Summary: John, Eileithyia, Matto, Aaron, and Castor all have different conversations in the lounge.
Date: PHD015
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John is making his way into the room as well, but blinks a bit as the doorframe seems to be blocked. Keeping quiet, he waits for entrance to be cleared.

Castor hears the footsteps and moves out of the way to let the eltee in. "Sorry, sir." He says as he moves to take a seat and listen to the music. He takes a seat near Eileithyia and simply listens.

Eileithyia continues her playing, though now that she has an audience she seems more focuson on their enjoyment of her music, glancing up every so often to check their reactions and responses. She comes to the end of what appears to be a set of music, and leans back into her chair. Inhaling and then exhaling softly.

Castor for his part Castor sits quietly listening to Eileithyia sing, it has been a long time since he has heard live music and this is a moment he does not want to forget.

Eileithyia sits the gitaur back in its case and closes it up, restingi n her chair just kind of listening. "Thank you sir." she says to John looking a bit embrassesed. "I was trying to gauge the ship's stress levels, and their response to just some /real/ music and not pre-recorded stuff." She explains. She pulls her legs up sitting cross-legged on the chair. "That, and it'd been some time since I played… I felt like my gitaur and I needed to get reaquainted. I hope you enjoyed it."

The Aquarian snaps out of it the minute the music stops. He then turns to Eileithyia and says, "That settles it, I'm going to find a way to get a talent show for the crew. It will happen." He then smiles, "By all means play your guitar as much as possible, and if I could, I'd make that an order."

John chuckles a little bit as he hears that, "It was wonderful," he replies. Pausing for a few moments as he glances in the direction of the coffee. "You're quite good at playing that guitar."

Eileithyia laughs, she takes a moment to absorb it then laughs some more. "That won't be a problem, if your putting together a show, I'd play. If only to get back some of my talent." she grins. "At home a few times, I wish nearly offered record deals, so I am sure the crew could appreciate a singing and musical show. Looks like I'll have to break out some lyrics and start writing new ones. Maybe a few good songs." She muses outloud thinking. "Thank you sir. My dad is in a famous band, and I sort of followed in his foot steps…" she touches her lips thinking.

Castor takes a moment to rub his chin, "Well, if you could play that is one act." He then smiles, "Hey maybe after we stop the Cylons from killing us you can be a recording artist." He says supportively. He then stands and gets a cup of coffee, "What was the name of your Father's band, anyone we would know?"

John looks about to ask something, but then hears Castor asking the question. So he keeps silent for now, listening.

Matto grogs. That's really the only word for the bleary-eyed pilot's gait as a groan rumbles around in the back of his throat and he nurses a massive hangover with a bottle of water. But he's alive. Juuust barely.

Eileithyia nods. "Yes. Harmonic Unlimited, he was leader singer and one of musicians, it was either violin, or was it gitaur?" she questioned herself trying to remember. She closed the case of her gitaur with a foot. "Well if anything dad was good at what he did. I don't know if I really want to get into music, dad said it took a lot out of his life. Time away from mom, while they were dating and when I was growing up he was usually on tour or working late so I didn't see him consistantly. I don't know if I could put the people I cared about through it. Its almost the same as being in a medical profession."

Castor looks over at Matto, "How are you feeling, Kissybear?" He asks both amused and concerned for Matto. He then gives Eileithyia a stupified expression, "Get out? Really? No fraking way..I mean You Dad is AMAZING! Well, yeah, I guess so…" he pauses, "well, I know what it is like to not have your parents aroud but still you've got talent in your blood."

John nods a little bit as he listens. Keeping silent for a few moments, before he looks over at Matto, waiting for the answer to Castor's question.

Eileithyia grins. She almost hides in her chair, if one can call her averted eyes 'hiding'. "Thanks, yep that's my dad. Dad said similar to that. But he always chalked my abilities up to me practicing. He told me that 'talent' in its raw form showed potential, but practicing made it shine. Honed it really." she grins. "I still hold out hope."
Matto flashes Castor a thumbs-up with his free hand, his eyes bloodshot all to hell and belying his claim of, "Never better," offered with a flash of a jovial grin. "What the hell did I -do- last night? Vague memories… bets made, leaks taken, alcohol consumed in quantitate."

Castor says to Matto, "Well, you said you wanted to roll with the big dogs last night. Perhaps I shouldn't have pushed you so much?" He then says as he looks over at Eileithyia, "Well, that didn't sound raw to me, then again, I prefer live music you know something that can be played on a ship preferably while looking out at the stars. Though I wouldn't hide your talent, right about now we could all use it."

"Practice makes perfect, in most cases," John offers, before he adds, "I'm sure everyone would love to hear you play more." Glancing back at Matto now, offering the man an amused grin. "Sounds like you had fun, at least?"

Eileithyia smiles. The combat medic raises her eyebrow. "If your that bad, you might want to head to sick bay, take the edge off of it sir." she offered trying to be polite and helpful. "I mean… if things are hazy like that, might want to try and get a little more sober." she bites her lip. "Didn't mean to pipe up sir. Combat medic…"she mumbles quietly to Matto. She nods at Castor. "I was hoping that people would be energised by my playing. The ships tense and dour lately."

Castor grins and says to John, "Any Doc who doesn't chastise for drinking is my kind Doctor, sir." He then looks at Eileithyia, "Well, trust me we need it which is why I am going to put together a talent show. We could use the live music, skits, and so on." He looks at Matto, "I'm sure you could do something with shadow puppets, Kissybear."

"Were you there? I don't even remember," Kissy blarghs. He runs a hand up through his hair, sips more at his water. "There was… Mooner… Dash… Hey," he greets Eileithyia, "I'm fine. Or, I'm not fine, but liquor isn't liquor without the aftershock," he cocks her a grin.

Eileithyia sighs. "Men." she mutters quietly. She look at Castor, then Kissybear and thinks on something for a moment. "How'd you end up with a moniker like 'Kissybear'? If you can remeber that is?"

Castor looks at Matto, "I wasn't there I just happened to see things while I was passing by on my way to bed." He then looks over at Eileithyia and then back to Matto, "Yeah, how did you get that call sign?"

John chuckles a bit at Castor's words, "Well, there's always worse things people can end up with than the alcohol," he remarks, before he looks back to Matto, waiting for the answer as well.

"Poppyflower gave it to me. Well, she gave me the nickname," he grunts as he lowers his semi-animated remains into a chair. "Then the rest of my squadron picked it up, and it just sort of stuck. I have a severe addiction to gummy bears. And my name's Kisseus. Kissy for short. It didn't take long to evolve."

Castor gives a goofy grin, "Well, there you go, from the friend, to the squad." He then looks at John, "Yeah, like lead poisoning. I always hated the suddenly lethal kind." He turns back to Eileithyia, "Hey now, men are okay, except when we're not which is most of the time."

Eileithyia laughs. "You've got an addiction to gummy bears… tasty." she says sweetly, thinking on something perhaps. "Well I guess its not such a 'bad' name.. when you hear the explination of it."

"What's the matter with it otherwise?" Kisseus wonders. "I mean, what, does it scream 'I like kissing bears' or something?"

"That's the side effect of treating yourself with lead, my friend," John remarks to Castor, before he chuckles at Matto's explaination.

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "That is the thing, most call signs are supposed to be embarrasing. Ussually our flight instructors give us our callsigns. For example, I knew one woman who had the callsign of Frenchfry because he last name was French." He then gives a soft laugh, "Or then there was Afaw. He had this thing for women from Aquaria…So, always fraking….well you get the rest." He then stops, "Alright the last one might have been a bit much."

Eileithyia laughs. "Not really, persay, but its got this 'feel to it that was just kinda silly' that just seems strange at least to me." she admits. "Though now that I hear the explination it's all the more interesting." She rolls her eyes. "Well I am glad so far, no one's give me one that's embaressing or stupid or anything of the sort." she says. "Though I guess as a combat medic I get shuffled around so much to where I am needed one might never actually stick."

Castor says, "Well, pilots get callsigns, sometimes the marines do to. To be honest Marine or Navy we respect our combat techs and doctors." He says looking at John and then to Eileithyia, "It is because of you that we can keep living after being shot or wounded." His tone is reverant and his expression is the same, "So, we call you by your name instead of hiding behind a callsign because you deserve better."

Matto snerks, "Oh, come on. Like callsigns are always so serious, right?" He shifts in his seat and crosses one leg over the other, continuing to nurse his water. Sip sip. "It's a sign of love."

Eileithyia nods. "True. But I think my name is such a mouthful at time. I always got teased in school for it. Most of the kids had to find ways to creatively shorten it… or work around it. Seventh grade there was actually a young girl with a speech impediment, who couldn't say my name at all… it was the way the long listing of vowels strung together.." she remembers, her eyes closed.

John chuckles a little bit as he hears Matto's words, "Affection, at least," he remarks, a bit lightly.

"Or sometimes it gives us a heads up about another pilot. Never trust someone with the call sign Hotshot." Castor grins, "Though yeah it can be a sign of affection."

Eileithyia thinks. "Hotshot, sounds like someone with an itchy trigger finger." she says. After a moment she reaches down to pick up her gitaur and begins to play a repitive melody, a little childish but, in its simplicity, but its more a 'round' turn, repetive melody, circling itself and only changing slightly. As listens as she plays.

Castor smirks, "I still think Lifeline is a good one." Though as the music begins to be played he stops to listen reflexively.

John doesn't offer any opinions for the 'Hotshot' call sign. When he heares the music play, he takes a step back, listening with a bit of a smile.

Matto finishes up his water. "Okay, I need to get up and start moving, or I'll just crash here and Poppyflower will have to come crowbar me off the sofa for CAP tonight. You viper jocks… how have your livers not -abandoned- you already?" he wonders as he shoves forward off of the cushy chair.

Castor grins, "Oh, mine is made of steel didn't you know, they replace all of our livers with steel ones." He then pats his side, "Thank you Colonial Navy." He then looks at Matto, "See you tonight for CAP."

Eileithyia continues to play with a careful circling of music. She pauses a moment, to let the last few strains die before playing again continuning the notes, though lengthing them on this second set of music.

Castor continues to listen to the music and as he does so he looks at John, "Hey, eltee, any news on the medical front?"

Castor had been looking at John until he heard Eileithyia's song. He then stops and listens as he says softly, "Reminds me of Aquaria." His tone is quiet and reverant.

John shakes his head a little bit, "Nothing new, no. Only the same old, really."

Castor grins, "No news is good news." he then asks John, "Have you thought about the talent show any more?"

Eileithyia looks up from her playing, though she's gotten herself in an auto-play kind of mood and speaks up ."What's this about Aquaria? How so?"

Castor looks back at Eileithyia, "Sounds like the waves crashing against the shore. You know, soft and rolling, it is a comforting feeling for us."

Eileithyia starts singing after a few moment, something sweet and soft, about the dawning light once watched from a beach shore. The changing colors of the sky as dawn approaches. She continues to play, though looking at them each to watch reactions.

Castor is simply sits and listens with a hypnotized look on his face, it would appear that he is completely lost in remembering his home.

Eileithyia pauses in her playing, and then continues. "Either of you think that a war is just too damaging to people?" she asks playing slowing, her hands are less coordinated now as she players.

Castor considers this for a moment before offering, "It can damage all of us. It is why they teach us to hold on to symbols, like our rank or our uniform." His voice is serious and determined, "War is inevitable and it never changes. So we have to remember that we belong to something greater than ourself. We have to remember that we are serving the greater good." He pauses, "We have to remember that our sacrifices protect those we love and leave behind."

Eileithyia smiles. "I guess so, but how do you keep telling yourself that, when you've just seen little kids who are terrified, hmm?" she asks her fingers falling silent on the strings. "These kids who've probably seen their family's ripped from them? How do you seperate yourself from it?"

John considers a bit quietly, "You slip into routine and hold on to that," he offers, quietly. "And I believe in all wars, one of the way to cope is by believing their side is the right one."

Castor looks at John, "How long can we hold out with our medical supplies?'

"You'd have to talk with the CMO for the exact numbers, but we've got enough for a while, at least," John replies, after a few moments of pause.

Castor looks at the John, "How long is a while, sir? I'm just asking because I'd like to gauge how long we can hold out. Though I'll speak with the CMO, sir.'

John shrugs a little, "Depends on how much it's needed, right?" he offers, a bit lightly. "The CMO knows enough to make a proper estimate, I believe."

Eileithyia looks up from her chair and her gitaur she seems a bit more distant. "Maybe…" she mutteres quietly.

Castor nods his head, "Fair enough, sir. To be honest I wouldn't really think about this until I saw the both of you." He then looks over at Eileithyia, "Hey, are you okay?" He asks with some concern in his voice.

Eileithyia thinks. She leans back. "I don't know… I am thinking , its just after all of this… am I cut out for this. Did I… no I made a commitment to a job. Can't back out." she sighs. "Sorry it was the fight.."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "That is a normal reaction, especially considering everything that has happened recently. You've got three options, one, you keep working and living in the moment, two, you change what your doing and do something else, three, you give up. If you give up you will never be able to look at those around you and say, "I did this. I survived this."

Eileithyia thinks. "I love what I do, I love what I do… but I don't know if I can continue doing it, but changing doesn't seem like an option. I want to be a doctor and a psychologist/psychatrist.." she closes her eyes. "I don't know… what I want to do… hmm.."

John grimaces a little bit as he listens. "It's probably one of the more common reactions these days," he offers quietly.

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "Then change, focus on medical, get training for psychology. Soon enough we are going to need a psychologist. Especially if casulties roll in."

Eileithyia sighs. She sets the gituar down, gripping the neck in an almost deathgrip. She's clearly on the verge of breaking down."Yeah I know. But I'd rather not be stuck up here with people down there needing me too. I never did like being helpless. I spent most of my life being such. I refuse to do that again…" gripps the gitaur and then lets go if it, realizing the strings are putting pressure on her hands. "I think I really just wanted to make it to being an officer one day…yeah if this keeps up a psychologist will be in high demand… I kind of wish the Kharon wasn't so small, in a time like this space would be useful… I could put together a schedule, work around it, have sessions, do things to get peoples mind of off it." sounds like the young medic's thinking much bigger. "That talent show is a good start to keep preassure from causing people to snap, but it's a banage not a cure-all. A few days latter and we'll all be back to being on high alert again, jumpy… perhaps-no we can't do that can we? We can do weakly activities or anything of the sort…" she sighs.

Castor places a hand on Eileithyia's shoulder and then he uses his free hand to take the guitar and move it to a safer place, "Hey, focus on today first okay." His voice takes on a quiet and determined calmness, "First off, let's focus on your objectives, you want to be an officer, okay you can do that here. Second objective, you want to improve your skills and maybe become a psychologist, you can do that to. Okay, those are two strong objectives and they will give you a sense of direction. If have a direction to move in then you are not powerless. Maybe overwhelmed but you are not powerless." He then takes a breath before continuing, "Right now, this is home. This is where we are and while we all wish the Kharon was bigger this is where we live. We would all like to be behind the safety of a Battlestar but this is what we have and so we have to make the best of it." He then gently squeezes

John keeps silent for now, listening a bit thoughtfully to what's being said.

Eileithyia laughs. It's that nervous kind of laugh given when your clearly so scared that everthing seems just a little bit funnier. A coping mechanism to keep the brain in once peice, seratonine levels high. A deep inhale. "You're right. I can do it, but I also don't wanna be stuck on board either. I never thought I'd say it but there times like this when an actual threat of claustrophia sets in. But you're right I am not powerless, just overwhelmed. I do have a plan, and its one that's gonna let me function." She glance at Castor. "I am fine now… thanks… I just shut down when I get overwhelmed sometimes… just stop functioning… thanks for being my reality check." she looks her gitaur. "So many songs, left to sing.."

Castor looks deeply into Eileithyia's eyes, the action is almost like an officer attempting to read one of the people under him, "If you say you are okay I belive you. However, if you need to take a break talk to Command. Overwhelmed soldiers make mistakes and there is no shame in saying your overwhelemed. It lets others know you've shouldered enough ofthe burden for a while and someone else needs to pick up the slack." He then takes his hand off of Eileithyia's shoulder and says "Your job is to save lives and you can't save anyone until you have saved yourself first. Do no harm right?" He looks at John for agreement.

Eileithyia nods slowly. "Right. I know I can't, but sometimes I feel like, because we're on such a ship, I have to do it, or else thing's will start to fall. IT's a sense of responsibility." she whispers. "I guess I've always been like that I need to care of the people around me, or else I feel… unfufilled." she says trying to find the words. She seems more coherent, her blue eyes aren't as clouded as they had been. "But then how do I go about decidind if this switch is 'good' or 'ok'? I mean I can't just deprive the medical units of a person because… I don't think I fit, but at the same time its where I want to be."

Castorcontinues using the same steady tone of speech, "Well, you have two options. One you can explain how you feel to command and they might move you somewhere else. Two, you can ask for permission to train and this way you can take a greater degree of controll in what you are doing. Command will move you where they need you. If Command told me right now I was grounded and I was reassigned to work with the deck gang then that is what I would do. However, Command also isn't stupid and they will want you to work in the positions where you show the greatest deal of skill and passion to do so. So, if you want to decide either roll the dice and give it to command or begin working on your own and if it feels right you will know it is where you are supposed to be."

Eileithyia flops back in the chair. She closes her eyes and tries to think. "Sounds about right. Perhaps choosing my own road would be best, I could try and walk that line… figure where I belong instead of being forced off on another part of the crew. I wish…" a sigh. "I guess it doesn't matter."

Castor looks at John for support and then says, "What do you wish? Because everything matters."
John nods a little as he hears that, "Finding one's way on their own is probably one of the most important things, yes." He pauses for a little while, "I'm sure they'll do whatevere they can to help you, especially given the current situation."

Eileithyia smiles. "What to say. I just wish, I could lead, or at least work on leading. I don't know anything, yet, but I feel kind of like I have to do more… than just heal,as much as I love it. Command, communications… something… and healing… I can't merge them together, it just doesn't work. But being good a vareity of jobs would be useful."

Castor sits beside Eileithyia while John watches the two of them. The mood seems a bit heavy in the room. "Well, learning to lead is why we go to school to become officers. Not many people know how to just lead. Though if you want to learn to do more stand up and request the training. In fact I've put in a request for Raptor training so I can be much more flexible. You can do the same."

Eileithyia grins. "But where does one start? I mean…raptor training, I could, do I think. I'd probably be decent at it… " she smiles, the optomism returning to her blue eyes, making shine, just a little brighter. "I guess I need to put in for it. Suggestions, time on how to construct such a letter to the higher ups and not sound like soo newbish?"

Castor says, "Well, if you want Raptor training you will need to talk to your commanding officer and you will want to talk to Captain Legacy She is in charge of the Raptor Squad and Captain Marek the CAG. You should know that you'd become an officer if you completed training."

Eileithyia grins. "A combat medic who in a pick can blow stuff up in a raptor, actually that's not a bad plan." she smiles as the idea sinks in a bit more. "Yes, a combat medic-raptor pilot hybrid,,, I can fly and shoot and heal and get out of nasty situations. And then I can continue working on my degrees for psychology/psychiatry and being a general practictioner… Lords of Kobol hel me I think I've gotta write a bok about this, you know so when I get home I can say I was the first ever: Combat Medic,Raptor Pilot, Psychiatrist ever." she grins. Its a cheery smile.

A almost missed scent of tobacco wafts into the room as the old Gunny steps through the door with a book in his hands and a towel around his neck. Wearing only pants and a tank top with a pair of training shoes, the slightly damp and fresh from the shower Gunny makes his way to a table and sits down leaning back in the chair. His skin is a series of scars and skin grafts, pot-marked from years of abuse at the hands of friends and foes, the service takes it's toll on his old flesh and it shows. The leather hide, covered in scars, conceals a well built and maintained body. To spite the markings of the flesh the form is sound and moves steadily and easily to spite it's age. He rolls a cheap cigar in his mouth, a cloud of acrid blue smoke escapes from his lips as he sits down.. deep in thought perhaps.

John chuckles as he overhears that, before he looks over at the new arrival, studying the man for a few moments, and offering a nod.

Castor looks up as Aaron walks in, "Gunney." He says with a smile, "Still smoking those cheap cigars?"

Eileithyia snorts "Cigars again…" she murmurs. She looks at Aaron, offering a polite head nod to him and pick up the gitaur, and starts playing. "Its good to know I've got good friends."

Aaron's steel grey eyes flick to the left to regard the young man who addresses him and he shrugs a little. "Eh, ain't much a point in clean livin' these days." He rotates the cigar in his mouth with a jet of smoke as he adds. "Sir.." In greeting to the two others here. Sitting down it the chair he kicks his feet up on another and opens a boot. Tactics and history of fleet operations by Admiral Kane. Not exactly light reading.. His face is a study of jagged angles and crags, unreadable for the most part. He could just be perpetually pissed off?

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "Hey, what's wrong with cigars? They smell like blueberries and flowers." He then smiles, "Well, we are all friends here, though some of us are better friends then others." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an Aquarian cigar, "If you want it Gunny its yours." He notices the book, "Kane? You're reading that?" He pauses before he says, "That is some heavy reading."

John shrugs a little bit, "You remember those 'worse things than drinking' we talked about?" he comments lightly to Castor, a bit lightly.

Eileithyia blue eyes move back and forth curiously. She doesn't say anything but actually begisn to play again, her fingers moving as if to remove some of the tension from the air.

"My half brother served with Kane on the Pegasus. I assume he went down with the ship, was in charge of their marine contingent. Often spoke highly of Kane, and I know my father admired her." Aaron offers as he turns the page, slowly absorbing the introduction. ".. it's something to pass the time young officer. Beyond sitting on my ass and keeping the rest of the marine enlisted occupied, not much else to do on this raft." He mutters under his breath, another blast of foul smelling smoke from his mouth. A few of the marine enlisted nod in his direction and he nods bad, inform here in the lounge.. but report have indicated that Aaron has been kicking ass and taking names with the marines. His theory is keeping them occupied with exercise and training will keep them from dwelling on what they have lost. So far it seems to be working.. so far.

Castor is calm as a cucumber in fact it is as if he is as relaxed as he can be. He looks over at John and says, "I do indeed Doc." He then looks to Aaron, "Yeah, she was the youngest admiral in history and she worked hard to get there. She was also big on keeping her crew busy." He then asks, "Which is what I hear you are doing with the marines. How are they holding up?"

Eileithyia Chuckles. "I am holding up… as well as I can be." she pipes up with a happy tone as she plays as if to speak up for the marines. "Though I can't exactly speak for others under the Gunnery Sergeant's care."

"Good," is all the reply that comes from John at this point, as he glances around the room again, going back to being quiet now.

The old marine just turns the page on the book and he glances back to Castor for a moment and he blinks once. "They will do their job sir if that is what you're asking. I have faith in these men, they are young, undisciplined.. but what else do we have." He says. "I will concern myself with the marine, I imagine you have enough to worry about.. sir." He adds with a exhale of smoke from his nostrils. Nothing hostile in his tone, just factual.. as if reciting a memo. A good gunny shields his men from officers, they tend to do more harm then good.

Castor shakes his head and his tone becomes friendlier, "So, that was a poor choice of wording Gunny. I know you are shaping them to be the best marines the Colonies have ever seen. I meant, are they mentally holding up to all of the training. I'd like to hold a talent show and I thought you could help spread the word to them. You know something to let some steam out."

Eileithyia listens. She continues to play, focusing on the music, finger playing sweetly as she begins humming, and forming a melody.

"I should get back to sickbay…" John says, after listening for a few moments. Nodding a bit to the others, he offers a bit of a smile. "You all will take care, I hope."

Aaron smirks a bit. "Yea sir, you go ahead with that.. sounds like a good idea." He says mockingly as he chews on the tip of the fowl smelling cigar and then exhales another cloud of smoke. Turning a page he glances up at John leaves and he gives a polite nod. A few of the younger marines stand up to leave as well, letting the gunny deal with this as needed. They want no part in it, apparently.

Castor hears Aaron's tone and leans back in his seat giving a polite smile, "Thanks Gunny, I look forward to bringing us all together." Castor's tone however is calm, even, aparently this is how he got the callsign Tinman.

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