Juliette "Sunshine" Ozymandias
Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell as Juliette Ozymandias
Name: Juliette Ozymandias
Alias: Sunshine
Age: 18
Hair & Eyes: Blonde and blue eyed
Faction: CMC
Position: Machine Gunner/PFC
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Evenings or by Request
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



Juliette's mother and father are office workers in Laconia City on Leonis. She's an only child, but has a cousin who made Viper pilot not too long back, goes by the callsign of 'Sparrow' off of Battlestar Pacifica. Needless to say, that side of the family is a bit more upper crust. Leonisian, through and through, her family is pragmatic, spartan in lifestyle and desirous of freedom (especially personal freedom and the right to bear arms).


Standard Leonisian education aka High School. She lived in Laconia City on the Southern Continent and attended Major Leonidas Central High School there. While she was an A student, she didn't take hard classes… just the ones that were required. Where she excelled was in her extracurriculars, namely choir, the Pyramid and Swim teams, and cooking. Her specialty is in vegetarian meals.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

For someone who arrived on Kharon fresh out of boot camp five months ago, Jules has established something of a reputation for being both annoyingly cheerful and quietly capable. She does what she's told to do when she's told to do it. Think Forrest Gump, only female, intelligent, blonde and holding a Machine Gun.

Distinguishing Features

Blonde. Perky. Machine gun. Her Marine-issue helmet has bunny ears done in black utility tape on the top.


  • She lost two bunnies onboard CEC Kharon the day she came aboard, a male and female. Months later, their descendants were discovered still alive (and eating the ship) in the walls near the Marine Berthings. As to where they've been put, mum is the word.
  • She rescued a cat off of the remains of space station Charybdis and is currently hiding it in her bunk. It is a white and orange tabby.
  • She got shot four times on Scorpia. Her left hand, her right arm, her stomach and her left leg are all scarred, but well healed.
  • She is tangentially related to the Rue family, also of Leonis.


  • Big Gun
  • Fisticuffs
  • The Sneaky Sneaky
  • Big Badda Booms (demo)
  • Baking Cakes (Carrot, Chocolate, et al)
  • Wannabe Veterinarian

On the Grid

Known Associates

Fox Platoon, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 37th Marine Infantry Division


Sergeant John "Dutch" Elder. Dutch is pretty much the Marines' Marine. It's like everything you see in the recruitment videos and on the war vids, squeezed for it's purest juice and then baked by the fires of Hades. That's Dutch. He puts on a tough front and he's real humble about his skills, at least to me, but I think underneath it all he's a great guy, waiting for an awesome lady to give him love and smoochies. Station: Kharon
Corporal Benjamin Jacobs: The sweetest guy. He helped me keep my insides on the inside when I got shot up on Scorpia. Haven't bumped into him much since, but I'd like to get to know him better'n the Marine rumormill has to offer.
Corporal Epiphany "Shortstack" Jarot. I never thought I'd meet someone who made me feel like I had no energy at all. Then I met Epi. She just keeps going and going and going. I don't know exactly how she does it, but I have a theory. It involves caffeine and a frak-ton of batteries. Station: Kharon
Ensign Salazar Nikos. The new Marine S2. We picked her up on Scorpia. The tough but fair type. Tattoos all over. I wonder if they itch. Also I'm kinda curious about just how many she has, honestly. I can't wait to really see her in action. Station: Kharon
Private Jules "Sunshine" Ozymandias: Me! Uh. What's there to say, really? I try to be friends with everybody I meet. Usually it works. Worse case scenario so far is mutual respect. Either way, it's better than being loathed. But some people on board seem to like that.
Corporal Ashe "Paradox" Swift: He's a nice guy wrapped in an assholey shell. If he didn't get all antagonistic with the pilots (and everyone else) all the time, he'd be the perfect guy. Guess we just have to settle for him being a great Marine. I know he'll always have my back, at least.

Timeline of Events

  • MD0001 - Arrives on CEC Kharon with a duffle bag and a smile. Assigned to Fox Platoon, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 37th Marine Infantry Division
  • MD0005 - Manages to get into a mote of trouble right off the bat when her bunnies go missing on the ship. Major Vendas offers a potential non-violent resolution.
  • MD0052 - Jules participates in the drill on the Odysseus and gets 12 confirmed 'kills' during the fake assault.
  • PHD007 - She is given what amounts to a pep talk by Kai in the mess. Energized with optimism, she resumes her bunny search.
  • PHD008 - She meets some of the other Marines on the shooting range, gets some good practice in and has another chat with Kai. She even manages to infect him with a little optimism in return. Not a whole lot. Just a little.
  • PHD009 - Jules recovers a tabby off of a severely damaged Charybdis Station.
  • PHD023 - Kharon is ambushed and boarded. Jules' squad ends up in the Mess and it turns into a blood bath against the Centurions. She survives, the Marine CO doesn't. Worse: she gets his brains all over her.
  • PHD071 - Along with many others, Jules is stranded on Scorpia. As is her wont, she makes the best of it and comes out of the whole thing with a new appreciation for the tastiness of MREs and a love interest. She manages to make herself useful on planet by shooting Cylons with her Large Gun and searching out a Tourist Map to help her group find some of the others, in the process she gets shot. Many times. Owwie.
  • PHD082 - Recovered from Scorpia.
  • PHD085 - Participates in the Blood Drive on Kharon, giving generously, along with her fellow crew members (specifically Alex Nikolo). The fact that cookies and potential smoochies were the reward had nothing to do with it. At all.
  • PHD129 - Salazar distributes BribeCookies to her Marines. Jules partakes and ends up learning of Epi's hardcore KaiCrush. She also breaks it to her that Kai is seeing somebody, even if she doesn't know who exactly.
  • PHD131 - Happens upon a mostly nude Alex serving coffee to the pilots. He gets dressed and they take their convo down to the Library where he admits he needs some time to work some things out.
  • PHD132 - Meets Martin for the first time and they have a conversation about their recent relationship related woes.
  • PHD139 - Meets Ezra properly for the first time, then has an convo with Nyx before bed.
  • PHD140 - Makes two new friends in the mess, Selene and Gresham. Nerd talk abounds.
  • PHD141 - Ambushes Martin in the Game Room, soon to be joined by Selene, Jupiter and Ashe. Topics of conversation? Sam's crotch and porn. While fleeing said conversation, Jules faceplants in front of Ezra and ends up retreating with Selene to her bunk to retrieve a book she asked about.
  • PHD142 - Alex breaks things off with her. Later, she cries her way through a load of laundry, getting advice and comfort from various crew members.
  • PHD150 - Bumps into Epi outside of sickbay. Selene joins and after a conversation about the futility of trying to find a significant other aboard the Kharon, Epi departs for sleeptimes. Cluelessness abounds til Selene lays a kiss on Jules. And Jules runs away.
  • PHD151 - Promoted to Private First Class by the new Marine CO Ezra. He said something to her that made her give the pins back after the Epic Marine Meeting. She found them pinned to her pillow that night. Sheesh.
  • PHD151 - Gresham comes across Jules brooding in the Game Room, late late late. They peruse a wolfman comic Gresham was able to scrounge. Gresham shares that he's joined the air wing and Jules tells him about her promotion and the SeleneSmooch. Long story short, Jules got another kiss in less than 24 hours.


  • "If you'd like to try a bigger gun sometime, I could show you my rifle. It looks all mean and grrrrr, but she doesn't bite."
  • "I'm not scared of them. They're just machines. Evil bunny and people murdering machines."
  • "Need a hug?"
  • "Seems to me using technology when critters made of technology are all around us and want us dead isn't so smart… But y'know, I don't know 'smuch as you brainy types, maybe you're on to something."
  • "Somehow, I don't think that the gods would make us suffer so if there wasn't a bright future for us all. I think what's more likely is that there's something bigger than all of us going on. There's no possible way for us to see the entire picture. Not yet. The best we can do is look out for each other and hope for the best."
  • "Nothing you can know that isn't known, nothing you can see that isn't shown, nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be…"


  • Choccy
  • Bunnies
  • Puppies
  • Kittens!
  • Animals!!
  • Friends!!!
  • Machine Guns
  • Being a Marine

OOC Note: There Are Many Copies

The following was posted and editted and reposted again on the page of the character Bell on Battlestar Genesis. I just thought I'd note it and add my comments about it:

"There are apparently many copies of Bell. Maybe she's a Cylon. Or something. The worlds will never known. (PS: Since I've been asked about this by a few people now, just to be clear, Jules@Kharon is not played by me. Make of that what you will. - Bell's Player)"

Previously it said:

"OOC Note: Copycats are Bad"

And also at one point it said:

"OOC Note: Copycats are Bad
There are apparently many copies of Bell. Maybe she's a Cylon. Or maybe certain other players just lack imagination and class. Readers can judge for themselves. Bell's Player has. (PS: In case the passive-aggressiveness wasn't clear, Jules is not played by me. Make of that what you will. ! - Bell's Player)"

Jules' player, for the record, would like to note that Bell's player is a passive aggressive angry little troll of a human being who probably needs a hug. The characters aren't anything alike in personality or in their background. The only thing, in fact, they have in common is their players' poor choice in actress (at the time). Also Bell is a stupid name for a character who, as a played by actress, uses Kristen Bell. Jules' player would also like to point out that when Bell's player brought up the fact that both characters were Marines based on Kristin Bell, Jules' player explained that was where the similarities ended. Unfortunately, it seems, Bell's player didn't drop it.

She probably needs a hug.


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