Judge and Jury
Judge and Jury
Summary: Promotion hazing.
Date: PHD103 (30 July 2009)
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Kharon - Naval Offices

Buried among paperwork and more work orders then she'd care to count, Sen sits at a desk in the back. She's dressed crisply in her blues today, with her hair in a severe plait to hold her wild locks out of her face. She looks stern, she looks serious, and most of all she looks tired. Kai's recently joined her, pulling up a chair to the desk she's claimed. Conversation doesn't really seem high on the list at the moment as they wait for the Ensign.

Conversation rarely is, where Kai's concerned. He's also in his blues, top flap undone to indicate he's off-duty, and his hands habitually buried in the pockets of his trousers. He might be counting floor tiles. Or watching the slight scuff on the toe of his boot. He, too, looks exhausted.

Roubani wasn't far away, having been responding to a work call in the brig. Work calls and the machines in engineering have been his entire life the last few days, human contact made sparingly to give or take orders as necessary. In his duty fatigues, he might be briefly unrecognisable for that hair - those thick curls of his are completely gone. Scissors rather than a razor, left uneven in places, it brings out a sharp and sudden age in his features. His eyes are not reddened, nor do they project tiredness. There's just nothing in them at all, the dark brown intensely shuttered off. He approaches Sen's desk, toolkit still over one shoulder and folds his hands behind him, rigid. "Sirs."

Sen archs a brow slightly, whether it's at his appearance or his mannerisms, it's hard to tell. "Since when did you stop saluting when reporting to a duty area, Ensign Roubani?" Uh oh. The ChEng appears to be in a mood. There's a file in front of her on the desk, which to a discerning eye seems to belong to Nadiv.

Kai's eyes lift when he hears the sound of booted feet on the deck, and follow the Ensign's approach quietly. Not a word from him when Sen makes her query; his expression is, as always, inscrutable.

Did Roubani not salute? His own mind appears to have failed to process that until too late, when Sen's words jumpstart it. "I sincerely apologise, Captain." He draws up straighter, unhooking his hands from behind him to raise salute. The process is intensely formal.

Sen returns the salute without rising from her seat. "Parade rest, Ensign." She allows, but doesn't offer him a seat at the desk with her and her fellow Captain. "Ensign Roubani, I have in your file not one but two letters regarding your behavior. What do you have to say for yourself?"

This should be good. The salute's also returned by Marek, though he still remains silent. He's just wall decoration, at the moment.

Roubani lowers his hand, returning both behind his back. Silence for a moment, nothing in his eyes besides some tension between them. "I can say nothing in my defence, sir."

"And you're not the least bit curious as to what the accusations are?" Sen asks, the question needing no answer as she flips open the file and takes the first hexagonal piece of paper off the top. It has the official CEC logo at the top. Her eyes scan down the page until she finds an appropriate passage to read from. "Nadiv Roubani consistantly shows pride in his work and a dedication to any task he is given. He has proven a rock in uncertain times, and he is an asset to the Colonial Military that should not go unrecognized…" She reads, then lifts her eyes to the Ensign's face.

Speaking of rocks, Kai's still doing his best impression of one, over there. His attention's firmly upon the Ensign standing in front of he and Sen, but he doesn't interrupt.

Roubani doesn't answer that question. He doesn't move, doesn't blink. They're only a few feet from him, but there's something about his flat eyes that makes that distance into miles. He remains still as she starts to read, and even as she trails off it's hard to tell if he's processing this for what it is. There's one single motion - his eyes break contact and flicker to her cheek.

Sen cracks a smile she can no longer keep at bay, pride for the man in front of her, even if he can't muster anything for himself. "So in recognition of your dedication and leadership abilities, the Colonial Military hereby promotes you the rank Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations, Lieutenant Roubani." She opens the drawer of her desk, retrieving a little plastic baggie with his new pins inside. Seems little fuzzy velveteen boxes aren't in the cards.

Kai's eyes are still fixed upon the young man, with a temerity that usually implies either displeasure or contemplation. Not that his face gives much of anything away. He flickers a small smile when the pins are produced, but otherwise remains seated for the time being.

Roubani might have missed that smile. His eyes have lowered from her cheek to the desk by the time her demeanor changes, his posture reserved and quite locked up. There are times when everyone deserves to be just a little prideful, but Roubani's missing his bigtime. It takes him a while to speak, as if leaving a long pause in case the impulse strikes her to change her mind. Then his voice is sincere, albeit quiet and a little stilted, "Thank you, sir. I look forward to serving the fleet in this capacity."

Sen must know his penchant for not particularly caring for physical contact. The pins are set down on the table and slid towards the edge near Roubani. "You earned it, Lieutenant. This is /our/ way of saying thank you. I trust you'll continue making us proud. I'm also giving you twenty four hours of leave before your next shift, so try and look happy and celebrate, hmm?" She slips from her chair then, back to her feet.

Kai also climbs to his feet, a moment after Sen. Shoulders straight, hands clasped behind his back, he waits for the pins to be accepted with an aire of distant pride.

The baggie crinkles as Roubani fingers it off the edge of the desk, tucking the whole thing into his closed hand. Twenty-four hours of leave? Tiny lines form between his brows. Other that that his expression stays etched in stone. "Sir." A slight nod, the kind of formal one when you just have no more to say but silence would be rude. "Captain." That very briefly to Kai and he unfolds his hands in prep to salute, looking back at Sen. "May I be excused, sir?"

Sen brings up her hand sharply to her forehead, to give him the respect he deserves. "You're dismissed, Lieutenant. And on a less formal note, I'm proud of you." She smiles warmly.

Kai throws up a salute as well, mirroring Sen's. There's a brief hesitation on the way down, as if he meant to offer the hand to shake, but the motion isn't completed. "Congratulations, Lieutenant," he offers quietly though with sincere pleasure, despite the lack of a smile.

Roubani is last to lower salute. After that first gaffe, his departing protocol is absolutely rigid. "Thank you, sir. Excuse me." It's murmured and given without eye contact, the strap of his toolkit hefted on his shoulder. That has to go back to engineering, which leaves him plenty of time to get so wrapped up in things again that that twenty-four hour leave will conveniently slip by. Away he turns and out he goes.

Kai rolls his jaw slightly from left to right, as he watches the newly-minted jig depart. Maybe something's bothering him, or maybe he's just being his usual bristly self. In either case, he nods curtly to Sen, and turns to make his own way briskly out. Things to do, people to see. It's a wonder he even made time for this, at all.

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