Injured Not Dead
Injured Not Dead
Summary: Roubs gives Jupes some info, Hale and Thea wander in.
Date: PH063 (21 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Head
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #63
OOC Time: Sun Jun 21 00:44:16 2009

This is one of the busiest rooms on board the Kharon, despite this not being the only bathroom on board. Here, the crew comes to shower, relieve themselves, shave and wash up. People can be found wandering in and out no matter the hour of the day though its peak seems to fall around the shift changes. Save for the thick coats of gray non-slip paint across the floor, the whole room is done in stainless steel.

A long line of sinks and mirrors down the center effectively divide the room into two parts. To the Fore is a series of toilets, doors able to lock against intrusion on the occupants. On the Aft end of the room is a long maze of shower stalls which, like the toilets, have lockable doors with a verity of handholds and hooks. Each stall is just large enough to provide the users with enough space to bring their own toiletries and towel in with them and not soak everything.

One of the showers down the line is going full blast, but there's no singing or other identifying silliness going on down there. Just a shower. In fact, it's a brief one. The water shuts off, and a pale arm reaches out for the towel hanging just outside. The towel disappears, and a moment later, out steps Jupiter.

There's someone at the sinks just across from the shower stalls. Spitting. Politely, if there is a such a way to conduct oneself while spitting. At least making as little noise as possible. Roubani is in his sweatpants and a T-shirt, hair damp and a towel over his shoulder. His hand cups under the running water, collecting enough to let him rinse his mouth. Toothbrush and toothpaste? Absent.

Jupiter tucks the towel into itself, and heads over to the sinks where she left her toothpaste and toothbrush before. "Hey, don't I know you? I swear there was this pilot, about your height…" She grins a little, and picks up the bag, plucking out her toothbrush and toothpaste.

"Yes, I've got an evil twin. Pain as he is, making people think I can fly vipers or something ridiculous like that." Roubani keeps the water running, gathering some in his left palm just to drink it. Bad of an idea as that may be.

"That's the silliest thing I've heard today." Jupes glances over and then asks, "You want some mouth wash or something?" She shoves her toothpasted toothbrush into her mouth and … brushes.

"No, thank you." Roubani wipes his fingers off on the towel on his shoulder. Bracing his hand against the sink, he watches the water run for a second before glancing at her in her mirror. "You're…acquainted -" He had to choose that word from among several " -with a Marine named Swift, aren't you, sir."

Brush, brush, brush. Jupiter can be a rebellious badass all day long, but she never skips a brushing. She glances over as Roubani asks that question of her. There's a couple of beats before she leans over, spits into the basin, and says, "… Yeah. What did that little shit do now?"

"He was shot," Roubani picks up the end of his towel as his hair drips on his neck, mopping the back of his head. "Centurions." The news isn't delivered with particular gravitas, just information passed along.

Jupiter brushes her fingers through her hair, checks her eyebrows with one hand, running her fingertip over them in turn. She continues to brush her teeth with the other hand. Pilots: born multi-taskers. "That sucks," she says around her toothbrush, then proceeds to drool toothpaste spit on herself. Frak. Jupes leans forward, spits again, and wipes her chin. "Maybe it'll slow him down long enough to keep half the wing off his ass." She glances over. "… You do mean injured and not dead."

"As far as I know." Roubani talks quietly, almost murmuring. He ends up looking at her eyebrows instead of of her eyes as she draws attention to them. "He was speaking, the last I saw him." He glances at the little mesh bag he'd brought with him, as if trying to remember what else one's supposed to do at a bathroom sink.

Jupes turns on the water, eyes cast down to that. She rinses the brush, taps it on the edge of the basin, then tucks it away. She pulls out a little flosser and sets to work on her teeth. She doesn't look over at Roubani, but she nods as he speaks. "His lips are always flapping. Probably a positive sign." Her eyes come up, though Jupes just looks in the mirror then resumes flossing. "That boy'll never die, just because he's such a phenomenal pain in the ass."

Hale is coming in whistling softly as he heads along and over to the rows of showers. Simple door opened and towel whipped onto it-with no real excuses or sorries to those who might get a sight of flesh. "Lovelies.." is the only greeting given before the Hot water is hit and in he slides shutting the little door, but not locking it. "Glad y' made it back bro.." said over to Poet before whistling continues as the tall lieutenant-bathes. Just like that.

The hatch opens and Thea slips in, towel, robe and other bathroom necessities in one arm. Her hair's pulled back, scraped away from her face in a messy tail.

Roubani nods to Jupiter's sentiment, just a small movement of his head. There's no smile on his wan face. And then he seems to have had enough of regarding the white porcelain in front of him, picking up the little mesh bag. "It seems so." His fingers wind absently through the drawstring of the bag. "Anyway. Have a good evening, Lieutenant." His eyes flicker up as Hale goes past and he gives a distracted nod. "Sir." And turns around, starting past Jupiter. Legacy receives a "Sir," in identical tone.

Jupiter finishes up with the flosser, rinses, and takes a hit of mouthwash. She leans slightly over a sink basin, hands on the edge. Swish, swish, swish. Jupes stares into her own blue eyes, leaned against the sink in a towel. Her hair is wet, clearly she's just come out of the shower. She tips forward a little to spit into the basin, then rinses it out with the faucet water. "Goodnight, Ensign. Thanks for the update."

Hale is still silently chilling in the shower, making use of the hot water gratefully left there for the time being. Shower, shower, scrub scrub. That's indeed how it goes. Or so he will maintain. Sudsing up and spreading out…wait what?

Legacy pulls up to a sink not too far from Jupiter. She nods to Roubani as he passes, but seems a little more lost in thought than usual. "Evening Fingers," she says quietly. She's not THAT lost. "How're you feeling?"

Jupiter tosses her toiletries into the little bag and zips it up. "Bunny." Belated greeting. She combs her fingers through her hair, wetted curls still dripping now and then. "Cat," a greeting is offered to Legacy. "I'm… just a little bruised. Fine otherwise, thanks." She squeezes out the water she can, then turns from the sinks to head over toward the benches, where her dirty clothing waits to be gathered up. She does some gathering! "Watch the second stall on the left. The cold water thingie fell right off in my hand." Jupes is technical. She snags her boots, balances her stuff, and pads for the hatch with it. Towel walking through the ship is always amusing.

Hale sighs slightly as the soap comes down in small rivulets over his flesh and hair, cleaning off the grime and dirt of what was left of the Escort duty off his skin. Hands slide back up through his hair as he is rinsing and repeating. "Jupes." called out to the Pilot, before he's whistling as he still showers. Yes this is how Hale unwinds.

"Thanks," Thea calls over her shoulder. She puts her toiletries down and starts the process of face washing. "Evening, Rabbit," she calls over her shoulder. Apparently she recognizes the voice.

Jupiter manages to maneuver herself out without dropping anything, not even one of the precariously balanced boots. The hatch swings closed behind her, and she turns to walk down the corridor. Hopefully no marines stand between her and the berthing.

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