Late Acts of Rebellion
Late Acts of Rebellion
Summary: Eddie pays Jason a visit. They commiserate.
Date: PHD 06 (April 24)
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[ Black Squadron Berthings - Deck 1 ]-----[ CEC Kharon ]—
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #6 OOC Time: Fri Apr 24 22:21:29 2009

The hatch to this berthing has a top-down stencil of a Raptor covering the whole doorway with the tail of the aircraft at the bottom of the hatch. Opening in, this berthing has the trappings of many other Raptor squadrons through the fleet. The standard three-bunk layout adorns most of the walls, pictures and paintings covering the rest where nothing else required has been emplaced. There is a hatch in the back the moves to a private Head for these officers. That standard dark blue curtains hide each bunk from the common area to afford each pilot and ECO their own privacy. One varied addition to these quarters is a standard-issue green parachute draped from the top bunks of each of the three rows. Normally left rolled up, these can provide additional shade against the dull white light provided overhead. Meanwhile, the Raptor crews have a central wooden table done in a mahogany.

-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-


Raptor Pilot Bunks Mahogany Table

[H] Hallway

Eddie arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Eddie has arrived.

It's a quiet night in the Raptor jockey berthings, though there's nothing too peaceful about the quiet. More pilots and ECOs are on duty, or ready to be called up, as the ship sits at Condition Two. Jason is in his bunk, one on the bottom level. It looks like he's just come off shift. He's still in his duty uniform, though parts of it are informally unbuttoned and rumpled. His curtain is slightly open, and he's smoking. No fine cigars tonight. Cheap Picon cigarettes, the sort sold on Navy bases across the Twelve worlds.

Knocking is overrated, especially when it comes to Airy Fairy territory. So who really cares if a little of Red Squadron bleeds over into Black? Eddie steps through the hatch, not really knowing where she's going, or rather to which bunk, so she starts reading names off the tape that marks them. Looks like Jason is the lucky winner. "I want some company. Shove over."

Jason doesn't seem to hear Eddie right away. He's holding his cigarette between his fingers, staring at the way the smoke curls up, lost in thought. Or just lost. He blinks, shaking his head as if to clear it. Forcing himself back to reality. "Morales?" He looks up and out at her. "Oh. Hello." He shoves as directed, instinctively doing-as-told.

Not very often Eddie can get away with ordering around a superior officer, but not even a hint of a smile cracks in jubilation that he complies. She sits down on the edge of his mattress and before he can protest, she stretches out next to him too. At least her booted feet are left dangling off the edge politely. Eddie, too, looks intent on smoking as she pulls a pack of cigarettes out from the waistband of her pants. "Got a light?" Queen of conversation, she is not.

Jason isn't exactly hard to push around even in the best of times, and at the moment he's in a highly malleable state. It doesn't occur to him to ask what brought Eddie to the Raptor bunks. He's also not in a highly curious state. He fishes onto one of his shelves, grabbing an old metal lighter and offering it to Eddie. "Sorry if I don't offer a cigar." It's an attempt at lightness, but it fails even for him.

Eddie tucks the paper roll between her lips. "Save 'em for when we have something to celebrate." She murmurs around the thing, taking the lighter and flicking it to life to spark a flame to the cigarette. She's silent for a moment, setting the lighter on her stomach which rises and falls with her breath. Her smoke mingles with his before seeping out for higher ground. "Why'd you join up?"

"I never felt like celebrating when I was smoking them…" Jason answer softly, not looking at Eddie. He takes a drag on his cheap cig before saying anymore. "They were gift. From…" Another drag. "…from someone I don't think I treated as well as I should've." His eyes rove up to a tin box on one of his shelves. It looks handy for holding cigars. Then he makes himself look down again. At Eddie's question, he shrugs. "I never properly did, if you ask my dad. I just hitched to the Reserves. Let me keep one foot in the real world. I was never…I'm not a soldier. I never wanted to be. The Navy…I was born on Picon, on the base. My dad's a Fleet engineer, mom's a nursing officer." He uses the present tense, seemingly unaware of it. "The Navy was just something we were expected to do. One of the many things in my family I never /quite/ managed to do just right…" He trails off, looking over at Eddie. Actually looking at her for the first time. "What about you?"

Eddie lets her hand dangle off of his bunk, her thumbnail flicking ash to the deck without much care. "Stole an Admiral's car. It was either join up and follow in dear old dad's footsteps, or he was going to finally let the MP's have me once and for all. Guess he was tired of bailing me out the shit can. Guess in some frakked up way I have him to thank for still being alive and kickin', hey? Yeeeeah, I was a Navy brat too."

"You stole an admiral's car?" Jason blinks. Then, he chuckles. It's not a particularly hearty laugh, but it's genuine enough. "Frak. You were a better rebel than I was."

Eddie lets her head lull to the side to study Jason's face as he laughs, a hint of a smile touching on her lips but it's faint. "To be fair, I didn't know it was an Admiral's car. And you just don't pass up a double dog dare." She says matter of factly, before rolling back to stare at the underside of the top bunk once more. "You're too quite to be a rebel."

"I am, yeah," Jason has to agree to that with a wry, rather self-mocking grin. It still doesn't quite touch his dark eyes. "It always seemed like too much trouble to…get in trouble." He shrugs. "It did look like fun sometimes, though. My little brother, Ellis…that guy could really get into it. Drove my parents insane. He was the only one of us boys who didn't do the Navy thing. He ran off with some buddies of his after high school to start a band. Virgon new-wave punk." He chuckles again, though it still sounds subdued. "I don't think my mom was entirely sorry his drumset vacated the garage."

Eddie considers the end of her cigarette for a moment, the way the cherry is eating away at the paper steadily. Her brow knits together somewhere in the middle of his vignette into his family. "You want to get into trouble, Jason?"

Jason's brows arch at Eddie, his neck rolling so he can properly face her. Eyebrows go up. "Trouble?"

Eddie shifts to her side, cigarette shoved into the crook of her lips and her head propped up on a palm. "Yeah." She talks around the cancer stick, the thing waggling precariously. "Trouble. But I guess that all depends on if you're Lieutenant Thayer or Jason."

Jason is holding his own cigarette between his fingertips, still regarding Eddie. Puzzled, but in an intrigued sort of way. He gets another soft, self-mocking chuckle out of that. "I never really wanted to be Lieutenant Thayer."

Jason pauses and asks, only half-joking, "I don't think there are any cars onboard we can steal…"

Eddie eyes Jason through the haze of smoke drifting up between them. "Well. I have half a mind to get rip roaring drunk. A practical superior officer would talk me out of it or slap me in the brig. But I could sure as hades use a drinking partner."

"I don't think we're supposed to drink at this alert level…" Jason says. He knows the rules, much as he might be ambivalent to the military. He sighs. "Frak it, though. I'm sure as hades not going to brig you for it. Can't say the idea of getting out of my head for a few hours doesn't appeal…"

Her smile starts to curl up lopsidedly, offset by the dwindling cigarette in her lips. "Course we're not supposed to drink on Condition Two." Eddie snorts, recycling grey tinted air. "Sorta the point of the word 'trouble' now ain't it?" She goes to nudge his shoulder with her index finger. "So it's settled then. Flasks at ten paces."

Jason grins. Or tries to. He still can't quite manage a genuine smile. Perhaps alcohol will fix that. In any case, he's past caring about very much just now. He softly taps his shoulder against her arm, in return for the nudge. "Let's shoot 'em, Morales."

Eddie reaches behind her, fumbling for his curtain. It's tugged shut with a quick and solid pull. "Now we're talkin'." The heavy material of her sweatshirt is handy for concealing a flask, the silver thing pulled from its confines. "You first." She's handing it over, while trying to find a convenient place to stub out her cigarette.

Jason scoots further over, fumbling for his ash tray, to Eddie's convenience. He doesn't put his out, though he does set it down for a moment. Carefully. He takes the flask, raising it in a sort of 'toast.' "What is this stuff anyway?" he asks. Though he makes himself drink before waiting for an answer. He has to put /effort/ into being a rebel.

Eddie is about to stub out her cigarette, but there's still one last good pull left on it. Waste not, want not. Especially in these new darker times. "Scotch or…something. Dunno. Who cares." When he's lowering it from his first swig, she's sticking a finger beneath it to tip it back to his lips.

Jason makes an "Umph" sound as Eddie tips him. But he manages to swallow without spitting or doing anything else terribly embarrassing. "Hey!" he chuckles. When he's able to lower the flask, it's offered to back to her. "I think Ellis'd approve of this. And Terrence'd have my ass in a sling." He smirks, adding, "My other brother. Older. Tactical officer. /He/ always managed to do things exactly right. And he seemed to enjoy it, frakker." His tone is fond enough, though.

Eddie doesn't even pause when he hands the flask back to her, the thing tilted to her mouth. When she's through, there's a wince on her feature so plain it wrinkles the skin around her eyes. "Yeah." She says, sounding as if someone just ran sandpaper down her throat. "Seems like between the two, you came out a nice happy medium. I was an only child. No wonder why I'm frakked. No one to balance me out."

"Happy medium? I don't know about that. Both of them always seemed so…sure of themselves. One way or another. Only child, huh?" Jason ponders that, like he can't quite imagine it. "I used to wish I was. My brothers and I had to share a room growing up, in one of those base houses at Fleet Headquarters." He takes a long look around his own bunk. "I guess my folks were prepping us for Fleet life."

Eddie mms as she sneaks another nip of the flask before handing it back. "Fleet life, where your bunkmate knows how many times you pass gas during the night, and the entire airwing knows when it's your time of the month. Great." She says dryly, but at least there is a glimmer of mirth sparking in her dark eyes.

Jason takes a sip. He's not drinking nearly so deep as Eddie. He's still new at this whole rule-breaking them. He smirks. "I keep my cycles to myself, at least," he says dryly. Sipping as he does, he does take a second nip before passing it back. "I'd just done stints on science vessels before. Good experience for grad school. This…I knew my service record didn't exactly live up to Dad's expectations. This seemed a little more 'real' military." He shakes his head. "Stupid, right?"

Eddie wets her lips before taking a drink, this one going down easier than the first and a half drink she took. "Not as sad as this being your first posting." Implying, of course, that this is for her. She's just a baby, really, in this game. "So do you ECO or pilot? Sorry, I've really sucked at getting to know people. Now I have no choice, I'm stuck with you forever." Sad attempt at humor from her, now.

Jason chuckles. "Can't have sucked at it more than me. And I ECO." He shrugs. "Being out in the stars…that part always grabbed me. I was doing my master's in astronomical studies, actually. I was going to finish it after my tour here was up. Figured backseat-driving was about as applicable for that as you could get. Besides, I'm not loud enough to be a pilot."

Eddie rolls onto her stomach, which is a feat within itself in the confines of a bunk really meant for just one person. "Oh, ha ha." She says monotone, slapping the flask back towards him. "I'm not loud…necessarily." Well, maybe after two or three more belts of that liquor. "I forgot you're one of those smart ones, like Rubix."

Jason rolls as well, onto his side, which makes him take up a little less space. He props his chin on his fist. He holds a finger up to lips and does a dramatic "Sshhh!" as he takes the flask. He's already decidedly more relaxed. He is not a heavyweight. "Rubix?" He chuckles. "Oh, yeah. Roubani. The physics guy." He half-grins. "I always did better with theory than practical stuff. Safer, I guess." He snorts, drinking. Not much safety these days.

Eddie folds her arms and props her chin on their combined height. "I'll keep with drawing stick figures and hot wiring vehicles of an undisclosed proprietory nature." She's quiet for a moment, letting the tension ease away and the alcohol settle in. "Thanks for not being creepy."

Jason flicks his gaze up at Eddie, chuckling again. It has a /slightly/ more genuinely amused sound to it. Must be the alcohol. "Creepy?" Heh. "Well…you're welcome, I guess. I do my best. I took the shrunken heads down right before you came in and everything."

Eddie turns her head to pillow her cheek on her arms. "One more swig, then I should go. Before people start to think we're bumping uglies in here. Wouldn't want to sully your reputation." An honest smile curves her lips upward.

Jason lets out another soft, "Heh." It also has a self-mocking note to it. "I don't now. A reputation like that'd be a first for me." He takes another drink, before handing the flask back to Eddie for keeps. "Morales…thanks." He leaves it at that.

Eddie nudges him with her elbow as she sits up, "Anytime." She takes one more drink too, before tucking the flask away. "Here's to hoping I can find mouthwash before I run into a CO." There's a soft chuck of laughter, almost akin to a giggle, before she slides guiltily out of his bunk and back to her own berthings.

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