If Bees Are Few
If Bees Are Few
Summary: Salazar asks after Dr. Mimieux's assistance with an interview with Nine.
Date: PH209 (23 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Sickbay
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #219
OOC Time: Mon Nov 23 21:13:14 2009

The hatchway immediately opens into the larger room, though the muted blues of the room are complimented by the white sheets on the various beds lying at wait for any injured personnel, which are lain out in neat rows. Curtains are available around certain bed bays for examinations and privacy during them. Rows of lockers around the room are labeled in easy-to-read yellows that contain everything from surgical supplies to the basic items such as sterilized bandages. A counter to the Fore end of the room is the ships pharmacist and can dispense items like aspirin and ibuprofen to anyone who might need it. Behind the manned counter stands an electronically locked metal door that leads back to some of the more controlled pharmacological items. To the rear of the room is a specially designated and sealed 'clean area' for surgeries.

Salazar steps out of medical after a brief visit with the drugged and healing CAG. She exits with a rifle over her shoulder, combat gear on, helmet in hand. Just as she steps into the corridor, she reaches down to snap the buckles on the body armor closed, presumably headed back down to the duty station.

Aly's just finishing up with a first aid type thing, stepping away from a gurney, peeling off the gloves. "Evening Ensign," she says, offering a smile despite the fatigue and blood.

"Lieutenant," Salazar greets the other woman. She pauses in her advance, and turns to face the doctor. "Do you have a moment, doc?" She says that as if something's just occurred to her.

Mimieux dips her head, smiling a bit. "Of course. As long as you don't mind following me over to the sink so I can wash up. What can I do for you?"

"Not at all." Salazar accompanies the shrink to the wash up area and she secures her rifle on her shoulder with a little adjustment of the strap. "PO S…" She shakes her head slightly. "The PO who escaped medical, with the crazy watch. She killed Ozymandias. She's in the Brig. She was missing on the ship for several days, and we have no idea what she did. You're very good with people, and I'd like you to take a moment with her, to see if you can figure out why she did what she did, and if she placed any more of her… robots around the ship." The thought of crawly machines full of engine coolant injections is not a pleasant one. "I'd rather take the pleasant in. I'm not sure she'll respond well to my brand of questioning."

Aly glances over at Sal for a moment, then dips her head. "I'll take care of speaking to her as soon as possible," she says quietly. "Once we stop getting injured in, or once I can get some relief to take over, I'll head down there. The robots and what she was doing - are those the only two questions?"

"I really don't know what to ask. She was found in some kind of compromising position with the jump drives. She was brought in naked." Salazar regards the doc for a moment, leaving her a few beats to follow that path to the logical conclusion. "She constructed two mechanical bugs, and one was used to deliver a lethal injection of engine coolant to the late prisoner. We really just need to know if there are any more scuttling around, and why, if you can find out, she did it." The S2 doesn't sound like she has much hope of making sense of the whole thing.

Aly just blinks for a moment, mind clearly spinning. "I…ah…interesting," she says quietly. Yeeeah, not quite something she has experience with. "I'll have a talk with her, see if I can get some information out. I can't guarantee anything, but I'll try."

"That's all I ask, doctor. Thank you for all of your time. It helps immensely." The S2 nods to Mimieux, then steps back, preparing to go. "Any time is good. No rush. She's not going anywhere. I, however, must. Duty calls in about," she glances at her watch. "Too soon." With that, she turns to hoof it back to Marine Country.

As one leaves, another returns. Looking like something out of a zombie movie, Martin's smelling of sweat and fatigue with a pair of red-rimmed, black bagged eyes. Careful to not stumble as he walks, he rounds around the sickbay as he tries to keep his hands away from his greasy, sleep deprived bed-head. Forced to fight for nearly two days now, there's no telling if he's losing his ability to even land his bird, but so far he's been so good….save for the fact that his sister's prognosis leaves her on the 'still might die' list.

"Get some rest," Aly calls after Salazar, clearly knowing that her words are falling on deaf ears. Then she catches sight of Martin. "Lieutenant," she calls quietly, trying to get his attention.

Slowing at a call for a Lieutenant from a familiar voice, Martin turns his head in the direction of the call and spots Aly. The relief to see her is very hard to miss in his eyes. Flattening his lips, he raises his eyebrows and sighs in the typical 'yeah, this sucks' facial expression. He mouths the words 'one minute?' with a hopeful look on his face, trying to find some place to talk to her amongst the crowded sickbay.

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