Jonah Thymes
Jonah Thymes
Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto as Jonah Thymes
Name: Jonah Thymes
Alias: Hey You.
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, brown eyes.
Faction: Resistance
Position: Former Bartender. Current Survivalist.
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Varies.
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info



Jonah lost his parents at such an early age, he has to refer to a photograph in order to conjure up what few memories he has of them. He was lucky enough, however, to have his Aunt Mariam take him under her wing as her own.

Practically raised in a bar, whenever he would get off of school, he would occupy a back table in his aunt's tavern and do his homework by the dim light. While he was learning his ABC's and 123's he was also privvy to how to mix a perfect martini, and learned to garner a lot from a person merely by listening to their problems (eavesdropping, of course).

They lived in a tiny one room apartment above the bar named 'Whiskey Blues'. It was an eight unit building owned by Mariam, which she juggled landlording by herself after her husband died of cancer. When Jonah was old enough, he started helping out where he could, including anything from bar back duty to being the handiman around the building.


Whether it was turning a wrench in the apartments or closing the bar in the wee hours of the morning, Jonah divested a lot of his life to Mariam and what he considered the 'family business'. When he finally graduated highschool, Mariam presented him with the opportunity to go to community college, it wasn't much but it was a chance to get out. When he spoke to a counselor and was presented with a list of majors, he dumbfoundedly fumbled for something familiar and landed on Psychiatry with a minor in business. It was the bar scene all over again, only this time much less slinging of drinks.

His collegiate career didn't last long, however, and in his third year he dropped out when Mariam got gravelly ill and he had to take over the helm of Whiskey Blues. She died some months later, and for the past three years he's been trying to make ends meet and not lose the corner bar back to the bank. Of course, the Holocaust changed all that.


While not precisely quiet, he seems to think about everything before he actually voices it. Stubbornly responsible, he's not apt to leave a project half done or fall asleep on the job. Dependable, but a bit withdrawn.

Distinguishing Features


  • Has slept most of his life on a couch. Convinced he could sleep standing up if necessary.
  • Learned to shoot a gun after the third time the bar was robbed. They kept a shotgun above the register and a pistol beneath the well liquor.
  • Parlor tricks earn better tips. Tying a cherry stem with his tongue? You betcha. He can also light a lady's cigarette in half a dozen interesting ways. Known to always carry a lighter on him, though he only smokes socially.
  • Handy around the house, but he can't exactly fix a toilet or unclog a drain with his eyes closed. Why would you want to? Ew.
  • When faced with two choices he has a hell of a time making up his mind. Sometimes it has to come down to a coin toss. Pizza or chinese?


  • Makes a mean martini.
  • Practiced listener.
  • Common sense guru.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Diana Taibbi: She knows how to take care of herself, which lightens my own self-imposed burden. She has a mouth on her that would make a Navy boy jealous. Pretty too, when you have time to think about it, which I don't.
Dr. Ibrahim Cahen: We're lucky to have him. Otherwise more of us would have died sooner. Part of the reason we've made it as far as we have.
Garrick Baines: Sloppy. Rude. Not unlike some of my old regulars at the bar you had to kick out at closing time. But when you're keeping each other alive, there are some faults you're more then happy to overlook.
Joanna Archer: Introduced herself with a gun in her hand, and I'm not certain but those Centurians might have followed her merry band right into our little Trailer Park heaven. Now she's stuck with a few more mouths to feed. I'm going to miss that Airstream.
Andrew Archer: Far too young to have a gun. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Lysander Nikos: One of the scouting party that found us hiding out in the trailer park. I don't know much about him, but now that we're stuck together, time will tell.
Ollie Pax: All I know about her is she got shot trying to save her own ass. At least she didn't die like the rest of them.
Jaime Hephaestus Tate: There's something about this one. I don't know what it is yet, as it's hard to define. Just when you think you have life figured out, there's a monkey wrench thrown into the works. Wrench, thy name is Hephaestus. He has a stutter, is going blind, and has a propensity to blush. Oh. And he says I pick my nose.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Trailer Park Massacre PH#142 A small group that had been hiding out near Tinos, including Jonah, are found by the Grifter Falls group. Cylons crash the party. Jonah, Diana, Garrick, Cahen, Joanna, Andrew, Lysander, Ollie.



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