Corey Parker Robinson
Corey Parker Robinson as LTJG Jason Thayer
Name: LTJG Jason Thayer
Alias: Alias or Callsign
Age: 26
Hair & Eyes: Dark
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: ECO
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Evenings, PST
Timezone: PST

Biographical Info


Jason Thayer is the second of three sons from a relatively normal Picon Navy family. His father is a battlestar engineer, his mother a nursing officer with the Fleet's Medical detachment. A military brat, he grew up mostly in the shadow of Fleet Headquarters on Picon. While he was always fascinated by his father's tales of the stars, it developed into more a scientific curiosity about how everything up there was put together, rather than any particular urge to go shoot things in space. Still, military service was expected in his family, and it seemed as good a way as any to pay for college. He completed his bachelor's degree in Astronomy through the Fleet Reserves, spending half his time on science vessels and the other half based near the Caprica City university he was attending. He had a decent head for technical work, and the idea of "exploring" space by Raptor appealed to him, so he's been billeted as an Electronic Countermeasures Officer (ECO). He likes the work well enough and is competent, but he treats the military as a job and a means to an end rather than a life.

He's getting his master's degree through the military exchange program, which meant another four-year hitch with the Fleet before he could fully commit himself to academics. He's mid-way through that, two years to go. He was recently reassigned from shore-based work on Caprica to the CEC Kharon. As an officer, he's done nothing much noteworthy in either a positive or negative respect. He follows orders, keeps his head down, and generally goes about his business. To his fellow crewman he's friendly enough, but he speaks little of his personal life. If he's achieved any sort of callsign during his military tenure, it remains unknown to his Kharon shipmates.



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