Kai VS Yuuri
Kai VS Yuuri
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Date: Tues Apr 28
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Well what's new, even the Ensigns are ignoring him. The arrival of the Captain isn't new, but the way he actually addressed him by callsign isntead of rank did. "Afternoon Spider. Sir" He replies taking another drag from the cigarette and settling down on the ledge of his bunk, "Got a moment to talk?" The inquiry is more casual than questioning or pushing.

Kai starts unbuttoning his duty jacket, blue eyes raising a fraction to meet Yuuri's while his fingers work. "Yep," is his characteristically curt reply. The jacket is shrugged out of and draped across the back of a chair, leaving him in his tank tops. Settling down in said chair, he bends to start unlacing his boots.

"I'd like to propose a change in Sects. I appreciate your trust in me as Sect Lead, but Morales and I don't get along. There is no way we would be an effective Sect in combat." Inhaling another chest full of smoke and exhaling as he speaks, "I'm not some brain child, but I am not dumb. I graduated very well from the Academy and know my stuff in the cockpit, you said you didn't know I was an 'expert' on Cylons." He pauses briefly to sink his teeth into the apple, talking as he chews, "I just remember and wrote down nearly everything said in lectures."

"Find a way, Lieutenant." It's murmured as Kai works to unlace one boot, then the other. They aren't tugged off, but at least they seem more comfortable this way. "Consider it an exercise. I'm going to be frank with you." He pushes to his feet and ambles over to his locker, eyes alighting on the junior pilot for a few moments. "I don't have a good sense of who you are, or what you can actually do, because you spend so much time puffing up your chest and strutting your ass around everyone like you're the hottest thing to come out of fleet in twenty-six years. And the more you push me, Yuuri, the less I want to give you an inch of slack." He opens his locker, and rifles around until he finds a pack of cigarettes. Looks like old habits die hard. "If you could behave like an officer with a shred of training, for five minutes, I might be willing to listen to what you've got to say. Until that time, no, I'm not giving you the benefit of the doubt. Understood?"

Yuuri bites back his anger with a drag from his cigarette. "I didn't ask for slack. I'm not asking for friends." He exhales slowly, ashing into the steel cylinder, "Why did you stick me with someone actually more mouthy than I am?"

"And I'm not telling you to make friends. I'm telling you to follow your orders and do your job, Lieutenant." A cigarette is slid out, along with a lighter, both brought back to the table where he resettles. "Perhaps you'd like to tell me why you seem to have a problem doing that?"

"When have I disobeyed an order?" Yuuri starts, rising to his feet after butting the cigarette out. "This isn't disobeying an order, I just proposed an idea."

"Waltzing into the head, when I told you to sit your ass down," the Captain points out blithely. Then, "What happened last night in the games room?" He takes a drag of his own cigarette, exhales the smoke through his nose.

Yuuri quirks a brow and smirks, "That was an order?" He sits back down figuring this is gunna be another order to stay and chat. "Crewman didn't appreciate losing in a game of pool, just caught an extension of the pool table. Nothing big."

"No, I just threw that out there because I like listening to the sound of my own voice, Lieutenant," Marek answers blandly, ashing his cigarette. His expression doesn't change when Yuuri gives his account of events. "Try again. Three strikes and you're out."

"Don't know what you are talking about Captain." Yuuri simply states at the 'try again'. He won't rat out Jupiter just to please the captain.

Kai stares right back. "Strike two, Lieutenant. If the next words coming out of your mouth aren't the gods-given truth, then I hope you've got some lube stowed away in your locker there. Because I will shove my boot so far up your ass, you'll be able to lick it." Whatever might have existed of Kai's lackadaisical manner, it's completely. Gone. His eyes are fixed steadily on the younger pilot, the blue of them vivid in contrast to his sharp-angled features.

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