Summary: Martin and Jupiter speak about her lack of sleep and then berthings hijinks follow.
Date: PHD32
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Today Martin is on call, but he didn't have a CAP. However, it was earlier in the day that the familiar sounds of shuffling could have been heard from his bunk. A few hours later Martin slipped out for a shower and so did Sam, but that is where they separated. Martin goes back to his bunk with a glass of cold water and a book, propping himself up in it with his windows open, reading quietly.
Jupiter is face down in Yuuri's bunk. Yuuri isn't in it. She's got one shoe on and her sweatshirt is still damp, probably from a run. She has that V of back sweat that screams too many hours on the treadmill. Maybe she just didn't make it to her bunk. Probably she shambled in when Marty was really engrossed in his book.

"Peeeeaaaaanut?" Martin calls out lowly, turning one of the pages of his book. He extends his arm to the camera held in it. There's a click.

"What." She say what, but it sounds more like a heavy grunt into a pillow, which is really what it is. She continues to soak gym sweat into Yuuri's top sheet. Then she turns her head.

"Why did you frak Yuuri?" Martin replies, the camera sliding back into his bunk. He's not visible, but the smirk on his face sure is. Another page dies under the combined might of his two eyes and his sponge-like intellect. It turns without any give whatsoever. "Looks like he ran you hard and put you up wet."

"What?" Jupiter scowls. "I ain't drunk enough for that. Not enough shine in the colonies." She pauses, then rolls over onto her back. "Just figure his bunk smelling like sweat is better than mine." This is the second time today she's come back from the treadmill, but Marty wasn't around for the first one. "Needed a nap before my shower." Yuuri can just wonder why his bunk has a unique sweat funk.

"What's the deal anyway? You just working your ass off and falling asleep in someone else's bunk?" Martin asked, this time with less smile in his voice. "I've been in and out a fair deal lately, why don't you and I go grab some lunch in a little bit, then?"

"Is it lunch time?" Jupes grunts again. Frak. She shoves off the bunk and yanks open her locker to pull out the shower-time goods. "I'm just running. I like to run." She hates to run.

"The hells you do." Martin says, closing his book and turning off of the bunk to finally lean out and look to her. "You bitched all throughout highschool when the PE teacher made you. What's going on?" He asks, standing and moving towards her locker.

Jupes kicks her shoe into her locker. The other one's still in the bottom of Yuuri's bunk. "You do… Case and I run." Sounds like she maybe edited her name for Samantha a little bit before she said it. She's growing as a person. The elder Black runs her hand through her hair and shoots a look at Marty.

Martin moves past her to the bunk, taking her shoe out and glancing over the sheets. Handing the shoe to her in his left hand, Martin looks to her face and gives her a sympathetic frown. "Allright, allright that's cool. I'm not gonna pry but if you do wanna get somethin off the record, it's not like I'd record it and sell it off."

"It's a lot like that, and then I'll make Case cry." Jupes reaches over to take the shoe as it's handed over. She thinks about it for a moment, glances briefly around, then asks, "You sleeping ok?"

"Yeah…when I do get to sleep." Martin comments, giving her a slightly cringed smile. He knows they've keep some people from sleeping from time to time, they try to keep it down and for the most part they do unless there's so sort of unwanted head banging against the side of the bunk. "Talk to me."

Jupes leans against her locker, and drapes her towel over her arm. "I don't sleep." She lifts a shoulder in something that could be a shrug, but looks more like a twitch. "I don't sleep unless I run so much I have to sleep."

Martin watches her for a moment, his eyes sag just a little into a concerned look on his face. "Peanut…" He says quietly. "…you gotta go get that checked. If the only way you're sleeping is you're running ragged, you know you can't pilot top shelf like that."

Jupiter smiles. "You can't pilot top shelf like that." She shakes her head and says, "You know I work better under pressure." Most of her senior year was done in massive sleep debt. "Don't give me that look."

"Jupiter." Martin rarely used her first name. "No I can't pilot good like that either and yeah, pressure is one thing but this is something else. I'm not gonna frakking lecture you like I'm Castor or some nonsense. Just…please…go see someone about it." He pauses, watching her face.

Jupes regards her brother for a moment, and her chin comes up slightly. "Yeah, sure." She says that easily, which means the obvious. "How's the arm?"

Martin stares at her. There have been few times in their sibling career that he's pulled this routine, and he is pulling it again. "Or I'll tell Spider." He antes up, giving her a sympathetic look. "It's fine but…damnit, Jupe, please. You know you'd do the same for me."

The eyebrows rise. "I've been hitting on him for a week straight. He'll just think you're frakkin' with him or I put you up to it." Jupiter shakes her head. "What I'd do for you is knock you on your ass till you did what I said. That won't work for you."

"Fine then I'll kick your ass until I see you back here with sleeping pills if that's what it takes. Don't put me through a bad day because you were too proud to get your shit taken care of if I couldn't help you through it." Martin replies, flattening his lips at her. "Please. For me. Unless it's something I can help you with."

Jupiter stares at her brother. She stares at him, giving him That Stare. You know The Stare. The Stare that set many a neighbor's lawn furniture on fire. "I'm not your girlfriend." She finally settles on that. That seems the best thing to say in this situation.

Thumpity-thump-grind. That's the sound of the Captain's boots in the hall, followed by the hatch opening. It has to be Kai, because nobody else moves with that slightly odd cadence around here. He has a cup of coffee in his hand, though for once, no cigarette.

"No. You're not." Martin says, turning his head to see Kai entering. His eyes glance towards Jupiter again as he raises his eyebrows. "We were just talking about you, Spider. How yuou been?"

Jupiter is sweaty again. She's also barefoot. Apparently there was time for another run. She kicks her locker closed, then heads for the Head. Again. She shoots Martin another Look. That one says STFU. But subtly. In that sibling sort of 'you will die if you spill' way.

"I'm sure as hell not your girlfriend either, Dash." Kai sips from his coffee right after that, as if to banish the thought, and even manages not to spill any, on his way to the table. The cup is set down, and Karim starts shrugging out of his fatigue jacket. As to how he's doing? "Good." Then, "Should my ears have been burning? Evening, Fingers." Sweaty Jupes is eyed.

Glancing to Jupiter to return the quiet look, a daring one, he looks back to Kai. "Course you're not my girlfriend. You're my squadron leader and my wingman. You're closer to my wife and my mother all rolled up into one awkwardly male form." Martin grins, lighting a cigarette and moving past Spider. Raising his knuckles, he offers to bump fists with him.

Jupiter throws up a hand to wave over her shoulder in greeting. "Spider." Into the head she goes. There's some rattling around in there, then the clothes come off and the shower goes on.

Samantha ducks her head back into the room, blinking as she hears her boyfriend discussing his wife, mother and a man…"…Is there something I don't know about you, Martin?…Sir?" She looks between Kai and martin, half accusing but mostly teasing. There's a mug of coffee in her hands and she's in her off duty sweats, looking sated from food and slightly drowsy. It's almost bed time for her.
There's got to be something significant about the frequency of Kai walking into berthings, and Jupiter tearing her clothing off shortly after. It might even be mulled over, briefly, or it might be beyond the Captain's mental capabilities at this time of night. Either way, the fist bump is returned, and the same hand used to swat at the back of Dash's head as he goes by. "Smartass," is quipped as the squad leader drops into his chair. "I think she's caught you in your web of lies, Dash." Sluuurp goes his coffee.

Martin grins at the smack on the back of his head, saluting Samantha with his cigarette. "The psychology staff told me today that if we fail I should stalk Spider." Martin says plain faced, turning to see Jupiter disappear into the head for a moment. A concerned look falls over his face as he rounds about the table towards his locker. "How was chow, sweets?"

There could be something to that theory. Kai walks in, Jupes gets naked. Gods know what she's doing in that shower. Well, really there aren't a lot of options. Washing is one. Just a quick rinse.

Samantha rolls her eyes at Martin, shaking her head…"I think you should be very, very worried if we fail then. Or… wait. Maybe Spider should." She flashes a smile over to their superior officer and then heads lazily around the table in Martin's direction, leaning over to steal one of those casual, comfortable, brief kisses before she settles down into one of the chairs at the table, actually looking half relaxed for once and tired enough she might sleep tonight.
Kai, meanwhile, drinks his coffee. Because it's hot, and it won't be for long. Samantha, when she glances over, is given a twitch of a rueful smile.

"Don't hear any complaints out of you." Martin smirks, smacking her on the ass as she steps away from their quick, chaste kiss. Tugging his locker open, he double check his sidearm and does a final check on his gear for the CAP in the morning. Grinning at his current stroke of wit, he looks over his shoulder at them, smirking.

Samantha gives a bit of a yelp and a jump, eyes going wide as Martin takes certain advantages of her buttocks. "You're in a -mood- tonight." she states with a small laugh, still settling into her seat and crossing her legs, right over left, before kicking her feet back up on the oak table and just slouching in, getting comfortable for the time being. "Yanno, Spider…if you really want him, ya can have him. Apparently, he doesn't -respect- women." Sam does her best to keep a straight face, but her eyes are grinning.

Probably, Kai should be doing a better job of defending his wingman. But Martin can fend for himself, so, "Sure. I'll try to remember to feed him, now and then. Does he know how to sew?" A loose button from his pocket was being examined, and is promptly dropped on the table. The Captain leans his chair back on two legs until he can aaalmost reach his locker..

Roubani drifts into homebase, carrying one of his ubiquitous notebooks and with a pencil stuck behind his left ear. His blues have the first two buttons of the jacket undone, small comfort of the recently come off duty. His bunk is his clear target, handy perch that it is for keeping an eye on the room.

"Sup Rubes." Martin nods to Roubani, shaking his head in Kai's direction. "Do I know how to sew?" He huffs. "What kind of ridiculous question is that?" He pauses. "Of course not." He says with mock disgust as if he was just asked how to tap someone with his pinky finger and cause them to explode. He grins and steps to Sam's chair, resting his hands on her shoulder. "I know she does though. Get me a week off cleaning duty and she's all yours."

Samantha keeps that amused smirk on her lips, her body going suspiciously still as she watches the interaction between Captain and Wingman. And then said wingman very possibly makes a mistake. She lofts a single brow, her fingertips coming up to gently wrap over Martin's hands, securing them to her shoulders so he cannot escape. "You know, darling… I would not say such things with my elbows quite so close to your privates. Now, you get your hands back when you agree to do both Spider -and- my's laundry." She keeps that innocent little smile on her lips now, but her hands are clamped over his.

It's not long before Jupes returns from the head, this time she's clothed in tanks and clean sweats. She dried off in there, perhaps for the sanity of her brother, who apparently has a mental cow every time he sees her boobs. "Whipped." It's all she says as she crosses the berthing. Oh, wait. Kai gets a hair ruffle on her way by.

Okay, romantic drama is somewhere Kai is just not going to go. So he doesn't. His fingers finally manage to grab the edge of his locker door, and he yanks it open so he can rummage around inside for the blues jacket belonging to the button. And then Fingers has her fingers in his hair. Blue eyes slink toward the passing Jupiter for a moment, before he drags his jacket out. "Evening… Poet." The 'poet' sounds a little more like a grunt, really.

"Evening, sir…" Roubani extends back to Martin, and as Jupiter passes by the greeting gets expanded to: "…sirs Black". He tosses his book up onto his mattress before effectively - but with more grace - doing the same with his body. Boots shoved down in a cubby beside the ladder, he settles back and glances back at the group below. Thankfully, tonight there's no waxing poetic about the various strains of bacteria housed in people's clothing items. Kai grunting at him pulls a very faint smirk onto his face. "Captain."

"Yeah whipped tired. Man it's sometimes hard getting some good rest in around here I gotta just wander around." Martin says with a pair of widened eyes and a mocking tone to his voice. He smirks and looks down to Samantha. "The hell you will." He calls her bluff, looking back to Roubani. "So how'd your math go earlier today? I'm afraid I didn't stick around for the exciting conclusion."
Jupes continues down the row of bunks, and tosses her towels into hers on the way to the hatch. She nods to Roubs as they pass, and out the hatch she goes. Spin, spin, open.

Samantha considers this just a few moments and Sam carefully moves her body, pulling her feet down, still holding Martin's hands against her shoulders. It's almost a -sweet- sight, if she didn't have that strange predator's look in her eyes, matching the cool smile on her lips. She gives Roubani a brief nod in greeting, "Poet…" Still seemingly hoping to return to his good graces and, just then… Possibly with Martin off guard, she strikes. Her hands jerk back, going straight for his ribs, body ducking around in a horrible fit of tickling as she does her best to pounce him against his own bunk. And she does -not- let up the tickling.

And Kai, quick on the draw, makes a grab for his coffee cup just in case the wrasslin' pair manage to land on the table. "You look like the cat that ate the canary, Roubani. Good evening?" That's a question, not a greeting. He regards Samantha and Martin with some bemusement.

"It wasn't very earthshattering," Roubani assures Martin, drily. "As they say, there are a multitude of similarities between mathematicians and prostitutes. Lots of hard effort for brief reward, professionals are generally viewed with suspicion, and explicit discussion of one's life work are a complete faux pas at cocktail parties." He flips his notebook open, glancing at Samantha.

"Lieutenant." Still formal but hey, at least she gets a nod this time. Progress, maybe. To Kai he shakes his head, innocently. "Standard, I suppose. Not, I would guess, as good as yours if you've managed to pop a button."

Martin doesn't see it coming. Samantha's usually so good about these things, and Martin at least has the split second of calling her bluff in victory. That's when he stumbles back to feel the tickling begin. "Oh son of a—" He starts as he falls back against the bunk, feet kicking lightly as he tries to twist and weave away from her hands in a display of non-judo. Gritting his teeth, he tries not to yell out for the benefit of those in the bunk. His mouth opens and his eyes go wide, emitting a silent howl complete with bared teeth as he tries to get away.

Samantha is merciless in her tickling, managing to get her legs over Martin enough to pin him to the bed and her fingertips now fully invading his ribs with the gesture. Yes, she knows his weakness and he's getting it now. "Laundry for a week, and I'll stop!" She crows out, tossing a wink across her shoulder towards Poet and Kai…"For Spider, Poet AND me… and I'll keep addin' people if you don't say yes!" She grins widely…

Kai ducks his head, trying in vain to stifle a smile as the pair tussle, and Roubani offers up sound wisdom. He's been a bit short on mirth lately; which is to say, even shorter than usual. A smile from Kai is like an oasis in the desert. "I wish I had a sordid story behind it," he tells the Ensign, setting his coffee aside on another chair. His jacket's laid out across the table, and the button set atop it. There. That should work, right?

Roubani clears his throat softly at the straddling going on all of a sudden, not sure if one should be politely looking away lest this start involving skin or something. He scratches his head and rescues his mind by focusing briefly on Kai and the jacket. "Is that not following orders, sir? I'm sure I know someone who can take care of it for you."

If there's one thing that the people closest to Martin know…it's that he hates having to go down to the laundry. I should know, because myself…your narrator…took the time to specifically note it on his profile page. Martin happens to like laundry less than tickling…which means he's shit out of luck. The form of his legs kicking and trying to get leverage over Samantha can be seen from the rest of the room like the two angry claws of a lobster being choked to death by a fisherman. Like a fish drowning in oxygen, he fights his intense desire to howl aloud, face turning red as he near soundlessly laughs. "No…no no no no…" He whispers, grunting as he tries to get her off of him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Martin:Melee vs Samantha:Melee
< Martin: Bad Failure Samantha: Success
< Net Result: Samantha wins.

Samantha is quick, has the upper hand right now, and isn't quite so breathless as he is. Fortunately, the tussle seems to merely be that, no skin showing or anything coming off indecently for poor, innocent Roubani. She laughs, ducking off to the side, still attacking one side of his ribs even as he tries to get at her…"Fine, fine… Mine, Spider's, Poet's, and Fingers' laundry for a day AND an apology! Last deal! I can do this all night…!" She is giggling, just a bit, the happiest she's sounded in a long while.

Kai looks up at the 'not following orders'. He, of course, has been in berthings most of the day, except for a brief stint in the mess hall. The head, if people are keeping tabs on him. Which might strike him as odd, if they were. "I'm sure you do," he answers, not in the least bit snide. The button is set aside and the jacket folded carefully. Thank the Lords of Kobol, Kai isn't going to be forced to figure out a needle and thread tonight. He lifts his booted feet up and to the side, obligingly and without shifting his gaze, as the wrestling pair skid past.

"Leave it be, then. I'll let them know," Roubani promises Kai, with a nod and a very faint smile. Thankfully he's up on his bunk and not in the way of the wrasslefest below. Still talking to Kai, he comments with some amusement, "Do you think he'll need an oxygen tank? I'm sure medical could scare up one, and a walker."

To continue fighting or try the famous 'I can't breathe' cop out? These thoughts cross Martin's mind as he struggles against her. He's not a marine, he doesn't have a decidedly violent way out of this one. Straining as he's being assaulted and his jive-ass of a wingman isn't getting his back on this one, he's got nowhere to go. In the torment, something about it only being one day of laundry sounds much better than a week, and before he knows it the words slip out of his mouth. "Aaaaaaauuuuuuugggggh fine stop stop stop please." He pants, teeth clenched and eyes near tearing with laughter as he makes an evil face at Samantha. "….oh you are so in for it damnit. When you least expect it so help me." He grins at her, a dangerous look in his eyes, giving her a promise of future hazings. He starts to catch his breath. Still trapped beneath her, he starts to calm, sighing out his words. "…caaaant believe I lost that one…"

Samantha grins widely, looking back to the others…"Make certain Martin gets yer laundry one day this week. I ain't lettin' him out of it." She winks warmly at the crowd and unstraddles Martin's sides, standing up and cracking her knuckles before dusting her hands off, as if to say job well done. She smiles back to him. "That is what you get for being a chauvinistic pig. Lesson learned, I suspect. Hmph." She then leans over to kiss him, if he allows…."And my work done here, I'm going to sleep." Then to crawl into his bunk. Once more, if he allows. She might be in the dog house for that.

Make that his jive-ass of a section lead, baby. Kai's comfy, and he's staying where he is, spank you very much. His coffee's finished off, and he gives Martin and Samantha another glance, as if either to ensure his wingman is indeed still breathing down there. "I think he'll live," Roubani's informed. Kai: laziest Captain ever. "Thanks," he adds, a little gentler, briefly meeting the Ensign's eyes.

Roubani nods gravely at Kai's assessment of Martin. Still breathing. No backup from this peanut gallery, poor sod. He shifts onto on his mattress, drawing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his hands around his shins, hooking his fingers. Will Martin give an encore? Will he slink away to lick his wounds? Oh the SUSPENSE!

Martin's legs go slack as Sam climbs into his bunk, shaking off his boots enough so that they hang off of his toes. "Whyyyyy laundry? Of all damn things." Reaching out, he nudges his locker open and one by one deposits them inside. Standing, he groans and undresses into his boxers to be ready for sleep. Peeking his head into the bunk, he reaches in and grabs a few assorted pieces of clothes. Namely a pair of tanktops and some sweats, and desposits them into his locker. He looks back into his bunk for a moment and grabs a spray bottle from his locker. Rather unceremoniously, he leans back in and sprays a few times for effect. Laughing, he waves to the rest. "I'll see you all in the morning…" He chuckles, climbing into the bunk and closing the curtains behind them.

A bare leg kicks out from behind the curtain of Martin's bunk, just clipping at his poor abused ribs again, especially as he sprays her with water. "You're in such trouble." She calls out, and then rather louder she echoes, "Night, everyone. See you at CAP in the morning. I'll try not to give Dash back too damaged." And with that pleasantly amused good night, she falls quiet other than a bit of shuffling behind the curtain, mainly getting settled in for actual sleep… for once.

Well, with his mending entrusted to some unnamed person's care, his coffee gone and his squadron still in one piece, Kai's also headed bunkwards. He pushes to his feet and starts for the ladder, apparently intending to change once he's inside. "I do mine on wednesdays, Dash." Just an FYI. He smiles a little with his back still turned, and hauls himself up without another word.

Roubani long ago learned not to watch what people do to their clothing. Lest he become too tempted to just shove the entire contents of every locker in berthings into the laundry, with bleach and possibly some napalm. As things calm down he yawns softly, blocking his open mouth with the back of his hand, and settles in a bit to do whatever he does with a pencil and slide rule before bed. If only that were worthy of innuendo.

"Frakker." Martin grumbles from his bunk, amidst a small fit of giggling as the sound of a pillow being fluffed can be heard.

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