Let Us Entertain You
Let Us Entertain You
Summary: Castaine and Cygnus pay Fenris a visit in sickbay, and are later joined by Kai.
Date: 4-20-09
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** CEC Kharon: Recovery Ward **

It's…. well, not quiet, per se, with the beepings of the monitors, though there is little real motion in the room. Fenris, clad still in the gown given her as a surgical souvenir, is contemplating some Yuurigami Vipers, folded out of gum wrappers, which currently sit in fluid four formation on her palm. Her head has been bound with a bandage for her concussion, and an oxygen mask is on her face.

The hatch opens and through it walks a marine carrying a guitar. She slings her guitar over her torso and reaches for the paperwork on Fenris. With a quick practiced eye she scans it before motioning Mac into the room with her. Turning, she addresses Fenris. "We've come to entertain you, Lieutenant.. if you feel you're up for some well meaning

Cygnus is close on Castaine's heels as she enters the sickbay, with a rather beat up looking guitar case clutched in one hand. Once they head over to Fenris' bunk, he blinks a bit. Everything had been so damned hurried and tense the day before, and by the time she'd come into the sim area, Mac had already been helmeted and strapped into the cockpit, which had never allowed him a good look at her. Now that he can, though, recognition dawns. They've served together on the Solaria, although in different squadrons. Moving closer to the bunk he tilts his head a bit, "I didn't realize that was you yesterday," he says by way of appology. "How are you feeling?"

The Lt.s head turns toward the sound of incoming, hand carefully laying the Vipers down at her side with another silvery folded-paper contrivance. "I am. There isn't a lot to do, thank you." she replies distantly, though the mask does do things with the volume and accoustics of her voice, which, if annoying, doesn't register on her face. The second entrant draws her eye, "Hello, Prophet. I ache in two places, and I've been having trouble concentrating, but I am alive. Has there been any more activity?" The last is queried to the pair if the glance between them is any indication.

Castaine drops her gaze from that of the LT's to pull up a few stools for herself and Mac. Her fingers move easily to her guitar, finding their home among the strings. She offers nothing in answer to the question, leaving the friends to talk as she quietly goes through the motions of insuring her instrument is in perfect cord.

"Wish I could have told you to watch your two." A fleeting half-smile arcs across his lips. A semi-private joke perhaps? "Thanks," He tells Castaine with a smile and nod as he settles himself down onto the stool and sets the case down, opening to withdraw a well worn acoustic. It's clear the instrument has seen a lot of love and use over the years. It nestles in his lap perfectly and his fingers deftly float over the strings testing the tune of the thing. "Hrm, I wonder what is a good a song for aching in two places?"

"It would have ensured your reputation." Fenris replies. She makes a concerted effort to prop herself up, as being as… emotive as she is doesn't necessarily mean wants to be rude. The wounded pilot looks between her colleagues as they tune up, but doesn't offer anything in the way of suggestion. She doesn't know, either.

Mia leads off as she begins a well know tune, one of a snappy nature. It's not enough to make anyone want to dance but it's enough to bring a smile and lighten the heart and because it's well know, Mac should know it. The marine looks at Mac and grins, waiting to see if he'll be able to catch up with the tune she's already strumming out.

Cygnus knows the tune and after a moment, begins to join in. At first he follows the same lyrical melodic line as Castaine does, but it's not long before his chords shift and a harmony line forms, adding depth and richness to the tune. "I'm not sure about my reputation anymore." He shakes his head in Fenris' direction, "Everything's been so different… so frakked up since they pulled me off Vipers a few months ago." A pause, "I should have been out there with you all yesterday."

Fen watches the two play in silence for a little while with nary a flicker of expression at first. Her eyes drift to the fretwork and strumming while the fingers are at work. It's as Cyggy begins to speak that her eyes turn in that
direction, "You'll get your chance."

Castaine continues to play for another minute before she lets one chord die out. Her hands still as she shifts a look to Mac. "We can pick up again when you're done, sir" she offers with a hint of a smile. The effects of the light music get lost in the depressing talk so Castaine simply goes silent and waits, letting them have their talk time.

Cygnus blinks a bit at Castaine, surprised she's stopped playing. "Old pilot habits die hard," He offers with a rueful little smile as an explaination. He stills his fingers against the strings for a moment and stops to consider. "Do you know this one?" When his fingers caress over the frets this time, the melody is softer, quiescent and contemplative. It's not an obscure piece, but neither is it the type of song that became a sing along to it on the wireless hit.

Fenris, for her part, offers little in the way of conversation, though she does look between them again. No sign of cheer or discomfort grace her features, though she adjusts the angle of her bracing arm, contiuing to watch the show.

Castaine tips her head as she watches Mac, her gaze dropping to watch his fingers and that's where her gaze remains for a time. "No.. " she answers but he watches him play, listening to the melody and slowly begins to add her own sound to the tune.

A grin is shot in Castaine's direction as Mac picks up on the improvisation the Marine has started, and he shifts his chords, imbellishing upon that hook. It may have started as a song, but now the music is flowing into something far more free-form, bouncing back and forth between the two. It isn't long before the present - the real world - stops holding meaning for Mac. The music calls him like a siren and he willingly gives into the thrall, losing himself in it. Highs and lows begin to emerge along a subtle rhythm as the notes continue on with a life of their own.

Meanwhile, the audience of one stares at the musicians as a tenative lesson becomes something more improvisational. Nary a sound is made by Fen aside from breathing, as even a contemplative 'hmm' may as well be clearing one's throat through a megaphone the way the mask affects things. As before, there is no discernable change of expression, though, they do certainly have her attention.

For several moments Castaine gets lost in the music, letting herself ride the wave of freedom they've created. Slowly she ends her part of the pair's creation as her gaze moves back to Fenris. "Perhaps there is something you'd like to hear? A song you know, sir?"

The notes die off from Mac's guitar as well without the fuel of Castaine's playing to help it along. He shifts a bit on the stool and readjusts the instrument in his lap, his fingers idly fingering the strings on the frets, although without strumming, no sounds emit from it. A soft chuckle breathes its way out of him and he nods at the suggestion, "Apparently we take requests."

Fenris takes the question into consideration as it's posed. Strangely, it does take her a while to come up with anything and when she does, she produces, "There was a song my father used to play for my mother, I think it was called 'Lady'. Do you know it?"

Castaine frowns a bit, her brain trying to figure out what song the LT might mean. "This one," the combat medic asks as she begins to play a tune, a love ballad. She keeps her gaze on Fenris as she plays. Shortly into the song, she places her hand over the strings to bring it to an abrupt end as she waits for an answer.

Once Castaine starts up the melody, Cygnus quickly jumps in, though he keeps his playing to a more supportive role
within the song. That's when the surprise comes. It's quiet, owing to the fact that they're in sickbay, but a melodious tenor voice soars softly above the notes, framing in the lyrics of the song. His vocal ability is more than simply passable, it's downright good, and there seems to be no self-conciousness attached to the act of singing at all.

"That's it." Fen affirms at the question with a little nod, eyes turned to to Castaine's. There is a little surprise registered as Cygnus starts to sing along, though her eyes close slightly and there is the faintest lift at the corners of her mouth.

That soft response from the pilot is the reason Castaine does what she does. She begins to play again, slipping into the melody Mac is running with easily. Clearly the marine is as comfortable following as she is leading. She doesn't sing though, letting Mac have that honor.

Cygnus notices Fenris' smile as well, and shoots a quick grin over at Castaine. The Marine had been right, it seems, about the healing balm of music. Right now? Right now Mac is happy to have found some sort of helpful purpose. If only for a little while. His voice remains clear as he winds his way through the lyrics of the song. There's nothing flashy about it, and he ends it with a few simple strums before asking, "Any other songs you like?"

Armageddon is coming and Fen is smiling. A smidge, but, still. She is sitting in the gown, propped on an arm with her head bandaged and the mask still on her face as she looks to her two guests. Next to her are five little silver objects, four Yuurigami Vipers and something else on the bed beside her, the last mostly covered by the others. The question prompts another string of silent consideration as she tries to think of a song, eventually coming back with, "Dare." She likes the one word titles, it seems.

Castaine is sitting by Fen's beside with her guitar in her lap. She taps her chin in thought then grins widely. "This one?" she asks the pilot as her fingers begin to plucking out a beat. She glances Mac's way to see if he's thinking what she's thinking.

Cygnus picks up the tune that Castaine starts, providing rhythm behind her melody. His singing is a bit more halting this time, not being as familiar with the lyrics, though he does his best to follow along, still keeping his voice at a quiet pitch so as not to disturb the other recovering patients.

It's a good while after the encounter in the mess hall, that Kai steps into the recovery ward, showered by now but still in his flight suit. No rest for the weary, it seems, when the ship's at condition one and pilots need to be ready to scramble at a moment's notice. He pauses for a moment to cast his eyes about, spotting Fenris and her visitors without too much trouble.

Fenris shakes her head a little as the music gets rolling, but, she says, "Continue." anyway. Her eyes are drawn by the approaching Kai and she straightens as she can with a quick, "Sir." amplified by the mask in that way those things do.

Castaine flicks her gaze to Kai and offers a nod and a "Sir" but other wise she continues as she was. It's not just for Fenris that they play so it continues. As she song comes to an end, she lets the chord play out until it's gone. Only then does she push away from Fenris' rack and she rises, leaving room for the Captain.

Likewise, Mac offers a respectful nod to Kai, though he skips the sir since he's actually singing in his clear tenor voice. As the song reaches its natural conclusion, he sets his guitar back in its case on the floor and stands as Castaine did, in an effort to make room for the Captain.

Kai approaches the pilot's bed after a beat or two of watching. There's no mistaking those bootfalls, the prowl that's more presence than any kind of grace. "At ease, Lieutenant," he tells Fenris with a tiny twitch of a smile. "I wasn't aware you were being serenaded." His eyes travel briefly to Cygnus, then Castaine, when she offers him her seat. "I can stand," he assures, lifting a hand dismissively.

"Thank you." Is Fen's return to the fleeing musicienne, then she settles back onto her elbow with the at ease, "How are the wings taking things, sir?" she asks.

Fenris' question doesn't surprise Mac, but it also leaves him feeling wholly out of place. Especially after his dressing down from the CAG the day before. Cygnus is under very strict orders not to discuss anything he'd heard the day before with anyone outside of Vendas, an order which he means to follow considering just how badly he wants his wings back. Reaching down, he flips the clips closed on his guitar case, then leans in for a moment to say to Fenris, "It's good to see you again, Sir." The honoric might strike as a bit odd, since during their aquaintence on the Solaria, he'd been a full Lieutenant himself. A gentle smile pressages the words, "I'm going to let you two talk, I'll try to stop back by later, all right?" Turning to Kai he offers a small salute and a murmured "Sir," before picking up his guitar case and heading towards the hatch.

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