Amy Adams
Amy Adams as Katherine 'Kitty' Ajtai
Name: Katherine 'Kitty' Ajtai
Alias: Crybaby (callsign)
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Red/Green
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: ECO, Lieutenant JG
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Life upon Leonis went without much in the way of complication while Katherine was navigating childhood, her parents both doting and loving although for a while she questioned their love of her after the birth of her brother when she was just shy of turning four years-old.

It was clear from the time that Pandorian learned how to walk that there would quite a lot of sibling rivalry with Katherine's half stemming from a fear of losing her parents love, especially that of her father who always wanted to have a son. Katherine was promising to be quite the little lady but that was pushed aside in effort to compete with Panda, as she called her younger sibling, that being why she began to play such sports such as Pyramid and even started playing Triad at a fairly young age, much to her mother's displeasure. The dance lessons were pushed aside for tomboy antics, girlish behavior traded for tree climbing and pick-up games of Pyramid as soon as she was allowed to be out from under her mother's thumb more often. Many scraped knees and elbows and even the occasional broken bone happened in the course of her more formative years but they were badges of courage in her mind, little bits of testimony as to just how hard she competed with Pandorian.

Even though the siblings were often times caught up in competition they were also each other's protection and often times stood up for the other when bullies would try to make the other's life hell. During all of this there were times when harsh punishment was meted out, a fact that pushed Katherine into near rebellion but she never once dared to speak about it or try to end it as to do so would be too much defiance in the mind of her father and she would not risk her brother's well-being or her own by doing anything. This is how life went until Katherine turned nineteen and their parents died in a horrific accident. Left as the sole guardian of her brother, she was thrust into adulthood with little time to adjust.

At first she tried to take care of him herself but it was more than she could handle and she wracked up quite the debt while trying to leave the trust fund intact for Pandorian's education. By the time her brother was ready to attend university she was beyond broke which left her with only one option that she could think of, that being to join up with the military.


Pandorian Ajtai - Her younger brother and the only remaining family she has left as far as she knows.


Public Education - Primary and secondary education, no college or university education

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Basic Training
  • Officer Candidate School
  • ECO Training
  • Assigned to the research station Demeter
  • Assigned to the CEC Karhon

Distinguishing Features

  • Has a very obvious caffeine addiction which can result in irritability and tremors when she is forced to go without. She's currently in the process of kicking her caffeine addiction. Never mind. She recently succumbed to her need for caffeine. Here's for hoping it doesn't become an addiction like before.
  • Talks to herself when she's nervous, much to her near-constant embarrassment when she's caught doing it.



  • ECM
  • Has a (very minor) talent in drawing.
  • Adept at Triad and Pyramid.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Lieutenant Castor Leda I think I have finally forgiven him for how he treated my brother although he has this obsession about bringing up how he said he wanted to cause Panda bodily harm over how he mentioned Marissa's backside. Castor's a bit slow to learn in that regards but I'll over-look it for the sake of our friendship.
Captain Althea Legacy She's the reason I am here. Without going into the long story, I'll just say that the Captain is someone I admire and respect and a person I owe a lot to. I just hope to be able to repay her for her kindness someday.
Lieutenant Praxis Demitros Another person worthy of respect and admiration and yet also one of the most confusing men I know. One minute he's acting all stern and officer-like only to turn around and smile and even joke with me. Maybe I'll figure him out someday. Side note - one of the most observant people I know.
Lance Corporal Pandorian Ajtai Panda has recently rediscovered how things were back home, causing him to assume the role of protector as is befitting of the one who is the heir to the family, for the lack of a better way to put it. It is rather unfortunate that this caused the explosion he had with Martin but I know better than to try and badger Dorian about it. Besides, I got to admit that I rather like this side of my brother - now to just figure out how to keep him out of trouble without his noticing I'm trying to keep him out of trouble. Dedication - Yellow by Coldplay & Crash 'n' Burn by Savage Garden
Lieutenant Kisseus Matto Our relationship has transcended that of a working one, the friendship now rather familial in nature. As much as Panda's my blood brother, Kisseus is my brother in spirit. I love him bunches and am glad I can fly with him. Dedication - Fireflies by Owl City
Lieutnant JG Martain Black We talked and we decided to be friends. The fact that he is willing to remain such despite everything that transpired is testimony of the kind of man he is. I hope he'll someday find the right woman for him. Dedication - Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue
Lieutenant JG Nadiv Roubani The journey inito his head has finally started and I must say that I am impressed. If there is one person the phrase 'wise beyond their years' can be applied to it's Nadiv. Insightful, articulate and intelligent, Poet has a way of opening a person's eyes and getting them to see what's before them. I look forward to learning more about him. Dedication - Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkle
Lieutenant JG Persephone Tanner I usually don't get along with other females often but Persy is one of the few I can get close to and is very close to becoming my best friend. Kind, sweet and someone I can come to for advice…even if that advice does tend to make me blush. Who can ask for more in a buddy?
Lieutenant Timon Stathis Ivory. He lives up to that name in more than one way; a rare, precious man but at the same time difficult to chip through, leaving him an infuriatingly enigmatic person I doubt I'll ever figure out.
Captain Karim Marek Slow to be moved to emotion, I feel like I have to run a marathon just to get him to show anything but anger. We butted heads at our last meeting and for a moment I was actually thinking things were going to dissolve into a fistfight. Thankfully level heads prevailed, even if they did run a bit hot for a while, and we were finally able to talk civilly. Despite the tone the majority of our conversation took place in, I still respect him. Dedication - Superman (It's Not Easy) by Five for Fighting
Ensign Christopher Helios I haven't seen him since the time we met in Red Berthing. Sadly, I don't remember much about him outside of his nervousness and his stutter. He's someone I'll have to run into again and hopefully soon.
Lieutenant Alex Nikolo We just got the chance to meet for the first time, somehow having missed doing so despite how long I've been on the Kharon. The first time he got on my case for being emotional on the flight deck which did nothing to earn him brownie points with me. Thankfully our second meeting went more smoothly. We wound up sharing a bunk together which was a nice reminder of how nice it is to be held while asleep. Too bad he gives off this 'I'm conflicted' vibe. Will need to figure out why he does.

Timeline of Events


  • "I doubt anything you can say could be remotely perverse compared to the frakking hell we've been through. That's perverse." To Alex, referring to both something he was about to say and the 42-minute Cylon attack cycle the Kharon went through. Icarus and the Kitty


  • Likes it when a person can be honest, even if it means they're brutally so.
  • Enjoys drawing. Tries to do it as often as she can.


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