Kharon Player Meeting 050309
Kharon Player Meeting 050309
Summary: Player Meeting
Date: May 3, 2009
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Ares says, "First of all I want to thank everyone who took the time to come to this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to get some time for you the players to spend some time with Staff to get our opinions on items, get some clarification for any questions and toss any ideas into the pot on how we can improve Kharon and keep you guys coming back and spreading the word.

We are going to work this a little grade school style. If you have something you want to bring up, simply raise your hand and I will call on you. Do not worry about being critical, I take everything as constructive criticism so don't feel you need to curb your tongue on any topics with me. So with that being said, anyone have something they want to bring up?"

Nine sent her +mail for Passy's icon. Should I +request, too?

Ares nods, "+requests are easier to track and we may be able to get other Staff to work on them."

Nine will do.

Ares says, "Plus I can see them and pester her about finishing them ;)"

Castaine raises her hand to start things off? :)

Ares grins, "Ok. Go for it Castaine."

Castaine says, "To me, it seemed (and perhaps I've got my ratios wrong) it seems like we have a lot of pilots and not a lot of 'other military types'. I was wondering if that ratio was being monitored by staff?"

Castaine says, "Oh no. Not that. This IS a space themed game. :>"

Eileithyia pops in and reads the back scroll

Cygnus sees what she means, "A causual +who half the time most of the people you see are military/air-wing."

Ares nods, "We do keep a very close eye on it. Unfortunately just about everyone wants to be a pilot. We do our best though to direct people to other roles within the ship to help fill out the departments. People also gravitate to higher RP opportunity groups such as the pilots. If we see the groups getting too pilot heavy, we will put a stop to all pilot applications for a period of time. This is also dependant on activity levels of already approved pilots too.

Eileithyia says, "I have to agree, with that particular idea. As a character who's a combat medic, there's alot of RP going around but its mostly pilot-based. Unless I am in a team or something… can we have plots where there are other areas geta little grease?"

Castor raises his hand.

Castaine noddles. "Thank you for answering, Ares." :)

Ares says, "Of course. We are always trying to develop plots for the other groups. If you have plot ideas, let us know via +request and we will run through them."

Willem raises his hand as well.

Ares says, "Castor, you're up."

Nine should write up a spiel for people coming in. After about seventy BSG-themed alts, I finally got up the nerve to app a pilot. And, y'know, it's not as thrilling as all that. ;)

Castor says, "I don't have a question but a comment as a pilot char. Granted this is my first time ever pilot char *squee* but in my short time here I have done one thing directly related to piloting. I guess what I mean to say is that I hope there isn't a division caused because of pilots and other staff. My perspective is that I want as much RP as possible with as different a group of people as possible. As a pilot char, I really do want to play with you all, all viper/raptor stuff aside. I've tried to set my RP up that way and as someone who plans on being very active here I hope it shows. Especially as I am sitting in on this meeting at 4am Korean time and I have to be up to teach in a few hours."

Castor says, "er not staff/players"

Ares chuckles, "Well I appreciate you taking the time to join us. Lots of players do their best to get others involved, but sometimes certain plots and sekrit ninja knowledges will force some players to seclude themselves for varied IC reasons. When we work on plots we make sure to try and have as many people involved as possible from as many groups as possible. But there are periodically just going to be just Marine / Pilot / Medical / etc. only plots run.

Ares nods to Willem, "You were next."

Cygnus raises a hand

Nine nods, it's true. Nine got to stop the whole ship blowing up, once ;)

Willem is part of the problem! "Heh. All joking aside, I have a couple comments to make. First, RE: Castaine's earlier question - Activity is a good point. The sheer numbers are not as unbalanced when you look at +census as when you take a peek at who's active on the grid out of military staff, it's pretty air-wing heavy."

Cygnus agrees with Willem there.

Kale raises hand

Castor raises a hand.

Ares nods to Willem, "That's what we as Staff pay more attention too. If you look at the Census numbers we have 66 Military Characters approved in the system. Did you have something else Willem?"

Willem says, "Second, RE: Castor, I feel kind of the same way(I'm also a first-timer and I know there are others like us lurking around here ;) ). I'd love to see more engineers, medical, and say, CIC crew. Other than creating alts and possibly having to compromise my one military character, I don't know what *I* can do personally to help out with this other than go out of my way to interact with everyone I can."
Nine waves her hand in the air.

Ares says, "That's all we as Staff can ask. Do your best to interact with people, especially new people on the grid. See if you can find some hooks, or at least make an effort to pass them in the hall and help break those "new guy" jitters for new people on the grid. Willem, if that's everything Cygnus is up.""

Willem nods. "K. I need to go out of my way a little more. But I take that RP_OK flag seriously when I have it set. Thanks."

Eileithyia raises hand.

Ares nods to Willem.

Cygnus says, "I have two totally different things, but since we're on the military side of things, I'll stick to that and reraise for the Scorpia stuff later. I think one of the problems I'm finding is A) I still don't have a CO, who's supposed to be a NPC, but I'm finding ways to work around that. I do sometimes worry about just the nature of the theme lending itself to an 'us vs them' thing going on. That might just be the nature of the beast. "You're not X so you can't possibly understand what it's like." That seems to be being alieviated by folk like Willem and Castor. I just worry, because that's been expressed to me in pages by at least one other person who was toying with the idea of leaving. I LIKE it here, a lot, and I want to make sure we keep all our players. :)"

Ares nods, "It's hard to get active Department Heads as PCs. While staff can NPC them, we are still human. Our goal is to try and put PCs in a Department Head / CO spot. Hard part is finding the dedicated folks who can take on that responsibility.

Ares says, "Keep your Scorpia thing in mind and we will come back to it Cygnus — Kale, you are up."
Cygnus nods, "I can understand that one. It's weird to be not-a-priest, but then have to take up the slack for the NPC priest. I just worry about certain factions getting cliqueish. It's been noted by at least one of the newer players."

Roubani puts up hand.

Kale says, "I was wondering what the status was on Experience Points? RP incentive is always a good thing as well as character improvement. As far as I know, there is not real method in place yet for character stats improvement?"

Ares nods, "Well humans are pack animals by nature. They will create their own clique's regardless of what we implement to try and keep that from happening. But when we notice that happening we start looking to the groups getting neglected and see if we can identify plots / events focused on them to get their activity levels."

Ares nods to Kale, "Good question. XP is coming, but it will come when we implement our combat system which we still don't have a firm ETA on. Mainly because it's being built from scratch by our dedicate code-fu ninjas. With that being said we may work towards a more case by case XP system. I will bring that up in our Staff meeting."

Ares says, "Nine, you're up."

Nine says, "Ooh. As resident altwhore, I am contractually obliged to request MOAR ALTS. …. (please?)"

Ares chuckles, "Yes. You are quite proficient with your alt creations. At the moment we are leaving our alt limits in place, but we will take it under consideration."

Fenix laughs. How many are allowed right now? (Newbie here.)

Ares says, "Three"

Nine is traped in only three bodies :(

Cygnus thinks 3?

Nine trapped, even.

Ares says, "Eileithyia, your turn."

John considers that number three.

Castor raises a hand again.

Eileithyia says, "Ahh thanks. I was just wondering what's to be done about the level of imformation being passed around ICly-I know a lot of time, as player, I get 'lost' in a sense on what my character should know, should not know and what would be 'common' knowledge. Are staff doing anything to make this easier for people (who like me, don't really understand military stuffs)"

Legacy raises a hand, too.

Ares says, "We are going to work on getting better about summary posts after larger events. If there are items that we haven't addressed in +news or +help files, please let us know via +request and we will get something documented for reference. We want to make this a fun place to play and have information readily available, but even we miss some details."

Ares says, "Roubinator, your turn."

Castaine raises a hand.

Roubani says, "Yarr! I just had a comment on what Cygnus was getting at. This is my third BSG-themed mush but my first pilot character. Till now I was a pretty dedicated REMF player, and often was the only active person in my department. From experience, I've never noticed it being that difficult quite honestly. I might be missing it here due to having changed my character creation MO. I guess I'm curious as to what else we can do to facilitate RP, as I see lots of mixed groups on grid every time I look."

Ares says, "I think from a Staff perspective we can do more 'social' plots. Which will appeal to all the groups to inter-mingle with one another and cross that proverbial line to making contact with someone on in another department. But like in RL birds of a feather tend to flock together. It's a two way street for creating RP both parties have to be willing to take the necessary steps to overcome their obstacles. Staff does not want to get into hand holding and forcing people to go down certain paths for their characters IC lives. At the same time you all as players are welcome to make event suggestions or run stuff on your own to try and generate more RP with other groups. Such as Medical can run a "Learn how to put a band-aid on in Zero G" class, Marines "How to shoot the target and not your wingman" sessions, etc."

Ares says, "Castor, your turn."

Jason raises a hand.

Roubani says, "I understand, it just gets frustrating when you /are/ trying and yet it seems it's not enough."

Roubani hushes.

Cygnus wasn't trying to single anything out, "Honestly, I was just passing along things that have been noted to me in pages."

Ares nods to Roubani, "Keep trying where you can, the other parties have to be willing to accept the RP. You can open the door, but not everyone is going to come in. I usually find it interesting when people say their are cliques and I ask them what they did to try and get involved. Usually the response is nothing. Take a little effort. Page someone in the scene ask if you can join, etc."

Castor says, "Thanks, I have two questions, one for everyone, and two, semi personal. The first question is to the Resistance Folks - I've read the logs and it looks all scary and fun. While I would like to focus on one character (for my own sanity) rather than making many alts, should we make alt characters? The second question, as a military character who wants to gain XP and rank and who might not be able to make every event because of the time zone I live in is there anything I can do to make up for the difference so that I can have similar opportunities as other characters…I mean this for any wayward types in other timezones and I say this realizing I am the exception and not the rule."

Castor says, "P.S. I love the place. A LOT."

Cygnus feels obligated to pimp in response to the first part of Castor's question. "The resistance rocks! Great mix of folks. Come JOIN us! :P

Ares nods, "Resistance — It never hurts to have an Alt. Helps break up some of the monotony and let's you 'test drive' the different orgs without giving up your main character. Military — You can earn XP and recognition by participating in some of the post event tasks. Such as research or helping pick through flight tapes or training on weak spots in the mission. We don't award XP / promotions just off of Event participation. It's what you as a character does that gets you promotions, etc.

Ares says, "Also the timezone thing is difficult to work around, as we get more players on from the other side of the world more events will begin to surface to accommodate accordingly. When we do Staff run plots and events we try to find times that will provide maximum participation based on the activity levels we witness."

Ares says, "Legacy, you were next."

Legacy grins. "Danke. First of all, I'd like to say thank you to Ares, Hermes, Nike, Afro, Nem, Fara and Zeus for all the hard work they've put into the game. In just a few months, a ton of work has been poured into the game, and it shows - especially with a new and differentish (at least for me) concept that involves, at least at the the beginning, two separate grids. My concern has to do with something that's probably going to make me HIGHLY unpopular, but I'll take things thrown at my head. Any way we can, well, stop approving pilots for a little bit until the other departments fill out? For example, I'd love to RP with Marines, but my times don't match those of other great RPers I know - like Castaine. I've had very few scenes that -didn't- involve pilots, even though I've been trying to get out and meet more folks. They just…aren't really there, which starts a self-perpetuating cycle - others aren't about, so I RP with pilots, who become my preferred group to RP with since I RP with them more, then it gets hard to break out and RP with the new folks who get upset that it's 'pilots only' RP, so they stop making non-pilots and…yes. :) I know it's the responsibility of player to get out and meet others, but it's hard to do when they're not there. We pilots are kind of multiplying like rabbits, and I really, really don't want this to become a case where all anyone ever hears is "OMG it's so cliquey! If you're not a pilot, you can't play!"

Ares says, "Actually it was mentioned earlier just in a different context. I will bring up closing Pilot Applications in our Staff Meeting. As I mentioned earlier (don't think you were here yet) we try to watch activity levels as closely as we can. But this is also why we have Player Meetings like this. You all are literally in the thick of it every day and have a different perspective on things than we do. I am not going to make a rulig on it now, but it's noted and will be discussed by Staff for a final ruling."

Ares says, "Castaine, you're up."

Castaine smiles, "Thanks. I agree with Legacy - props to all the staff! So my other question was this. Had staff talked about installing a reports system to the game? Granted, I know it can be a tricky tight line to walk when reports sometimes take the place of RP but they also help in getting RP rolling in a way that the boards and +mail sometimes miss. Over all, I think they are more a positive then a negative and I'm curious as to staffs view on the system and if we might see it." :0

Ares says, "A report system? In what regards?"

Legacy says, "Oh GOD. I LOVE the +report system. Makes life so much easier."

Hermes says, "C, are you talking about the kind of system like is used on Star Trek Gamma One?"

Castaine says, "You guys using the +jobs sustem right now?"

Ares says, "Yea, we use that for Staff."

Cygnus is clueless as to what +reports is at all?

Castaine says, "Yes, Hermes. Not just one GO but on a lot of military based games."

Ares has never seen it either.

Jason +jobs is similar to +request, that I've seen at least

Nine says, "+reports make me die of ERG."

Castaine says, "It works just like +jobs only it's IC for players/departments."

Eileithyia nods. "I second a that report system.

Cygnus says, "I haven't Mu*ed in 7 years so I don't even know what +jobs is."

Roubani says, "What's the difference between that and +mails? (not sarcasm, I'm curious)"

Jason says, "My experience with it on Gamma One wasn't entirely positive, but it did make it very easy to keep a pulse on what was going on in departments, and what I should know about ICly"

Hermes says, "Its a central repository system where logs are kept for comments and information shared evenly that way everyone is kept on the same page. Its paperwork heavy.. true.. but its damned useful."

Ares says, "Yea, I will need to see it and let Staff look at it. Send me some info in a +mail on it. Jason, you're next."

Kale says, "I agree as well. A report system would make this a loty easier to play on."

Ares nods, "We will definitely look at it."

Cygnus raises a hand

Mina thought Faraday's system came with a +jobs. It's really good.

Ares nods to Mina, "We have +jobs that we use in Staffy land."

Aphrodite says, "That's how we process +requests, too."

Nine hands!

Jason says, "I actually think there's quite a bit you can do for 'REMF' players if the effort is there. (Like Roubani, this is my first Air Wing PC on a BSG MUSH. I'm going off a fairly active Engineering line). I haven't been uber-active here, so I can't really comment on this place in particular. Mainly speaking from past experience. There are plenty of damage control-ish or fuel/supply related stuff you can get into in this setting. It does take some up-top support to facilitate that RP, and creativity on players' parts to seek out ways to get involved (and get others involved - plenty of stuff pilots can rope 'Other' PCs into). There's a ton of RP engineers/deckies and medicals should be heavily involved in on the back-end of combat (treatment, materials salvage and study or Cylon bits and tech, etc.). The post-event stuff Ares was getting at, I think. A well-played Logistics PC would actually have a TON to do if they put their mind to it, for example, with all the supply fretting that should be going on. But there does have to be IC/OOC support for that sort of thing to work and be fun for people. (I don't think stopping approval of pilots is a good solution, iirc, as people want to play what they want to play and that just closes off the 'fun' area to newbs, but there are plenty of ways to show people other roles are desired if you do want to push them.)"

Nine says, "(((engineeringisawesome)))"

Cygnus pardons, "What is REMF please?"

Roubani says, "Rear Eschelon Motherf*ckers. Non-coms."

Nine thinks it means 'Not a fighty type.'

Hermes says, "REMF is short for a Rear-Echelon Motherfrakker. What Nine said, too."

Jason sagenods to Nine. I <3 your enginesnipe

Eileithyia hands again.

Ares nods to Jason, "Very good points. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have ideas (even for other departments) for TPs or quick hit scenes. Put them in a +request and we can work with you to develop it into a larger plot or incorporate it into ongoing plots / events."

Ares says, "Cygnus, you're up and I think you still have a question about Scorpia as well"

Hermes says, "In regards to Jason, there is a TON to do if you really want to get involved. I can personally provide some RP ideas for any number of idea.s I've played a Deck Chief before and had a backlog of RP set-up a few times."

Cygnus says, "Seems we're still on the military, so I can move to the back of queue, since my questions now are all Scorp related. :)"

Hermes says, "err For any number of departments/positions."

Nine says, "Even my pilot's not a fighty type. He got through CG before those pesky military stat requirements went up ;)"

Ares chuckles to Cygnus and nods, "Alright. I will put you on the bottom of the list then. Nine, your turn."

Nine says, "You know, I completely forgot what I was going to say. Sorry :)"

Ares chuckles, "No problem. It will come back to you. Eileithyia, you're up."

Nine says, "Oh!"

Nine says, "I remember!"

Eileithyia says, "I was wondering what's a good way to get someone-like me (a newbie, whos also a combat medic) involved. Cause so far I've had a few simple scenes ect, good ones mind, but I am starting tot hink there should be something like a 101 class+ for those of us unfamilar with this sort of a game. As a new player, ect, I think there is a need for us new people to develop ways for new people to get into the game without feeling awkward."

Ares says, "Combat Medics can do rotations in the Sickbay, they can also track down other Marines and spend time with them in varied capacities since you are also a Marine. Right now I would recommend touching base with Castaine for some RP opportunities since Castaine is also a Combat Medic."

Ares says, "The 101 class is a good idea and I will talk with you more about that when we get done to get some ideas."

Ares says, "Nine, back to you."

Hermes says, "One thing to comment on Eileithyia.. I think that is a responsiblity we all share. Players should check ICly if a player is new before their LT/JG/CAPt/MAJ yells at an enlisted for not saluting them or calling them sir at the proper times. Its a commitment to good RP that we all share and the communication is appreciated."

Nine says, "A particular instance of a problem with having an NPC boss: did anything ever come of the sabotage in the engines? I mean, all I could really do about it is send in a +request saying I told my boss about it. I suppose it's really none of Nine's business what happened to the news after that, but OOC-wise I never heard anything about it again, and IC-wise I'd have thought an MP or something would come ask for details or whatnot. But we don't have any MPs, either, do we?"

Ares says, "I thought we had some MPs but looks like they got distracted. I think it fell between the cracks and I will try to get it resurfaced for you."

Fenix raises a hand.

Ares says, "Fenix, your turn."

Nine amens to Hermes, too.

Fenix says, "Oh. XD Okay, my question kinda goes along with Eileithyia's. I'm new (sort of, RL stole me for a while), and I honestly have no idea how to get my feet wet. It's one thing to wander into a mess hall and play around non-rank, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be doing something rank-y or military-esque, and I don't know who anyone is in relation to me. o.O So I've been hiding."

Castor wonders if he may comment on this?

Ares says, "Go for it Castor"

Fenix says, "Fine by me."

Eileithyia nods. "I'll second Fenix, this is my problem too.

Willem raises his hand.

Castor says, "I think for those of us military folk, it is best to meet players we don't now in non-military settings. The Crew Lounge, the Gym, and so on. These are locations where rank isn't as important. Especially since a lot of the crew has been recently transfered. It gives us all a chance to rp and find out, "Oh you are my Captain, oh, you are my ensign, and so on. I can't recomend enough taking the time right now for social rp in such situations before bigger plots start moving and we don't have these chances."

Cygnus thinks that's likely part of the problem the newbie who talked to him in pages was experiencing as well

Fenix nods. I'm standing in as Deck Chief ICly, but I don't know where that puts me in the hierarchy of… everything. And I'm loathe to step on toes, particularly as a newbie.

Roubani says, "Heh. I didn't even know Fenix was a stand in deck chief."

Fenix says, "That's because I've been in a hole in the OOC room. ;) Cowering."

Roubani says, "Well dangit, I have RP for you ;)"

Roubani shushes now.

Fenix says, "And I don't think it's written anywhere, just discussed it with Ares when I apped. :)"
Eileithyia says, "True, but I hate to say it that sometimes those 'social' scenes can get a smidge a boring… and are abit jarring because OOCly you know this is military type setting.. As a combat medic (and an Private) Thyia's in the same spot, ICly she really doesn't want to step on toes, and OOCly neither do I, but its like 'uh' what do I do… since most people arn't you know clearly 'ranked' sometimes. At least not to my eyes.""
Castor has a suggestion

Ares says, "Well there are a few approaches to this. The social settings are best, but it's also good for more senior ranking PCs in a department to take the initiative if they see someone joining the grid and immediately try to cross paths with them. In the military when you arrive on base you are typically greeting by your CO or one of their annointed ones to take you under their wing. The other part is on our side as Staff to keep players informed of command changes, etc. Keep in mind you have such items as +list, etc. to help locate other members. Also a good rule of thumb is find others in your department of similiar rank and page them for possible RP."

Cygnus says, "Just my opinion but I think Castor brought up a HUGE point. There's been times, when no offence, jocks, I've done a +where and everyone is either in the sims or red squad berthings. That leaves non jocks going O.o Nothing I can get involved in. Where you set up for RP is /really/ important in defining who can join."

Eileithyia nods.

Castor says, "Would it be possible to add a dogtag code, so that even in the offduty desc the dogtag could identify name and rank?"

Fenix says, "Which +list should I look at? Deck crew? I got confused the first day here between deck crew vs. engineering. :P"

Eileithyia says, "I like that idea!"

Eileithyia says, "I didn't even know there was a +list."

Aphrodite says, "YOu have +glance at your disposal. Gives rank."

Kale says, "it should sort by rank, tho, Afro"

Roubani raises hand

Kale says, "Was just thinking that..sorry"

Ares says, "You also haev +glance to get ranks. Which if you get close enough to someone you would be able to read their dogtags."

Fenix says, "Oh, I'm on the deck-crew list. Answers that. XD"

Ares scribbles notes, "We will work on a 'How to get started' guide. Fenix and Eil, we can talk after the meeting to see what we can do to help you guys out."

Ares says, "Ok. Willem, you were next on my list."

Fenix says, "Gracias."

Castor thanks Aphrodite and did not know that =)

Eileithyia says, "Thank you!"

Castaine returns, reads back scroll.

Willem says, "Ok..First of all, a couple things I've discussed with people in pages in the past. To address Fenix' situation, if you're unsure how deck things are working around here but just want RP our departments were pretty much made to interact. I've had a deck PC before and if you want a scene, give some pilots a shout. It'd only be reasonable if any of us indulged you."
Fenris has disconnected.

Hermes nods. Pilots are always fair game for a deck chief.

Willem says, "In more general terms, anyone who's in that kind of situation, new people need to remember it's ok to ask who have been here and active a little longer for a hand or "what's what" when rp'ing out a scene. Anyone who doesn't OOC'ly help out a newbie who's trying isn't being reasonable."

Ares says, "Fenix got stuck in a weird hiatus / OOC attack situation. We will get it resolved ;)"

Castor adds, "And we want too =)

Fenix laughs. Marriage = ooc attack. XD True.

Willem says, "And honestly, I'm not saying anyone -is- being unreasonable. I haven't seen anyone really leaving new folks out in the cold. But it -is- hard to break the ice."

Cygnus laughs!

Cygnus says, "Congrats, Fenix."

Ares nods to Willem, "On top of that Staff is always accessible to help out and help point you in the right direction. Also don't be afraid to pip up on Public and ask for some help. We are here to help each other out and get everyone active on the grid as much as possible. Anything else, Willem?"

Eileithyia says, "I'd also like to know, what is 'reasonable' to RP… I know that sounds crazy, but there are times when I am just lost as to what I could rp… Congradulations Fenix.""

Fenix grins. Thanks. For the record, I haven't felt left out at all. I was just scared to do things wrong, so I hid. I'm excited to meet everyone.

Willem says, "Well, to answer Eileithyia's question and bring up another point I wanted to make…"

Jason thinks people get a bit freaked out by the whole 'military' thing sometimes. (and, iirc, the show is hardly Hardcore Military. Certainly more than
other sci-fi settings, but plenty is bent for drama)

Willem says, "Like, yesterday I hung out at the firing range with a Marine for a while. It was "professional" RP that turned out to be sort of social. Maybe some non-medical staff could have some kind of illness or injury they want checked out and wander into sickbay, etc, etc. I'm guilty of having spent a lot of time with my department but I want to branch out a little more too, when possible. :)"

Nine nods. I'm a big fan of Plot trumping Procedure, myself. :)

Castor agrees. "Castor can get hurt to drum up some rp for medical staff."

Ares nods, "We always try to run the fine balance in the interest of good storytelling. Appreciate the comments Willem. Roubani, your turn."

Hermes says, "Don't forget that you can go to medical with minor problems. Like a papercut that won't stop bleeding. Or a hangover. Small stuff."

Roubani says, "To address the complaints of scening in berthings. Certainly, pilots do RP in berthings…because it's there to RP in. I don't quite see it as fair to be upset over people scening in rooms that are there for RP. It's the same as a non-religious character upset that some people are scening in the chapel, or a non-tech character upset that people are scening in the engine room. I recall one night we were in berthings and Levesque (not a pilot, mind you) strolled right in and made up a great reason to be there. It was a good scene. People can walk in to bum cigarettes, visit people they know…it's not a big deal. But if people are feeling intimidated by just walking in, perhaps we might consider consolidating officer berthings into one unit, and likewise with enlisted. That might make it less difficult."

Ares says, "And less likely to get lost ;)"

Nine hands.

Jason admits I was sort of confused when I saw the 'Jr. Officer' and 'Sr. Officer' berthings separated. Especially on a ship that's supposed to be sort of small.

Ares nods to Roubani, "We will keep an eye on things and will discuss the room consolidations in our Staff Meeting."

Ares says, "Nine, your turn."

Cygnus says, "Last I checked I think Cyg was the only one who claimed a berth in the JO, so I stopped going in there at all"

Nine says, "Map, please?"

Ares says, "We have a map posted on the Wiki and we are working on implementing a Map code."

Nine says, "Danke."

Kale says, "thank you gods"

Ares says, "Cygnus, you had questions about Scorpia."

Eileithyia says, "We should actually do more Religiously inclined Rpm I think *puts that down as a potential plot*"

Jason says, "Here here. Though I'd settle for all parts of the decks connecting to the other parts of the decks. :P"

Cygnus says, "Yes, I do, and they are plentiful so I'll split them up. I think a lot of hinges on the need for some clarifications :)"

Ares snickers and nods, "Noted."

Mina chuckles.

Castor says, "Jason, my understanding is if you are Air-Wing regardless of rank you are in the pilots quarters?"

Cygnus says, "First, are we occupied? Like we know that Caprica is, but the gyst I've been picking up is that Scorpia is kind of an outlying colony from the others, so are the occupations in the core of the colonies, or do we have toasters with us?"

Jason says, "Yeah."

Jason says, "To Castor, that is."

Castor nods to Jason and then shuts his mouth.

Ares says, "The particular area you are in, is way off the beaten path. So it's likely that the toasters are on the surface somewhere. But Scorpia is not a small planet, so they may not have gotten to you yet. So yes, there is potential to get stepped on by toasters for the Resistance ;)"

Nine idles for showertimes.

Castor raises his hand

Cygnus says, "Okay. Second, radiation. Cause Phai and Passy are tracking a bee colony. At what level of altitude is the radation a concern? Are the high altitude areas more safe from contamination? It's like, we're trying to figure out things to scout in the wilderness, with Phai being chefly minded he's hunting down food sources and stuff cause they have to eat, but I feel at a loss when it comes to how contaminated the food chain is/will become and on what parts of the planet that will be occuring."

Cygnus says, "And I don't want to be pulling stuff out of my asterisk that's going to run all over what staff has in mind for rad poisoning :)"

Hermes says, "I'll take this one."

Nine will just note before shower happens that habitable play area is key :)

Hermes says, "Radiation saturation is far heavier the closer you get to sea level. A lot of the exposure that chars get depend on where they go, how long they stay there, and all that goodness. The same goes for wildlife. Harkins is at over six thousand feet and should be good for a little while. Eventualyl radiation wll work its way up but for now everyone is fine for the most part. Wildlife /will/ be effected, but that will be shown through RP."

Ares nods to Hermes, "So if you are working on something in particular, submit a +request and we will give you some details in actual relation to your focus. Anything else?"

Fenix says, "Are there anti-radiation meds down there? Or are resistance types just biding their time?"
Hermes says, "How its handled will be played out through plots and RP. But we won't be killing off chars for it unless something pretty 'duhhh' happens. Like trying to explore Ambrose AB."

Cygnus says, "Okay. My concern is just what Nine said, habitable play area. Because unless the plan is that we're all gonna end up trapped on the Kharon (please, god no) We need to have a 'safe' area to inhabit in the long term. Especially since as we know in canon the Cylons /do/ leave the colony. There's the potential for rebuilding down the road if only they can find a radiation 'safe' zone."

Hermes says, "Harkins has anti-rad meds. It will come out through RP. Harkins has a reason to exist but he is -not- a permanent char. Just want to make that clear. ;)"

Hermes says, "The Scorpia grid will, once fully opened, but approximately four times the size of what can be seen on the wiki. Habitable play area won't be a problem."

Ares nods to Cygnus, "We have schemes in mind. Hath no fear :) Anything else?"

Castaine raises a hand.

Cygnus nodnods, "Cool, I just wanted to be clear on all of that, cause Phai's very furture oriented with his thinking." :)

Ares nods, "Castor, your turn."

Cygnus says, "Uhm only one last thing to add. I must PIMP. Come join us. Especially those folks who are worried about fitting into the military structure RPwise. There's no real hierarchy down there. :)"

Roubani is admittedly intimidated by constant huge group scenes.

Legacy adds, under her breath, "As I described it to someone, it's like throwing a dozen cats in a box and telling them to organize themselves." ;)

Castor says, "Thanks, it is 6am here and I need to get in two hours of sleep before work. My question is this, will we explore other colonies at all? I hope we get to Scorpia but also, I was wondering if we get to see some of the other Colonies?"

Ares says, "It's possible. But right now we are focused on Scorpia."

Castor says, "Thanks ^_^"

Castor waves and goes to get some rack time.

Fenix says, "Night Castor. :)"

Ares says, "Thanks for sacrificing the sleep for us. Night."

Cygnus says, "night Castor."

Castor has disconnected.

Aphrodite says, "G'night!"

Ares says, "Castaine, we will wrap this meeting up with your question."

Castaine would, really, just like to make a statement. "Keep in mind this is only my opinion but.. I think that perception can be a killer - especially if it's the wrong one. That said - the only way to fix it is for there to be communication. I encourage people to speak to staff either through +request/+mail/ or directly if something comes up.. or to speak to other players directly - a lot can be ironed out through these means. Thanks all." :)
Cygnus loves the staff here. That is all.
Fenix dittos.

Hermes says, "This place is only as good as the players, guys. ;)"

Aphrodite aw schucks and pinches cheeks.

Castaine nods!

Roubani says, "I like em all. Except that Afro chick, GOSH."

Eileithyia says, "I am glad this dialogue is open to everyone"

Aphrodite says, "That's right. The Afro chick you loooooooooooooove."

Cygnus agrees, "Thank you for doing this for us." :)

Ares nods to Castaine, "I know we have dropped the ball a little on communication from the top down and we are going to work on getting better at that. With that being said, please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you see us on. +request is best to get stuff taken care of and get things clarified. On a side note I want to take a chance to thank all of you for taking the time for the meeting and most importantly playing here! We literally would not be here without you. So with that being said, get out there and RP!"

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