Ice Water
Ice Water
Summary: Jupes hits the head. Ashe walks in. You know what happens next.
Date: PH082 (09 July 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Head
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #82
OOC Time: Thu Jul 09 23:44:12 2009

This is one of the busiest rooms on board the Kharon, despite this not being the only bathroom on board. Here, the crew comes to shower, relieve themselves, shave and wash up. People can be found wandering in and out no matter the hour of the day though its peak seems to fall around the shift changes. Save for the thick coats of gray non-slip paint across the floor, the whole room is done in stainless steel.

A long line of sinks and mirrors down the center effectively divide the room into two parts. To the Fore is a series of toilets, doors able to lock against intrusion on the occupants. On the Aft end of the room is a long maze of shower stalls which, like the toilets, have lockable doors with a verity of handholds and hooks. Each stall is just large enough to provide the users with enough space to bring their own toiletries and towel in with them and not soak everything.

Jupiter is just removing the last of her clothing, and dropping it onto the bench. She picks up a towel she stole from someone else, and stalks across the Head headed for the shower stalls.

Weeks without a good shower has Ashe heading to the head before sickbay in order to get washed off. Towels are overrated, rather the young man just makes his way straight into the Head with eyes that are beyond tired and a weak body posture hinting at pain someplace in him.

Jupes hooks her towel outside the stall, and opens the door a little harder than necessary. She steps in, and flips on the shower, not even bothering with the closing the door thing. Everyone's seen her ass at one point or another anyhow.

Some have had better views over the months though. Ashe is making his way towards the showers when he pauses and shakes his head, recognizing not the backside but the tattoos that have haunted his dreams. "Brat." He states simply as he starts to undress.

Wait, what. Jupiter's shower flips off. She turns, and stalks out of the stall mostly soaked, but at least part of her hair dry in the front. It's a good look for her, partially soaked curls. "Asshole."

Ashe looks up as his shirt is coming off over his eyes. Ooh the chest took another beating, a couple of bullet wounds that look stitched up amongst others fixed holes, new ones, on his body. Hearing her call him asshole, he manages a slight smirk. "Sorry to disappoint you brat."

"What the frak." Jupiter advances on the marine, naked as the day she was born (but with some cool ink). Her eyes drop to his chest, and she just stares at the injuries for a moment. "What, are you physically incapable of going anywhere without getting the shit shot out of you?"

Ashe looks down at himself and shakes his head. "Well, while the rest of you up here were enjoying seasonable drinks, the rest of us were fighting a war. There's casualties in war." He smirks then, putting his hands on his hips. "I just wasn't casualtied enough to die. Again, sorry, know how much that must have pissed in your cereal."

Oh, and her thigh, of course, has that lovely shrapnel wound, which is a couple of inches long. The right thigh, assuming he's even looking. "Yeah, it's a little annoying. Every frakkin' time I see you, you're shot to hell. What the frak good are you?"

Eyes travel and he does catch sight of her shrapnel wound, a tilting of Ashe's head has him inspecting it a bit better. "What happened, lose control of a butter knife?" He asks casually before shrugging his shoulders. "That's all I'm good for isn't it? Soaking bullets?"

Jupiter reaches out to punch the frak out of Ashe's shoulder for his butter knife comment, but all she manages to do is slip in a wet spot on the floor. Godsdamned air dry frakkers. She stumbles, then her feet go out from under her when she puts too much strain on the injured leg. Apparently it wasn't quite… erm. Healed enough for the Gs she just pulled. Soreness. Thud. She hits the floor on her ass.

As Ashe watches Jupiter about to punch him, he can't help but break into full out laughter when the pilot slips in a wet spot on the ground and lands on her ass. He just stands there, watching naked half wet pilot sitting there after a swing and a miss. "Did I forget to mention something by the way there brat? I got hit by a few stray bullets. I stood toe to toe with the Centurions. If I were to estimate, somewhere around three hundred rounds missed be and only four hit home." Ashe then leans over a bit, but not too much considering his bullet holes, "I think I hit a lucky streak."

Jupiter just sits there for a second, and then tips over backward to thud to the floor, exhaling a heavy breath as she does so. Her ass is throbbing from that little spill, and her thigh isn't too pleased either. "First I walk in on Mooner with her hand down my brother's pants, and now this." Her life is just perfect this week. "You smell like the south end of a northbound horse." That might be a little more insulting if she could get up right now.

Xanthus comes on down. The head is the place it's at. The man apparently has a stink and he's come here with toiletries, bath towel, and all that other good stuff. He also stops dead in his tracks when he observes what's going in in front of him. "The head is the dirtiest place on the entire ship." He peers at the two of them, "Obvious, now that I think about it." He stands there like he's waiting for an explanation, or at least a good fight, "Do I want to know? Frak. Yeah. I prooobably do."

Hearing someone else enter into the Head, then speak to them, Ashe looks up at Xanthus then back down at Jupiter and shakes his head. "Birds of a feather flock like together. Probably why you keep stumbling assbackwards into idiocy." The last part is pointed towards Jupiter. Turning the Marine starts to make his way towards a shower just leaving Jupiter there on the ground.

"Jester." Jupiter greets, before she moves to shove herself off of the floor. She has a pinkish mark where her thigh and asscheek made contact with the deck of the Head. She favors her injured thigh a bit. That hurt a bit. Yes, it did. "Just a little disagreement. Would you excuse me a moment? Thanks." She turns on her heel, and stalks after the marine.

Xanthus quirks an eyebrow or two (two!) then shrugs, sets his things down near the benches, and starts to disrobe, "Hey, no problem. But don't have too much fun. You need a wingmate or something?" He stops, glances over, "I get another coffeemug." and then he looks to the marine. The man shrugs.

Ashe just shakes his head and keeps on trucking away from the gimpy Black as he opens up a shower curtain. His first real cleaning in weeks is not going to be ruined by chest stitches or annoyances. Turning, he looks behind him and with a rather trite flourish while staring at Jupiter pulls the curtain closed. Apparently he's going to finish undressing in privacy.

"I got this. He's just one marine." Jupiter replies. "What could go wrong?" Yeah, what could go wrong, Jupiter's stalking after an injured marine in the Head. What could go wrong? Privacy? Ha! Jupes flings it open, and steps into the stall after the marine. She flings it closed behind here.

Xanthus SIGHS. He stops undressing, and casually walks over, following after Jupiter, "Yeah. You'll just hit the afterburners if he, oooh, that's right. You haven't got any. Not unless you ate beans this morning."

"The frak?" Ashe can be heard saying as the curtain flies open, his pants down around his ankles as he was working to get them off. Then the curtain is pulled shut again and his words seem to be slightly quieter but at first he does seem to be rather annoyed, afterall phrases like "Rabid assmonkey" being directed at another person clearly isn't casual conversation.

There's silence from inside the stall for a moment. "I see some things stay as tiny as ever," Jupiter finally notes, snickering behind the curtain quietly. "Go to sick bay you stupid frak."

Xanthus shrugs, then turns around, goes back to undressing and cleaning himself, "Join the Navy, they said…" He's apparently decided that no, there's no need to get involved here. "Hey, if one of you two rabid assmonkeys kills the other, I get your stash, alright?"

"You talking about your brain again brat?" Ashe comments in response to the tiny statement, followed by, "That or your tits, because both are insufficient to hold the attention of anyone with half a brain cell." Hearing a voice outside, the Marine comments dryly, "Only one person has dibs on my stuff."

"Too frakkin' late, bucko. When your squad went down, I made an offensive on marine country. Your lock was shit easy to bust." Jupiter snorts in the confined space. "Talk about my breasts again, and I'll come down there and give you the titty twister from Hades in your sleep." There's a pause, then a, "You got twenty minutes to get to sick bay before I drag you there by your hair, asshole."

Xanthus has undressed now. He casually enters a stall, whistling "Pop goes the Weasel" as if nothing's really happening. Just before he hits the famous 'pop!' note, there's a pause. When he finally whistles it, he's turn the shower on and goes, "AAGH frakking cold!" and finishes the last four notes and turns the shower off.

"You better be frakin' kidding me. If you broke into my shit I'm going to break each and every one of your fingers like a twig." Ashe's voice sounds anything but amused, a very serious tone in fact, angry even.

Jupiter's chuckle sounds from Ashe's stall. "How's the nips, Jester?" She's distracted from the marine by the cry from the other viper jock. "At least he can blame his on shrinkage," she says. Then the grin is obvious in her voice as she notes to Ashe, "You can't break my hands. I need them to fly. Someone has to … well, I was gonna say keep your ass from getting shot down, but that didn't work out so well last time." She snickers, and then there's a moment of silence before she shoves out of the stall.

"Like rocks! How about yours?" The sound of scrubbing comes from Xanth's stall. Otherwise, he stays silent. Nobody can see the amused smirk on his face, though, "Did you guys kill each other yet?"

There's a distinct grunt from the Grunt as Ashe's voice calls out after a few moments. "You fly about as crappy as you do everything else, Black. Now get out of here before I catch whatever it is you have."

Jupes pauses half way out, then shoves back in, and there's a thud from the wall of the stall. "Kiss my pale white ass, you brainless ass monkey, bootnecked cum for brains, shit smoking, cylon humping, agile as a bloated corpse of a walrus, addled leper castoff pus bucket wiener." Jupiter had to reach down really deep for that one, back to the playground, and about six fights with Martin over who got the last slice of red velvet cake at dinner. But she feels better after she says it. Honest. And THEN she exits. For real.

"Yeah, well you have the wit of a brick and the skill of a pregnant yak." Ashe's voice calls out as he finishes undressing and chucks his pants out of his shower, closing the curtain behind the departing Black. "What an ass." He grumbles under his breath and turns on the water. "Frak ME! Did they fill it with frakin' Ice?!"

Jupiter cackles as she exits the stall, and Ashe blasts himself with the cold water. "I think the heater's down, assface." And then she goes to get into her own stall, and perk the nips of destiny. Or some crap. Lather, rinse, repeat.

"That's not frostburn it's confidence! RAAAAAAARGH!!" Xanth's only contribution.

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