin by someone in the shadows. Can bring you around to a new way of thinking about things. Pursuit of happiness instead of contentment." Eddie pushes her clothes into the dryer he holds open for her, muttering a thanks. "I hope it works out for you. But I'm not going to be the fall back girl for you again. Please don't ask me to be."

Martin shakes his head from left to right. "I'm not going to." He says, stubbing out his cigarette and dumping himself into a chair. "No, right now, Eddie I'm not going ask for anyting but your forgiveness. Life works in frakked up ways and I'm getting steadily okay with letting the chips fall where they may. But what I want from you in return is all the honesty you're willing to give. I'm behind you on this new thing you're doing. I don't want to be a down side of that, so the more you and I communicate, the better. Deal?"

Eddie clicks on her dryer and pulls her cigarette from her mouth. "Deal." She says simply, which oddly feels like they've closed some chapter of their lives. Mooner looks to him for a long moment, the finally offers a bit of a smile. "We both frakked yup, yeah? We can try and forgive each other, but just know I can hold some bitch of a major grudge. I'll be pulling this shit up for /years/."

Martin grins, leaning back in his chair to give her an evil look. "Now I could be an asshole right now and fan those flames just to get a rise out of you, but I'm pretty sure you'd hit a cripple." He replies, chuckling softly. "We didn't frak up that bad. We're bigger people now than we were then. That's all there is to it. It's not like we came at eachother with guns, right?"

Eddie shakes her head slightly. "No, no guns. The noise would have surely given me a headache." She says strictly deadpan. "You wouldn't risk getting a rise out of me, no. Been a long time since I was able to do any of the fun stuff. Fight /or/ frak. It could be disasterous."

"Aw sound off like you got a pair, Eddie." Martin teases, reaching out to nudge her with the toe of his boot. "If I were a lesser man I'd use my knowledge of you to pull that little ripcord and send you kicking ass in whoever's direction I pleased." He grins, looking around for the bottle. "Alright, if you could kick anyone's ass right now, who would it be?"

The bottle is still on the washing machine where she left it. "Anyone?" She pauses in order to think about it for a second. "Marek. At this point right now? Marek. He made me feel small, and I hate that shit." She takes a drag off her cigarette. "You?"

Martin stands and heads for the bottle. Grabbing it, he takes a pull off of it and sets it back down. Capping it, he smirks. "You." He replies, heading back to his seat. "If I were back in shape, I'd want to make sure you weren't holding back and fight you. That's not weird is it?"

Eddie plucks the cigarette from her mouth, dropping it to the deck and using the toe of her shoe to grind it out. "Not really, seeming how we have that bet going. Trust me, when you and I finally get in to the ring? It's not going to be pretty. But we'll wear headgear, just to be safe. Either of us takes any more knocks to the head, we'll be riding in the Short Raptor."

"Oh I forgot, you're a bit pissed at me still." Martin replies, the fight starting to play out in his imagination. "You see, when this happens I don't want you holding anything back. I'll sign a damned waiver if I have to. I mean, don't put me in sickbay. If I take a shot that rattles my cage don't jump on me and start beating on me, but I'd fight you because it's personal. It'd mean something."

Eddie shoves her hands deep in the pockets of her fatigue pants. "Now you're making me want to have a go at it right now. But I'll settle for when you're all healed up. Wouldn't want you claiming I had an unfair advantage after I beat the shit outta you." Her grin tempers her words. At least a little bit.

"Like you could." Martin taunts back, looking to her from his seated position. "You need to remember who my sister is. I took her abuse for years, don't expect me to take yours in a ring when I can hit you in the face without being looked at like a frakkin' abuser."

"Darlin', half this ship would line up to see me get popped in the mouth. You wouldn't be called abuser so much as a hero." Eddie reminds him, but now she looks a bit awkward without a cigarette to occupy her. She looks across to the flask of booze and heads in that direction. "Maybe I should turn in."

"Your dryer's almost done, but I'm gonna wait for mine. Wouldn't be too hard to bring yours up if you don't mind me doing some folding." Martin says, propping his booted feet on a chair nearby. Reclining, he looks over to her. "Hey…and good luck on that eval. I'll be rooting for you."

Eddie drops her gaze to her boots. "Yeah sure." She intones quietly, kind of a blanket statement for it all, really. Without even really saying goodnight, she turns for the hatch, ambling out with her shoulders bunching around her ears.

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