Summary: Kisseus Matto spends a sleepless night in various degrees of irritation, drunkenness, and sanity.
Date: HD103
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Thea's trying not to grin - she's really, really trying. No, she doesn't squirm, she simply holds still and lets him do the searching. "Mmmm," she murmurs after a moment. "You've showered recently." The berthings are busy as usual and currently, an in-uniform Kai is leaning over Thea's lap, apparently searching under her pillows for something. The Raptor Captain is looking amused as hell.

Thea may be looking amused, but Kai's got a distinctly pinched expression on his face while he digs his hands under her pillow and rummages for all he's worth. "Believe it or not," he mutters, shoving the pillow aside and reaching up to go to work on the shelf above, "viper jocks do actually know their way around a bar of soap." Thump thump thump. At least he's not knocking things over. "Some of us, anyway. How's the shoulder?" The last is offered somewhat begrudgingly, though with genuine concern.

"Oh, I know," Thea murmurs, reaching up to brush a bit of lint from Kai's collar. "You're getting colder, by the way. Do you -really- think I'd keep something that important in a place where just -anyone- could get to it?" She remains relaxed and playful, though not -too- playful. "Sore as hell," she murmurs quietly. "I'll probably get cleared tonight, but unless I'm needed, I'll go back on the line Sunday, assuming Medical gets you the information."

Speaking of the recently showered, Kissy comes patting into the place, a small towel around his neck and a short red bathrobe doing the rest of the work as he uses the one over his neck to scrub his hair and ears dry, eyes squeezed shut and bathrobe hanging open in front. He's never particularly minded the nekkid. And this barely counts.

Kai pauses when Thea speaks. Or maybe it's the brushing lint from his uniform's collar. Either way, his eyes trace back to hers and hold there for a few seconds. "I'll keep an eye out. If it's still sore as hell by Sunday, I'll find someone else to cover your shift." There's a sidelong glance to the arriving Matto, and he remarks drolly, "Your boss is hiding something of mine. What do you think I should do to her?"

Thea peeks around Kai and spots Matto coming. Damnit. The game is up. Using the CAG for cover, she shifts a little, scooching down, one hand coming up then out of sight. "Close the barn door, Kissy," she calls over Kai's shoulder. "I'll have no problem ordering amputation if it gets frostbit." She's grinning, though, and there's a nod to Kai.

Matto doesn't look in any way prone to frostburn just now. He tends to showers on the scalding side of hot, and so comes out particularly rosy. "Hm?" he wonders, pulling down the towel from around his ears and flicking it over his shoulder before he pulls the robe shut. "-To- her?" he wonders. "Anything she wants, I think would be the right answer, there."

To be fair, Kai doesn't seem to notice or care that Matto's displaying the goods over there. He's a pilot. And not a particularly sheltered one, at that. "You know as well as I-" He turns back when she starts rustling about.. somewhere. And makes a grab for her hand when it comes back up. "-that that would only encourage her."
And Kai catches her hand as it's down inside the top of her tank. "Encourage me? Now that's a tempting thought," she murmurs, giving Kai A Look. "Oh, would you like to get it? Be my guest." Her lips twitch ever so slightly. "Good answer, Kissy."

Hell. This is slightly awkward. Kai pulls his hand back like he touched a hot element, and looks very much like he'd like to swat the insufferable Cat right about now. After leaning in to murmur something very quietly to her, he swings his booted feet back down to the floor and rises. Matto doesn't get a verbal reply, though he demonstrates with a thumb and forefinger gripping the top edge of his uniform's collar. There's a missing Captainly pin.

Matto finishes drying his hair and shrugs off his robe, hanging it up to dry now that he himself is not soggy. He pulls out some clothes and lays them out on Poppyflower's bunk as a prelude to getting dressed, and looks over at Spiderman and Kittenface, "Does this mean the enlisted have to salute your tits now, Kitten? Not that half of them don't already," he chuckles.

Thea heaves a quiet sigh as her shield moves away and she's caught with her hand down the front of her top, clearly going for something in her bra. "Get back here," she mutters to Kai, reaching up with her bad hand to tug at his uniform jacket. Her other hand comes out of the bra and opens to reveal the missing pin. She eyes Matto and turns a lovely shade of pink. "Only if they can catch a glimpse."

Oof. Kai is duly tugged, and drops back down onto the edge of Thea's bunk. He glances at his watch again briefly, while the pair converse.

Matto puts his underwear on one leg at a time. There. Proof. And an undershirt. And a tank top. There. Mostly dressed. He grins at Thea, "Sorry, Cap."

The female Captain looks up at Kai with a wry grin. "You owe me," she murmurs. "A favor to be named later." Her face gives nothing away, though. She takes the time to pin the missing rank insignia in place properly, tweaking it to make sure it - and his other pins - are straight. Peering around Kai again, she just sticks her tongue out at Matto, grinning. "There," she murmurs to Kai, patting his shoulder. "Now you're set."

Kai presses his lips together slightly, but dutifully holds still — chin lifted — while Thea slides the pin into place and fusses over it in that way she does. "And you're devious," he mutters on the heels of her last, patting the thing down with his fingers briefly. "Enjoy your evening, both of you." Thea gets a somewhat arch look, and Matto a far milder one as he rises again, and heads briskly for the hatch.

"Mm-hmm," Kissy calls back to the retreating Captain, stepping into a pant leg in the meantime.

Thea murmurs something quietly to Kai just before he stands to leave, then settles back against her pillows again, eyes down. "Good evening, Spider," she calls quietly. "So, Kiss, what's up for your evening?"

Whatever Legacy says to the CAG, gives him brief pause as he's moving away from her. Nothing more's said in return, though. Oh, she'll get hers all right. Out he goes!

"Not all so much. Cookies and Mulvry and I were thinking of getting a game of triad together," Kissy relates, fastening his slacks and seeming content with his level of being dressed. He turns his eyes toward Legsy, then, narrowing them slightly, "You doing okay?"

Thea looks over at him and lifts a shoulder slightly. "I'm alive, so that's a plus," she tells him with a bit of a tired smile. "Trying to…adjust to things. How about you?"

Matto shrugs a shoulder, coming over to sit down in the spot vacated by Kai. "Okay, I guess. So what's with trying to get the Spider to crawl down your cleavage?"

"I'm through with relationships," she says with a faint smile. "And I was just teasing him. I knew he wouldn't go there, not even for his rank pin. But it was fun to watch him squirm a little." Her eyes twinkle just a tiny bit. "Someone has to keep the CAG humble." And apparently that someone is her.

Matto gives a wry grin, "Welcome to the ranks of the perpetually single, Kittenface," he tells her. "Now if I can get off of this nasty habit of kissing boys, I'd be set." His face falls as he processes that last, "Oh, hey," change of subject, "How's New Guy coming along?"

"Well, from what I can gather," she says, sliding over to make room for him. "I've been keeping an eye on things from the desk. I need to get him out in a bird, though, sometime soon." There's a quiet sigh. "How's Flash doing?"

"Well, she hasn't boned him yet, as far as I've caught wind, so," Kissy shrugs, "Maybe he's helping, in that regard. I hope he is. I miss our perpetual virgin."

Thea just gives him a look and shudders delicately. "That's the LAST thing I want to think about right now. With everything that's gone on lately, who's boning who can wait a few days." One hand reaches out so she can tweak one of his curls. "How are YOU doing?"

Matto laughs, tipping his head to let her toy with one of the wet locks. "Okay enough. Better than some. Have you talked to Muddy, at all?" he wonders in a soft tone. "I… I've been worried about you. I wasn't anwhere near as close to Torchlight as you were… I just want to help you."

Thea's smile fades a little as she toys with the curl, eyes on that rather than his face. "I haven't seen Mudguts lately," she murmurs. "I'll track her down. As for Torch…" Her eyes close. "She was my best friend, Kissy. I…haven't been able to cry yet. I'm still in shock."

"I understand, Kitten," Kissy tells his Captain quietly, lifting a hand to rest on her near shoulder. "But when it needs to come out, if you need someone… you know I'm here for you, don't you?"

She leans a little toward him, not quite leaning ON him. "Thanks," she says softly. "The one thing I'm blessed to have is a strong support network. Arielle and I will probably end up getting drunk together."

Matto takes a deep breath, "Oh, yeah, she's going to need it. I— oh, gods, I've been awful. I keep meaning to go visit Moonshine in Sickbay. I'll bet she needs people there with her now more than ever. And it's just like every time I think about it I freeze up, you know?"

Thea reaches out to start stroking Kissy's hair again, and the answer as to why is probably revealed - it gives her comfort. "I need to get down there to see Mooner too," she says quietly, though there's something odd in her voice. Just slightly.

Matto is like Thea's teddy bear? Soft and cuddly and comforting to pet. He even curls up and falls to his side, resting the top part of his torso over Legsy's lap for ease of stroking. And because it's comforting to him, as well, of course. Even if he might look fairly silly, or like he's about two seconds away from sucking his thumb. "Let's go together," he offers quietly, knowing how the Captain might need some support, being in that particular room just now. "We'll visit Moonshine and… well, visit for a little bit." By which he probably means have some time to mourn.

"We'll see," she murmurs, making a comfortable spot for him to curl up. Her hand strokes through his hair, separating the damp strands carefully. "What else has been going on?"

"Um. Hm," Kissy murmurs in thought, "I've helping Rebound modify the sims with some more updated datasets from the Raiders," he comes up with. "I had some practice working with the sim programming unit after you all went down," he notes, as if by way of explanation. A moment of thought. "Oh, and I might have kissed Thornytoes," he admits. In case she hasn't heard it from him already. "Sorry about that."

Thea mmmms softly, nodding. Though she pauses when he says the last. "I'm glad you're working on the sims," she says quietly. "And…you kissed Thorn. Well then. You kissed Thorn. I've kissed Thorn. Are we competing now?"

Matto turns his head just a little to look up at her, "I hope not. I really don't want to know which one of us would win," Kissy smiles an adorable little smile. "Um," he looks aside a few degrees, "I did sort of… kiss… Rabbit… though," the admission is more or less dragged out of his mouth. "Sorry," he adds, cringing a little.

Poor Thea just kind of watches Kissy for a moment, and then she smiles - but it's rather a sad one, oddly enough. "S'alright, Kissy," she says quietly, leaning down to kiss his forehead. "Not my concern anymore."

Matto looks kind of sad, too, "It wasn't his fault, Kitten," he tells her, "It was mine. You all had just crashed, and I was crazy sorts of freaked out, and… it just… kind of happened. But it wasn't his idea or anything. He was waiting for you," he assures her.

Thea rests her head against his for a moment, then says softly, "Let's…change the subject, Kiss," she whispers quietly. "Please?"

"Okay," Kisseus agrees, only too gladly, if with a subtle wound evident in his voice, like he's hurt his Captain and can't quite shake the fact.

Thea's quiet for a moment. "We're…no longer dating, Kiss," she says quietly. "It just took me awhile to figure it out. I should have realized when he brought Mooner to the dance and ignored me. Or when he ignored me at the card game. But I didn't realize there was a problem until the other night, at the fight." There's a thread of hurt in her voice, but no, no devastation.

"Oh." A pause. "That… really sucks, Kittenface, I'm sorry," he tells her, lifing a hand to touch her cheek gently. "How did Testosterone Night go, anyhow?" he wonders, using his usual somewhat derogatory nickname for the event. "I mean, besides…"

The Captain just continues to gently stroke his hair. "It happens," she whispers quietly. "And it was fine. It was…a fight. The Air Wing had a great showing. Everyone did well. Of course, Thorn got to fight the new priestess."

"New priestess?" Yeah, like Kissy keeps tabs on the ecclesiastical personnel. "Did the cause of atheism win out the day?"
"He pounded her into the mat," Thea says with a little grin.

Matto laughs a little in return for the grin, "Didn't hurt her, did he?" he does make sure, with a concerned quirk of a brow. He might hate the religious establishment, but, hey, priests are people, too.

Thea laughs quietly and shakes her head. "Not that I'm aware of, no," she says quietly. "A little blood, but nothing that couldn't be wiped up."

Matto shudders vaguely. "Ugh. And everyone else came out of the ring in one piece?"

"Yep," she says quietly. "Apparently Rebound beat up a little Marine girl. But none of the other battles went too badly."

Matto shakes his head, "One of these times Marty and I will reprise our wrestling personae," he chuckles. "Then there'll be something to see."

"Just don't go streaking nude and blue through the halls again," Thea teases, laughing quietly.

"Blue?" Kissy wonders, brows both quirking upward in the middle for a moment.

"Combining two of your favorite features," she teases, laughing.

Here's Kisseus, looking mildly confused, still. "O… kay. I'll keep that in mind," he assures the Captain.

"You streak naked, and you run around blue. It's only a matter of time before you combine the two."

Matto curls up a little further and closes his eyes. "Blue's not my color, Legs," he points out. "So did you clobber anyone last night?"

Thea gives him an odd little look, but doesn't push it. "No, I had to set an example," she says, closing her eyes and resting her head back against the pillow. "Since I'm still a little injured, I didn't want to chance being off the line again."

"That's probably a good idea," Kissy commends her judgement. "Even with gloves on, some people hit -hard.- Marty hit me once and Adonis fuck me that hurt," he winces even at the thought. No pain tolerance, this boy had. Thank the lords he hasn't been shot, yet. Nobody will ever hear the end of it.

Fingers continue to stroke gently, lightly. "I'm getting used to pain now," she murmurs. "Four bullets in as many months. Twice in the same spot. And that's just the physical."

Matto writhes a little bit imagining the pain Legs has been through. "Man, I hope that's something I never have to get used to. How do you end up getting shot so often, anyhow? I spend most of my time at home or sitting in my Foxbat."

"Went to a bar, the first time," she murmurs. "Crashed my Raptor and got in a gunfight trying to command ground troops. Then went out to bring Spider and Thorn and Ivory home. And then we went back to get tylium. Toasters don't like me."

"You just attract excitement, don't you? And bullets. Are you sure the medicoes didn't leave a magnet in there or something?" Kissy teases gently, rolling over to his back to look up to Thea with a bright smile.

Thea's smile is gone. Her eyes are closed, head back against the pillows. She looks tired. Older. "With my luck, Arielle left the magnet in my ass."

Matto shifts and moves until he's curled up against his Captain, almost spooning at her in his unutterably unthreatening manner, "O Captain my Captain," he addresses her.

Both arms wrap around him, holding him close and comfortingly. "Case is sharing my bunk. She's been a good guest."

"That's good. Has she stopped being such a Basketcase, then? I kind of lost track of her. I think I was just jealous 'cause Marty stopped hanging out with me so much," Kissy muses. "Muddy's in my bunk, I'm down with Poppyflower, for now."

Thea smiles a little. "She's…ok. Still having some issues, but she doesn't snore and she's warm. Even better, she doesn't swipe blankets."

Matto chuckles. "Heh. Poppy's a regular blanket thief, so I'm pretty used to sleeping uncovered. Prefer it, sometimes. Blankets can get stuffy underneath."

"Believe it or not," Thea says, curling toward him a bit more. "I get cold. Sometimes it seems like I can't get warm enough." She's quiet for a time, relaxing. "Did I go too far with Spider," she asks quietly, voice low.

Matto knows the game. Poppy's the same way, likes to be somewhere warm and enclosed. Almost without thinking about it Kissy moves a knee forward and over Thea, shifting his weight over her to partially cover her as a blanket, an arm draping over to cover the other side of her chest, elbow bent and hand on her shoulder. "I don't know. I don't know your limits with one another, Legs. But to an outside observer it looked like some pretty dire acts of flirtage."

She's quiet for a time, relaxing under the warmth. "That's all it was, flirting," she says softly. "It was…safe, comfortable. I don't want what I did before. I just…want to be with someone safe. Someone I know."

Matto makes almost as good a blanket as he does a pillow. He nestles his head alongside Thea's, nose against her cheek. "Do you just want to be with someone safe because that's what you really want, or because you're tired of getting hurt, otherwise?" he asks the hard question in a gentle voice.

"I'm tired of getting hurt," she says quietly. "I know Spider. I -know- him. Good, bad and indifferent. I like who I am when we're getting along."

"I'm glad you have someone to make you happy, Kittenface," Kissy murmurs. "Just… … be careful, okay?" The history there worries him, somewhat, evidently.

Thea sighs quietly and nods. "Alright. How about we go down to the game room and play some triad?"

"Yes, please," Kissy whispers. But he makes no particular indication that he's in a hurry to move, the big cuddlebug that he is, gettin' cuddled and all.

Thea sighs after a bit. "It's a shame you're one of my riders and a damned shame you don't like girls," she mutters.

Matto tenses, just faintly. Thea might not even have noticed it if she hadn't been in a state of full-body contact with her pilot, but the discussion turning around to the subject of his… preferences… makes him just that smidge less relaxed, and he eventually eases back off of Legsy and sits up, "Yeah," is all he says on that score, "Let's see if Cookies and Mulvry are downstairs."

She watches him for a moment, then reaches up to touch his cheek - saying nothing else.

Matto clears his throat, then turns aside and coughs into a hand, not saying anything, either, though his jaw works under the touch of her hand.

"Kissy," she asks, voice soft and quiet, asking him, without words. It's all there in her touch, the gentleness.

"Yeah," Kissy replies, "I'm fine," he takes a deep breath, though, some knots there in his throat unconnected to his asthma. He puts his hands on his legs and shoves up off of Legsy's bunk. "Just give me, like, a minute or two? And I'll be down? I'll come soon, promise," he tells her, heading into the Ghostriders' restroom.

Thea lets him go, just watching him. When he comes back, she's gone.

Sen is seated on the couch with Hale, a book about nuclear munitions on the table in front of them. It's a quiet night in the lounge, a pool game going on in the backround and silent conversation. Sen parts from Hale in what seems to have been a lingering kiss, but nothing improprietous beyond that. Just two people enjoying each other's company. Oh. And Hale has chocolate. "That hardly befits the name." She says simply, a teasing sound to her voice.

That. Is about the last think Kisseus Matto needed to see at this particular moment. He stops stock still on the threshold of the lounge, eyes fixed on the pair there, eyes faintly narrowed. Kissy is never a man to resort to anger or violence, but he's well within reach of the former, and while the latter still seems unlikely, it at least seems within the realm of a possibility.

No, The tall pilot doesn't seem to notice Kisseus matto come in, an likely if he did or would have, he likely would not have bloody changed a bloody thing. A glance back towards th' woman who he is enjoying himself with and Abe just reclines a bit there. "Its what we call it back home.." A nod there. "So, now you know." Sen can file that one away in the ridiculous slang that Hale uses.

Sen gives a soft bit of laughter, oblivious to the moment of the seething Raptor bunny near the hatch. Even if she did notice him, it's likely she'd be in the dark as to what has the man's goat, as the saying goes. "Because 'kiss' means something completely different where you're from?" She shakes her wrist, so that the face of her watch is at the inside of her wrist so she can peer at the time. "We never did get around to setting our proper date. When is your next day off shift?"

Matto takes a moment to collect himself, coming back to something more like his usual temperament, his head tipped to one side, mouth partially open, the side of his upper lip raised in a subtle gesture of… disgust? disdain? A breath comes, then, a scoff, breathy with a hint of a cough at the head of the thing. But he leaves the Rabbit to his own affairs, heading past with a shake of his head and jumping over the arm of a sofa further down the way, grabbing up a video game remote from between the cushions and settling in for an evening of shooting zombies.

"All m' CAPS are dog watch, so I usually have have most th' day to light duty and m'self. Seems I get to ride with the Night owls. Which is fine. Ship's usually quiet when we leave and quiet when we get back. Just down right peaceful." there's a look back towards Matto and a raise of his brow, but Hale's not saying anything. No, no need to interrupt the fella when he seems t' be into a video game. All the same the JiG is given a nod, before he's looking back towards the ChEng. "So let me know when a time is good for you."

And now, enter the 'new guy.' Really. Ferris is new, so to speak. So, as he walks into the lounge, to see others here, he stops briefly at the entryway… only to decisively move on in and look around at some of the other occupants. None of these faces are ones he knows. Ones he may've seen at fight night, yes. But new to him, otherwise. So, for now, he makes his way sort of toward the group… but he keeps a friendly distance for now. He seems to be going for someplace comfortable to sit, or sprawl out, as it were.

Sen huffs out a breath that takes one of her wavy locks out of her eyes, "Let's see. The repairs on the main engine are slotted to finish tomorrow, and then we start work on the auxillary systems. I need to squeeze an extra shift in to devote to the nuclear testing, as soon as I can get in touch with someone from heavy-weapons. And then we have a meeting on…" She stops herself. "You know what. I'll make time. Otherwise we'll be a month into this thing." Sen is sitting on the couch with Hale, Matto having just plopped down nearby to play a video game (yeah, we realized too late we're in the wrong room). The ChEng gives a little yawn, then shifts as if she's going to leave. "I have six hours for rack. Day after tomorrow, how does that sound?" She reaches for her book, tucking it to her abdomen.

Roubani has his hands in his pockets as he walks into the lounge, a cigarette behind his ear. Either just off duty or coming up on it, he has his laptop bag slung over one of his slender shoulders and his fingers curled around the handle of an empty mug. The soft jingle of keys follows him towards the goal of the hot water urns on the far side of the room.

Matto doesn't give any indication he caught the glance tossed his way by the Rabbit. He just whips out his flamethrower and starts running through the back alleys in search of undead. Snubbed? Maybe.

Sen stands and leans over Hale, dropping a quick kiss on his forehead. "I have to run, I'm exhausted. Just let me know if that'll work for you." She offers him a warm smile, then straightes away. On her way to the hatch, she gives Roubani a wink. "Lieutenant." Because that's still a novel thing to call him, considering his recent promotion.

"Works fine." Hale says as he starts to stand up with Sen. Though she has the book held there against her abdomen, one hand trails to her arm. A nod there for a second. "Well Rack up-and I'll catch you then, or tomorrow if I am lucky." A grin there. "I'll see what I can dow about the movie." A pause and eyes catch Roubani coming in. A nod there. "Lieutenant.." the kiss recieved and a smile "Later Dove."

The new guy has found his place to settle. While quite close to the others, he's not really spoken much yet to the people around at the moment. However, as he settles onto one of the couches and yawns a little, he leans back against it and sighs a little. Another yawn. He can't help it. However, when Roubani begins to make his entry, he does glance up a little bit, tilting his head slightly as he gives a wave toward the engineer. Seems he kinda knows him, as it were.
Matto keeps his eyes on his game. A little bit more intensely than usual. The lieutenanting isn't particular cause for alarm, though the new guy might warrant some attention… if he weren't quite so focused for the time being.

Lieutenant who? Roubani doesn't even react to that until Sen's clear out the door, when the jolt goes off in his head. Oh, right. He startles into a half turn, opening his mouth to bid his superior goodnight - but she's already gone so he's left with the mug raised and his mouth open. Slick, son. "Sir…" he murmurs to the air. It's not completed wasted though, as it seems to go to Hale as well. "…-s." The trail of Hale's hand on Sen's didn't go unnoticed, but politeness reigns over any commenting about it. There's a glance at the zombies that Matto's attempting to deep-fry, eyes tracking the motion for a moment, then they notice Ferris. "Evening," he tells Ferris in his usual quiet voice. "Did you get some rest last night?"

Hale nods once towards Roubani, before he is moving for the door himself. he has to go and get himself ready for CAP anyway. And with that a salute of two fingers is given over to Roubani, and a nod aimed for Ferris. "You all have a good night.."

"Yeah, for the most part… El-tee." Jaimson is quick to respond when Roubani approaches, and he grins a little bit. "Booze will have that affect on you, after taking a couple of good knocks in a fight," he remarks off-handedly.

Matto's attention is eventually snagged by Roubani's voice. Or maybe it's just the fact that the Rabbit's gone and he can relax a little bit. He still looks a little on the perturbed side. Not odd, perhaps, to the New Guy, but Roubani's likely as not unused to seeing the Kissybear, usually perfectly chill, all featherruffled. "Poetryslam," he greets, torching some zombies. "Dude," is offered to the other one.

Even if Roubani can't vouch for Ferris' struggles with booze, he can to the good knocks. That much is still plain in bruising on his chin, which wraps itself around the right side of his jawline. His reaction to being called El-Tee by the older man is to focus on his mug for a moment while he fills it with hot water. "Good," he murmurs. "You looked quite tired." Another thing Roubani can likely understand. He looks like he hasn't slept well in days. "Ferris, wasn't it?" That's added and then he looks up at the sound of Matto rousing himself. The man's watched a moment, strangely fluffled as he seems to be. "Evening, Kissy." He lifts the mug and gently blows on it. "Things alright?" He asks that casually enough, could be pointed or could just be his particular phrasing of 'How are you?'

"Eh?" Kissy replies, eyes flitting back toward the game for a moment to make sure his guy isn't being devoured alive by legions of the damned. He finally puts the game on pause and tosses the contolllwer to the cushion beside him, "Been better days. Coming in here finding Rabbit making out with yet another person. Just," he shakes his head, "Some people, right?" What's this? Jealousy?

"Jaimson Ferris, yeap," Jaimson replies after a moment. He continues to sort of just hang over the couch for the time being, not really minding the fact he was called 'dude.' It's better than 'new fraking guy.' "Y'know, el-tee," he remarks, turning his slightly upside-down head toward Roubani, "I may need some help later." He gives that sort of matter-of-fact remark rather lightly as he glances toward the other math-nerd. Then, his head goes toward Kissy, and his head tilts a little. "Rabbit. I'm gonna assume that was the guy I just saw leave," he asks, mostly toward Roubani… since he knows him. Somewhat.

"Oh?" One of Roubani's slender brows tics up at Ferris. "Do I need to bring any heavy machinery?" Another glance of breath across the hot tea and he sips at it carefully, then his eyes shift back to Matto over the rim. A glance at the door where Hale had departed, and he makes a soft sound in his throat. "The way of the ship, I suppose," he remarks. "Public space is a bit of a hazard. Would you like some tea, Kissy?" Ferris gets a slight nod at his connection of 'Rabbit' to 'Hale'.

"That'd be nice, thanks, Poet," Kissy replies quietly, turning off the game, which he'd begun out of a desire to inflict pain on things which has since faded. "It just… sucks that people can treat each other like that, I guess." Anger completely transmuted into a quiet, placid morosity.

"No, no. Just a little collaboration of the minds, is all. I'm having trouble figuring out how to put it into proper military terms, 'I got my frakin' ass handed to me on a silver platter before I could make proper tactical assessments,'" Jaimson explains idly, now fully turned upside down on the couch, his head hanging to the floor and his legs resting against the top of the couch idly. Meanwhile, he glances toward the other officer… "Y'know, I was having a similiar conversation to what you're talking about, sort of. But it was a marine. Why hate on somethin' just because you're not gettin' it? Seems like a waste of energy to me, sort of."

Roubani sets his own mug down in favour of digging another one out of the pile by the hot water urn. He goes through three, checking each one for cleanliness before deciding on one and filling it up. As he does, Ferris gets a twitch of his lips at the first explanation. "Ah, military translation. I would be glad to lend a hand." He drops a teabag into the new cup and picks up both, heading to the couch where Matto sits. Bracing a hip against the back to half-sit on the back of it near Matto's head, he lowers the newly steaming cup down towards the JG. The cup bears some dry reprinting of one of Murphy's laws across it in black print. Matto's comment seems to leave him in thoughtful silence for a moment or two. "It does," he finally agrees. "But Ferris does have a point. Dwelling on it doesn't change anyone but you, and certainly not for the better."

Matto draws his knees up between himself and the arm of the sofa, kicking off his shoes in the meanwhile and listening to the discussion, eyes still sort of listless as they follow Roubani on his teamaking expedition. They focus back on Jaimson as he's addressed, attaining a faintly blank stare as he tries to piece the advice together in his head, turning to Roubani again and taking the cup with a quietly murmured 'thank you,' before he looks back to Jaimson, then the Poet, "Don't get me wrong, I've got no beef with someone wanting to get his rocks off." Focusing his attention on the new dude, "He did his love-'em-an'-leave-'em act with a dear friend of mine. She's still hurting over it and seeing him out and about with a new woman every week really isn't helping." He smells the tea before taking a sip, closing his eyes, and taking a deep breath, "You're right, though. It's between them. I just hate seeing her like that. On top of all the other shit she's been put through…"

"Best way to deal with something like that is just to deal with it privately. Man to man, as it were. You got a problem? You ask if you can have a word with him. Discuss it with him… without the ranks," Jaimson notes idly. "Otherwise… what you actually decide to do is up to you. I've noticed something since I finally got out of the recovery bay, y'know." Jaimson pauses for a few moments to allow himself to re-position himself slightly - though his hanging upside down persists. "Everyone seems to have a little more than the normal amount of tension. Now… I've kinda picked up on the scuttlebutt going about the ship regarding the shooting after I was discharged," he remarks, "which is kinda what's leading to a little of the discorse and tension some marines are feeling toward pilots, and vise-versa. And, I assume you're a pilot, as well." Another pause, and now, the young pilot is lifting himself up and down slightly on the couch… and eventually, he just lets his legs fall, and he finds himself sitting up-right. With a bit of a sigh, he shakes his head. "We're all here for something big, important, and very real - even if the situation's kinda shitty. There ain't no reason for animosity toward the Marines… and there's certainly no need for animosity toward our fellow pilots. No matter what. Just work it out with 'em."

The explanation coming from the couch seems to flick some light on in Roubani's tired eyes. Along with something else that's quite tough to read. He cans any further comment on the issue as Ferris gives his speech, opinions of the matters brought up kept out of his expression. The mug in front of his face helps, as he quietly sips his tea.

Matto listens to the speech, curled up at the end of the couch, sipping quietly. "I somehow get the impression that she wouldn't particularly like me saying something to him. And I try not to tell douchebags with quite as many muscles as that exactly what I think of them. I like not getting punched," he murmurs. Sips tea. Then something clicks in his head, and his eyes focus on the new guy, "Something big, important, and real?" he wonders. "What do you mean?"

"It don't take a rocket scientist to kinda figure out that we've got a very big problem, considering the fact that what has happened has happened," Jaimson remarks idly, "and that 'something big, real, and important' is keeping eachother alive and well at this point." A pause, and he considers the tea for a moment. But he decides not to ask - yet, anyway. "If that means we Viper pilots have to fly escort for Raptors, or for a shuttle full of marines… or if the Marines need cover from us on the ground somewhere… or if -we- need rescuing by a marine, the idea is that even though we may have our problems and differences, we shouldn't dwell on them, because that may keep -some- from not doing their jobs - and that's covering eachother's asses." He finishes up, and then smiles a little. "Y'dig?"

Roubani continues to say nothing. Neither technically pilot nor Marine, he has no stake in the current conversation. Or his mind is just somewhere else. Hard to say, as his eyes stay down on the cup that he's got rested against his leg, until he decides it's time for another sip.

"I assume you mean the fact that the world ended," Kisseus tries to fill in some of the gaps in the new guy's preachification. "And keeping each other alive and going was our job before that happened, too. And we did it. Grudges and irritations and all," he assures him. "Just because the world's ended doesn't mean the Rabbit gets a free pass to be an asshole to people, 's all I'm saying." He lifts a knuckle to his upper lip to half-obscure a yawn.

"Yeah, I feel you, I guess." Jaimson just sighs a little, reaching up to rub his eyes a little. "Maybe I need to just keep m'mouth shut," he finally admits after a second or two. "Being… Just getting acclaimated."

Roubani's opinions on the array of matters brought up remain kept to himself, as they usually are. At least in public. "The only thing that can really be done is to remain there for her," he remarks to Matto finally. A statement that may be cryptic to Ferris, but Kissy might understand. "Which I know you do, Kissy. It's good that she has people like you." The sincerity warrants a slight pause, then he looks back at Ferris, his naturally soft voice raising so it carries across to that area. "I'm quite sorry your acclimation time came quite…now." Slightly wry, and the corner of his lip makes a crooked half-smirk. "Have they been treating you well in officer's berthings? We tend to indulge in passive-aggression more than some other areas of the ship, I fully admit."

"We had a long talk tonight," Kissy sips at the tea, "It was good, she's been out burying herself in other things since Sickbay," the event not needing any other definition in his mind. "Anyhow, I'm sorry for being cranky, This thing with Rabbit just got under my skin," as if that weren't obvious. He scratches at his arm, as if that were the patch of skin in question.

"It happens," Ferris remarks toward the other pilot idly. He then regards Roubani, tilting his head. "Well… Rebound's treatin' me all right. He's my bunkmate," he remarks idly. "He ain't done nothin' to piss me off yet. Seems like an all right guy, aside from his sad awkwardness at times," he explains idly.

At mention of Sickbay, Roubani's eyes flicker away from Matto. To the edge of a chair, then Ferris. "Price is a good man." He stands up from his perch on the back of the couch. "Though I meant more the natives. You aren't sporting any obvious shoeprints on your face or been attacked with hair gel as I can see, so I assume you're getting along."

Matto takes to scrying in the surface of his tea in between sips while the others talk about life in Officer Country. "Yeah, Rebound's great," Kissy gives his two cubits on the matter of the man, then settles back into a museful quiet.

Checking his chronometer, Ferris furrows his eyebrows a little bit, grunting slightly. "I've gotta be up a little early," he remarks quietly. "And I need to do a little more brainstorming. So… I think I'll leave you guys to it." He raises up from his seat… rubbing his eyes a little bit and yawning as he heads toward the bulkhead with the hallway exit…

"Good night." Roubani murmurs this to Ferris with his back turned to the man, as he washes out the mug he'd been using. It's turned over and set on the folded towel by the others, and then he too turns to start for the hatch. There's no 'good night' to Matto but there is something - quite uncharacteristically, he lets his hand drop to the JG's shoulder as he goes by, giving a brief squeeze before he continues on.

While others are working, sleeping, or enjoying life one Castor "I'm not a Traitor" Leda is resting in his bed if you can call it resting, for now he has taken up the task of counting the holes in the ceiling again. "Four thousand, seven hundred, and ninety two." He counts another, "Four thousand, seven hundred, and ninety three." It would appear that while others are searching for comfortable rest outside of the brig Castor is stuck with an itchy blanket and nothing to do but count the ceiling, "Four thousand, seven hundred, and ninety four." He does touch his pocket from his off duties to make sure something is still there and it is, what could it be, who knows.

"Dude." The casual greeting tossed out by the Raptorbunny is colored with a warm concern and made gravelly by sleeplessness and maybe a drop or two of Dionysus, and serves as a warning to Castor of the imminent arrival of his late-night visitor.

Castor sits up out of bed as he is met by Kissy on the otherside of the brig, whoa, Kissy got across the glass side, way to go Kissy. He then takes a look at the guards for a moment before he walks forward, "Kissy, I need to ask you a question and please for the love of all that is good say, yes. Do you have a light?" He asks as he then studies Matto, "And, are you a bit drunk?" He asks with a hint of jealousy.

Matto looks put on the spot a little by the sudden interrogation, one hand resting up overhead against a bar as he leans close, eyes flickering to one side, shifty, "Um, yes?" he gives the desired answer: he certainly loves all that is good. But he doesn't have a lighter, so the answer sounds more than mildly conflicted. At least it's true for one of the questions.

Leda who is stone cold sober figures out which answer he got as he then says, "Well, at least one of us is having fun out there." He then chuckles as he looks at Matto, "Having a good time are we?" He then pauses as he studies Matto, "Wait, did Poppy and Marty have the big date, is this why we are celebrating?" He says with a look that is waiting for an answer, for his part, Castor might be killed at any moment if the right evidence is found but he is now busy attempting to keep his mind off of that by focusing on other things.

"They say that Dionysus is supposed to take our worries and sorrows away from us," Kisseus explains, looking into Castor's eyes and then laughing a little bit. "Bullshit," he concludes on that score. "They dated; it ended disasterously, as far as I can tell," he shrugs. "Y'know, no one out there thinks you did anything wrong, guy, okay?"

"Well, most everyone but thank you for the support. I would never harm a pilot knowingly, let alone blow up my bunk, my friends, and my home." he says with some insider knowledge but he doesn't say who most everyone is but instead he says, "Kissy, I think that is a sign you are supposed to drink more." He says with a grin as he enjoys being on the sober end of the spectrum for once. He then says, "And did they now." He frows slightly, "Well, I suppose we will have to throw him here in hack with me because he did break a reg, under orders he was told to make it the best date ever and he kind of didn't."

Matto leans further forward, pressing the side of his face against a bar, "She said it wasn't his fault, wouldn't let us press charges. Dude… seriously… who thinks you did that shit?"

Leda looks at Matto for a moment and then back to the guards, "Well, between you and me I've been getting some dirty looks from the guards here and there." He then takes a second, "But I'm still here which means there is no real evidence against me and that is a good thing otherwise I'd be deader than disco right now." He chuckles, "I'm in deep water, Matto, and I don't know why." He then looks back at Kissy, "So, how are things going? I mean I heard Rebound won the dance which is good for him at least Marines know now that we aren't complete punching bags."

"The dance? Oh, you mean Testosterone Night? I dunno, I didn't go. I heard he beat up a little girl or something," Kissy muses, half-intoxicated. "Dude, don't worry about why. There are people out here trying very hard to figure out why. Just… don't go under, okay?" he tells him.

Castor has been thinking about going under a lot recently, not in a morbid, 'I want to die' sort of way but more in a, 'I might seriously die' kind of way. He responds first to the dance, "Corporal Jarot isn't just a little girl, Kissy, she could blow us all up to the end of time if she wanted to." He then enjoys having his friend come and visit him as he then says, "i won't go under, yet, not until the Commander says so." He then leans in and says, "No news, is good news because if I am alive that is a good thing because it means there is no evidence damning me." He then takes a breath as he says, "But I was told by the Padre, the new one, that I needed to have patience, I was told whatever it is that is bigger than us likes patience."

"Patience…" Kissy murmurs, "Yeah, I guess that's all it is. Nothing to do from in there but… come to peace with it, right? It'll go one way or the other and take you along with it. It's like that thing with the dog and the wagon… the dog's leash is tied to the wagon's axle, and it can either run along and keep up or get dragged along painfully. Either way, it's going."

Castor studies Kissy for a moment before he says in his best sober to drunken speak, "Dude, I'll get out of here." He then offers a weak smile, "I've got nothing to hide and I would never harm anyone, I have a feeling if I was told to fire on peaceful civilians I wouldn't." He then taks a second to offer supportively because right now Matto is there for him and he needs it, "Well, think of it this way, right now I am a dog that is running and who isn't going to give up. I'm going the distance on this because I didn't frakking do it. Why would I set a bomb up to kill myself as well as others. Where is the logic in that?"

"And why the fuck would you put in in your own damned locker, if you did? That's just… frakwitted," Kisseus declares, "Someone else put it in there. Must have. Someone with a beef with Red Squadron," Kisseus nods his head slowly. This is sensible. "But justice isn't going to be blind, here, okay? People are thinking logically about this. Or, most people. Anyhow. You're actually lucky to be in here right now," he jokes some, "We've been doubling up in bunks to accomodate people from your berthings. By the time you're out, you'll be able to go back to your own bunk."

There it is, Castor winces, frak, again with the pilots sleeping in alternate bunks because of something someone did to him. He then gathers himself before he says, "Kissy, exactly putting a bomb in my ownlocker would be suicide." He then offers a smile, this one not so weak, "and the less evidence we have to why it isn't me the better since it is proof that I did nothing unlike finding my name written on things.." then again names can be forged but he doesn't mention this to his drunk friend. He then says, "So, Kissy, what are your troubles I mean why are you drinking like this?"

Matto shakes his head, pulling back from the bars just enough to show the bar imprint already on his cheek. "Same old, you know. And Legsy's been… having problems. Problems that piss me off and that I can't do anything about and shouldn't repeat to other people," he cuts off any further questions, "I couldn't sleep. I thought a nip or two would knock me out. Or at least make me stop being surly. No joy."

"Well, like I said maybe you haven't had enough…" he then pauses before he asks, "When is your next CAP?" As if to gauge how much more he thinks Matto can drink. "And Captain Legacy is pissing you off?" He takes a moment to process this information before he says, "Seriously? Dude? Why is Legs pissing you off?" He throws the informal in for his drunk friend because he knows how he gets when he gets a lot of juice in him.

"N-no, no," Kissy waves his free hand, "Other people being awful at Legs are pissing me off," he explains more explicitly, then takes a breath, "Maybe one more would do the job," he muses. "I dunno." He doesn't seem smashed, by any means. Just a little drunkish.

"Dude, who in the hell is giving Legacy hate?" He says almost defensively since she has gone to bat for him in the past and he isn't going to give up from here even if he can't do much from the brig or can he? He isn't even playing on Kissy for information at this point because he really wants to know who is coming down Captain Legacy.

The form of Damon Cavalera, the man waiting to be executed, suddenly breaks his silence. Eyes closed and laying down on the cot in the next cell over, his eyes remain closed even as his words slip through his lips. "Legacy…" He says. "…she was down on Scorpia. Nice enough woman."

Matto shakes his head, "Gossip's Poppy's department. Anyhow, just some asshole, it's not that big a deal, it's just getting to me for reasons I can't qute fathom," he sighs, then his eyes pivot slowly toward Damon. Who's that?

Castor's eyes move over to the man int the other cell as he studies the civvie. He doesn't respond for now because he has said she was a nice enough woman and because he is talking to Matto. He then looks over a Kissy noting the look, "They found him on Scorpia and hell if I know why they threw him in here." He then rubs his head for a moment, "Matto, I need a name, because I need someone to yell at once I get out of here."

"I couldn't help but overhear…" Damon says, butting right into their conversation. He moves his elbows, forcing his body to shift on the cot in the next cell over from Castor. Never once does he open his eyes. "…in lockup you'd hear of people doing that sort of thing to inmates they wanted to get boosted out of a good room, thrown in solitary. Sounds to me like you made an enemy pilot. Missing explosives just happens to end up in your locker? Not hard to figure out when you think about it."

"Hi," Kissy offers the guy, the syllable quiet and mild. He might have introduced himself, but the prisoner begins to spew wisdom and he quiets down to listen, watching him, studying him pensively before he turns back toward Castor, "Yeah, that's what we were thinking. But— evidence needs come by somehow. Anyway, no names, I'm not going to get Legsy get mad at me for this getting back to him, dude." He looks back toward the other prisoner for another moment.

Castor's eyes focus on Damon for a moment, the two haven't spoken per se, and yes, he did just think per se, however, he takes a moment to listen before he offers quietly, "I don't have any enemy pilots. Everyone tolerates me and some people genuinely like me." He says as he runs through who might hate him, Kassia, nah, she wouldn't pull something like that. He begins to rub his head because at this moment it hurts a bit, "Frak." He says quietly as his headache goes on. He then looks back at Kissy as he says, "Him? It is a him." He then has at least a bit of information as he looks at Matto, "Who might honestly hate me?"

Wil slips quietly inside the cramped confines of the Brig. His dogtags jingle as he walks and his arms are tucked neatly behind himself, fingers threaded together. While this may be a social call, his face is drawn, lips neatly pursed and he seems more…businesslike than anything else.

"Hello back." Damon says, muscles tightening as he adjusts the lay of his arms propped behind his head. The side of his lip twitches, finding something humorous. "Then either you have an enemy you don't know about, or someone made you a scape goat because you're too naive to cover your tracks." Damon replues, yes he called TinMan naive. "You have to ask the right questions. Why would someone steal explosives and put them in your locker? Were they armed? How would someone do this unnoticed?" Damon pauses. "It'll be easier for them to track everything but why you, pilot. You need your friend here to get his ass to work."

"My ass works just fine, thanks," Kissy retorts. "In any case, I'm not a detective. We've got a whole group of MPs who are trained in these sorts of things. They don't need me nosing in and fucking things up," he points out. "Stepping all over the… fingerprints… and scaring away… witnesses… or whatever." Yeah, he's a little drunkly. "And I'd better go before I say something else I'm not s'posed to."

Castor looks at Kissy, "Stay out of this okay unless you hear something good because right about now others have tried and they almost got in trouble for asking questions about my investigation." He doesn't say who but he then adds "And between you and me, Kissy, I'm glad you came." He won't stop his friend from leaving but he is happy to see him. He then turns back to Damon, "And as for you, who in the hell would want to see me go down? No one." He then pauses, "And say I'm naieve again…" This comes out with a huge amount of street behind it, not pretend street like the kids trying to be cool but like, 'I'll have a boot party if you frak with me' sort of sound. Well, maybe Leda did piss someone off. "Besides, whoever did this could have broken into my locker or hacked my signature, or any number of other things."

"Of course, though, if an MP planted the G4 they'd have all the ability to cover up the tracks and pilot-boy over here's gonna get airlocked." Damon replies, eyes still closed as he rests. The muscular, dangerous looking man shakes his head to force one of the dreadlocks to fall over his shoulder. "You're pretty naive to assume you're not a good scapegoat with that temper of yours." Damon pauses, grimmacing. "Your shit is on the line." His eyes finally open. "Either of you have a cigarette?"

Wil shoots Matto a flat look, which is tempered in the end with a small smile. It's just a curve of the mouth and a wrinkling of the brow, but it's there. He mutters to the man, dryly but not in a bitter or aggressive tone, "Skeptic." It's clearly directed at the other man -not- in hack at the moment, and he punctuates it with an upturned nod of his chin. He eyes Castor as well and his lips let forth a sigh. This is an old familiar topic to him, at this point, given what was discussed the -last- time he came down here. Damon's involvement though is something new and Wil's eyes narrow and blink as he studies the man with a sharp, bird-like shift of his head. "Hey." Something's got him vaguely curious.

Matto gives Castor a quiet smile and leans against the bars as if to apply copious huggage to him, until he goes all 'street' and unbearably macho, and he steps back with a wan smile, turning to look at Damon as he does, shaking his head in a silent negative, bolstered with an audible, "Sorry." As he turns to go, he catches the smile from Willem, and he returns it with a tired-sounding chuckle, "Paranoid," he retorts, after a friendly fashion. And he's off. The testosterone done ran him off.

Shandra is sat at the little section she's cornered off as her own, it's just a screen with a desk and a few chairs behind it offering some privacy for the cilent and doctor. Right now Shandra is drinking a cup of coffee and filling out some paper work.

As late verses onto early, Kisseus Matto, for gods know what reason, has taken up a post at the entrance to the Recovery Ward, looking grizzled and tired-eyed, but stalwart in his post, keeping it in stillness and silence, standing straight, almost at an attention.

Shandra glances out of her /office/ and spots Matto, placing down the chart she was working on the elegant doctor moves out of her cubie hole and approaches the man. "If you want to visit someone, you may it always helps both the patient and the loved one, when you visit." She smiles at him kindly. Trying to remember who he is, she seems so many people these days it's hard to keep up.

Matto keeps his position at the door. If Shandra's ever met him before, it's no wonder she doesn't recognize him, now. He seems utterly changed from himself, standing tall, feet planted firmly to the floor, giving him a more masculine, stronger, taller, more serious bearing. He sets his solid gaze upon the doctor. "She sleeps. I wait without." Huh?

Shandra places a hand on the man's shoulder. "You do yourself no good, if you do not look after yourself." She says finally remmeber whom the man is, a pilot in the Raptor squadron. "Matto, isn't it?" She asks, him going to get his attetion. "Whom will look after your friend if your too tried?"

Matto squints at Shandra, dark green eyes piercing. "You've mistaken me for another, I'm afraid," he tells her.

Shandra looks a little embaressed and grins. "I apologies, whom am I talking too." She asks.

"I am called Aristaeus, servant of men," the man replies, staring straight into Shandra's eyes.

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