House Rules
House Rules
Summary: A conversation between Dutch and Salazar is interrupted by the CAG's 'request' and displeasure.
Date: PH 106 (03 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #106
OOC Time: Mon Aug 03 14:18:07 2009

This room is the defacto headquarters for Marine operations on board the ship and also serves as their office. There are a pair of desks that flank the entrance to the door and another at the rear, that one obviously belonging to the Marine CO. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. A picture of the Commandant of the CMC also hangs on the far wall as a reminder. There is a small video monitor in the corner that feeds into a camera in the brig, displaying a live feed into the office. As well, an armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' denoting the Security Hub as holding the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. Another hatch on the opposite end of the room denotes it as leading to the Small Arms Range.

Salazar is seated at one of the desks at the back of the Sec Hub. This one is to the right, and is the traditional spot of the S2. A half empty mug of cold coffee sits nearby, and several folders are stacked on the surface of the desk in two piles, with about seven in the left hand pile, and two in the right, plus one in the hands of the black haired, recently promoted S2. She flips a page up, and scans the text.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed and apparently without a moment of hesitance comes one Sergeant. A small stack of files dropped out onto the peon desk before he's turning smartly and making a move towards the Mustang's desk. He does stop just at the edge and offers a salute. Hell, Dutch holds it till she tells him otherwise. Probably ain't needed, but it is a subtle way to give one hell. "You wanted to speak to me sir?" the grin there is light, and gone in an instant.

It's a moment before Salazar glances up. She finishes off the page first, then flips it and closes the folder to keep her place. She smiles slightly and leaves the Sergeant stand there for a moment, letting him hold onto the unnecessary salute before she raises a hand, and offers a brief one of her own. "Sergeant. Have a seat. I'd like a little run down of your interactions with and Cavalera, who is currently warming a bunk in our fine brig."

And down he goes, taking that offered seat. However, it seems she could have had him stand there all day, and he would have done it. All the same there's a raise of his brow, before he is nodding. "Well, as I told the Old Man, I knew him from when I came into contact with him on the surface as Frank, or whatever the frak name he was using. Got found out by a dumb as shit farmer he was a killer, but he didn't run nor try an kill us in our sleep, when he could have. He attached himself to my squad when down planet side and helped me convince the Lieutenant that the bunker was a better option than doing field surgery with what we had. He came and helped rescue Foxbat three. He's had plenty of time to stay back and hide knowin we're likely to frag him. But he came along. Just speaks volumes to me sir. I even think he might make a damned fine Marine-given the polish."

Salazar kicks back in her chair, crosses her legs, and picks up her coffee, to have a little sit down with Dutch at her desk. She nods as he speaks, and sips from her mug, glancing down briefly. Cold. She sets the coffee on the desk again, and shoves a stack of folders into a drawer before she shoves it lightly closed, leaving three still atop the desk. "I'm inclined to agree with you, Sergeant." Dutch pretty much covered it in one fell swoop.

"I'd even recommend him to Nikos for training right now." The Sergeant states. Currently both Salazar and Dutch are seated opposite each other at the S2 desk having what appears to be a quite friendly and informative conversation. However, looks can and often are deceiving. "Anything else I can do for you sir, or any other questions?" John asks with a raise of his brow.

Kai does not knock on the hatch, or otherwise announce his presence in advance. He's not a particularly sneaky fellow though, so it isn't difficult to hear him coming. Hands tucked into the trouser pockets of his duty blues, he casts his eyes about until he spots the S2 and medic chilling over in the corner. He pivots on the heel of a polished boot, and angles toward them.

Salazar nods at the mention of the MSGT. Something about that thought makes her smile. It isn't entirely pleasant, but neither is training with Peri. She looks across the desk to Dutch, and says, "You know, John, a fresh cup of coffee would be great." There's a pot across the room, plugged in at the wall counter atop a file cabinet.

"That a by god order, or you askin me all sweet, sir?" The medic asks with a raise of his brow before he is slowly moving to rise. A faint chuckle as he turns, and eyes a looking over to the incoming brass. A nod is given to the Captain before he's moving a few desks away to catch up on the coffee demand. Filling two mugs as it were.

Dutch, ie coffee boy, gets a crisp and relatively toneless greeting of "Sergeant" from the arriving CAG. He comes to a halt a few feet away from the S2's desk, and addresses her with a somewhat more clipped "Ensign." Then, without missing a beat, "I've got a couple of items on the docket, if you have a few minutes."

The S2 raises her hand to point an index finger at her face. She tips a look at Dutch and says, "This is my sweet face, Sarge." She didn't even bark it. Salazar glances over as Karim moves closer, and she stands, leaning a hip slightly against her desk. "Captain, I do. Have a seat." Dutch kept it warm. "Would you like some coffee?"

Dutch looks back towards the S2, as the mug is sat down, and he is moving to keep a perch nearby since, he figures he wasn't quite done yet, but all the same the Sergeant looks back towards the CAG without much of a word. just a sip from the other mug he brought with him. A brow is raised for a moment, almost as if he was asking if he needs to shove off.

"I'll stand, thank you." Blue eyes rove from Salazar, to Dutch, then briefly to the flag nearby emblazoned with the CMC's logo, before sliding back to the S2. "Though I wouldn't mind some coffee. I'd like to know whether any charges are to be formally placed against Lieutenant Leda. And if not, I'd like him released from the brig by the end of the day." He doesn't speak, either way, on whether Dutch should stick around. That's Salazar's prerogative.

"I'm reviewing the file now." Salazar regards the CAG for a moment, then smiles, "Pot's behind you, Captain. Help yourself." A glance is cast to Dutch. She doesn't ask him to go, but raises her mug slightly to him in thanks. To the Captain, she notes, "If I don't find something probative, I'm sure he'll be back in the fold before lights out."

Dutch raises a brow between both of the officers as he listens to the banter between them both. Another long sip of his coffee and he's moving to return to the chair he was in, however, he's pulling it aside so as to give Marek more room and himself more of a view. He's got nothing to add about Leda, himself.

"It's been over a week, Ensign." Kai doesn't even address the coffee pot, or the two perfectly good hands he possesses, with which to avail himself of brew. "I realise you aren't responsible for this frakup, but it looks like you've inherited the problem. Either make him aware of the charges against him, or release him. Understood?"

Dark brows arch slightly. Salazar regards Karim for a couple of beats, just long enough for the eye contact to sink in. "Perhaps I should enunciate more clearly, sir." She sips from her mug. "If I find something probative, it will be forwarded to JAG and you can take it up with them. Otherwise, Leda will be home in time to borrow the car keys and stay out all night." She didn't quite say 'did I frakkin' stutter', but it's damn close.

Dutch stares right back towards Kai, and seems to be inherently focused in on the Captain. So much that he's not even batting an eye. Nope just keeps on staring, even through the let my people go chat that seems to be ensuing. Another sip of the warm coffee and the Tauron marine just-abides. Well and raises a brow.

"Nikos," returns the Captain mildly, holding eye contact for so long as Salazar desires, "I realise you're re-acclimatising to military life after a bit of a hiatus. But the standard response when acknowledging a superior officer is 'yes, sir'." He seems for a moment like he might press that a little, but perhaps Dutch's presence has him moving along. "You've also requested a report on Mr. Cavalera. I'll have one forwarded to you by eighteen hundred hours, instead of taking up your time discussing it. I'm sure we've both got other things that need our attention."

"I would remind you, sir, that this is a security issue, thus under the direct authority of my office. I would be remiss in allowing Leda out of the brig before a full review of the file, as our Commander made quite clear when he passed on these pins." Salazar doesn't have to indicate which pins, it's pretty clear. "I appreciate your refresher, and will revisit it as soon as I've finished processing Leda out of our custody, should that be my finding. Thank you for your time, Captain. I look forward to your statement."

There's a look to Kai, that quite doesn't reach. And another loud sipping, as if making it obvious that he is in fact still there drinking. However all the same the Sergeant is not butting into this fight, and he is keeping both eyes unnervingly on Marek. Egads, marine stare down.

"Cut the attitude, Nikos." It's interjected somewhere in the midst of Salazar's diatribe about refreshers and revisiting his advice. She'll have to talk over him if she wants to finish that thought. "And don't give me the red tape and bullshit. I'd expect better out of you." There's a curt nod to Salazar, and another for Dutch. The latter, his attention remains upon for a few seconds more. "Thank you, Sergeant." For what, he doesn't specify, though the words seem thoroughly sincere. And then he's turning, and striding back the way he came.

Salazar's voice remains level through. She smiles slightly as the Captain chides her performance. It's not entirely amused. Pilots. "Sir." And then there's a little something else after, that almost sounds like a throat clearing. "Kara."

Dutch raises a brow between the both of them and ther's a clearing of his throat to the Captain's words, but likely, a warning from a Sergeant means a lick of shit. A sip of is mug, but when Kai says thank you, there's a nod. "You're welcome, Captain." intoned back before he is looking over to Salazar. What the hell did she just say?

Oh, Dutch. You just don't want to know. "I figured there'd be a little more lag time before the first frak with the Ensign party." Salazar picks up Castor's folder, and shoves it in her desk drawer. She'll finish reviewing it when she's finished with her coffee. Harassing the cops just leads to delays in paperwork being filed, you know how it is. "Gods, it's good to be back." Even so.

"Ah, but Ensign, you're dealing with pilots. And pardon me, but they know shit from shine." a snicker into his coffee mug before he is taking another sip. "I tell you, sir. He's only pissed because his little fly baby hasn't been cleared. Which, he should be thankful we didn't just airlock his ass without trial and investigation if you ask me."

"You're a harsh mistress, Sergeant," Salazar can't help but smirk a little smile at that from the other marine. "I'd be pissed, too. I'd have approached it differently." She picks up her coffee and sips it again. It seems to have cooled to just the right temperature, because she takes another. "Leda's a puppy. There really is no reason he should have been held this long without evidence to support his involvement. If I get to the bottom of the file and it's a wash, he can take his pillow and go home."

"I'm also someone who doesn't lick assholes because there's brass attached to it. I've seen enough of my marines get chewed out and thrown into different shit duty, because of their being enlisted, where as those airy fairies, pout and no shit comes of it. You ask me, they get what we get in basic. Face the mast and kiss th' bosun's daughter." Oh lashes as it would be. A shrug as Dutch finishes his tirade. "Anyone check his alibi?"

"You keep those rants out of general circulation, Sergeant. You're pushing a line the pixie patrol isn't likely to overlook today." Salazar's dark eyes flick to the hatch briefly, then she rises, slides open the desk drawer, and picks up the folder to tuck it under her arm. The coffee goes with. She knees the drawer closed. "If you'll excuse me, Sergeant, I'm going to check a few facts." She has to go harass the prisoner briefly, then go piss in someone's post toasties. Again.

"Course I do." says Elder with a wry rgin "Only folks who get to hear em are you an Mithras sir-Sides if I rant, is usually at one of ares who is just standing around with a thumb up their asshole.." A slight nod and he's rising up "I got rotation-I'll see you later." A top of knuckles to his forehead and he is sliding out as well.

Salazar notes to Dutch, before the two part ways, "Good to have you around, Elder."

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