In Betweens
In Betweens
Summary: Kassia and Roubani exchange a few thoughts on confusion and life's in-betweens.
Date: PHD050
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Kharon - Laundry Room

A few hours after the call to repair, Roubani is trying to get the remains of it out of his uniform. It's an ordeal. Your clothes would be too if you were wading through reclaimed water. A machine is going on heavy rinse cycle and the Ensign is sitting nearby in his sweats and a T-shirt, right arm in its sling and left hand flipping through the pages of a notebook on his lap.

Kassia wonders into the laundary room with a small baskets of delicates. "Hey." She says softly going to place down the basket and kick it in front of a washer. She opens the washer and begins to place her dress shirts and pants.

Roubani is squinting, just a hair. Might be the crap light, or maybe he's heading towards reading glasses earlier than expected. It goes away when he glances up, sliding the pencil from behind his ear. "Evening, Ensign."

Kassia looks up. "Kassia, please call me Kassia we're the same level." She tells him with a quick smile. "Always formal, I aint some big shot brass." She closes the washer and jumps up onto the one next to him. "So what's new?" She asks, not like she didn't see him a few hours ago.

Roubani hesitates. First names will do that to you. He shakes his head, idly erasing something scribbled in his notebook. "Nothing that I'm sure you haven't heard. I wouldn't go into the forward head on deck one until it's declared mould-free, if I were you."

Kassia raises an eyebrow, buit doesn't really ask about mold it's not something she finds interesting. "Sure I usual go in the one in the bunk room." She points to his arm. "How you healing up?" She seems almost nervous with him.

"Well as can be expected, I suppose," Roubani murmurs without looking up. Where the white plaster's visible beyond the edge of the sling, someone's drawn little half-bracelets of flowers and stars. Half of someone's signature is around the other side, disappearing into the sling material. "Things alright with you, then? You seemed somewhat troubled before."

Kassia shrugs her shoulder as she lays a hand on his hand, she closes her eyes and mutters alittle prey. "I'm just kinfa confused, alot of inbetweens right now. Not sure if I wanna stay in the wing or go be a shrink, I don't know if I'm in a relationship with Castor or not…I'm just you know stuck. It'll be nice to go one way or another on both issues."

Roubani shies back from her hand, softly clearing his throat. He doesn't interrupt her prayer, but he restores that bit of personal space. "A…" Well, that was a lot in one relevation. "…a psychiatrist? I didn't know you had a medical degree."

Kassia nods her head slowly. "Damn I'm sorry, I keep forgetting you don't like touch." She goes back to sit on the waher, giving him space. "I minored in it, Major Pike said I'll need to catch up with a few qualifications, but I should be qualified within a year or so, so I'm not really bugging out it's just well, always good to keep the doors open for other things."

Roubani's shoulders subtly relax as she sits back. "I suppose so." He shifts in his chair, pulling a foot up on the seat. "Well. I suppose regardless, we really can't know where we'll be in a year. Any of us."

Kassia nods her head slowly. "Alive is all we can hope for, and except." Kassia says softly going to look over towards where he's sat. She goes quiet unsure how to brake the silence.

"Hm? Except for what?" Roubani asks, glancing at her from under his brows.

Kassia looks up and hmms. "Except I'm sorry I mean exspect. I'm pretty tried." She admits with a sheepish smile.

"Expectations are one of man's greatest flaws," Roubani muses, under his breath. A second or two passes, then, "So you are…" he has to search for a word, rubbing his pencil eraser past his eyebrow. "…seeing Lieutenant Leda, then?"

Kassia smiles a little at his little comment. "We have alot of flaws, Roubani." She tells him softly. "But not sure it's our greatest…And eh, I'm not sure kinda sort of not really?" She scrubs behind her neck and just shrugs.

"…I see," Roubani replies, in a way that really doesn't. "Why don't…you just settle with him whether you are or not?"

Kassia really didn't except to be talking about with Roubani but what the hell he's here. "It's complicated you know, I'm not into relationships or frakking or anything like that. Everyone knows I'm the ships, little miss tight pants." She snorts. "There's just alot of things going on in the background."

The corners of Roubani's eyes tense slightly at the foul language, but he just softly clears his throat to that. "I'm not sure I understand," he remarks in his quiet voice. "You aren't into 'relationships' but you are rather in one, and you're angry about your own principles?"

Kassia shrugs her shoulders. "See complicated, like I said don't even try and understand me I don't even understand myself." She says going, look down at her feet.

"As you like," Roubani replies, gently. He picks up his pencil, turning a page in the notebook back to some problem he'd half-figured out.

Kassia nods her head. "Yeah." She says going to lean back and stay quiet.

Roubani never claimed to be very good at talking to people. The mess of math on the his pages that he does during conversation probably says all it needs to. He can at least take a hint though, and minds his own business for the silence.

Kassia sighs softly. "We never use to find it hard to talk Roubani, I remember the first time we neet we had alot to say…I always wondered if I just came across as someone you didn't feel you was compatable with?"

Roubani looks back up from the notebook page. "I…can't say that when I first meet someone, that my first thought is whether I may be compatible with them. I should think we all have our respective places, in and out of each others' lives."

Kassia nods her head slowly feeling a little silly. "Yes of course, your very correct there." She leans back now her feet swinging. "So Roubani, any lady in your life or is that too personal a question?"

Roubani makes a breathy, almost silent sound. Maybe it was a chuckle. For a second it seems like he's not going to answer her, then he speaks. "No. Well." He skirts his fingers at his cheek. "My family followed a very old tradition of arranged marriages, you see. So all this…" He struggles for a word and ultimately decides not to use on at all. "…all this is rather strange for me. I guess."

Kassia ohs softly pleased to have learned something new about the Shy Ensign. "Well aren't you head of you family now?" She asks, softly…"I mean you can arrange your own marriage." She smiles at him quickly.

"Well." Roubani sounds hesitant. "I suppose, but. There are rules, you see. Tradition, belief, the way things need to be. It simply doesn't work anymore."

Kassia nods her head slowly. "I can relate to that." She tells him. "It's hard to know what to do, whom to turn to what to drop and what to keep. I know I have looked to my own personal god in times of hardship, though I have felt like the gods have lead me down a few paths I wasn't ready for."

"I don't believe," Roubani replies quietly, "That there is such a thing as being unready. Everything in one's life has been preparing us for the precise moment we are living in."

Kassia hmms softly for a few moments. "I guess that would make some sense, I'm not going to pretend I understand alot of the things you say, but that one I can relate too. Everything happens for a reason."

Roubani is silent at that, his eyes flickering down towards the page. "No…I'm not sure if I quite believe that."

Kassia ohs softly. "I think I misunderstood that." She says, then goes to jump down to take her delicates out of the washer.

"Perhaps," Roubani replies. "But because I believe in one thing doesn't mean you can't believe in another. It's a strange gift that the gods make some things unknowable to encourage us to seek."

Kassia smiles and shakes her head. "Your a complicated man, Roubani and a refreshing change from all the beer drinking, fighting lot I've seen lately. I'm glad we get these chances to talk."

"We're not so different, I suspect," Roubani says, quietly. "We just have…different pastimes." He exhales through his nose after that understatement, wrapping his middle finger around his pencil. "I don't suppose you drink much beer or fight either."

Kassia shakes her head. "I have never hit anyone in my life…Well maybe a few guys around the face." She admits with a sheepish smile. "And I drink now and them mainly with Leda or Martine…"

Roubani nods slightly, though an eyebrow lofts a little at the mention of hitting people in the face. "So long as you do it because you wish to. And not…because you feel you have to."

Kassia shrugs shoulders. "I never hit because I want too Roubani, unless it's Cylons." She says going to place her basket on the table and start to fold the clothes, she's going to air dry later.

"I more meant the drinking, but." Roubani glances at his own dryer as he buzzes. He stands up with a measure of painful stiffness still in his back and shoulders, opening up the dryer lid.

Kassia laughs softly and gives an embaressed. "Well, Roubani it was nice chatting, please don't be a stranger I'm going to head off now and get some sleep, early morning cap."

Roubani nods, tugging his fatigues jacket out of the dryer. One-handed, he spreads it over the lid and checks it for lingering stains. "Gods bless, Nevice."

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