Icarus and Sunshine
Icarus and Sunshine
Summary: After naked coffee in the pilot hallway, Alex invites Jules to the Library for a Serious Chat.
Date: PHD131
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Eddie smirks slightly, the expression hidden behind the rim of her coffee cup as she takes a sip from it. "S'long as it's goodnatured." She mutters of Alex's antics. Her inner mischief maker having to approve, even though her 'new leaf' self is having trouble with it. Finally she just turns a quarter circle away, and pretends not to be looking at Alex. "You wanna put me through my paces, Lieutenant? YOu might just have to stand in line." Now facing Matto, she shrugs. "They aren't. Soon though. Soon."

Standing behind a little coffee cart is Alex, serving coffee to the rousing pilots and those that pass by. The issue of course is the fact that he's dressed in an apron and an apron alone. Noting as the other two shift to discuss, the pilot smirks a bit, "Not to interupt, but try not to hold up the line?"

Matto is awake enough now that setting himself into motion doesn't take much more than a shift of weight to one direction that sets him off shuffling toward a bulkhead, finishing up the coffee at length. "Sure, sorry," he tells the guy. "Well, when you do start, maybe you can talk to the Poet about doing a group thing. I know getting into training again is being a little rough on him. But he's tenacious, y'know? He'll get there."

With her hair tucked underneath a short-billed cap, Jules is making her way down the corridor. She looks like she's trying to be inconspicuous. She offers short salutes for Matto and Eddie as she sidesteps them and moves on, eyes sweeping over Alex and then she's past and down the corridor. About five feet later she stops, cocks her head and looks over her shoulder, eyeballing the man in the apron. "Why… aren't you wearing any pants?"

Eddie glances over at Alex, sticking out her tongue and taking a step out of the way. For a second there, there's something else in her eyes, some hint at deeper emotion but it's hidden back away by the time she looks back to Kissy. "'Course. You know I'd do anything for that bugger. He wants to fly again, and I want to learn how to write my name again. It's an even trade off."

"Hey Sunshine." Alex greets the Marine and glances down then shrugs his shoulders. "They're far too constricting. I enjoy freedom of movement when I'm dishing up my coffee." He explains it with a smile that is as natural as can be.

Matto's smile is growing more broad as Eddie proclaims her support of the Poet, but then he pauses, as if having just been in the middle of beginning to say something. "You want to learn to do what again?" he asks.

"Huh." Sunshine scratches the back of her neck, thinking on Alex's response and also the other two pilots lack of reaction. Hm. Shrugging her shoulders, she says, "Must be a pilot thing, right? Play nicely with the other fly boys and girls." She chews off a grin at the man before turning away. And then she turns quickly back to him, adding, "I got something special for the project we're working on, whenever is good for you to get together to work on it again."

Eddie looks over at Jules, giving her a little smirk of 'welcome to the party'. Oh, right. Don't leave Matto hanging. She flicks the end of Madman's nose with her fingers. "Completely joking. What project?" She asks, having missed out on something obviously.

It takes a moment, but a laugh is forthcoming from the Kissybear, even if it's a deformed sort of creature, born too soon. "I was wondering how hard you whacked your skull." He looks toward the others, then. Project? his eyes seem to ask. But he doesn't say anything further, Moonshine having already asked aloud.

Alex tilts his head at Jules and nods slowly slipping a small smile to his lips. "Sure, let me know when works for you. I'm off of CAP for awhile so it'd be good to talk over some of that devious scheming for world domination." He's joking, or at least his tone is joking.

"Top secret, sir. Need to know and all that. It's all very hush hush." Jules answers Eddie evenly, a bemused smile on her face as she taps the side of her nose. Eyes moving to Matto, she winks and then focusses in on Alex. "I'll get a message to you later… I'm working on a caper for a friend at the moment."

Eddie looks between Jules and Alex, giving another shake of her head. "Right." She hoists her cup of coffee aloft. "Thanks for the coffee, Lieutenant." Mooner huffs out a breath then looks back to Matto. "Harder then you're able to whack anything, Kiss." Her lips form in a silent 'ooooo' at her little burn.

Matto briefly wonders if this top secret project is related to that other top secret project some of the pilotish folk are working on. But he lifts a shoulder in an amiable shrug and turns his attention back to Moonshine with a winning smile, "Not too hard; I don't believe in hitting," he reminds her, smile turning into a cheeky little grin.

Alex nods towards Jules and chuckles, "Sounds good Sunshine." He glances at Eddie and nods a bit towards her thanks for the coffee before returning to getting his next pot of drink ready. Afterall, you can't be a naked coffee server without freshly made naked coffee.

Jules starts off again, but she doesn't go too much further. A glance is spared over her shoulder to see if anyone is looking and she ducks off to the side. Sneaky sneaky.

And the girl should have paid more attention to where she was trying to duck into. Rather than the nice open hatchway she was looking for, Jules smacks right into the closed hatch with a hollow *BONG* noise and falls back onto her butt in the hallway.

Eddie takes a half step towards Matto, personal space one of those things that's a luxury on this ship not a right. She whispers something for his ears only. See! She can have secrets too. At the gong show behind her, she has to crane her neck to fully appreciate the train wreck.

Matto listens to what Moonshine has to say, then tilts his head and looks at her, brows drawn together in a moment of puzzlement before they both rise and he laughs, tossing his arm around her shoulders and giving her a friendly squeeze, "Hey, now you're just being mean," he tells her playfully before his neck cranes in unison with Eddie's to take in the sight of the human gong hammer laid out on the ground there. "Hey, you okay?"

Alex turns hearing the thud, brow furrowing as he starts to move then decides better of it considering his current state of wardrobe. "Sunshine?" He asks, concern in his tone.

"Yep. That's a door there." Jules gives her head a shake to clear the residual stars and starts to push to her feet. A dusting of her pants later and she adds, "I'm good, thanks for asking." She shares a sheepish smile with the other occupants of the corridor. "Must have been distracted by the lack of pants."

Eddie fluffs at Matto's hair, then disentagles herself from his embrace. "Don't worry, darlin'. Happens to us all." She calls back to Jules, then gives a wink to the Matto before heading off to her own assigned quarters with her naked coffee.

Matto wrinkles his nose and dips his head as he's ruffled. His own naked coffee quite finished, he steps up to the stand again to return the cup. He grins at Jules and tosses Eddie a wave. "Later, Moonshine," he tells her.

Jules feels her forehead, checking for dents from the hatch. No harm no foul, it seems. She moves back towards the coffee line and says, "Is the coffee for pilots only or can a Marine get some java love, too?"

"Well normally it'd be for just the pilots, but now… now it's for anyone who wants some." Alex explains to Jules with a grin, "Afterall, that stumble definately earns Java love." Getting a cup out, he begins to poor the black juice for Jules and asks with tha tsame grin on his lips, "Sugar, Cream? A nice happy dream?"

The hatch to the Red Berth opens, and out steps the S2. Salazar is in off duties, her hair pulled back in a knot and pinned up, save the fall of dark fringe across her brow. She pulls the hatch closed behind her, and glances down the corridor. Which is probably a mistake.

Matto settles the used coffee cup on the cart again, "Thanks, dude," he tells Alex obliquely as he goes on to fix coffee for the marine. He gives a short whistle to Salazar— not a wolf whistle, more like a bird call, just a little sound of greeting as he heads on down the corridor and past her.

The whistle has Jules up and looking after Matto. And also spotting Salazar at the hatchway to the Red Berthings. Brows furrowing for a second or two, she unscrunches her face and gives Alex a smile as he pours her out some coffee in a cup. "If you have sugar and cream I'll take it. As for nice happy dreams, that's where I live, baby." She blinks, remembering the S2 not too far off and adds, hastily, "Sir."

"Baby Sir?" Alex asks with a soft chuckle and he shakes his head at Jules, going to get cream and sugar for her coffee which forces him to turn around and bend over some. "I've never heard of baby sir before."

Leda is looking for someone as he has wandered to and fro on the Kharon attempting to find a special somone. As he rounds the hallway he finds the certain someone he is looking for and he begins walking straight toward the S2. He then looks over at everyone else and he simply nods his head but to Salazar, "Would it be possible to speak with you in private?" He asks curiously, "It will only take a moment of your time." His voice is kind but clearly he needs something.

Matto gives Tinners a quiet smile, too, and heads on past.

Salazar turns to head down the hall toward the juncture where it meets the main hall, and of course this brings her past… bare ass and a coffee cart. "A patrol of MPs will be through here in ten minutes." Salazar's tone is a bit flat. "If your ass is still hanging out by then, you'll be doing pedicures and serving coffee from the brig." She glances back toward the hatch to the Berths, where the CAG is currently sequestered. She nods to the other marine in the hall. "Sunshine." The S2 moves on past.

"Sir," Jules offers as Salazar moves on past. She stares after the woman, then glances sidelong at Alex. "You heard the woman. Better put some pants on, 'for Rags uses that stick she carries around on you." Leaning against the cart a little, she gives the Lieutenant a flash of baby blues. "Trust me. As fun as it might sound, even -you- wouldn't like it."

Alex smirks a bit as the S2 walks past and is so very tempted to open his mouth and point out the lack of propriety, but instead he just opts to offer a nod. A glance is given back towards Jules and he grins, "Iunno Sunshine. I got a dark side to me. But it does seem about time to close up shop, afterall, can't serve coffee all day." Even as he's speaking he's hastily packing up shop.

"Leda." Salazar continues on down the hall, bootfalls not even slowing. The pilots are supposed to be fast. He can catch up, right? Right. "With me." She rounds the corner of the corridor. Impropriety? None here that's not Alex, baby. The S2 keeps all of her dirty little secrets well under wraps.

Leda doesn't pay much attention to the pantless pilot because this is Alex who sort of does this thing so much that Leda has gotten blind to it. He is focused on the S2 and following her because he has a mission of his own and he must succeed in this mission. "Right behind you." He then looks back at Alex, "And you better be sure of which stick Randy will use on you." He says softly before he follows along after Salazar, looking a bit puppy like even though those days are long gone for him.

"Sometimes you're too cute for words… you could have gotten thrown in the brig for this," Jules points out once the corridor is looking a little less full of people. Namely it's just her and Alex. "But since you've gone this far…" She reaches up, grabs the apron's top and tugs Alex downward to lay an illicit and illegal naughty sort of kiss on his cute self.

Alex's eyes widen when Jules reaches up to kiss him, swallowing as she does. He doesn't exactly pull away but he does seem hesitant, looking past her for anyone coming down the halls. Finally he breaks away to whisper, "We really need to talk Jules." There's a serious tone to his voice.

Ha. That doesn't sound good. The smile Jules was wearing immediately post-kissage wanes and she ducks her head, cap giving her expression some measure of cover. "In the corridor, while little Alex is hanging out?" Pause. "What's wrong?"

"You have a point, can you wait about two minutes? I'm going to throw some sweats on and then we can walk and talk." Alex explains with a smile towards Jules although it's not the normal giant big goofy grin.

"For you I'd wait two minutes and thirty seconds," Jules says, lifting her head so it's clear she's smiling. It doesn't look like a happy sort of smile though. More like a worried one. She adds, "I'll be right here."

Alex ducks away quickly, actually moving at a decent clip to disappear into the red berthings and then emerge about a minute and thirty seven seconds later with sweats and a shirt on. "Alright." He says panting a little. "Want to walk someplace, maybe the library, and talk?"

Jules is still waiting there when the man comes out, just like she said she would be. She's got a lean going against the bulkhead, hands held clasped just in front of her. When Alex returns, she says, "Sure, the Library is good." A piercing blue eyed look is given to the man and then she leads the way down the corridor.

As they walk into the Library, having travelled mostly in silence, Alex looks around then leads Jules towards a pair of chairs nearby, lowering himself into one. "There's no easy way in hell to go about this Jules and I wish to the Gods there was."

"I know what you're about to say…" Jules says as she settles herself down into one of the chairs, looking askance at the man. "You're pregnant. Well, it's not my fault." The smile on her face is toned down by the sadness in her eyes. They might even be a little wet. "If it helps any, you don't have to say it. We can just pretend you did."

"No." Alex says softly looking at Jules, "I don't do that. I'm always honest with those I care about, and that needs to be the first thing said Jules. I do care about you. Probably more than I rightfully should. But we have a couple things." He flicks his finger against his neck and blushes, "Like the fact that it's highly illegal?"

Jules puts her hand to her chin, nodding at those last words. She chews a nail, puffs out a breath and responds, "The world ended, Alex. Since when do legalities, especially about relationships, matter? Since when does something like that bother you anyway?"

Alex chuckles softly and nods his head, "No, you're right. But some folks around here.. I'm just saying that's one issue. There's another one though, much much bigger." He bites his lip and then sighs, "There's someone from my past on this ship. We had a thing and it was complicated about ten years ago. I'm trying to sift through all of it and you deserve the truth. There's feelings there. And I have feelings here too." The here refers to Jules as he makes a hand motion to indicate the two of them. "So that's part of why I've been distant."

Jules closes her eyes and puffs out her breath. "Right." Opening her eyes again, she says, "Look, you don't really need to do this. I don't need an explanation. Just… do what you have to, okay?" She lifts her chin and turns her head to look Alex's way. "I'm not going to run away or throw a hissy or something."

Alex shakes his head, "Jules, that's the deal. That's what I'm trying to explain. I don't know what I have to do. I've never been in this position." He sighs softly and looks at her while chewing his lower lip. "I never let myself get into situations where I'd be well, in a situation where I'd have to make a decision. I have a lot of baggage, but that's not really any excuse. I just simply don't know what to do."

"Choose me," Jules states plainly. "Forget about the stuff in the past and choose me. If you're afraid of us getting in trouble, then we'll just be more careful about things. Or we can cool things off for a bit." She gives Alex a plaintive look, smile long gone.

When she says choose me, just straight forward, Alex can't help but grin and laugh softly. "Things were so less complicated when we were just on the planet." He comments it half for himself, eyes locked on Jules'. "I wanted to let you know what's going on. I gotta figure out myself for a little bit and I didn't want to upset you, really, and I hope you know that. I'm not certain quite yet what I'm going to do." There's a sadness in his eyes, "I am truly sorry Jules if even having to talk about this hurts you. I just don't like to be deceptive."

"We could just go back to Scorpia," Jules points out, though by the way she says it she knows it's not all that feasible. "I've been thinking about heading down there. As a military advisor." She clears her throat and looks down at her lap.

Alex blinks and sits there quietly before asking, "What? You're serious? It's a death trap down there Jules." Yes, that's definately concern in his voice.

Jules looks over to Alex, a little surprised by his reaction. "It's a Colony. We're not going to just drop it like a hot rock, just because it's been raped. Honestly, I find it kind of funny when people talk about it in the past tense. All those planets back there are still our homes. Scorpia may not have been my Colony, but it's home and if I can help in some tiny way to try and save what's left of it, then I'm going to do that."

"I just.." Alex bites his lip then sighs, "I just don't like the thought of you being in a tough situation like that is all. I know what it's like down there for a long period of time Jules. I just don't want you to have to endure that." He sighs then though and smiles, "But I guess my opinion holds only minimal weight anyway. How certain are you that you're going to try to do this?"

"Your opinion holds weight." Pause. "It held more before weight before this conversation, granted." Jules' lips twist into a smile again. More of a smirk, really. "I'm pretty sure it's what I want to do… besides, it'll give you time to straighten yourself out, right? And maybe by the time I get back, they'll have demoted you to enlisted and we don't have to sneak around."

That makes Alex laugh softly again before he looks at Jules, "You were thinking about this before, right? You're not just considering this to get away?"

"The teenage girl in me wants to say that I'm planning on leaving just to spite you, but no. I've been thinking about it a while." Jules tosses her hair a bit. "You don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine. On Scorpia, that is. I'll come back to you, you know."

"What makes you think I want you to leave me at all?" Alex asks his tone rather quiet, brow knitted in concern as he looks at Jules.

"Oh, I know you don't. Have you looked at me lately? I'm cute as a button." The marine shoots an angelic smile over. "Are you going to be okay with me leaving for a while?"

Alex looks at Jules and slowly shakes his head. "No, I'm really not going to be ok with it." He sighs softly then manages that small smile, "Can we talk again in a couple days? Give me a chance to sort this out?"

Jules pushes to her feet. It looks for a second like she might not answer, but she turns and moves over to the other chair, stooping down so she's in Alex's personal bubble. "Sure. Just let me know when." She smiles and straightens up.

There's a split moment where Alex's hand lifts to pull Jules down to him but instead he just let's the hand drop and smiles at her softly. "I will. Have a good night Sunshine, sorry I'm a wreck."

"You look okay to me." As Jules turns to go she trails a hand along the man's cheek. She pauses in the doorway. "Good night, Icarus." A soft smile later and she heads out into the hall.

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