Late Night Visit
Late Night Visit
Summary: Yuuri is searching for Capt. Legacy but finds Poppy instead.
Date: PHD06 (April 24)
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There is a knock on the hatch.

"Mgh," comes Poppy's reply, staring up at the bottom of the bunk over her's where her pilot is sleeping.

Yuuri just finished speaking Roubani in the ready room and has gone to find Captain Legacy to discuss something. He may be a jock, but has flown Raptors before, so entering this squadron's berthings really doesn't affect him. He knocked anyways. The Lieutenant peeks his head in through the hatch before stepping through. He notices the Captain isn't around, but spots the woman from the mess hall a few nights ago. "Evening el-tee." He begins to whisper towards her, "Have you seen the Captain around?"

"No," Poppy answers, apparently on the verge of tears by the way she chokes on her words, "Go away."

Normally Yuuri would turn and walk away, but this was the woman he planted a note and one of his Yuurigami Raptors on her pillow. He's been in enough fights not to care if he gets decked and walks slowly towards Poppy, crouching down at the side of her bunk, "I hope you received the gift."

"I did," Poppy says pointedly, the tears now mixed with rage although she keeps her voice lowered for the benefit of the sleeping man above, "Now go away. I am not even half kidding. Get out of here now."

Yuuri remains quietly crouched beside Poppy's bunk for a few moments, "Why do you treat me like this?" He inquires softly, his icey jades trying to find her gaze, though they are perpendicular at the moment.

"Because I don't want to talk about it and you don't seem to frakking get that," Poppy hisses, rolling over to turn her back to the man, "If it bothers you go and complain to my CO. I'm done talking."

"So then you'll listen I take it?" Yuuri's voice a mix of question and taunt. "You said you lost everyone but two people. You feel like the only people left are you and those two, am I right?"

"No," Poppy answers truthfully, "The only people left that I want to deal with this are those two"

"And the rest of us still alive and onboard the Kharon?" Yuuri continues to pry but his voice changes from a taunting tone to one of understanding and concern.

"You can deal with your own emotional crap," comes Poppy's flat reply, keeping her back to him.

Yuuri leans his forearms onto the bunk, "And what if I'm not talking about emotional crap?" The discolored tan of his face can be seen, black bags under his eyes and a blueish tint around the bridge of his nose, "Now I told you before that I don't care about anyone, but those in the Air wing have to trust eachother." He pauses for a brief moment, "You only trust two people, I assume Captain Legacy and your driver. But what about all the others that risk their lives."

"Thats a bit of an assumption on your part," Poppy remarks, "I trust everyone in the Air Wing … and I'll do my job and put my life on the line for them like I've done my job since I signed up. And if you don't get your hands off my bunk, I'm going to break your nose."

"Maybe it is assumption Poppy, but like I said, I'm not looking for friends. You want to break my nose so be it, but it'll just prove my point." Yuuri states flatly, his arms never leaving the sheets of the bunk.

"There is a big difference between people you work with and people who are your friends - although I wouldn't expect you to know that. The fact is there are two people I'd ever trust to talk to about my personal problems and you're not one of them." She frowns to herself, back still to him, "You know, if I tell you to leave and you don't that borders on harassment."

"Your threats keep getting lighter and lighter el-tee." Yuuri says, still whispering towards her to keep the others from waking. "How can you earn trust if not given the chance?"

"Seriously," Poppy hisses, turning around and looking not at all pleased, "Give me a week or two and maybe we'll try being best pals. But right now? At this very moment? I want -nothing- to do with you and you need to get -out- of my face."

Yuuri digs into his pocket and takes out a piece of gum. He unfolds the foil, slipping the gum into his mouth and starts to chew. Right infront of Poppy, Yuuri bends and twists the foil. "They call you Flower right?" He continues to talk as his fingers shape the material, "I'm curious to ask how you got such a callsign with such a bite." The shape is nearly finished, "My first callsign was Stitch." Even with the venomous woman face to face he still speaks calmly to her.

"Poppy? Flower? Not astrophysics." And with that she rather comically throws her blanket up over her own head and falls into grumpy silence.

Yuuri chuckles, still chewing the gum. "Well how about this as a pilot for your Raptor?" He doesn't attempt to remove the blanket, but leans further on the bunk. Propping himself up on an elbow and holding a rose made from the foil material. "Nothing special, I mean, from what I've gotten, you don't really appreciate my company."

Dead silence from beneath the blanket.

Yuuri rises and leans over the woman under the blanket, "Sleep well little one." A hand brushes against her shoulder as he places the rose along shelving above her head.

"Go away," comes the muttered reply from Poppy-Neath-Blanket.

Yuuri just shakes his head to himself. I should go try to find the Captain - he thinks to himself. Silently he walks towards the hatch, never looking back to see if she actually pulled the blanket back.

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