Jo Archer
Laura Linney
Laura Linney as Joanna Archer
Name: Joanna Archer
Alias: Jo
Age: 44
Hair & Eyes: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Ex-Marine Schoolteacher
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Late evenings
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Jo served as a combat medic with the CMC in her youth, mustering out after three tours with the rank of Staff Sergeant. She mostly served with the special forces counter-terrorism group, though she doesn't talk about it much. Following her service, she took advantage of the CMC college program and earned a degree in literature, a masters degree in education, and a teaching certificate. She was a language teacher in the Paros public schools at the time of the attacks.


On WarDay, Jo was at the amusement park with her teenage nephew Andrew, who was staying with her for the summer. Seeing the bombs fall in the distance, Jo and Andrew headed for the safety of the hills, but instead came across Grifter Falls Ranch. They've been hiding out there with the farmer's family ever since, and fortunately have escaped the Cylons' notice thus far.


  • Mountain Climbing
  • Teaching
  • Dogs
  • Pyramid
  • Martial Arts


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