Summary: Castor catches Samantha and Ajax making out.
Date: PH 044 (01 July 2009)
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The general lounge is actually mostly empty for the moment. One or two people dozing in a corner, reading a magazine, but it's the graveyard shift and most of the ship is on sleep or on patrol. There is also, however, some rustling coming from the couch in the far corner — the one that is turned towards the wall for couples to have just a wee bit of privacy on. Of course, shoulders, elbows and legs can often still be seen, but at least it's not open to the room. Tonight, it's Sam and Ajax on the couch, wrapped in the most unlikely embrace of the season. Sam returns his most recent kiss, her shirt now pulled up half way, baring her back and toned belly as she also has a hand under his shirt. She laughs at something, loud enough that it echoes across the room…"You've driven me crazy from day one, handsome…but not quite like this."

There's nothing more than another deep, and well frakkin warmed laugh as the padre seems to be seeking the fairer things in life. Necking with a beautiful woman in the lounge? Always a top on Ajax's list. "I'll try an keep my track record in the positive." said, as fingers flirt to find smoother, and fuller flesh. or so that seems to be the angle. Strong hands, atrong grasb, as the free hand that has been lightly toying with hair, moves down to grab a handful of ass, and squeeze. His beard skimming along her cheek, before teeth seek to find her neck. Lords help who stumbles upon this -tonight. Chief though to be fair, got more of an eye full than whomever is the lucky one tonight. "Gotta tell ya." breathed out. "Like it when you call me Jack.."

Castor steps into the lounge, he is always up late at night and most nights he just watches the pilots sleep playing puppy dog gaurd, tonight though is different because Leda is restless and he feels the need to wander. His feet have brought him to the lounge there is a flask in his hand and a cigar in his mouth. He begins tipping back the flask as he enters the room. However, this is a sight and for him it might be a nightmare. He takes his cigar out of his mouth and he just stands there with a, 'the frak?' expression on his face, after all one does not normally see lions and lambs together. After a long time moment of silence Castor speaks and says in cool, Tinman tones, "Does Marty know about this?"

Samantha is just leaning up for another slow, long kiss, apparently quite content to be with the lion whom she cursed horribly but a week ago. Even water and oil can mix in the right conditions. She's about two seconds into the kiss when she hears the voice of Castor above her and her eyes go a bit wide. Her colleague in hatred of the gods, support in cursing out the man with whom she's now entwined…Well, she didn't expect to have to explain things like this. She mentally curses, pulling her hand out from under Ajax's shirt and trying to pull down her own shirt as she looks up from her little nest with the Chaplain. "…Martin and I broke it off… about for days ago, Tinman… I suspect he doesn't care."

Ajax is at least helping. The look given to Samantha is one of amusement in that whole oh we got frakkin caught moment, but then his hand is coming out from under her shirt, and smoothing down tanks pretty easily. A cough, and he is looking up to Castor. Hand on Sam's ass, moving up to her hip. What does one say in a time like this? Simple Ajax just offers a grin and nods to Castor. "Evening, Lieutenant." That is what you say, like when you're caught nude and comment on the Deck Chief's piercings.

If the man was feeling something it would be hard to tell as his face has gone expressionless, his movements while fluid have a bit of a nuteral feel to them, he places his flask away as he says, "Well then, I wish you two the best of times. It is nice to see you're handling the break up well, eltee." His tone is calm and cold. There is no puppy dog here there is only the Tinman and the Tinman doesn't feel.

Samantha sighs slightly, hearing the emotion drained from Castor's voice… and she didn't want that. She gives Ajax's waist a bit of a squeeze, almost a motion of apology that she's going to pull away from their enjoyable little session on the couch. "…Castor…hey, don't take it like that. Martin and I were practically against regs anyway, you know? It just wasn't wise. This… well, frak… things happen. Don't go all cold…" She remains close to Ajax, though, almost protective with the man and yet torn between the two. This is definitely a different reaction out of her than she showed with the deck chief though.

Ajax is not saying much as he is watching Castor, completely shut down? And there is a slight rise from himself as well, even as she is slipping away the Padre is sitting up and looking over to the Lieutenant start to just turn off. And so he is tilting his head for a moment. Albeit he doesn't know what all went down between Martin and Sam, and won't press there till the right time, but this..this is different "Are you alright, son?"

Interestingly, Tinman isn't directing anything toward the Padre. He made a promise to Cygnus to be polite to Ajax and it would seem that Tinman keeps his promises. He says to the priest in the same calm, collected, and cool tones, "I'm fine, sir." He looks over at Samantha and continues to speak without any emotion, "I'm not here to judge you and this is given the exchange the three of us had in the shower I would never in a million years expect to see you two together and the exchange we had in the hallway where you found me praying to whatever was listening." He pauses for a beat before he says, "They say the heart wants what it wants so I wish you both well."

Samantha looks towards Ajax for a moment, then back to Castor. "Trust me, a good frak in no way changes my opinions on the gods or any other divine being which people foolishly think looks down upon our lives. But… Jack and I have agreed to put that aside and as long as we're not screaming about religion… well, it seems we get along in… All -other- areas of existance." She turns a look back to Ajax, giving him a smile which is rather… seditious, to say the least. Definitely impure thoughts behind that kind of look. She squeezes Ajax's waist again, but allows her gaze to return to the other pilot. "It's not as if you were lining up behind Martin for a chance anyway. Why should you worry?"

Ajax is remaining quiet, even as his hand is slipping down to simply rest on Sam's ass again, being caught up in someone else, is a feeling he's not had in some time, and in truth? He likes it. Likes it enough that he will put aside things for the other, or that much should be apparent given what Samantha has said tonight. Still he's looking towards Tinman, and back to the woman in his arms, smile given and his own comes in the dark look of his eye to prove what the padre has said all along from the beginning. That he is just a man like any other, his calling is just different. But he is not speaking. Not right now, this is something between the two pilots. But his support is there, obvious for the one in his arms.

Castor lets his eyes fall upon Samantha, "Well, it is good to know you two get along so well and that you aren't talking about the lords. It is also nice to know you are both on a first name basis." Right about now, the only person who could know how Tinman really feels is Tinman, and he is showing a poker face that wouldn't break in the presence of divine beauty right about now. The funny thing is stressful situations do this to Leda. He finally says, "A word of advice though, making out in public is going to bring attention to you and that is attention you don't want."

Samantha furrows her brow slightly tighter, staring at Castor in growing confusion now. "Damn, Leda…what is your issue with this? Seriously? And everyone makes out in public on this ship, if you ain't noticed. There really ISN'T a private, so to speak. Frak them who'd damn us for it." And she flops back down, settling into Ajax's arms instead of sitting up straight again, but her eyes don't leave the other pilot, definitely a deeper concern cutting across her pale face now.

Ajax keeps his tongue, for a good part, but when Sam comes down he's looking back over to her. A bit of concern there, and finally he adds. "Folks already know Lieutenant." and silence there for a bit longer "And if we have something we're allowed to pursue as such.." but then he can't see what would have Castor acting this way save his profession a look to Sam, that clearly conveys to see if everything is alright.

Castor lets his eyes fall on Ajax for a moment and then back to Samantha, "No issue, sir. I trust the decisions of the eltee in all fields of life." He says in the same cool tones, and that is the frustraiting thing of it all, it is impossible to tell what he is thinking based on his physicality and tonality. In a speculative sense he might be jealous because the pair are allowed to pursue a relationship, he might be upset because one of his friends who is an athiest is suddenly dating a priest which might be a bit like a slap in the face to Castor, or he might be upset because someone is getting nookie and it isn't him. There are any number of reasons that he might be upset but when stress hits Castor the Tinman comes out.

Samantha is worried, that much is clear. So much for keeping the mood. Her brows furrow as she looks between Ajax and Castor, shaking her head slowly. "this isn't over, Castor. You're either gonna spill now or I'm gonna hunt you down later. I'll dog you until yer the same Castor I've always known… but I ain't gonna sit here an argue all night." Not when she has better things to do, like kissing the handsome, burly man at her side who also happens to be a priest, but she is doing her best to keep forgetting that little thing. She keeps her hand against Ajax's waist, slowly stroking up and down, as if to remind him the affection isn't gone despite this odd intrusion.

Ajax keeps his cool, as well as Castor can. and his hold only tightens slightly in a reassuring squeeze back towards Sam, but he can tell something is off. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know. And if faith there is the strong issue, even Ajax might pull the jig aside and offer him a drink to sort shit out. but right now he knows where to push and even if he doesn't buy the words from Castor he simply nods. No-this is not over. Not by a longshot.

The Tinman finally looks at Samantha and says, "The truth, sir?" He looks at Ajax and then back to Samantha as he watches the two of them, "I have a hard time understanding why you would date the man who had you breaking things in the bathroom the other day. I have a hard time understanding why you would spend time with someone who prays to the Lords." He looks at Ajax, "And Sir, in my opinion if you go into this relationship than you can't mess up because if the eltee gets broken hearted and can't fly then you have hurt the defensive and offensive capability of the Kharon because the eltee is an excellent pilot, sir."

Samantha just -stares- at Castor as he finally does break through with some sort of explanation, but apparently it's not one she cares to swallow, especially as he warns off Ajax from 'messing up'. She rolls her eyes somewhat dramatically and sits up again, apparently something having sparked off Sam's temper about that all. "For one, Castor, he sure as hell doesn't pray while we're frakking and he's agreed to leave the gods out of it, so we've come to terms about that, and they are mine, and that is perfectly fine. And for TWO…if you think I wouldn't be able to fly just because some frakking boy broke my heart then I'm sure as hell wondering how the frak I pulled off CAP this morning considering Martin and I weren't exactly happy to end things. So do -NOT- get on the man's case here because I'm a grown woman who can frakking WELL take care of herself." She is woman, hear her roar.

"If you don't think I don't know any costs when it comes to something like this, you're wrong Lieutenant.." And the Sam goes off, before he can say anything else. Silence as he's looking back to her. That squeeze is given there in silent support of what comes from her. Ajax looks quietly back to Castor. "There's risk with any relationship. But I trust in her ability to be a great pilot, Lieutenant, no matter what happens with us. As for our beliefs…Allow us to figure out how that works, and trust that we can before you judge on that-is all I ask.."

Dammit, they're supposed to yell back. It rather makes things worse that Castor is simply so… Calm. Sam sighs, watching him go, a deep frown crossing her lips as she actually manages not to say anything in return. Her temper has no where to go when people don't properly fight back! She sighs, sinking her head to rest against Ajax's chest, silent for a long few heartbeats before she finally just shakes her head. "…I have no frakking clue, Jack…"

Ajax brings his hands back in order to pull her in close for that hold. He's seen that look, that calm from marine vets who had th' stare as it was. However beyond that he cannot explain why Castor would turn so cold, unless he was thinking it was some form a betrayal. Silence and lips move to press softly against her hair, and he forehead. Hands moving to cup cheeks. "I don't either Sam..I don't.." quiet. "I don't wish you to lose friends.."

"Ain't much of a friend if he'd rather me be punchin' shower stalls than relaxing with you. He ain't an athiest either… I caught him prayin', so he got no ground to stand on there." Sam states flatly, true confusion in her voice, which is a weird thing for the experienced, thirty something pilot. She takes a quiet comfort in his kisses, though, her eyes half shutting and head nestling just a bit closer on his chest. "It's fine. I'll deal with it, Jack…forget it happened." She offers flatly, just a little bit later, her mind made up. She's not going anywhere.

Castor stops at the door and after he opens it he leaves his hand on the door and with his back turned to the pair he says, "I'll see you when you get back to your rack, eltee." His voice still calm, however he does say one odd thing the tones are still calm and emotionless but it is the hand something in the hand on the door and the pause that rings with a slight bit of reflective truth, "I really do hope you are happy together."

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