In The Wash
In The Wash
Summary: A great deal of discussion goes on between Andreas, Castor, Marissa, and Kitty.
Date: PHD 144
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Castor Leda is in his off duty clothes, however, he stands over a washing machine throwing in his blues, greens, greys, and blacks all together after this he effortlessly throws soap into a machine and picks up a book since he is the only person in the room at the moment and he can read secretly, "Right, this should be good…something about a Princess and a Bride." He then opens the book and begins to read as he takes a seat in the corner so he can see the door. This spot also alows him to prop his feet up on an unused washer.

Alone for a minute or so, anyway. Light footsteps signal the entrance of a rather small person, one with a few bags of sorted laundry. A distinctly feminine shadow with a messy ponytail falls across Cas's feet. It's source is nearby, opening a bag and tossing small articles into a washing machine, all of which is faithfully copied by the shadow. The lid is shut, the machine activated, adding another voice to the humming chorus of machinery, and the lithe, dark-haired woman moves to another machine.

Andreas comes in as well smiling and whistling, he has a bag of sweats that he begins loading into one of the machines as he nods to the two people who are already here.

Castor doesn't really notice the dark haired woman until the shadow hits him and he falls out of his chair with a loud thud and a sudden, "FRAK!" - yup, smooth Leda, real smooth. He picks himself up off of the floor and the book that had flown out of his hands is picked up from the floor. The book would appear to be a fairy tale - oh sorts - he then stands and gives a big smile to Mimi and says in warm but teasing tones, "How are you, Mimi and thanks for freaking me out." He then looks over at a new face which he can't place, though given the age he asks Andreas, "Identify yourself?" It isn't exactly an order but it could almost come across as one.

Mimi jumps at that exclamation, scattering laundry across the tops of two machines. "Oh! Frak, Cas… it's not like you didn't just scare /me/ out of half a season!" she replies, lowering her hand from her chest. She's clad in a black tanktop and light gray gym shorts, along with her faded red high-tops and The Awful Pink Watch, and part of the laundry load that ended up on top of the machines looks like her usual outfit. "I guess you're taking advantage of laundry time to study up?" she asks, definitely teasingly, with a glance at the conspicuously non-scholarly book that's been reunited with his hands.
She glances up and smiles at the other man who just came in. "Morning. Oh, that machine's broken," she says, indicating the one he's loading. "It'll start up fine, then cut off in the middle of the second cycle. But the one next to it works just fine."

Andreas smiles and nods to Mimi "Thanks" he begins unloading the machine he was loading, then blinks as Castor barks at him, he tries a sloppy attention tand, too sloppy, "Ummm…Crewman Apprentic Zyne…sar..sir..sar…Sir" He finally errs on the side of caution.

Castor blushes slightly, once for falling on his ass and once for making Mimi jump. He then moves to help Mimi pick up her now scattered laundry, however he does give a laugh as he says, "Well, I'm sorry for making you jump too." He then picks up a few more pieces of laundry and he leave unmentionables to Mimi since he that would not be the polite thing to do in this situtation. He then says, "I once had to wash my dress blues in here, I hadn't worn them in so long that went a bit…funky." He says with a chuckle, "Anyway, I ended up having to requistion a new set of blues and burn the old ones." He then looks at Andreas, "Ah, Crewman Apprentice Zyne…wait, like Andreas Zyne?" He looks over at Mimi, "The nugget is a hotshot pilot. I mean he has won races." He then adds for Mimi's sake, "A nugget is a new pilot in training." He then says, "and you don't have to call me sir, in here, Crewman Zyne. I'm Jig Leda, callsign, Tinman." He then asks, "So, when you were pulling the race two years ago is it true your ship had a major navigational function and you were able to make corrections to navigation buy eyeballing it?"

"S'okay." Mimi nods her thanks to Cas's help as she gathers up her unmentionables from the machine top.
Cas's introduction opens her eyes wide, and she stares at the man for a moment. "/You're/ Andreas Zyne? The air-racer? Oh, /wow/… you won the last All Colonies Run! My crew was talking about it for weeks." She offers her hand. "Marissa Delann. In a few days, I'll be in training, too, so maybe I'll see you in classes."

Andreas relaxes a little as you move to the subject of racing, he nods to Castor, "Well not completely by eye, I had a graphing calculator on board, so I was able to punch a few rough numbers in to it, to get a good idea. Mostly it was the fact that I had run the course for five years previously so just…felt when the ship started to list off course and was able to get it back on the right track by star placement." He smiles big at Mimi, "Yeah well I figured that there wasn't going to be much call for race pilots for a while. I guess that means I'll be holding the title for a little longer then most."

Castor looks at Mimi for a moment and then manages to collect the rest of her clothes which he places by the washers she wanted to use, "I know right. We have a celebrity in the air wing. I'm sure this will help us with the Metal." He looks over at the nugget and says, "Well, frak me running, you did do it with a messed up navigational system." He then says, "I wonder what callsign you will get…" he says as he turns to Mimi, "And that is wonderful news you are joining the wing. We really do need more pilots around here since we are now under heavy combat. This isn't like the old days where it meant fighting pirates and anti-Colonial factions." He then smiles, "And if we have two experienced pilots joining the wing it will keep down a lot of rook mistakes." This is Castor's way of squeeing - complimenting others - then again Castor is always complimenting others.

"Possibly…" Mimi's word trails off for a moment, but her faltering smile shores itself up. "Good to meet you, either way, and I'm glad you're putting your skills to good use? What craft are you wanting to train for?"
She grins at Castor. "I'd suggest Reckoner, but my opinion doesn't count since I'm not 'o-fficial' 'til four days from now. Any thoughts, O giver of handles?"

Andreas blinks and looks between the two, "Callsign? I hadn't really thought about it or picked one out….do I get any say in it?" He shakes his head, "I havn't been told yet what I am going to be flying…what kind of ship is a Reckoner?"

Castor looks at Mimi and his eyes twinkle and he says, "Call signs for you two? Well, I don't get to decide but if I were." He looks at Andreas, "Flyboy." He then lets his eyes fall back on Mimi and he says teasingly, "Hm…should I be kind or cruel with a callsign for you?" He then says to Andreas, "Oh, no. You don't get too. Do you think I would have picked Tinman?" He then says, "And you can get a new one." He then grins, "However I did get Crybaby her callsign." This makes him beam a little since it is both silly and embarassing which is what every callsign should be. He then looks back at Mimi, "How about, Aphrodite, since you light up the room when you come in?" Aww, he went for nice.

"Nobody I've talked to has had any say in their callsign," Mimi says, shrugging. "But they're not always bad. Back in the rescue service, a crybaby was an early-warning system the Colonial Fleet Air Service let us use for weather warnings."
She blushes as Castor's suggestion. "I really don't have the figure for 'Aphrodite'. Plus, she might take offense, and I'm /really/ not in the position to have a Lord of Kobol mad at me…"

Andreas says, "What is wrong with Tinman? It means sherriff right?" He smiles at Mimi, "I don't know sometimes the figure of Aphrodite is a little to…perfect for me, I like a real woman"

Castor says, "Well, then it is a good thing I'm not giving you a callsign for real Mimi because that is what I would go with." He then smiles as Mimi blushes since that was the reaction he was going for. He then looks at Andreas, "Well, I used to have this tendency that when things got hairy I'd go completely unemotional after my brother died I was in flightschool and I stayed that way for years. I was given the callsign because of that character in the book, you know the one who is missing a heart. They were saying I was like the Metal." He then grins, "So, they were making fun of me." He then says, "The Reckoners had it rough." He then says, "The weather on Aquaria can be a bit…unpredictable at times."

"I do appreciate it, Cas, but beautiful I'm not," Mimi replies. "I'd like to see what I earn." She does give the man a quick hug. "No hard feelings?"
She blushes faintly at Andreas's words. "Well, this real woman is built like a mop handle, so I'm glad there aren't any buckets around," she says, trying to make a joke of it.

Andreas leans back on his machine as it starts up, "Well I guess I will get told what I am flying, eventually…assuming I make the cut and survive training.

Castor looks at Mimi for a moment and it is clear from his look that he does see her as being beautiful though he does blush as he is hugged and he hugs back before he says, "Well, you are from Aquaria and I'd rather be with a girl from back home than a Caprican girl." Why he wouldn't date a Caprican girl he doesn't say however he then looks back at Andreas and says in bothing teasing and supportive tones, "You'll be fine. You are a trained pilot and a racer. Relax, we aren't here to break you…much."

Mimi grins at Andreas. "I don't think that'll be a problem. You already have some serious flying chops, so you've probably got that squared. It's just the rest of it you need to worry about. Good luck with that!"
Castor's words make her sigh softly, though it doesn't sound like a sad sigh. She tightens her part of the hug before Cas lets go, then turns and begins loading the washer. "I'd better get some of this done. These machines are really in demand an hour from now, and I've got a lot to go in. Even the clothes I'm /in/ could use it."

Andreas says, "Need someone to watch the door while your washing those?" He smiles at the joke. "I….will admit I am not sure about the whole combat thing…I've never been in much more then a bar fight, unless you count the Elpis, and we didn't really have much chance to shoot back at the centurions there."

Castor looks at Mimi and says, "If you need to go I can fold your laundry. I mean Jupiter once gave me a bottle of hooch to fold her laundry. Jupiter is a Viper jock and she is one of the tough knock you out ones." He then looks back at Andreas, "Mimi is right." He then looks over at Mimi, "From what I've heard you have pretty much been through flight training since it isn't that different from what you learned before." He then says to both soon to be military pilots, "Just keep a calm head when the bullets start to fly." He then says to Mimi, "Since you are used to flying in extreme conditions and possibly being shot at this should also be easy for you." He looks back at Andreas, "And as for you, maybe, Fanboy would be another good callsign since you have a lot of fans." He looks back at Mimi and maybe for you, "Halo. Since you are so good." He then says, "See, no angering the gods with that one."

Mimi smirks at Andreas. "Right, I'm /really/ going to wash /everything/ and hope nobody comes in while I'm naked as a galleon's figurehead," she rejoinders. "Sorry, have to wait for post-PT showers for that honor." A wink accompanies the words, just to make sure he gets that she doesn't /really/ think he's a perv.
Cas's words ring true. "He's right. The hard part's keeping your head, and if you've almost gotten lost in space and not panicked you're halfway there already. I don't think /my/ kind of flying is quite the same as being shot at, but I hope it requires the same focus. Squealing into a wireless mike would be embarrassing!"
Another callsign? "I don't know if I'm /that/ good, Cas." She does look a bit regretful for shooting down all his callsign suggestions.

Andreas chuckles softly and looks a little hurt, "Now I would have been a perfect gentleman I assure you." He winks and nods to Castor. "I…this is important…it's not just us…it's…everything."

Castor looks at Andreas, "Besides, being naked in the Laundry room is against regs, you must wear your SI uniform at all times, off duty clothes or SI sweats, on duty clothes or officer clothes when you are on duty. Civilian clothes and being naked outside of your own bunk are a no-no." He then adds with a wink, "Though a few pilots have streaked across the ship before." He then looks at Mimi, "You never got shot at on rescue missions? I remember long ago my Dad told me a story about how some Rescue missions during peace time were scary because people who didn't support the Colonies shot back." He then says, "And, Mimi, I think you are good." He says, "Though if you don't like Halo…what about Lifesaver, since that is what you used to do?" He looks back at Andreas, "See, two experienced pilots. I think your biggest hurdles will be getting used to military life." He then pauses just for a moment as he realizes something and so he says, "SI, standard issue."

"Riiiiight," Mimi drawls with a grin. She's the sarcastic type, it seems.
"Shot at? No, not really. Everybody Angel 197 went to rescue /wanted/ to be rescued, which was great for me, my crew, and my Condor. Nothing like gunfire to mar your paint and stain your uniform."

Andreas says, "Does it always include this much running?"

Castor looks at Mimi and he notices she didn't shoot the callsign down, so that is a win, and as the sarcasm rolls in a big grin comes across his face. He turns to Andreas, "The laundry? Yeah, you think this ship had the shinest new toys? Why do you think those two washers need repair." He then takes a moment make a mental note to request a repair for the machines after some of the bigger repairs get made like the ones to the cargo bay.

Mimi finishes loading that washer, then shuts the lid and hits the button. The machine refuses to budge, the UNBALANCE light coming on. "Piece of junk…" she mutters, boosting herself up to balance on her stomach and reach into the big machine.

Andreas says, "I…actually meant all the running Master Sargent Nikos has us doing."

Castor looks at the machine that Mimi is in, "Crawl out of there and hit it on the left side, not hard, but hard enough to make a dull thud. That should start her." It is odd when Leda has been on this ship longer than others, and even odder when he has to teach all of the secrets of the laundry room. He then looks at Andreas, "Don't even get me started on the dryers…man, I miss my days on the Battlestar Orpheus, I never did laundry." He then adds, "Though here, we make sure to do our own laundry." He then adds, "And, you know what…I kind of like that." He then looks at Andreas, "Oh, that…" He chuckles, "Yeah, you will do a lot of that. You need to stay in shape, what if your bird crashes and you have to survive planet side. We have already had a few people who have had to do that, including Papabear." He then pauses again as he realizes that needs explanation, "Captain Marek, the CAG. I call him Papabear."

"Thanks…" Mimi's voice is tinny and echoey from the inside of the washer basin. She pushes herself off and lands neatly on the floor, then gives the maching the recommended thud. Upon shutting the lid, the machine fires up and joins the chorus. She gives Castor a grateful look.
As the subject returns to training, Mimi nods at Castor's words. "Not to mention to fight the G-forces. Well-toned muscles help a lot with that. It even came in handy when I was flying in bad weather."

Andreas nods, "I always had to keep in shape, especially for skiff racing, and to a lesser extend Asteroid runs…but…wow this is just….brutal."

Castor looks over at Mimi and gives a thumbs up on getting the Laundry machine ready before he says, "So true, if you can't pull the G's you can't fly." He then says, "Besides, we are pilots we better look hot or else our reputations would suffer." He then looks at Andreas, "Welcome to military life. Besides, we have to push even harder on everyone now. We all have to give our best because we are the defenders of everyone on Scorpia."

"Possibly of everyone everywhere," Mimi says, with a sudden moment of gravity. "I wonder if any of the battlestars are left, or any of the fleet ships, really."

Andreas nods and swallows he kinda looks away for a few moments as he thinks on what Mimi just said.

Castor considers this for a moment and ever the optimist…or ever the one to try to smooth everything he says, "Well, I'll say this much. I've seen a lot of crazy things and to be honest with you. I get the feeling people did survive. We survived, you guys survived. So, maybe we will find a Battlestar or other ship still moving to help us fight off the metal. Though you both survived and that means something." Leda is not a fan of the Lords but he is secretly spiritual and this is one of the few times the tip of the iceburg that is Leda's spirituality can be seen. He then looks back at Andreas, "So, don't worry to much. Plus once you get through the training it isn't that bad."

"I hope so. We're just one ship, and not a very big one at that." Mimi frowns at the washers.

Andreas nods slowly, looking thoughtful, his washer stops and he gives it a small kick and it starts up again.

Castor looks at Mimi and he quotes the sacred scrolls, he might hate them, but if it helps, "The Lords life those who life themselves." He then takes a moment to let that sink in before he says, "Trust me, even if we were one ship we will make a difference, we will save lives, and we will do what we can to save what is left of humanity. This ship might be small but we have one of the best Air Wings in the fleet. Every one on this ship represents the best of the best, this ship used to cruise the Armistice Line and that means that only the best and the brightest were allowed to serve these decks." He then looks at you both, "And you are entering into service here and you both will walk her halls, save her from danger, and keep humanity safe." The words come out of him honestly, simply, and with a since of gravity, Leda believes this and every movement he makes and every word he says shows it.

Mimi blinks and looks back to Castor, her eyes widening. "That… that was very inspiring, Cas." She grins. "Are you sure you didn't miss your calling as a Priest?"

Andreas smiles and nods to Mimi, "Very stirring, sir" He shakes his head, "I think some day soon we are going to need to hold those words in our hearts to keep going."

Castor looks at Mimi as she mentions him being a priest and he says, "I'm a pilot. Right now we need pilots and not priests. Though we have a very kind Sister on this ship." Leda complimenting someone of the Cloth, that means something. He then looks at Andreas and says, "And let all of this soak in, this ship is a symbol of how great the Fleet is. She might be smaller than a Battlestar but she is home and she has a history as big as any of the original twelve Battlestars."

"You never know… faith might be every bit as important as firepower in the coming days," Mimi replies. "Personally, I hope we don't skimp on either one."

Andreas says, "Sometimes people have to do double duty when we are short handed." He agrees.

Castor looks at Mimi and lets himself be vulnerable for just a moment as he says, "Faith is importantant and maybe someday I can tell you what it is I believe in." he then says, "When I figure it all out. Though there is no such thing as an athiest when the bullets are flying at you." Well, Leda believes, in what, who knows.

Kitty walks in and has to blink, the topic rather surprising to her. Her laundry's brought to a washer and she starts tossing things while listening, deciding not to say anything to do or say anything for now.

"Indeed. My old rescue bird had only two people on board who were really known for studying the Scrolls, but when the rough weather hit /everybody/ prayed, even me," Mimi agrees. "Every little bit helps."
The dark-haired imp grins at Castor. "As a friend of mine used to say, 'There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not," she teases.

Andreas hmmms softly, "My mom…she was a bit of a gambler, she always said we could either beleive in the gods or not, and they can exist or not, we can't control if they exist. We can't change it. If they don't exist it doesn't matter if we beleive, if they do, well then beleiving matters a lot, you can't lose if you beleive, but if you don't and they exist, then your frakked. Mom always said bet on the sure thing.

Castor says, "Well, the secret is out…I'm very agnostic though I'm still not sure what I believe in other than something greater than us is guiding us…maybe several somethings I don't know." He then looks over Andreas, "Well, I believe…in something." He looks a bit off since this is not a comfortable topic of conversation for him but he stays in deep water because he has too roughly a year an a half ago if someone so much as mentioned the Lords he'd be barking at them. As Kitty walks in he says with a beaming smile as he hopes for a shiny new change of topic, "KITTERS!"

"And here we are, folks, at the border of the end of all as we know it…Castor Leda kind of admitted to being religious…kind of." Kitty smirks at the subject of her teasing, it fairly easy to tell she's just playig with him. "What's up, gang?" The new person's noticed and given a bit of an inspection but then it's back to her laundry.

"I've heard of that idea. Somebody once called it The Philosopher's Wager." Mimi leans on the washer, letting its vibrations scratch her back. "If you live as the Scrolls say and you're right, then you've won. If you live as the Scrolls decree and you're /not/ right, it doesn't matter, and you'll have done some good works with your faith that helped other people. and that never hurts."
She grins as she catches the words of someone new in the laundry room. "Hey, Kitty! Hmm. Should I worry about my laundry, if it's the end of everything? It's such a chore…" She winks at the ECO.

Andreas nods to the new commer, letting the topic drop he taps a little on his dryer, smiling weakly. "So what do we do for fun around here?"

Castor looks over at Kitty for a moment and he says, "Kitty, if you ever tell anyone I'm even remotely religious." He holds up a finger, resolute, strong, and powerful, as he teases comically, "I'll be very cross and I will no longer find you chocolate." He then says, "And I believe in helping others, I work tirelessly around here helping others." He then looks at Andreas and back to Kitty, "Look, we have a new nugget, even better a famous nugget, even better, a famous pilot nugget." He then beams as he looks at Andreas, "Well, mostly we get drunk, some of us fight, others of us go to the game room, some of us read…" He then looks at Mimi and raises a finger to his lips and winks, "Shhh." Leda really doesn't want people to know he reads but in fact there is a book by his laundry bag and Mimi caught him reading earlier, ah, inside jokes, the best kind.

"No, you should be worried for your laundry no matter what, Mimi. Those machines are a tad…touchy." To put it nicely. "And don't worry, Castor. There will come a time when you'll realize where you stand with the gods and you'll return to them or whatever." And yes, Kitty -IS- speaking from experience, not that she's going ot say anything right now. The new guy is blinked at and then given a wave, the plaful smirk Kitty has possessed now a warm, welcoming smile. "Hey, new guy. Got a name?"

"Let's see… there's the Mess Hall, the Library, the Gym… and of course all the ribbing that goes on in an environment this inherently macho," Mimi replies, winking at Andreas. "Surely there's /something/ fun to do in all of that, right?"
Castor's mention of reading, specifically keeping quiet about his own reading, just makes her laugh. "The funny thing to me is that you think people will respect you less if they find out you read. Somehow I don't think they will."
Kitty's words make Mimi look thoughtfully at her thrown-together ensemble of tanktop and shorts. "Oh… you know, I've only met a few of them. But if they're that on the prod about laundry, maybe I should've thrown these in with the rest after all…"

Andreas nods to Castor, "Don't worry boss, I will keep the rumor that your illiterate going for your macho image." He smiles at Kitty, and offers a hand, "Crewman Apprentice Andreas Zyne"

Castor looks at Mimi and holds his hand to his heart, giving a teasing wounded look, he sticks his pouting lip out and everything, aww, mock sad puppy dog eyes he then grins, "I…" A pause as if for a moment of silence, "Reading was a Pollux thing." He then says to Andreas with a smile, "Thanks." He then looks at Kitty, "And as for my place with the gods, we will see." Yup, Leda has changed he isn't even frothing at the mouth anymore. He then looks back at Mimi, "Well, some people find ways to have fun in the most TRADITIONAL of senses. You know in a Pythian kind of way?" Castor then say to Mimi, "Well, when you get in the wing you are going to be rich since you have so many civilian clothes…though wearing the uniform everyday is a comforting thing."

There's a slip of her smile before Kitty replies softly, "Trying to keep yourself alive's always fun. Try to not get yourself offed on your first training mission, hmmm?" The slight bout of stoicism passes and she shrugs slightly, that being all the apology she gives. "Hey, Mimi. What's been up, huh?" Tinman's nodded to and she's back to putting her clothing into the wash, muttering something to herself before adding as an afterthought, "I don't say shit to anyone about stuff that's none of my business, Castor. You should know that."

Andreas nods slowly at the comment about surviving training, he looks between Mimi and Castor, then his machines finishes, he starts filling his basket with his now dry clothes without another comment.

Castor looks at Kitty giving a big beaming smile, "i know you don't Kitty and that is why I love you." It would seem like Kitty is one of those people that Leda not only loves to be around but gravitates towards, "You okay, Kitters?" He then looks at Mimi, "Privacy can be found, trust me, and some times people don't care much about privacy." He remembers Sam and the Padre full on making out in the lounge and he says, "And remember, tell me what you need for the drama group and I will do what I can to help. I'm your Guy Friday." He says making a joke about the old movie. He then looks and the nugget and says, "Trust me, you will have fun. I went to an awesome Bachelor Party the other day." He looks at Kitty, "That was funny being the only sober guy in a room full of drunk people."

Kitty is not forthcoming with answers yet as she's currently busy getting the last of her stuff into the washer and that load is started before she speaks to the trio as a whole. "Yup! I'm fine, really. And I apologize for being not myself. I don't mean to be so bitchy. Just got a lot on my mind." One last item is pulled from her bag now, this being the book on the gods she checked out from the library yesterday, and it's brought with her to a table which she sits upon. "Talked with a mutual friend of ours," she says to Castor specifically once seated. "Had my eyes opened to a lot of things. Think my life's going to be changing." She looks to Mimi then. "Good luck with the play, Marissa."

"Thanks. Oh, right! I almost forgot. Cas volunteered to help, and he's been a big help not even a day in," Mimi adds, blushing little. "Sorry, Cas. I got into such a tizzy over gathering up my laundry earlier that it must've slipped my mind."

Andreas smiles and picks up his basket, he smiles to all of you, "I should get back before Master Sargent starts wondering what is keeping me, nice to meet all of you."

Castor studies Kitty and he lets the moment drop for now since he will need to speak to Kitty in private about this, later, though he does have to bite as he asks, "What sorts of changes will you be making?" He asks curiously and then Andreas speaks, "See you around, good luck." He then looks back at Mimi, "Well, I want to help the kids."

Kitty waves to Andreas and then shrugs to Castor. "That's something I'd like to keep kind of on the DL for now, no offense. I need some time to sort it all out." She opens the book and turns it to the first page, her expression thoughtful. "It's sweet of you both to want to help out like that."

Mimi waves. "Take care, Andreas! Good luck with your training."
She smiles at Castor, an 'aw, that's sweet' kind of smile. Kitty seems to agree, which makes the dark-haired woman blush. "Thank you… though I think I let myself in for more than I bargained for."
She glances up as her machines buzz, and begins getting laundry out. "I'd better go dry these. You both take care!"

Castor nods his head, "Right, on the DL, I got it." He then says, "Though…if you need me Kitty you know where to find me." He then blushes slightly as Mimi gives him the aw thats sweet look and he melts a little. However as he watches as Mimi leave and he says, "Though, I've got to admit you seem different, Kitty."

Kitty looks up and smiles a bit. "I think I am different, Castor. Hopefully it's for the better instead of for the worse. I just…it's so very hard to explain." As for what she's been thinking about, the book on her lap is most likely a clue as to what she has her mind wrapped around. "Anyhow, I'll let you know what's up soon, alright?"

Castor looks at Kitty for a moment, "You've been thinking about the Lords?" He says softly. He then takes a moment to process this before he says, "Well, then I hope you find comfort, change, and strength." Castor remains equally calm about all of this religious talk but he isn't excactly sure of what to say and so he asks, "What lead you to all of this?" These words are curious, "I saw you with the book the other night in the library…so what brought you to them?" There is no challenge in his words but rather Leda is attempting to figure out how this all works.

Kitty reaches up and scratches the back of her head. "At first I had thought I turned my back on the gods," she says, starting with an explanation, "as a result of my having lost my parents and then thinking I lost my brother when the Cylons attacked the colonies. But after speaking with Nadiv he made me realize that I never did turn my back on them but was rather angry." Her fingers run over a line of text as she murmurs quietly, "I think I got to the point where I don't want to be angry."

Castor listens to all of this, because if the Lords are real he did lose everything by their hand and a year and a half ago his anger at those who were religious was to the point of blind rage, he is still angry, but he has learned to respect others who believe and he says, "So you don't want to be angry anymore." He then considers all of this and after a few moments of silence he says, "So, what is the next step?"

"That's what I need to figure out, Castor. I know I'm not going to go off and become a zealot or something like that but anything else…" That's left to hang as Katherine really doesn't know what to say. "A lot of time is going to be spent thinking."

Castor considers this and he says, "Well, if thinking helps." he then says, "Kitty, I don't believe in the Lords but like I said there is something or somethings greater than us…and if I have any advice I'd offer this, religion is just about thinking it is also about doing. So, if it helps pray, start doing the things your faith tells you to do." He then says, "And remember your religion isn't your only identity but it is just a part of your identity. Same as your job, sexuality, or anything else. Don't let your religion become the whole of you but rather let your religion enhance who you are."

Kitty nods. "I kow that much. About the praying stuff and what you said about identity. It…I…" Blushing, she can't find the words so she does what she can think of to do first, that being giving her friend a hug. "Thanks, Castor. For everything."

Castor notices Kitty blush and now he isn't sure of what to say and so the words come out, "No. Thank you, for everything." He then says, "If it means anything I'm still processing things too."

There's a laugh. "No need to thank me, Castor. I'm just a silly girl with silly notions where romance and religion goes," Kitty mumbles in order to deflect the compliment; it isn't that she doesn't appreciate the compliment but rather because she's having problems accepting such things right now.

Castor looks at Kitty and then he says, "Kitty, you are not a silly girl. You are an officer in the Fleet and sometimes we need to lift each other up." He says, "Though I want you to understand this, so, please listen closely." He pauses for effect, "Lieutenant JiG Katherine Ajtai you are a good person and you have made a discovery that has brought you peace and that is a good and precious gift right now." He then says, "I might not agree with your beliefs but you have found a fire that is bringing you warmth so hold on to it, encourage it, and let it grow." Whoa, Leda has come a long way in the spirituality department.

Kitty blushes from hairline to throat. ", uh, thanks, Leda." That gets him another hug. "I really appreciate it." The washer buzzes and she stands, setting the book down. "So…how're things going with you and Mimi," she asks, openly curious. "Have you gotten to spend any time with her?"

"Well, yeah. Take it slow, Tinman. Best thing to do. I know it's easy to want to rush forth and all that…I'm having to fight the urge to do that with Martin…but a relationship is best when allowed to happen at a pace that leaves no room for error or, if it's not right, hurt feelings." Her clothing's brought over to a dryer and tossed in with little ceremony. "She's nice. Would be hard not to gete along with her."

Castor listens to Kitty and he says, "I know, I know, we are where we are…both of us." He then winks at Kitty, "Ain't we a pair." He then grins, "Though you are right we both need to take things slowly." He then looks at his clothes which he should have been tossed in the dryer a while ago and so he flips them over and he looks back at Kitty, "She is nice. Isn't she. I mean, it was so funny, earlier she asked for a callsign as a joke. I told her Aphrodite because she lights up the room and she said she wasn't that pretty. Then I said Halo since she is so good. She didn't like that one because she felt she wasn't that good." He then beams, "She is beautiful and she doesn't even know it and the more she says she isn't the more I like her."

Kitty nods. "Yeah, we are," she has to agree. "Probably why you and I are such good friends, I guess." When he talks about her and the callsigns she raises a brow, her face going slightly pale for a few seconds. "Careful with giving people names of the gods, Leda. It'd be a heavy burden."

Leda looks at Kitty for a moment, "Yeah, we are a pair." He then stops looking at Kitty and he gives her a look, mostly of suprise, "See, that is what she said." He then shrugs, "So I suggested Lifesaver since that is what she used to do. Not that I can give anyone a callsign." He then winks at Kitty since he did help to give her one.

"No, but you can drop suggestions to the Captain in front of the CAG and get her to agree to it." She takes the book and smiles, Kitty unable to not do so while teasing him. "I'm going to go back to my bunk and do some reading, Castor. See you later."

"Alright I'll swing your laundry by later." He says as he keeps his watch.

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