Kharon Talent Show
Kharon Talent Show
Summary: Eileithyia, Fenris, Nine, and Castor all participate in the first ever Kharon talent show.
Date: PHD027 (15 May 2009)
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It seems like there has been a signifigant amount of work done to the room. Curtains have been found put on the wall behind the stage, that is if curtains were made out of bedsheets. Still though they have been expertly hung and so the sheets give off the general appearance of stage curtains that have been tied together. The stage doesn't have a microphone but a music stand has been provided. A small stand with a whiteboard and a marker stands beside the "stage" The whiteboard says, "All acts must sign up here"

Castor is sitting in the oddly empty lounge waiting for people to show up for the talent show. He simply stares at the door waiting for someone, anyone, or anything to show up for the show.

Eileithyia strolls in. Off duty, but well dressed, in something more dressed down. She quietly signs her name to the board, moving her gitaur case carefully. "Finally performance time."

Castor looks up as Eileithyia enters into the room and smiles. "Alright, we've got a show." He stands up and walks over to Eileithyia, "So, it looks like this may be a talent show of you and me." He then points to a deck of cards and some other props for a magic show. "Seems like no one is interested in a talent show."

"I am," Nine whispers. When did she get here? Hard to tell. But she sits in a dark corner, with a duffel bag in her arms which she almost hides entirely behind.
Eileithyia nods. "Can't say that, maybe something's come up… and they're all busy, we can't stop our work just because we all need a break can we?" she turns though at sound of someone else. "Hello!" she says in a bright and cheerful voice.

Castor turns at Nine's voice as well and his tone becomes cheerful in response to Eileithyia's voice, "Well, then, it would seem that we do have a show." He moves to the board and signs his name after Eileithyia's and he looks back at Nine, "Would you like to sign up, Nine?"

Nine looks around at the lack of audience, and it seems to bolster her nerves. "Okay," she replies, almost silent, from her corner. It can't hurt to mess up in front of just two or three people. Still she hugs her bag, cheeks blotching nervously.

Eileithyia smiles. She walks up to the stage and sits down opening his gituar and play a few practice chords, warming up and judging the faces of her audience.

Castor approaches the microphone and says, "Greetings to all of you who have come for the first ever Kharon talent show." He then gives a sly smile as his tone becomes jokey, "We tried to find professionals to entertain you but sadly we are stuck with you guys. You are however lucky enough to have the most talent MC that Aquaria has to offer…" he pauses for a moment for cheesy MC humour, "me." He then turns his head in thought before saying, "Frak, I'm not a good MC either so sorry folks you are stuck with me too." The Aquarian's movements and speech are different like those of a showman. He looks over at the board, "If anyone wants me to give any special introduction then let me know before I introduce your act. Having said that, please, sit down, relax, have a laugh, enjoy the music, and get rid of some stress." He looks over at Eileithyia, "Our first act is from everyone's favorite combat medic Eileithyia Xylander." He then takes a seat and waits for the music to begin.

Nine relaxes subtly in the back of the room, staring at the stage from the dark corner she's perched in and feeling somehow at home, even with the corny MCage.

Fenris steps into the lounge, flight suit partially unzipped, and settles in near the door. She focuses on the stage as Castor seems to be getting the show on the road and settles back into her seat to partake.

Eileithyia smiles. She begins to play, is a slow careful tune. twisting and widing slowly, but it's clear as thing begin to move she reaches for the microphone. "I suppose I should ask, first of what does anyone what I've got at least one annoying love-song, I've got a few short peices, and I take requests…" she states.

Nine looks down to the stage, staring blankly, then looks aside, looking to see if anyone will have a request. Seeing none, and wanting to be a good audience member, "Sing Bacchus, You Are Welcome Here," she suggests.

Castor takes a seat and offers, "A good Aquarian sailing song would be nice." He then gets comfortable to listen to the music that is to come.

Fenris doesn't chime in with anything just yet, though her eyes flit to either of the two suggestions that are forthcoming.

Eileithyia looks down at her gitaur. "Now that's one I am not familar with." she confuses to the crowd looking a little sheepish. "Well I guess I could play just a musical selection for a while." she states with a light smile she begins to play, its a round, repeating melodies and simple chords. Before begins singing "Standing alone
Mountain stream, flowing water
Many trails, rivers.

Starry sky wonder
Lake reflecting the city
Endless Wandering

Seas of dreams
Dancing tides and moon light waters rising
Screaming wind, Fierce storms
city lights a glow, standing storms path

Sea of stars above
Catching falling stars, falling
Water enveloping the stars -points of hope- in dark depths.
Hidden songs and powers,hidden by the veil unseen."

Castor quietly taps along with the music listening to the lyrics and hypnotically zoning out as it all washes over him.

Nine draws her legs up underneath her, holding her duffel on top as she peeks over it and rests her cheek on it, comfortably listening to the music — some hymn to Poseidon? — and letting it take her elsewhere.

Eileithyia continues playing though it seems the lyrics are long since over, and the waves of both mimicry and music merge as Eleithyia opens her eyes to observe her audience.

Fenris listens on in silence as the woman plays, still and intent on the stage.

The Aquarian is present in body, though judging by his face, his mind is a million miles away and the music has lead him into some far off forgotten memory.

Nine is here, what can be seen of her. One black eye peering at the stage, directly at the guitar player.

Eileithyia pauses midway through her peice, seemingly caught off gaurd by something, her music dies-just a little before she starts up again and continues playing. She looks out over the crowd and then stands offering a bow to them before decided it perhaps was best to just allow another act to go on.

Nine's eyes shift a little bit to one side. Was it supposed to end like that? Is it over? Will there be more? Still, she decides clapping is safe, because you can clap between songs as well as at the end of a set. So clapping happens.

Castor suddenly snaps to attention as the music dies he claps loudly and then stands not sure if he should be walking to the stage or not.

Eileithyia smiles. She pokes her head back out as the clapping begins, as if to say 'more' but then disappears back behind the curtain knowing others will show up and perform there acts.
Nine keeps clapping, her hands stuck in clap mode, waiting for either the guitarist to show up again or the MC so she'll know to stop.

Castor moves over to the stage and says, "Thank you Private Xylander." He then takes a second to look back at the audience, "Well, ladies and gentlemen I am happy to say that our next act is from a man who needs know introduction, a man who may not be the top pilot but he is number one in your hearts, a man who is so commited to keeping you all entertained that this stage can barely contain his talent, a man who has a stage ego bigger than a Battlestar." He then pauses for effect, "Me." He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a long piece of string from his pocket, "I am here to introduce you all in the ancient and revered secrets of magic. Yes, the Colonies have kept the existance magic a secret but I am here tonight to demonstrate how real this all is." He then stretches the string out and tugs on both ends.

Fenris offers polite applause as it becomes clear that, for the moment, the act is complete. It fades after a while, and the woman is returns to her earlier repose, eyes finding Castor as he steps up to the plate.
Eileithyia raises an eyebrow. But simply watches. She settles back into her chair her eyes closing as she listens.
Secrets? Nine's head slowly tilts to one side, intrigued— listening— watching. Magic tricks are some of her favorites.

Castor reaches behind him, "Now, on Tauron, it is said that the Lords gave one man the ability to climb into the heavens so that the man might reach the Lords and live with them. Now many of us know this story however, the story is true. Before the man left to live with the Lords he taught his friend how to climb into the heavens. That man never did go because he was afraid the Lords might be angry at him for using this sacred magic. However, he taught his children and they taught their children and it was from one of his great, great, great, great…" he pauses and looks at the string before saying, "Well you get the idea." He then throws the string up in the air and it suddenly becomes stiff and rigid, it looks like it is hanging in the air with Castor holding the bottom part of the string and the top part just hovering.

Fenris looks a little surprised at the sudden shift in pliancy of Castor's string. Her head cants a little to the side, apparantly rather interested in this particular trick.

Nine's eyes light up, and she forces herself not to try to look for how it's being done, but to believe, revelling in faith and the impossible being possible.

Castor runs his hands over the top of the string to show nothing is holding it up, "Now it is said that the man who climbed the rope to live with the Lords had to say a word once he reached his new life with the Lords and this word would make the rope fall back to Tauron." He runs his hands around the sides of the string to show there is nothing on the sides, "The word in fact is the name of this very ship we are on. So, when I count to three I want you all to say the magic word." Castor even gives the string a slight tug and the string still doesn't fall. Castor grins, "One, two, three."

'Okay' Nine mouths her assent silently before the countdown begins, readying herself, red-cheeked, "Kharon," she says, in her usual near-whisper, eyes wide open with wonder.

Fenris's brow returns to it's normal orientation, though she's still intent on the activity on stage. With the cue, though, she remains silent, whilst others sound off as bidden.

Eileithyia speaks the word, Kharon with the rest of the group listening with one blue eye open as if perhaps to make the magic happen all the faster.

As the word, "Kharon" is spoken the string suddenly goes limp and falls just like string should. "And this ladies is gentlemen is all I can dare show of this magical feat for fear that the Lords may strike me down for showing more." He then smiles and puts the string away. He then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a thicker string cord. "Now, the Lords have been said to do amazing things, revive the dead and heal the broken, I am here to tell you that this is true. The Lords once taught a woman from Gemenon how to repair anything that was broken. It is said she became so good at it that she could fix any broken object regardless of how badly it was broken. Again, her secret was passed on through the years and now I am one of the only people who know how to do this magical feat." He then says, "I need a volunteer, would anyone like to examine this cord to make sure there is nothing special about it?"

Nine waits. Waits. Slowly her pale hand rises in the dark of the far corner, in case nobody else volunteers.

Eileithyia watches. She seems amused by the rope and the repetition of the same 'type' of trick'.

Castor looks at Nine, "Ah, Petty Officer Nine, please come up to the stage and examine the cord." He says with a warm showmans smile.

Nine slides up from underneath her bag and crawls over rows of chairs, in her off-duties, but barefoot as she finally lands near the stage and steps up, looking nervously to the audience before looking at the cord. "It, um… looks like a cord," she reports.

Castor holds the cord out for Nine to take, "Are you sure why don't you hold it to make sure? Push on it, pull on it, make sure it is one piece of cord."

Nine takes the cord in her hands, fingering it tenderly and tracing its lines of intengrity, pulling as she's bidden and pushing to see if anything along the line will fray if compressed. She also smells the cord and for good measure chews on it a short shile to see if it'll break.

The cord is simply a cord.

"It seems alright to me," Nine replies with a blotchy sort of blush as she hands the cord back, only slightly damp with snipespit.

Eileithyia smirks. This has her attention. "I think we've proven it a cord." she whispers to no one inparticular.

Castor holds out his hand when Nine is finished, "May I have the cord back please?" Once the cord is in his hand, he says, "Thank you so much Petty Office Nine." he then takes the cord and says. "Now, the hardest thing to do is to make whole what has once been broken." He then stretches the cord out to show how long it is before cutting the rope in half, He shows everyone the tops of the now cut cord and then says, "The woman from Gemenon learned that she could even fix something like this." Castor then ties the two pieces together, "And done." He says confidently, "That is done if I didn't know the womans sacred secret." He then studies the rope and then he quickly runs the rope through his closed fist. When the rope has passed through his hand the knot in the rope is gone and the rope is again whole. "And done."

Eileithyia blinks. She seems more perplexed now than ever, by this. "What'd he do?" she whispers.
"He fixed it!" Nine exclaims to Eileithyia. She was standing right there. She saw it.

Castor says, "Now, I will show you my final magical feat. We have all heard the stories of magicians that can not be bound or contained by anything. He then moves to the side of the stage and pulls out a long chain, "I will need two volunteers for this magical feat."

Eileithyia smiles. She stands ."I'll do it." she calls out excitedly.

Nine is… still standing on stage, which is good, because as soon as she hears what the trick is, she bounces on her toes, "Eleutherios!" she calls, as loudly as she ever calls anything. One name for Dionysus, meaning 'he who sets free.' Dionysus is supposed to make the chains fall from his followers such that nobody can bind them.

Castor smiles, "Ah, two lovely volunteers, thank you both." he looks at the Petty Officer, "Ah, you have heard of this, then you know that you are indeed aboutto see that chains cannot bind me." He then says to his volunteers,
"Now if you could come up here and if each of you could take one end of this chain, Petty Officer I'd like for you to take your end of and put it over my neck like this, Private I'd like for you to do the same."
Eileithyia nods. She does so. It's careful thing, making sure it's secure but that it doesn't bruise or crush, medical training coming to play. She wants to make sure that this trick is safe.

Nine looks rather happy to be participating, and she wraps the chain up over the side of his neck, where he indicates.

The chain is long, heavy, and real. Castor takes a step back leaving the two women in front of him. The chain is now hanging off of Castor's throat and trails off to the floor, he then hands one end of the chain to Nine and another end to Eileithyia. It would appear that the chain is now firmly against Castor's neck, "When I count to three, I want you both to pull as hard as you can all at once. He waits for a moment before saying, "One, two, three."

"Nnghyah." It's the sound of an enginesnipe pulling as hard as she can all at once.

Eileithyia pauses. "No. That'd snap your neck, the weight of this chain. Its too dangerous.." she says slowly standing stock still.

The strength of Nine is enough to leave both women suddenly holding the two ends of the chain and Castor's neck is miraculously untouched.

Nine lifts her end of the chain in triumph, "Evoe Eleutherie! Iacche!" she calls in jubilation at the Dionysiac miracle.

Castor raises his hands toward his two assistants, "I could not have done this without the help of my two assistants." As Nine bows to her and then to Eileithyia. "And that is all I can show you for I have no more energy left, practicing magic takes work and it leaves the body very weak." He then holds up his hands and look at the board, "And now it is time for our next act."

Nine looks at the chain thoughtfully, then begins to wind it up to return to Castor and help him tidy the stage for whoever's next.

After the stage is cleaned Castor announces to the audience, "And now, to change the pace, a little something is coming to you from the talented Petty Officer Nine."

Nine stands on stage, not having been quite aware that she was up next, and so she stands there staring blankly out into the room. "I, um. I also need a volunteer to help me," she manages to announce after a moment, "Someone who knows at least a tiny bit about electrical engineering or repair… and… who isn't squicked by bondage."

Castor stands, "I'll do it." He says with a grin, after all Nine volunteered for him.

"Okay… first… I need… my bag. I left it up there," Nine points to the big bag she'd been hiding underneath when she was seated in the audience.

Castor walks over to the bag and hefts it up before moving to the front of the stage. He does give the bag a gentle shake to guess at what may be in the bag.

"Oh… be careful," Nine comments softly, taking the bag and laying it on the stage. She unzips it and pulls out a large half-assembled power junction. "Okay, this, this is just your average, everyday power junction, right? Except you see, one of the grid adapters is blown?" she shows it to him to confirm for the audience. "I have a spare grid adapter here…" she pulls one out of her pocket, "This is just about a two-minute repair," she sets the junction down at the front of the stage and shows him the replacement, "Yeah?"

Castor takes a moment to inspect the power junction he then confirms this and says to the audience, 'Yeah, the grid adapter is blown."

Nine pulls a fully stocked toolbelt from her bag, and a few other needful things, lengths of wire, "I'm going to fix this for you," she says, then pulls out the last item from her bag, "Wearing this." This being a black fetish-style straitjacket. She looks back at Castor, "If you don't mind helping me put it on."

Eileithyia watches. She leans forewards looking rather intruiged by it all.

Castor looks at Nine and then to the straightjacket and then back to Nine as he moves to help the woman put it on. He checks to make sure all the straps are on and everything is zipped up and buttoned down.

Nine puts on the jacket part herself and then lets Castor zip and button up the front and bind her arms tightly around her body, her hands completely surrounded in fabric. "Thank you," she tells him, shrugging her shoulders against the straitjacket to show the audience that it's secure. She steps forward and crouches down right in front of her toolbelt, peeking into the power junction briefly.

Castor watches closesly making sure the petty officer is safe.

Nine finally stands and steps gently onto the side of the power juntion, turning it up onto its side with her bare toes and then scooting it around so that the audience can see partially inside of it, moving her toolbelt slightly, too, before she lays down, flat on her belly in front of the assemblage. One foot lifts from the floor, then the other, and she tenses her muscles acrobatically until she's standing on her chest with her chin on the floor, her back bent at an improbably contorionist's angle and her feet coming down all the way to the floor to either side of her head. Her right toes pick up a screwdriver, and her left toes pick up a pair of specialized pliers with wonderous dexterity and she goes to work unscrewing the broken grid adapter and pinching off the associated wires, cutting them with the cutting edge of the pliers and removing the busted adapter, her leg straightening into the air to show it to the audience.

The audience goes silent as all of this is being done. It isn't everyday that such a contortionist act is seen on this ship.

Eileithyia watches. See seems almost floored by the performance. "Welll…. welll…" she says softly her eyes widdening a bit.

Castor is attempting to pick his jaw up off of the ground as he watches this. "Frak me…" he says softly.

Nine looks to hand… well… foot off the broken adapter to Castor before she puts down the screwdriver and picks up the spool of fresh wire, grabbing the end of the wire between her opposite toes and unwinding a length before snipping it off with the pliers. The pliers are then traded for her wire splicer, which her toes work with amazing preciseness as she attaches it first to the unit and then to the new adapter, letting it hang in place as she retreives her screwdriver and pushes the new adapter into place with her left foot while she screws it in with her right.

The audience is still ever silent, watching in delight, yes, delight because almost everyone in the room has forgotten about what is troubling them as they watch all of the acts - though this one has captured the interest of everyone.

Nine puts her feet back on the floor near her head, then moves them to her shoulders, rolling backward until she's on her knees, then straightening the weird curve of her back until she's kneeling upright. She then shifts her weight forward, and back onto the balls of her feet, standing. "Check my work?" she asks Castor. Meanwhile, as if for an encore, her arms begin to bend in ways nature surely never intended, and after a bit of squirming she's made her way out of the straitjacket. Eleutherios looks after this one, as well.

The audience goes silent but when Castor looks at the work and then gives a thumbs up everyone goes nuts with applause and shouts for joy.

Castor stands and moves to help Nine clean up. As he cleans he announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to bring this lovely little show to an end. However might do another one of these real soon so tip you wait staff and enjoy the rest of your evening."

Nine puts her coat and toys back away, then runs back off to the supply closet to put the junction back away before it's missed.

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