Icarus And The Kitty
Icarus And The Kitty
Summary: Alex and Katherine finally meet and the two talk.
Date: PHD 222 (11-26-09)
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[ Red Squadron Berthings - Deck 1 ]-----[ CEC Kharon ]

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.

It is like having company over. Company that is hogging the extra bunks regularly and jamming in the already uncomfortable situation with more bodies. Granted it does help there's a decent number of pilots filling up sickbay as well, not a positive situation but for spacing it helps. Alex is just stepping out of the head having finished a shower post CAP and looking worn from the experience. But what pilot isn't looking a bit torn up of late. His right hand is heavily wrapped in bandaging, a white that blends with the towel rubbing his hair as he meanders back into the berthings.

It's bad enough that the Raptor pilots and ECOs have had their lives turned upside-down thanks to the destruction of their berthings along with the general sense of upheaval that's lingering from the constant deluge of attacks by the Cylon. It's also bad enough that there is a general sense of intrusion as Black Squadron has had to find bunks where they can which has them invading other berthings. That all sucks in and of itself but Kitty has been having a particularly hard time as the lack of privacy is getting to her. She's currently curled up on one of the few spare beds that there is to be found, trying to hide although she's doing a lousy job of it as she has left the curtain wide open. She's facing the bulkhead and misses Alex's arrival.

The final shakes of the towel through his hair and Alex is looking around his berthings, about to head over to his bunk when in fact the strands of hair from a curled up figure catches his attention. It generally isn't too hard to notice someone, especially since humanity is down to the 100's of whom is left to figure out an individual. There's a moment, a slight chewing on his lower lip in thought then the towel in his hand is hoisted and thrown towards the hiding body of Kitty with the intent to whap her up with it.

There's a soft *fwump* followed by a "Hey!", Alex's toss spot on. Grumbling, Kitty looks over towards the pilot and stares for a moment until she realizes who it is. "Hi, Ale…er..sir." Blushing, she sits up and gets to her feet, trying to be social despite her desire to be left alone right now. "How are you doing?" The pilot's injured hand is regarded and then she looks up into his eyes, her own red, most likely a sign of her having cried.

Alex doesn't cry, at least it doesn't look like he has but the weariness and the sadness is still evident in his eyes. "Not in the berthings, just Alex." He responds when Kitty transitions to calling him sir. "I'm only a hardass at work kiddo, rest of the time I'm just an idiot." He doesn't wait, doesn't even ask for invitation. As she stands up, he moves over to the bunk she was at and sits down. A slight motion of his hand for her to sit too. Where is a toss up, next to him on the bunk, a chair nearby, anywhere really but apparently the pilot intends to talk.

Kitty traps her lower lip between her teeth, obviously torn as where to sit. The mental debate lasts a few moments before she makes up her mind and she sits down beside him; not too close, Kitty tries to not be too imposing or come across as clingy, but she still sits kind of close, needing the comfort that being near someone brings. "Thanks. And I doubt you're an idiot." Her cheeks color and her eyes lower, the normally outgoing ECO being very bashful.

"Naw, I am. It's alright, I can say it." Alex folds his hands into his lap and looks straight ahead, not at Kitty. "See, the deal is this. I was going to track you down in a few days but now is as opportune as possible. I was hard on you, on the flight deck. Worn thin, weight of the ship, everything like that. I shouldn't have been so hard but.. it's just who I am." He pauses and coughs softly, managing to smile, "Part of the reason why I avoid most of the crew. Who I am doesn't mesh to well round these parts."

"It's alright," Kitty murmurs. "I didn't take it personally…much." 'I'm sorry' doesn't leave Alex's mouth but she takes it as an apology anyhow even if it kind of comes across as being the kind someone give when perhaps pride gets in the way, making saying the actual words difficult. "You had a job to do. I can respect that even if the delivery of the reminder kind of sucked Cylon dick." There's a quirk to the corner of her mouth and Kitty looks back to him, teasing.

"Cylon dick, how absolutely tasteful of you to say." Alex says with a quirk to his lips, looking at Kitty. "Anyway, yeah. It is what it is, and I am sorry about it." Apparently he isn't so prideful as one might assume since he does apologize. Then, sitting there with his towel and fresh from the shower, Alex extends a hand towards Kitty. "Alexander Nikolo. Or Icarus, depending on the time of day." A formal introduction.

The hand is quickly filled with her own, Kitty giving Alex's hand a quick shake, her grip gentle. Feminine. "Katherine Ajtai. But I go by Kitty. Or Crybaby. It's nice to meet you finally." Her free hand is raised and used to cover a yawn, one that about consumes her head from the bottom up. "Hmmm. Sorry, Iccy. Guess I'm still kind of in need of sleep." She pauses and then looks at his hand, the one that is bandaged, and she asks quietly, "Are you okay?"

"Nice to meet you Kitty." Alex responds managing a small smile and then he shrugs his shoulders. "Ok? Ok is a relative term anymore. I watched a nugget, her second time out of the ship really get blown to hell on my wing. Watched a lot of good folks get banged up because of inexperience or exhaustion." That's when he trails off, realizing that she meant him. His hand. He looks at it and blushes, "Oh you meant this? I've had worst. Hell, I've hurt my hand worst on long weekends when I've had too much time on my hands and spent the whole time ja.. er.." Trailing off he coughs again having forgotten his surroundings.

Kitty knows of the deaths but doesn't want to talk about them unless Alex needs an ear, the offer made by expression rather than by word, the hurt still too fresh. It makes it a good thing that he distracts her by dropping off mid-sentence like he does as it gives her something else to wrap her brain around. "The whole time what?" Kitty just might be that naive, the woman pretty frakking innocent despite her age, but there's a slight gleam when she tries to encourage him to finish that train of thought. Maybe she does know what he was about to say.

"No, don't worry about it. Was just going to say something perverse." Alex responds with a smile. "How about you, how are you holding up?" He tilts his head at her with a smile on his lips that seems to stretch a little while looking.

"Alex, I doubt anything you can say could be remotely perverse compared to the frakking hell we've been through. That's perverse." Kitty shakes her head and grunts, annoyed. Not at Alex's seeming lack of desire to say it but over the situation they all are in, now. "I'm alright, I guess. Slowly starting to catch up on my sleep, at least." Not that it looks like she has as her bunk's made, Kitty having been so exhausted that she hasn't even been able to get under the covers before passing out.

"Yeah, you really look rested, what with the baggy eyes the rumpled hair." Alex nods his head in sarcastic agreement, "Really getting some shut eye, definitely. Hells though, I don't remember the last time I slept for more than two hours. After that, I'm trained to just jerk awake every 40 minutes." Sliding back against the bunk some, Alex sort of leans back with his feet over the edge and head against the bulkhead behind him. "Tell me about yourself then Kitty, since you're probably going to be keeping me awake regardless." He says it not with a frown but a little twinkle of a smile, perhaps not as bitter about the idea of her talking to him as the words indicate.

Kitty sniffs and then looks away, shaking her head as she does. "Not a lot to tell. My brother and I are from Leonis and I try to draw, sometimes…." Blinking, she looks up and gasps, something finally dawning on her. "My sketchbook!" Closing her eyes, she tenses across her shoulders and down the backs of her arms before doing the only thing she can think to do, Kitty now crying. She has held in the hurt and pain of all the losses they've suffered since the night Alex and her clashed over the tears she shed the other night but the fact that she lost one of the few things she had remaining from her life back home is the last straw and she can't fight it anymore.

A sketchbook? Alex is about to comment something when he looks over and realizes that indeed, it seems the ECO has completely lost it. A sad look touches his eyes and he sits there for just a moment before finally realizing that perhaps he can do something. Sliding over some, his arm comes up and slips around Kitty in a side-hug and he holds her against him for a moment unless she pulls away. "It's over, for now though."

Kitty turns and hides her face in Alex's shoulder, the pilot not getting away with a half-hug like he tries to give her. Nope, he's made to give her a full-on one as she has both of her arms wrapped around his body and her cheek is nuzzled against him, Kitty barely able to keep from climbing into his lap. "For now…" she echoes weakly between sobbing. "It is always 'for now'. When will it stop forever?"

"With death." Alex responds rather stoicly, shifting his body some as she's decided to cling to him. His second hand comes around and holds her. "The pain never stops Kitty. The hurt never ceases. You just find the moments, and the people, that give break the pain and the hurt. Then you cling to those desperately to find the strength." He doesn't sound like he's reciting something rhetorical, but rather the words carry the emotion of a man laying out a bit of his heart.

"Yeah, you…y-you're right." Kitty sighs and shakes her head, blushing thanks to how she has pretty much assaulted Alex by hugging him. "Sorry." She slips away and off of the bunk, her body visibly shaking. "Gods..I don't know what came over me, Iccy. It won't happen again." Until the next time she needs a hug and Alex is near by, of course. "Are…I didn't….uh, frak."

"What?" Alex asks towards Kitty with a soft smile on his lips. "Do you think I'm adverse to being hugged? It's not every day in fact .. hell it's been over a decade since someone actually really found themselves compelled to just cling to me." He shrugs his shoulders, "Don't be embarrassed Kitty, I promise, I won't tell anyone you actually took a moment to hug the freshly showered Nikolo in a moment of weakness."

Kitty shakes her head. "It wasn't weakness. I wanted to. Well..needed…frak." She smiles a bit and then shakes her head again, not sure what to say for a while but when she does it is to ask him a question. "Why has it been that long, Alex?" She watches him, her expression curious as well as sad and tired, so much to add years to her features.

"You needed frak?" Alex asks as her words come out wrong, grinning at the meaning and just shaking his head, face going a bit serious. "Trust mostly. When you lose everything, see it again, lose it a second time.. It's not worth it. That's why I told you what I did Kitty. The pain only stops with death, not before.. Until then you just try to remember the moments that didn't completely suck."

There's a slow nod from Katherine as she's unable to disagree with that, especially in light of how that was put. "Yeah, I guess you're right." There's an apologetic look that lingers for quite a while as well as quite a bit of sadness, the expression one she's unable to keep from showing. "Well, hopefully we can manage to have some unsucky stuff happen to us soon." Not that she's counting on it, but she can always hope, yes?

"Unsucky, yes. Well put." Alex says towards Kitty, laughing softly as he remains seated, apparently not intending to stand up. "Has your life been sucky or late? I mean, beyond the obvious end of humanity

Kitty shakes her head. "No. It's been good up to the part where we got rammed, shot at, had people killed and all that." There's a slight grin when she says that; Kitty's not making light of the situation, don't get her wrong. She just has to try and smile while saying it otherwise she'll wind up crying all over again. "What about you, Iccy? Your life going well, yes?" Sitting back down, she doesn't go and hug Alex again, instead poking him in the shoulder.

Alex pauses and laughs softly. "Opposite of good? Got stranded from my ship on Scorpia, rescued by y'all. Ran into an old relationship that was bad the first time, even worst the second. Ruined a poor girl's heart. Yeah, doing great." The whole rant is upbeat though with a smile. "All in all about par for the course for my life. You see Crybaby? I'm the unluckiest man in existence."

"Things can't always be bad, Alex. You're still alive…that counts for something." Kitty had listened to Alex intently but she doesn't comment on all that quite yet, trying to bring a little ray of sunshine to what has been a fairly dreary conversation. "I don't think you're unlucky. You've had bouts of unluckiness, sure, but if you were truly unlucky you would have been killed a very long time ago…and…" She pokes the pilot again, this time in the belly, "…you feel pretty frakking alive to me."

Alex laughs softly and shakes his head a bit towards Kitty, "Please, please don't tell me you're one of those always look on the bright side of life people. I was really starting to like you." His tone is teasing before shoulders lift up into a shrug. "When you lose a lot, you tend to overlook what you still have, right?"

Kitty shakes her head. "No, no. I'm not. Not anymore." She leans close, looking at Alex curiously. "But right now I need to try to find something to be optimistic about I'll do nothing but cry and that'd be me letting the CAG and the others down." Shrugging, she eyes him before adding softly, "You're starting to like me, huh?" Oh boy, there's the blush again."

"Kitty. You're female, attractive, and actually relatively interesting. That and you seem to be a good person, aren't you?" Alex asks towards her with a slight grin. "See, I ain't no boy scout, but I'm also not like a lot of other pilots most of the time. Sort of lost in my own sea, y'know? So iunno, maybe I do, maybe I don't." He glances away, "Just don't let it fill your head with thoughts, told ya I'm unlucky bad news."

Kitty sighs and smiles. "If it makes you feel any better, I haven't had the best of luck with men, either. Not that I've had a lot of relationships, but still." Her eyes narrow in slight challenge as she regards him, Alex openly appraised as if she's appraising something to buy, not another human being. "So…'relatively interesting'," she says after giving that a bit of thought, backtracking. "Only 'relatively'. Wow. That kind of stung." Yes, she's teasing.

"Well, I don't know ya now do I?" Alex responds towards Kitty looking towards her. "I mean what, we've talked twice? Now and when I chewed your ass out? So all those things I mentioned of being of interest? Well do they matter since I don't know you? Not really." He smiles then towards her. "Think of it on the bright side right? At least I'm not completely shallow, just mostly."

Shrugging, Kitty smiles and hugs Alex again, this time doing so a lot less frantically, this one a soft squeeze instead of hysterical clinging. "You're getting to know me now. And I you." Her head tilts just to the left as she considers all that, not just what he said but how he did so, puzzled. "So I'm less attractive to you and all that because you don't know me?" Okay, this is one of the rare times where she finds men to be equally confusing as other women, if not more so.
Alex opens his mouth to say something, stops, gathers thoughts and starts again. "Less attractive? No. It's like this. I'm odd I suppose but I've realized a few things in my years here in existence. Doesn't matter if you're the most physically attractive person alive. If someone has a bad personality, nothing makes up for it. So I don't know you to know that, see?" He tries to explain. When she hugs him however, Alex doesn't shy away from it, if anything he is looking into Kitty's eyes in that moment.

Ah! Now that makes sense and Kitty can't help but to smile, the light of comprehension showing in her eyes. "I see what you're saying now and yes. That's very true. You can be the world's most beautiful person and it won't mean frakall if your personality sucks." Her eyes hold to his for a moment before she nods, affirming this part of their discussion by doing so. "You seem to have a very nice personalty.

"That's because I'm sleep deprived Kitty. Right now I don't have my normal wits or my banter up. Usually I'm sarcastic, superior and holier than thou in everything I do." His eyes don't break away though as he shakes his head finally after a moment. "Very sleep deprived. You are too I'm sure."

Kitty nods. "Well, I'll just put you in your place if you get like that, Alex." She means it too. She'll be respectful about it, of course, seeing as how he outranks her, but that doesn't exempt him from getting a boot up his ass if he needs one. The mention of sleep dep has her rolling her eyes and she nods, slowly, indeed deprived of it. "Maybe not as bad as you and the other pilots are but I couldn't sleep during our jumps and now I'm struggling to get enough to make a difference."

"You'll catch up in time. We used to do drills similar to this on the Pegasus, but even then…" Alex chuckles softly, "I can tell I'm sleep deprived though. Everything in slow motion, like a dream. You aren't a dream are you Kitty? IF so I'm going to be a little disappointed."

Kitty blinks and then shakes her head, causing her hair to fall from the tail she had put it in, her tresses dancing about her shoulders and face. "I am not a dream. If I was, we probably wouldn't be on the ship…hmm, maybe a nice warm beach or something like that instead?" Her bed is eyed and then she wrinkles her nose, realizing that she doesn't want to sleep in it alone.

Alex glances at her bed when she looks that way then returns his attention to Kitty. "A nice warm beach huh? So your idea of a good place to be right now, is on a nice warm beach. I'm assuming not alone, right?" He looks at her with a little bit of a grin on his lips, "You don't strike me as the sort of person who does alone."

"Alone…with others…doesn't matter to me, really. I just want off this ship and to lay in sun-warmed sand and everything." Her eyes close and for a moment she imagines that, the features of her face softening, her smile turning dreamy, her body fully relaxing. "And a trip to get ice cream afterwards." Sighing, she peeks an eye open and she blinks, looking around, the fantasy ruined when she sees the berthings. "So…uh, where would you want to go, Alex?"

Although when she does open her eyes, she'd find Alex looking at her, smiling at her expression. After a moment he contemplates then nods his head. "I think I'll join you on your vacation honestly. Sounds fantastic to me." Really his eyes must be holding that expression of slight dreaminess to them due to sleep exhaustion. The fact that he's been looking at Kitty for sometime can't be the reason.

"Okay. We can have a picnic or something. Make a day out of it." She gives her bed one last look before flopping back, just missing the wall with her head by an inch or two although she doesn't know that she almost brained herself, nor does she notice the look in Alex's eyes just yet. "So yes. You pack the lunch, I'll bring a bottle of wine."

"Sounds great." Alex responds to Kitty with a chuckle then reaches out, patting her leg. "Get some rest Kitty. You'll need it soon I suspect." Slowly, Alex starts to rise up, picking up his towel that he had thrown at her what seems forever ago. "Nice talkin' to you."

Kitty purses her lips and then blurts out, "Was kind of hoping you'd sleep with me…I mean, just…sleep. Nothing more. I'm just…I can't sleep." She looks down, feeling like a Cylon's ass, her shoulders brought up to her ears as she waits for Alex to laugh or whatever. "Uh, never mind. I'll see you later, Iccy. Be good."

He stops mid-step, looking back towards Kitty. "Sleep… oh you mean." He nods his head a bit and Alex actually chuckles, "I understand. Just knowing someone else is around right? Dreams of being alone, being the only person?" His eyes cast over then, upwards towards one of the bunks, his bunk. "As long as you keep your hands to yourself."

"Yes, sleep. We don't know each other, remember?" Looking around, she slips back, putting her back to the bulkhead which should give Icarus enough room to lay comfortably. "I'll keep mine to me if you keep yours to yourself, Mister Alex." Her pillow's rearranged so they can share it as well as the blanket, Alex invited fully once she is done.

Alex lifts his eyebrow at Kitty. "I hate to say it there Kitty but uhm, why in the world would we sleep here on this bunk that's sorta a renter, when we could just as easily crawl up into mine. That has you know, the nice things. Like a candle?" He watches her get comfortable though, a soft smile on his face.

Kitty shakes her head. "I'm so tired that nice things like that would kind of be wasted right now, Alex. Maybe next time? But we'll just be sleeping then, too." Most likely. "Let's just sleep here this time and next time you can show off your candles and all that other romantic stuff. Promise."

He actually snickers softly and shakes his head. "I suppose, this time. Don't be thinking you'll always get your way with me though Kitty." Moving, he goes to lay down next to her on the bunk, reaching up to pull the curtain and kill the outside lighting away. "No snoring?"

"I don't snore." Kitty waits for Alex to lay down and then she snuggles up close, using Icarus' shoulder as a pillow. "I don't think it matters anyhow, really…." A yawn interrupts her in mid-sentence and once it's over remains quiet, Kitty enjoying this too much, not wanting to ruin it by saying anything.

It takes Alex a few moments to get settled in, turning his body so he's facing Kitty while she rests on his shoulder. Instinctively, his hand reaches up to gently brush some of her hair back, leading to his fingers brushing over her cheek. "If I start snoring, just nudge me. I'll probably stop." The voice is a quiet whisper, intimate in tone as his eyes drift a little bit. Not completely closed but half-lidded and on her face.

The need for good old fashioned REM sleep finally wins and Kitty's drifting. She does manage to give the pilot small smile of appreciation before her eyes close entirely and the weight of her head grows a bit more noticeable thanks to the dead weight.

Alex only manages to hold off a few minutes more, looking at Kitty when she drifts off and smiles. Then just as his eyes close he whispers. "Never again. Won't… let it happen… again." Zzzz.

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