Jailhouse Rock
Jailhouse Rock
Summary: The brig is jumping as people come to visit a possible traitor.
Date: PHD #100
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Kassia walks into the brig a guard at her back looking very mean offical as he nods towards Castors cell. "You have ten minutes no more, Ensign. I'll get you when it's up."

Castor Leda is sitting in the brig, he is in his off duties and he is sitting on the floor as he is rubbing his forhead in an attempt to figure out just what in the hell is going on. He looks up as Kassia enters and he is unsure of what kind of visit this is going to be but he does stand as he see's the Ensign, "Nevice." He says as he looks up at the Marines who are keeping watch over him.

Kassia smiles softly at him hoping he'll be assured, that she's here to see him and not yell or make him feel shitty. "Hey, how you doing." She says going to pick up the phone so she can at least hear him. "I won't ask what happened." She adds.

Leda picks up his phone and as he hears Kassia's voice, he takes a second to say, "I've been better." He then shakes his head, "Though it has been a rough, twenty four hours." He then looks at Kassia and he clearly looks stressed out because after all someone finding a bomb in Castor's locker isn't a common occurance.

Kassia gives him a sympatheic look and sighs softly. "I always knew you'd end up in here, but for drinking. Cassy they say they found a bomb in your locker." She says rather confused. "I won't ask you, why it's there but love, your in some trouble." The love slipped out, by mistake she's worried and their old relationship is never far from her mind. The goddess is making sure she suffers for their brake up.

Castor looks at Kassia as he says, "Kassia, I don't think I should talk about this." Yeah, but a bomb was found in his locker. He then says, "Though, it wasn't for drinking, Ensign." He says as he has kept it professional, if they were brought together by the Lords than the Lords cut any sign of romance out of Castor's heart for Kassia. He then says, "Though I'm not in a good place, Ensign."

Kassia walked in he was sitting on the floor of the brig trying to put things together.
Marines currently have Castor under watch and Kassia is speaking with Castor. The Cat may be in the Hat but the JiG is in the brig and he looks nervous, confused, and a little freaked out. Earlier he was pacing and before Kassia walked in he was sitting on the floor of the brig trying to put things together.

Kassia is talking to Castor one of the phones against her ear. "Yeah." She says softly. "I'm sorry your here, and well I just wanted to make sure you was ok." She seems hesitant.

Steele steps into the main room of the brig, the Gunny all business and a serious expression on his face. He eyes Kassia speaking to the detainee and his nostrils flare slightly. He leans back against the wall, listening, watching them both in silence.

Castor says, "But, Kassia, I'd never knowingly hurt a pilot." He says in an attempt to let it slip that, yeah, a bomb probably was in the room but then again there are a few marines and pilots as witnesses. He then thinks back to the look of pity that he got from Papabear and he winces slightly, "How are the pilots doing?" He asks in an effort to gauge what is going on outside of the room.

Kassia gaze goes from Castor for a few moments when she seesm Steele walk in, she looks pale for a few moments not having seen steele for some long. "Sherif." She says formally, then it's back to Castor. "I aint really seen anyone else. I was on call last night as you know. So you know I've been asleep since."

Steele remains as a silent sentinel, either giving the two their space and privacy as much as he feels like allowing, or waiting for either to say something useful for when he questions the man behind the bars. "Ensign."

Castor nods his head and then as he spots Steele he attempts to find some semblence of composure because he will face this like everything else, head on, and like a man. Though, it would seem the Tinman is beginning to crack these days, bits are falling off and signs of emotion are coming through and for now, it is confusion, Leda is confused beyond all reason. He then looks back at Kassia, "Well, I'm glad to see you are safe and sound, Kassia." He then gives the woman a smile, "And Kassia, I don't know why this is happening but I need you to believe that I would never knowingly harm pilots."

Kassia can see him braking apart she after all knows him better then anyone else on ths ship. "I know you wouldn't Castor, there has to be something more." She says softly then glances around at the sheriff just as the marine on guard tells her it's time up. "I have to go Castor, tell them the truth and you'll be fine." She says, hoping he will be.

Leda takes a breath as he watches Kassia leave. He then says, "The truth is all I have. Thanks for visiting Ensign." With that he hangs up the phone and he simply goes back to sitting on the floor of the brig. He is waiting to see if Steele is going to go in and interogate him but for his part he simply is pulling his strength together.

Steele nods his head as he watches Kassia get up to leave. His hands are held casually in front of him, but his bearing is such that casual is the last thing on his mind. "Take care, Ensign. Rest assured, the Lieutenant will be treated fairly." He begins to walk over to the cell and lifts a rng of keys towards the door.

Kassia gives one more worried look towards Steele then Castor before slipping out. "He frakking well better be Sheriff, we're human not cylon." She reminds him. "Know your rights Cassy." She then gone.

Leda looks up at Steele, the mountain of a man, he sadly is on the wrong end of this meeting as he attempts to figure out what happened and when if ever he will be let out. If anyone has been beating up Leda it is himself with his pacing, lack of sleep, lack of eating food, and general constant thinking as he tries to figure out what in the hell is going on. He looks back at the keys and waits to see what happens next.

There is a grumble from the Sheriff's throst as he opens the cell door and enters it, locking it behind him and securing the keys back on his person. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Leda. When Epi told me I should meet you…I had a very different scenario in mind. She led me to believe you were a good man. A good friend. Yet, now I find you in my brig, accused fo trying to blow my this ship and my marines."

"Well, the Corporal is a good woman." He says with a certain sense of kindness as he remembers her, "And she is a good friend." He then takes a breath as he looks at Steele not to size him up because that would be a dumbass thing to do but because he is trying to see if he is in trouble or not. Ah, yes, the interogation begins. "I didn't do it." He says simply, "I don't know where it came from or how it got there." He shakes his head, "I have no known enemies beyond the cylons and metal is easy to spot." He then says, "Gunny, I didn't have anything to do with that bomb." So, in summation, no real defense other than Castor's word.

Steele nods his head slowly as the first of his words. His relationship with the Corporal is no secret between him and Castor. "Her word means a lot to me, but you have to see how this looks, Lieutenant. Who else has access to your locker?"

Leda thinks about it for a moment and he says damningly, "No one, sir. Old habit, I mean it isn't exactly hidden knowledge that I used to live on the streets and it taught me to lock my stuff up." He then frowns, "I understand how it looks sir, but, I didn't do it. I would never harm anyone on this ship because you are all my family." He then takes a moment to think, "I mean it is possible someone could have a trick to get into my locker or maybe someone saw my combination once." He is still trying to figure out what happened himself. "Gunny, I know this looks bad but I didn't do it." He then takes a second to take a breath as he looks at the grey walls of the brig,"Gunny…I didn't do it. I couldn't have." He then says, "Someone else had to." If he knows something it would seem he isn't going to talk about it but then again in this situation he knows nothing.

"Lieutenant, it is not for me to decide guilt or innocence. I just investigate and gather information. Can you tell me your wherabouts yesterday between second shift and when the explosives were found?" The Gunny paces slowly in a tight circle in front of Castor. His voice gives no hint ot his own emotions or his own thoughts on the matter.

That Leda can answer, "Well, gunny, I pulled a double shift yesterday and after that I met with my fellow pilots when things got wierd. We were ordered to our berthings and Case felt when the lights went out that we should check things out." He then says, "And so, we went to the hangar and found Mooner knocked out. I talked to her and then Captain Marek order Case, Rebound, and I back to our bunks." He then rubs his forhead, "So there we were sitting in the dark and suddenly the Corporal and the Seargent come in and find the explosives in my locker." He then says, "The locker should have had a few cigarettes for Case, my booze stash, and a box of cigars." He then frowns as he says, "So, now I am here." He then shrugs, "Sir, I was on shift, anyone can tell you I have been volunteering for doubles recently."

"Logs'll back you up on your shift times, then, Lieutenant. And you can bet I will be checking them. And any available security tapes from the berthings for the time the power was available, anyway. If you truly have nothing to do with this, then you have nothing to fear, Lieutenant." Steele stops and turns, eyeing Castor with a deep, harsh gaze.

Castor doesn't turn from the gaze, he simply takes it, in this situation the Tinman will fall soon fall apart and the cracks are aparent as it would seem that Leda can be broken. He then says, "Please sir, check the shifts. People can vouch for me on those." He then takes a breath as he asks, "I don't suppose you have a cigar or something to drink?" He needs his vices met and so he has to ask as he adds as he repeats, "Gunny, seriously, I didn't do this I would never knowingly hurt anyone on this ship." He then shakes his he head, "I'm not a killer, sir."

"Lieutenant Leda, if I have a coin for every people who told me they were innocent and would never hurt anyone…I could retire a rich man. The only reason I am not beating the frak out of you right now is Epi vouches for you being a decent guy." Steele sighs deeply, the end of it coming out a growl and he turns away towards the door. "I'l be checking the logs and everything else, I assure you And no, you can not have a smoke, or a drink. You will get three square meels that taste like frak all and you will be damned happy you get them. Are we clear?"

Leda looks at Steele for a moment, yes, this will mean more pacing and more muttering. "Thank you sir." He says noting the protocol. "I know you think I'm a petty thief and a murderer." He muses with a frustrated tone, "Won't be my first time and it won't be my last." He then stays in his cell far away from both Steele, "And thank you for not beating me, sir." He then thanks whatever in the hell he believes in that Epi is so good to him. He then says, "We are clear, sir." He then goes back to his place on the floor leaning against the wall because he is not sure who did this to him but if he ever gets out of here and finds out there might be a pistol whipping and more brig time.

"Very well." Steele opens the cell and steps out, closing it behind him and securing his keys again, making sure they are with him. He turns to look at Castor through the bars and just watches him for a moment. "I do hope you are being honest with me, Lieutenant. If you did anything, now would be the time to talk. I could put in a word for you, a lesser sentence possibly. You realize that if these charges stick, you will be killed for treason?"

"Sir, I have told you the truth." He says as he takes a breath, it would seem this isn't his first time under interogation…well…maybe his first by the military. He then looks back at Steele, "And I didn't do it." He says with a sense of honesty and weight. He realizes he might be about to die and he knows he didn't do anything wrong. "If I knew something I'd tell you." He then adds, "But, would it be possible that the Cylons have humans who are some how employed by the metal? Humans who have sold out to the cylons?"

"As you say, Lieutenant. As you say." The Sheriff barreols out of the brig, moving with a grim, driven determintion, the prisoner conveniently forgotten for the moment.

Leda has just been left by Steele under threat of the death penalty for treason. He hasn't eaten anything in a while as he is now pacing in the brig. He is is his off duty clothing as any sign of rank has been taken from him. He just keeps walking as he puts his hands behind his head as if to think, "Either someone hates me or their is some employed by the Cylons on this ship." He muses outloud to no one as he continues pacing, "and it can't be me." Though to be fair he has been soul searching recently because hell if he knows is going on. One day he woke up in his bunk and the next day he is in the brig. "So, this is where we are. There is little proof backing me up and I am alone in this cell." He then takes a breath, "No, wait, what if I was a cylon emplyee? Why, why would I do this?" He then considers as he shakes his head, "No, I am Castor frakking Leda and I do my best to hold things together on this ship."

In comes the tactical officer, well rested after last night's craziness. There is still plenty to do on this vessel and Praxis is nowhere near lazy, but having heard things from his sources, well, Demitros had to come see things for himself. "Get it together, Lieutenant!" his voice booms from the entrance, Praxis marching right up to the cell, the guards careful to let a member of the CIC enter in. "Get ahold of yourself — second guessing will not help you here, my friend…"

Castor looks at Praxis, "Sir, I was just told I might die for treason." He then takes a breath, "Seriously, I am not here to kill anyone." He then takes a breath as he studies praxis and he centers himself, It would seem if anything Castor has not told anyone of the knowledge he learned from Demitros. He then takes a second to look over at Praxis this time it is a long and confused stare, for his point Castor hasn't eaten anything and he hasn't slept either. He then looks back at Praxis as he leans in for a whisper, "Sir, I think the Cylons might have an infiltrator on this ship. Someone they employed somehow, why else would I be in so much trouble." He then says, "I have never done anything wrong."

"Yes, Castor, I know." Praxis replies sharply to the information pertaining to Leda's seemingly imminent death, the CIC officer moving as close to the bars as he possibly can, his fingers curling around the vertical iron as jade eyes stare intensely at the man kept in the cage. "There is no doubt that someone is infiltrating this vessel. And I intend to get to the bottom of it, Leda. I am going to wade through this thick mud of mystery and clear your name before you can even think about R&R." Praxis promises, reaching a hand out for his buddy. "Just…tell me what you know."

Leda leans in closely as his hands reach the bars tightening quietly and yet the grip is pure white, "Sir, all I know is what you told me about things going on in the…" he switches topics in an effort to hope that Praxis understands, "head." He then adds, "And for now I have no idea why someone put a bomb in my locker." He says as he looks at Praxis, "Sir, I am so fraked beyond all reason and I never hurt anyone." He repeats for the umpteenth million time, "I don't want to hurt anyone." He then takes a second to grip the bars tighter as his Tinman persona is breaking, "Sir, I'm not so good. All I know is that the lights went out, I meet with Case who called us out, we found Mooner had been hurt and we tended to her." He waits a beat, "I didn't tend to her as much as I talked to her to try to bring her through." He then looks back at Praxis, "And then Captain Marek ordered us to our berthings because it was protocol and so we were left alone until the Marines came in and found the bomb in my locker. How they got my combination I don't know and how they planted it I don't know." He says, "Sir, I didn't do this. I would never harm a human."

Praxis is there for Tinman the entire time, keeping his composure so that Leda doesn't have to. Every bit of his story enters his ears and stays there, the whole situation reeking of a very smelly stench. The Tactical officer flicks his gaze to his tightening grip on the bars and the back to the pilot. "No one is unintelligent enough to take a piece of ordinance from the arms locker and store it in their locker. I don't get why even a human who would want to use that particular piece of ordinance would store it and hide it for later." Demitros speculates. "I know, Castor. You wouldn't hurt any of us. This much I know."

"Sir, I don't know much but I know this much things are not going well for me and I know that people all over this ship probably hate me or want me dead." He then lowers himself to the floor again, "Which is why I think the cylons might have been employing certain humans to sell out in order to live." His eyes fall to the floor, "Sir, I don't know if I will live but I want you to know this much. Whatever was found in my locker wasn't me." He then adds a semi-smile in this situation which means something as he says, "And sir, I know booze and cigars are out for me in here but I'd like to see them again someday." Yup, it would seem the JiG wishes to live.

"Look at me." Praxis says as Castor's eyes drop towards the ground, the jade colored pools of the tactical officer as strong and resolved as ever. "And listen. You are not going to die in here, not by our hand. I refuse to believe that you are a traitor, Leda; even if I have to go out of my way to prove it myself." Demitros shakes his head. "No, if you're going to die, it's because you let a Raider get up your ass." Praxis feels like he has more convinced himself than Castor at the moment while he turns around and does a 180 degree turn. "Hope, Castor Leda. Do not lose hope. Your cigars and booze will be waiting." His boots clack across the floor on his way out.

The truth of the things is this, the Tinman has been cracking because he is showing the magical trifecta of fear, confusion, and panic. He then looks back at Praxis as the eltee speaks, "Aye, sir, I want to see my booze and cigars again." He then takes a second and only a second to look Demitros in the eye as if to say 'thank you' before his eyes fall back to the ground. "And if I am ever allowed in a Viper or a Raptor again I'll consider myself lucky." He then takes a moment to look back at Praxis as the man is leaving, "and, sir, thank you for your visit."

So far, Castor has been visited by Kassia, Steele, and Paxis, for a man looking at the end of his days his is holding on for his own part as he takes his time to pace the brig. He hasn't been eating anything or sleeping any as he just moves as Marines watch him moving back and forth. For his part Castor is confused and his Tinman persona is breaking.

Persy glances at the marine standing guard, making sure he shows no signs of shooting her as she approaches the plexi-and-wire window of the cell. She looks heartbroken and confused, then grabs the receiver and uses it to knock. Loudly.

"Hello?" Castor says over the phone since he picked the phone up since Persy knocked. He then says, "Hey you." He looks a bit rough, tired, hungry, and stressed as he looks back at Persey, "How are you?" If he were about to die he is hiding it for his part, well, not really, the Tinman is beginning to crack. "How are you, Fallout?" He asks in the tones of someone who deeply cares about Persy.

Prisoners aren't exactly boring, but they aren't that entertaining either. Unless they start crying, or they try to take a piss and their grumpy bravado is in short supply. Either way, Randy doesn't /enjoy/ brig duty so to speak but the androgynous Corporal shows up carrying a tray of food and a blank expression. Small conversation with marine on guard, gesturing towards Castor's cell and an eyebrow raises slowly, she just stares intently and offers a polite, "Sirs." In greeting, then goes back to staring.

Kai enters the brig with a somewhat brisk stride, hands tucked into the trouser pockets of his blues uniform. He comes to a halt not far from the hatch, and surveys for a few moments the activity surrounding Castor's cell.

Castor looks at Randy, the woman who took him to the brig. He offers a polite smile but as the food comes near him he simply pushes the tray to the side. He then says, "Thank you." To Randy as she places the food down and he takes a moment to look back at Persy, "Persy, how is everyone else on deck?" He asks as he is concerned for him, this would be something like thirty six hours without food. He then says over his phone, "Persy, please, I need to know the pilots are all right?" He almost begs as his confusion and panic grow greater. Then he looks over and spots Papabear which causes him to wince again, if anyone wishes they were a traitor and dead at this point it would be Castor just so the rest of the crew could hate him and do better against the Cylons.

Persy gives Castor a smile—it's a small, brave little smile. It's probably meant to assure him everything will be okay. It probably does exactly the opposite. "Oh. You know. Ship's going to hades in a handbasket," she tells the prisoner with forced levity. "Same old, same old."

She swallows, frowning, getting stubborn and upset. "Someone framed you. Everyone's GOT to know someone framed you. This is crap. It's bullshit. You don't belong in here."

She sighs. "They're keeping such a lockdown on information, right now, it's almost impossible to know anything solid. I heard from someone there were a couple of casualties, but nothing serious." She frowns again. "And it wasn't your FAULT, Tin-Tin."

Randy turns to see Kai, saluting sharply before turning back to the cell and loudly rapping on the wall and pointing to the tray of food with narrowed eyes. She doesn't speak much though, she just gestures towards the food and nods to Castor once more.

"Fallout, thank you for your honesty." He says as he takes a moment to consider it all, because from his perspective he knows nothing. He then takes a second to rub the back of his neck, "Persy, we all have something wrong with us…maybe this is repayment for my sins over the years." He then adds, "Or maybe I'm being tested by a higher power." He then smiles to Persy, "Either way I want to hear from you for years to come." He then frowns, "People were hurt?" His frown grows deeper, "So, that is to say somene hurt someone else? Human hurt human?" He then grimaces, "Persy be careful okay?"

Kai drags his eyes from the prisoner, to Randy, when she salutes him. The gesture's returned with a crisp snap of fingertips to his forehead, which presages a deep breath and a few steps taken closer to the cell. "Corporal," he greets the MP curtly, but politely. Persy gets a nod, and the abandoned food tray a slight frown. "Is he refusing to eat?" That's also to Randy.

"I really have no idea. Honest, Tin-Tin… if I knew, I'd tell you." Persy cradles the receiver between her head and shoulder, placing a hand against the wire-reinforced cell in a gesture of solidarity. "The ship scuttlebutt's all over the place. Some people are saying you were framed—and I believe that. Some people are saying folks were hurt. Some people are saying not. Some people are saying there was an explosion, but it was some kind of system accident. Some people say it was sabotage. Practically no one agrees on anything."

Randy just continues to stare at Castor, squinting and then sucking her front teeth before looking over to Kai and nodding firmly. "Oh no sir. I'm very sure he would never do that sir." She turns her attention back to the cell and a flicks her gaze over to Persy for a few moments before sighing and shaking her head. "I'm sorry sirs, this is every so touching and heartfelt and meaningful and it makes me feel real real real good deep in mah soul that everybody is so close and ya'll got each other backs and blahblahblah. Sir. I'm sorry but I am responsible for the prisoner's well being. I also know he'd hate for food to keep going to waste. That means that it is time for him to eat and if his hands don't work anymore and he's not capable /of/ feeding himself I'd be ever so willing - in fact I'd /insist/ on helping him with this." Her facial expression doesn't change. So she's probably not joking.

Castor seems a bit stressed by this because clearly he doesn't want to cause anyone on this ship pain. "Well, I know that I didn't do this, Fallout." He then takes a breath as he closes his eyes and rests his head against the glass, "Even if if survive this people will hate me so either way my days are numbered." He says as his tone becomes not one of panic or fear but of acceptance. "For those who think I was framed I thank them because I would never hurt anyone on this ship." He then opens his eyes and he looks at Persy as he says, "And it had to be sobotage because a godsdamn bomb was found in my locker and to my knowledge I didn't place it there." He then sighs, "But the point is, I want the crew to be happy, this is my family and if they hate me for something I didn't do so be it." He then looks up at Persy, "But I never did this." He then looks up at Persy for a moment and then to his phone as he is cut off. He then hangs up the phone and gives a semisweet smile to Persy as looks back at his food which he won't be eating again, why, only Leda knows but he moves to his bed, if you can call it that to lie down to rest wide awake on the bed, yup, he has been awake with no food for thirty six hours and he is going to push it longer…why, for whatever reason only Leda knows.

Okay, enough is enough. After watching the exchange between Castor and Persy, and then the direct refusal of food from the Corporal, Kai strides closer to the glass enclosure of his pilot's cell, and raps upon it with his knuckles. Loudly.

Persy blinks as the Castor hands up the phone, then slams her palm against the glass. "Damn you, Leda, don't you hang up on me!" she shouts, doubtless incomprehensibly muffled to the occupant of the cell. "No one's going to hate you! Your name's gonna be cleared and — and it'll be fine, so for frak's sake stop feeling sorry for yourself and — and EAT something!"

Kai also holds his hand out to Persy, presumably for the phone.

Persy hands the receiver to Kai with a crestfallen look. "Captain."

Steele walks in at the end of Persy's speech and shakes his head slowly. "Lieutenant Tanner, I don't think false hope is what Lieutenant Leda needs right now. I think visiting hours are over until Lieutenant Leda finds it in himself to eat his dinner like a good little boy before I allow Lance Corporal Cendris here to shove it down his throat forcefully." The Sheriff nods to Kai, respectfully, as much as he feels like giving here in his little fiefdom of Kharon.

Castor looks back at the wall and as Papabear comes a knocking, knocking at the chamber door, Castor wishes he was nevermore. He then looks back at Persy as he watches her screaam and he knows she isn't happy with him. He then moves to pick up the phone again as he waits to hear Papabear. He doesn't even know how to tell Captain Marek he is innocent because there isn't oneKai twitches something resembling a smile as Persy hands the receiver over. It's brief, and it's lackluster, but points for effort maybe. Once Castor is on his feet, and has picked up his own receiver, "Leda, drop the frakking drama queen act and eat your godsdamned food, or the Corporal here can and will shove it down your throat. Which I'd rather not have happen, since I need you alive, and flying the minute your ass is kicked out that door. Got it?"

Kai twitches something resembling a smile as Persy hands the receiver over. It's brief, and it's lackluster, but points for effort maybe. Once Castor is on his feet, and has picked up his own receiver, "Leda, drop the frakking drama queen act and eat your godsdamned food, or the Corporal here can and will shove it down your throat. Which I'd rather not have happen, since I need you alive, and flying the minute your ass is kicked out that door. Got it?"
Is that an order? Why yes, yes it is.

Persy steps back, fading into the background, arms folded — not in defiance, but in misery. She watches Kai interact with the Tinman, shaking her head.

Castor says into the phone, "Aye, sir. Understood." He then takes a second to look back at his food, "I'll eat it sir, I promise." He says as his confusion in the moment leads him to listen to the voice of Captain Marek. If anything it is Marek that is reaching him him. He then says, "Additional orders, sir?" he says as the phone is his ear. The Tinman is beginning to break and it is starting to show, "Though sir, the cops back on Aquaria used to put chemicals in the food to make them agree to stuff they didn't do." He then looks back at Marek, "Sir, I didn't do this. This is not who I am." He looks back at the food and he will eat it, "Never mind me, sir, I'm just reliving my past." As Persy looks at him he lowers his head because he doesn't want anyone to see him this way, not Kassia, not Steele, not Praxis, not Randy, Not Persy, and especially not Papabear. He then stiffens up as if he has found hidden strength left in him, "I'll do what is asked of me, sir." He says in a sudden calm and accepting tone.

Randy hmms softly to herself, still looking between Kai and the cell and then at Persy…eyes lingering and then back at the cell and then back to Kai and then to the food and so on and so forth.

"Yes," is the CAG's reply, as to 'additional orders'. His blue eyes are riveted upon the man behind the glass enclosure, expression utterly inscrutable at the moment. "I want you to calm the hell down, and get some rest, Leda. I'll be dropping by to talk to you in an official capacity, later. As will, I'm sure, a few others." He points at the tray of food. "Eat." And then his voice cuts out as he replaces the receiver in its cradle. A small, almost imperceptible smile is flickered to Castor, then a curt nod given to Randy as he turns to head for the hatch.

Leda begins to eat his meal under orders and he begins to think about rest, he is an officer, well, he might be an officer after all of this but he has trained for moments like this and he then looks back at Kai as he moves toward the hatch. He then simply begins to eat since Papabear is gone from the phone and the Tinman is left alone and there is nothing else left to do but eat.

<The next day>

From crackup to Model prisoner Castor Leda has been eating his meals, sleeping, and even doing push ups and sit ups in the brig. For now though he has been simply sitting in bed, looking at the floor, maybe he is counting spots on the floor or maybe he is thinking about the future. Leda takes a breath as he then rolls his right shoulder.
Randy makes his way into the brig, all uniformed up and hand resting on her nightstick as she moves along. She's quiet as usual, making her way to Castor's cell and just staring into it with a rather blank yet…focussed expression, stare stare stare. She does occasionally breathe though, but mostly she's just staring.

Leda looks up at Randy, after all, he is getting to know all of the familiar faces in here. He offers a smile to Randy, as if to say, 'Still here, didn't do anything wrong'. He stands because it is a small cell and he needs to move just to stretch out. He walks closer to Randy as he studies her features, he tries to shrug off the stare since he needs to be stronger so he can get out of here and fly again.

Randy finally sighs and picks up the phone looking thingie and holds it up to her ear as she knocks loudly on the cell with a small frown. She's trying to learn to be uh, friendly? Who knows, she's making an effort.

Leda walks to the phone and he picks it up. "Lance Corporal." He says in the same way that someone else would say, 'Hi.' His tones are friendly as he speaks to Randy because Castor is a friendly sort. He isn't sure of what to say so he waits to hear what Randy has to say. For his part, he begins thinking about that still and starting it up again.

"Sir." Randy replies and then is just quiet, breathing and staring for a few moments before blinking and remembering she's supposed to talk. "Still regular? The food is questionable, but if it lacks enough fiber, I'll notify the appropriate officials. Constipation would probably not be helpful during a hearing." A long pause. "Sir."

Well, this is a good suprise, talk about bowels and it causes him to chuckle slightly because maybe a bit of gallows humor right now helps, "I'm doing fine, Lance Corporal." He then says, "But if things get crazy I'll notify you." He says with a smile as he looks back at Randy, "So, I was thinking that if I get out of here. We need to start that still." He looks around the room, "After all, I don't have any booze in here and so my mind is sort of stuck on that." He ignores the thought of a hearing but he knows it is coming, it is like a car wreck happening in slow motion after all.

Randy mmhms softly and then frowns at the mention of the still and she's quick to clear her throat. "Of course sir, I shall continue the preparations for such a thing." She's quiet for a few moments before offering, in her way of support. "I know what its like for people to think you are something or somebody that you are not, err, I kinda believe that it ain't what folks accuse you of or call you, as long as you and the gods know the truth." A pause. "For what its worth sir."

Castor offers a small smile as Randy agrees to help out on the still. He listens to Randy and after a moment he responds by saying, "Thank you, Randy." He says with tones that clearly telephone in that little nugget of hope helped Castor a lot. "Though, I don't know what will happen next, because only…" he pauses, "only something greater than I am would know what will happen next." He isn't calling on the Lords but he calls on whatever he believes in.

There is some more heavy breathing on the phone as Randy nods slowly and listens with a hint of a squint. "You are welcome sir." Then she sighs softly. "Only things greater than who we are ever can know what will happen next, but keep ya thoughts and hope on the side of good outcomes as opposed to the bad. Err, might help." Another pause. "At least you won't get charged with drunken disorder."

Another genuine laugh comes from Castor as he processes the bit about getting thrown in for drunken disorder, "Yeah, I suppose I won't get charged with drunken disorder." He then listens as Randy speaks with him about staying hopeful because he isn't used to being on this side of the glass both literally and figuratively. Normally, bringing hope is Leda's line of work but today, he needs this help and he drinks in Randy's words as he says, "Yeah, I suppose I can't give up."

"Well then. I suppose uh - to be honest sir, I mostly just manhandle and occasionally accidentally break prisoners. I'm not that good with conversation." Randy has to admit with a grimace. "But yeah, don't give up. By default, as a pilot, you've got to have quite a bit of faith balanced with the rampant insanity and sprinkle of stupidity that goes into your line of work sir. That, I can respect and err, I guess I hope for the best. I'll save a swig of a flask for you." A firm nod and then a pause. "Please insert other appropriate stuff here, and don't hesitate to contact me or another MP if you need another clean pair of underwear because the Sheriff's come to interrogate you. Nobody will judge you."

Another soft laugh, Steele is a tough guy, okay a really tough guy, but the only people Leda really fears on this ship are Sheridan, Cortez, and Mooner if she is angry at him but the sentiment is appreciated, "Well, if this is your first conversation then you are doing fine. A conversation is a bit like walking, it is a series of one thing after another. In this case words instead of feet." He then listens to Randy's description of a pilot as he smile, "I think a bigger dose of stupidity and a springle of huge ego fit in there somewhere but yeah you are right." He then nods says as he is now slightly more relaxed from this conversation, "And yeah, a swig from a flask would be fantastic right about now."

"I learned to walk with a drill sergeant yelling at me that he'd seen one legged possums walk better and learn faster than me, sir." Randy replies rather deadpan before shrugging. "We can discuss the exact recipe for a Pilot after your release sir." Then she moves her hand finally to scratch her head. "I'm afraid I have to say, no sir. Not now. But I'll drink and think of you." A pause. "In a completely respectful, platonic manner because while I'm sure you are a respectable man in all respectable respects…the manner that I think of most people when I'm drinking is-okay maybe not drink and think of you, because that would make handcuffing you in the future both awkward and nightmare inducing sir." She takes a deep breath. "So chin up and all that rot sir. I'll inform then next MP on duty that you already ate."

Leda says with a hint of honesty and respect, "I forget how tough as nails you Marines are." He shifts the phone to his other ear, "And I look forward to comparing notes with you regarding Marines versus Pilots in the future." He says with hope in his voice, not much, but more than yesterday. "And thank you for saying you will take a drink in my honor in a purely platonic way." He chuckles a little as he watches Randy backpedal a bit but this is the best conversation he has had since he was dropped off in the brig, oddly enough, by Randy.

Randy would smile but she doesn't do that very much, so she just bows her head respectfully and as she eyes the door to the brig she finally turns back to the cell in question and takes a step back to have enough room to salute sharply, then let her hand drop away. "Rest now sir, you and your ass will need all your strength." Then she hangs up the phone thingie and squints at it, another salute of farewell given.

Leda salutes in return and he offers a smile to say thank you as he then hangs up his phone in order to take a rest on his bunk.

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