Leda vs. Sharifa
Leda vs. Sharifa
Summary: Hadjara and Castor spar. The XO puts in a guest appearance in the form of an announcement.
Date: PHD 201 (11-05-09)
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The gym is normally full of sweaty people and today is no exception in fact Leda is on his early morning work out cycle and so he is hitting the heavy bag up as he often does. He gives a combo to the heavy bag, one combo is clean and honorable but the combo that follows it is not - in fact it is bellow the belt and therefor evil - which is to say it is a special kind of hell combo. A grunt or two followed by the sound of gloved hands hitting the heavy bag can be heard by anyone in the room and as for the smell well that is the funk of the gym and it is no better or worse than normal.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All hands, pass the word: Captain Karim Marek, Captain Sen Eos, Major Arielle Pike, and Major Ezra Cass, all report to the ward room at once for the department head meeting. I say again, Captain Maerk, Captain Eos, Major Pike, and Major Cass, to the ward room."

Hadjara shouldn't be here. She should be sleeping between shifts but she couldn't, necessitating some form of exercise to wear her out enough to be able to catch a few hours rest. A huge dufflebag is brought with her and is dropped onto bench, it unzipped and emptied as the Ensign pulls out boxing gear.

Castor looks over at the ensign and then to the boxing gear and he raises an eyebrow as he asks, "You box, Ensign?" His words aren't out of surprise, far from it, there is a sense of hope in his words as he is waiting for someone to come around so he can spar. He has been in the gym long enough that he has worked up a good sweat but not so much that all of the fight is out of him yet.

A 'you got to be kidding me' look is given to the ElTee before she catches herself and she's quick to look away, Jara trying to not let Castor see it. "Yeah, sir. I box. Used to box in the amateur rank back home." The headgear is tugged on and fastened into place and then a thick, padded belt-like item, that being her kidney protection. "Do you?"

Castor looks over at the woman and he raises an eyebrow, "Well, I was going to ask you to spar but if you were an amateur rank…" The pilot looks almost hesitant for a moment before he says enthusiastically, "then I HAVE to spar with you." He then moves to his bag and gets headgear and all of his other gear, "I never went in for ranking but I have been in my fair share of fights." He says without indicating what that means exactly.

Hadjara rolls her head side to side, loosening up her neck and upper shoulders, warming herself up a bit before she puts her mouthguard in place. "Did you just spar as a hobby," she mumbles out around the soft rubber-like item she holds between her teeth, "Or underground?" Her gloves are the last to be tugged on and she is then motioning to the other officer, shooing Castor towards the ring.

"I spar as a hobby these days." He then says, "I never fought underground but it was more like a….environmental hazard." He then takes a moment to make sure everything is tugged on tight as well before he crawls into the ring and he prepares to spar as he asks Hadjara, "So how highly were you ranked?" He asks curiously.

"High enough," Ensign Sharifa replies, modestly avoiding answering directly. "So I guess you want me to not hold back?" Her gloved hands are brought together, resulting in a dull *thudding* sound. "I would highly advise against that but I'll let you decide if you want to spar in a friendly manner or go all out."

Leda smiles and he says, "By all means lets go all out, I need the practice and it isn't everyday I get to spar with a good boxer." He then adds, "Though be careful of the marines since they have a tendency to knock pilots the frak out." He then makes a slightly sour face, "Some day I'm taking Elder down." He then moves into attack and he throws a heavy punch that comes swiftly and sweetly - well if by sweet we mean for Leda than yes - for Hadjara the blow connects to the stomach and it has weight and umph behind it - Castor Leda it would appear has some skill about him, well, in the ring that is.

Hadjara gives as good as she gets and, even as Leda's blow lands and winds her a bit she moves in for a roundhouse to his ribs, it too connecting although how much so is anyone's guess. "I'm not a pilot," she manages to huff out, that rapidly concluded with, "And I am not scared of frakking Marines." Grinning. That's what she does. "You're not bad," Hadjara compliments before another blow is thrown.

Leda smirks as he lands the blow but that smirk is quickly replaced by a sudden umph as the roundhouse hits his ribs and he then begins to take this much more seriously as he begins to circle and keep moving, yup pulling a Fancyfeet McGee which is normally quite useful but he moves in for a punch against Hadjara and he misses, leaving the pilot wide open as he says, "You're not bad either…and it is good you aren't scared of Marines."

Jara's second punch is aimed for the right side of Leda's head, perhaps hitting with enough force to cause it to whip to the left if he's not expecting it. There's no more conversation from her right now, the fact that Castor's first punch hit, causing her to decide that focusing is best for now. 'Srs buziness', this is.

Castor comes back again as he shakes the blow off as he throws another punch, this one is a three hit combo as it starts with the Hadjara's left side, and then to her stomach, and finally to her left side of the face the blows aren't as hard but they are quick and aimed at disorienting his very talented opponent. Leda grunts as he does this since he hasn't had to work this hard in a match in a long while.

Hadjara staggers back a bit and she has to shake her head but that all happens in the span of a few seconds, a small amount of time she recovers in. Sneering, she puts a jab right at his face, managing to make contact, the glove not able to make contact with him directly but the punch still finds its way home.

The normal smirk or smile on his face is gone and Castor isn't in the mood to give up, now, this isn't to say he is angry in fact he is far from it as he has been offered up a challenge and he isn't backing down. He continues to fight even though he is getting worn out and it shows that he is getting worn out which might be Hadjara's plan. He manages to get another combo of punches in this one is a gut face combo and the blows are harder than he last one but not as hard as they could be since this is a combo and not one solid and good punch. "You really are good." Leda grunts out.

Hadjara's not backing down either, that being something the boxers have in common, but the similarities end there as she's not shown much in the way of anything. She's getting tired, sure, but it's not the fatigue that the Lieutenant himself might be exhibiting. "You are too.." she concedes just before the series of punches land, knocking her askew but she throws a few blows of her own at the same time, rabbit punching him about the head, shoulders and upper torso.

Castor looks at Hadjara and he thinks he spots an opening but as the rabbit punches connect his opening closes. Leda takes a moment to come in close and he throws a wild punch, a punch that isn't sloppy but it isn't as good as it should be, apparently Leda is on his last legs in this sparring match and he is now officially wide open after that punch that missed.

Wild punches are often sloppy punches, a lesson that Sharifa is more than happy to teach the older pilot. When he misses she swings her body to the side, dodging the punch that wouldn't have hit anyhow. An uppercut to the chin is what she uses to punctuate the schooling, it aimed for right under the chin where the headgear doesn't exactly protect as well as the rest of the head.

BAM, said the lady as a fist connects with Castor's face which causes knees to buckle and oh look at all the pretty stars as he falls over on the mat and he has successful been laid out with a loud pop…were this to be played in slow motion it would be comical but as it all happens so quickly it is more of a case of two sounds, Hadjara hitting Castor and Castor hitting the floor. After a few moments Leda comes back into the world of the living he begins to laugh and he says, "That was fun."

Hadjara blinks, that being unexpected - sure, she had anticipated taking her opponent out but she didn't expect Castor to be laid out like that. "Uhm…" She looks around sheepishly. "Are you alright, sir?" The younger ECM takes her right glove off and then juts that hand out, offering to help Castor on his feet.

Castor takes the offered hand and he sits up as he smiles warmly, well, it isn't a smile but it is more of a mischievous and crooked grin as he says, "Frak yeah I'm alright." He smiles proud that he held his own against an actual in the ring fighter and he says, "I do think you might be able to go toe to toe with Elder and I'd love to see that." He then takes a moment to check himself as the stars are now gone and he says, "So, where did you learn to fight?"

"Just picked it up. Thought it'd be fun and went with it." She waits to make sure he's steady before stepping off, Hadjara stripping off her gear and putting it back. "Think I can compete with a Marine, huh," she asks once she spits her mouthguard into her hand. "Set it up and I'll see what I can do, sir."

"I think you can compete with some of the best Marines." He then begins taking his gear off and he says, "I don't think Elder would go for it BUT maybe during the dance you could call him out." He then checks himself, gear success, no bruises. He takes a moment to says, "Ah. Just picked it up." He then begins taking the tape off his hands and he says, "Back on Aquaria I didn't have that luxury."

Hadjara's totally downplaying her skill as a boxer. "I am from Aquaria as well," she says rather easily. Everything else is simply nodded to before she takes her bag and slips it into place, the strap over her left shoulder. "I should try to get some sleep before I got to go on duty, sir. Thanks for the sparring."

Leda take a moment as his heart swells with pride and he says, "Well, we will have to talk about home some time." He then takes a moment to add, "And you and I should spar again sometime." He says in all honesty as he then smiles and says, "So, no, thank you for sparring with me."

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