Into the Fold
Into the Fold
Summary: The CAG brings the ChEng into the fold about the problems with the Vipers.
Date: PHD021 (10 May 2009)
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Damage Control - Deck 2

This is the only room in the Aft section of the Kharon that is lit with the subdued dark blue overhead lights that more commonly associated with the CIC and Weps. Displays at the highest points of the room provide the crew here with detailed information such as temperature readings, pressure variances, and every other minor detail that someone in Damage Control might need to know. Lower on the walls and in the center of the room, endless panels and turn-key systems provide the ranking officer in the room with the ability to fight fires from someplace other than CIC. Yellow-lit readouts on each panel provide the users with quick recognition with exactly what system they are looking at.

If Damage Control isn't the heart of the ship, it's the pace maker. From here, Sen can keep an eye on every pressure variance and know if someone is fiddling with the thermostate in berthings again. She's currently standing infront of one of the displays, arms folded across her chest in a rare moment of placidness.

Vendas wanders in with her off-duties. She looks around for a second or two, careful not to stand in anyone's way or gods forbid brush against a wall, pipe, or display. Spotting Sen, she slowly makes her way over. "Captain Eos? Could I steal a few minutes of your time?"

Sen is focused on the display for another beat or two, when it finally registers that someone's addressing her. "Hmm? Oh. Major." A smile pulls onto her features. "Of course. Sorry, we were just having some strange blips in the water pressure up on deck one. Marines sometimes think it's funny to flush the underwear of their fellow grunts down the toilets. Did you know that Colonial military accounts that each personnel member will render one pair of underwear a week useless? Mm. Anyways. Yes, minutes. I have those. Shall we step back towards Engineering? It's quieter."

Vendas blinks. "Damn if I had known that I would have requisitioned more underwear before we left port. That stuff is liable to become a hotly sought-after commodity." She looks around to the room and shrugs. "Up to you, Captain. I'm not going any further without an escort. I'm about as tech savy as a shiney new Crewman." She breaks things. Its her job as a pilot.

Sen thrusts a pencil into her bun, where there is already a screw driver nesting. "Then I'll tell you the same thing I do them, sir. Put your hands in your armpits and don't touch the shiny buttons." She smiles congenially, then starts weaving them back towards Engineering.

Vendas actually does as told. She tucks her hands up into her armpits and walks right behind Sen, doing her best to not fall outside the Captain's own footfalls. But when Eos finally stops, Vendas still doesn't untuck her arms. She looks around the room for a moment. Its obvious she's never been back here. Probably for the better. "Uh, right. So I wanted to talk to you about a taskforce command has authorized. It has to do with our Vipers and Raptors and may also effect the guts and workings of this ship." Her gaze falls back to the Captain. "You think you have time to rip into the guts of a problem like this or would you rather delegate it to one of your own?"

Sen actually takes them through a maze to a relatively safe corner where a card table and four folding chairs have been set up. No doubt some late night triad games are held down here, when everyone else is sleeping. But at least there's nothing for them to bumble over. "The guts and workings of this ship are my life now, sir. There's always time. Would you like to sit?"

"Ah, no. Thanks." She looks weary of even standing on one plate of the deck for too long, lest it sprout buttons and switches. She prefers Viper pits, tyvm. The Major clears her throat before continuing. "But if you have time, excellent. One of my pilots, an Ensign Roubani, has discovered some odd anomolies in the Avionics packages and there is a fear I have that it may also be within the Kharon as well. I can't prove or give a reason why, though. Initially we had a bunch of pilots trying to work on it but that's a giant bumblefrak. People who break things for a living should not pretend to fix them without the guidance of adults." There's a wry smirk for the Captain. "So what I'm looking for is someone outside the Air Wing to head-up the taskforce and /all/ of the problems we're encountering. To work with Ensign Roubani as your liason to the Air Wing and Petty Officer Fenix - our stand-in Deck Chief. Think this sounds like something you can handle?"

Sen doesn't sit either, if the Major isn't going to. There's a measure of respect for the woman, as much as the rank. "If it has to do with my baby, you damn well bet I want to head it up. Have them send me any reports they've done up. Based off that, I'll have my team start running diagnostics on the Kharon herself. See if the same anomolies start showing up. Is this like a …baby concern? Or granddaddy of all concerns?"

Vendas nods a few times. "Fair enough. I'll hunt down the Ensign and let him know. But I would suggest getting together with them as soon as possible. Brainstorm these issues. Its not just the avionics, though. Roubani has some other thigns he is working on. The guy is damned smart and had dreams of being an engineer before all this went to shit." Its clear she has her own admiration for the Ensign, something probably rare for her. "How big is the concern? Let me say this: Every single Mark Seven Viper is grounded on my orders until this problem is solved." So roughly half the Vipers on the ship aren't going anyplace.

Sen whistles long and low. "I'll make it a top priority then. It'll be a tight race between that an our Tyllium stores. None of your pilots are joy riding, are they?" She asks, the smile on her face making it clear she's joking. Mostly.

"With our Sevens grounded, I don't want to put additional stress on the Two's if we can avoid it. Nobody joyrides. I've suspended all training to mandatory operations for now." Vendas takes it pretty seriously. "I'll find the Ensign now. He's been informed this would be happening. But I do have a concern.. He discovered and began the initial work on these problems. I'd like to make sure he is treated as more than just a liason. The kid may be young and new, but he's impressed a lot of people." She's probably telling Eos something the woman already knows, but she's protective of her pilots. "Anything I need to pass along to either him or Fenix?"

Sen quirks a brow slightly, "Is he good at math?" She wonders aloud, as if that has some heavy bearing on the request the Major just made.

"I believe he is, not I'm not positive. I know he's a physics whiz so I would imagine he knows what he is doing with a sliderule or a drafting board." Vendas still has her hands tucked. She was told and damnit she's going to listen.

Sen sighs happily. "Good. I hate math. Physics too, for that matter." Then what the hell is she doing as ChEng? "Just tell them both to see me at the first opportunity. Bring any notes they have. And candy if they have any." As if reminded, Sen's hand dips into the pocket of her Blues uniform, pulling out a red cellophaned piece of hard candy. "And pencils. I chew on mine, people tend not to want to borrow them."

"You got it. I'll shoot them notes when I leave here. Thanks for taking this on." She glances around a moment, unsure of something. She inclines her head and leans forward a touch. "How do I get out of here?" Whispered. Probably doesn't want any more embarassment.

Sen stands a little straighter. "Oh! Right. I'll lead you out. Best to pack a canteen and a flashlight if you try to navigate down here without a map. I'd say a compass, but good luck getting a magnetic reading down here. And without a proper planetary pole alignment. Did you know that Caprica's standard year is actually three hours shorter than Picons? They adjust their clocks to compensate…" She starts talking as they walk, leading Vendas back out to the main halls.

"I'll bring a DRADIS next time." Vendas' smile is easy, but its obvious she's a little pensive about being down here. Like a cat trapped in a Boiler Room. "Three hours shorter? Really? Doesn't that seem weird? Like, you almost get cheated out of time in your life by living on Caprica. Which actually means that Capricans are.. older than they say? Okay that's just weird." She follows once more, sticking close to Eos' tail on the way out.

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