Indiscretion Leads To Trouble
Indiscretion Leads To Trouble
Summary: Kitty's earlier run-in with Lieutenant Leda results in having yet another talk with Captain Legacy
Date: PHD 179 (10-14-09)
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Black Berthing

It's late night / early morning in the Berthings and Thea's actually up. She's seated at the table with a cup of tea and some files in front of her, the lights low in deference to those who are sleeping.

The soft sound of a curtain being pulled to the side can be heard in the silence of the bay, announcing Kitty rousing; finally having slept in her bunk instead of the place she had picked to hide while embarrassed and consumed by worry, she looks so much better thanks to the good night's rest she received. "Hey, sir," she murmurs groggily upon noticing the Captain. "Good…er, it's morning, yes?"
Thea glances over and offers a small smile. "It's morning," she affirms softly, dipping her head. "Just about 0400." For a moment she just watches Kitty. "Grab a seat, Kitty. Let's talk."

Kitty nods while stifling a yawn, hiding it with the back of her hand before trying to speak. "Yes, sir." Looking around, she contemplates a cup of tea but lets that be, not wanting to keep Thea waiting. She takes a seat instead, purposefully putting herself across from her like she would be seated at her desk.

Thea leans back in her chair, scooping the cup up in both hands as if to warm them. "Ok, so. Let's go over facts. You mouthed off to Leda. Were either of you in uniform?"

Kitty leans back, her face turning pale and then going a bit red, signs of the shifts in her emotions, nervousness turning to embarrassment. "I am not sure if the Lieutenant was, sir. I was between shifts." Kitty speaks evenly despite her emotional state.

Thea's quiet for a time, simply watching her. "And what do you suppose I should do at this point in time, with one of my Riders who mouthed off to a senior officer - on duty or off?"

Careful consideration is made before Katherine speaks again. "I think demanding an apology would be logical," she starts, being careful not to say too much since Legacy has not given her permission to speak freely, "but outside of that, I don't know, sir."

Thea considers her carefully in return. "Go ahead and speak freely," she says quietly, studying the other woman. "I don't care about logical. I want to know why you felt it acceptable to do what you did."
Kitty looks up and directly into Thea's eyes. "I felt like Lieutenant Leda was confessing to having attacked my brother, sir. I will admit to going too far and having said things which I regret now, but…" Chuckling, she shakes her head and simply concludes with, "I love my brother, sir, and I think I'd do just about anything to protect him."

The Captain's lips thin slightly as Kitty chuckles and one eyebrow arches ever so delicately. "It's not a laughing matter, Ajtai," she says quietly. "I need to know that my people are more disciplined than to pop off to senior officers. I don't care -what- the topic is. I realize he's your brother and that you found each other, and I know that's a blessing. But you are a military -officer-. If you want, I can arrange for your demotion and a transfer to the Marines so you can better…protect…your brother?" It's a question, but oh, it's a loaded one.

Kitty sighs. "I understand, sir," she replies swiftly. "I wasn't laughing because I find it humorous. Honestly. It's just…I just don't get why this is all happening. Why did Castor feel like he had the right to do what he did? I get the fact that he was looking out for…" For what? For whom? That's what's eluding her, those facts ones she can't find much to her self-directed ire. The suggestion of demotion and reassignment is met with a shake of her head, her gaze drifting downwards. "Won't be necessary, sir."

Thea's lips purse slightly. "He was looking out for Dash, Lieutenant," she says with a touch of briskness in her voice. "Given that the two men were fighting over a woman, you. He didn't want his squadmate getting into deep shit over a fight with a woman. And since it was your brother who apparently threw the challenge down, Leda felt it necessary to go to the source." The information, as Thea has it, is lain out bare on the table. "He was protecting one of his own. And Leda's behavior is not an issue here. It has been dealt with. It's your behavior I'm more concerned with." The Captain leans across the table slightly. "If I ever hear that you mouth off to senior officers again, Ajtai, you will find your ass busted so far back down the ladder that the only back seat you'll be seeing is one you're screwing in. Do you understand me?"

Kitty nods. "Yes, sir." She pauses and then sighs. "Can I ask you a question, sir? Off the books?"

That's usually not a question one hears on the heels of a chewing out, but Thea takes it gracefully, nodding. "Go ahead," she says, leaning back again.

Kitty looks as if she's holding some kind of inner dialogue as, for a moment, her mouth moves without speaking but the words eventually catch up and she asks softly, "Sir, how would you feel if this had happen to you?"
Kitty elaborates, "If you had a brother and felt the way I do about protecting him and you heard someone admit to verbally attacking him, I mean."

"Like shit," Thea replies after a moment. "But I've also had military disciplined drilled into me since I was a child. I think it's wonderful you found your brother and want to protect him, but you can't go mouthing off to senior officers because you don't like that they yelled at your brother." Her brows lower slightly. "That is what the issue at stake is. Leda shouldn't have done what he did. But you shouldn't have gone after Leda. Two wrongs do NOT make a right."

Kitty nods. "You're very right, sir. I got to remember that this isn't the past when I used to get into fights with the people who would try to frak with him. Hard to break that mentality. I also got to remember that Padorian is a full grown man who can take care of himself. I need to learn to loosen my hold." That said, she takes a deep breath. "I will apologize to Lieutenant Leda as soon as possible, sir."

Thea considers her for a moment before her expression softens. "And you'll be doing his laundry for two weeks, as a reminder," she says quietly. Then a small smile forms. "You're lucky you didn't get a new callsign out of this. I was seriously considering renaming you 'Mouth.'"

Kitty smiles just a bit herself. "Yes, sir. Two weeks." She can't help but to wrinkle her nose just a teeny bit but it's hard to tell if it's the thought of the laundry or the call sign she almost got as a result of everything is hard to tell.

"Now go back to bed," Thea murmurs. "You only got two hours sleep and I need you at your best tomorrow. We've got the new assignment coming up and I need all of you on your game." There's warmth in her voice now and just a hint of fondness sneaks out around the big bad Captain facade.

Getting more sleep sounds like a good idea to Kitty who is quick to stand up from her chair. "Thank you very much, sir." The Captain is given a smile before she ducks back into bed, the curtain slid closed again.

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