Hot Water
Hot Water
Summary: Two Priests and a Pilot enter the Head. Hi-jinx ensue.
Date: PH 35 (May 24th, 2009)
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The head is pretty quiet. Once again, late night wanderings on the ship find most of the usually high traffic areas pretty dead. Jupes sits, wrapped in a white towel, with one leg up on a bench. A little bottle of nail varnish sits on the bench under her raised knee, and a brush is in her hand. She leans forward, delicately painting her toenails. Apparently even military girls like pretty toes. She's painting them a pale robins egg blue. Her hair is damp, and falls in loose curls just past her collar. Across her upper back is a realistically shaded tattoo of winged women in flight. A scholar of texts would recognize it as an old stylized drawing of the furies.

The head might be silent this time of night, as you get the one or two idly comers in. People who actually need to use the head, or folks who are coming in for that late night shower, or frak, depending on who they are. But in he comes, in his off duty wear, none other than the Padre himself. Apparently pilots aren't the only ones keeping odd hours. In one hand he holds dob kit, with the standard white towel. Whistling softly, he makes for the showers, taking time to set his things down on the bench, before he is looking over. Back seen with his one good eye, before its wandering to the rest of the woman. Low whistle.

"Says a hell of a lot of things for a woman t' have the furies on her back." Ajax finally says, before he is sitting down to undo his boots, and yank them off unceremoniously.

There's a Head just off the pilot's berthings, which suggests Jupiter is avoiding the hell out of them if she's all the way down here to shower and groom. She finishes painting that foot, then carefully swaps legs, lifting the leg on the side of the split in the towel. She glances up as someone speaks. Ajax.

"… Does it?" Jupiter dips the brush into the polish, and gives it a swirl before she reaches over to brush the pad of her thumb over her toes. She tests the dryness of the previous coat, and watches the priest for a moment. Then she reaches for the polish again, and begins the application of a second coat of blue. Her eyes return to her toes.

Ajax looks all the same. What because he is a priest he is suddenly dead to how folks look? A brow raised as boots come clean off, before he is taking off his socks, and then standing up in a quick pop to attention. "Aye it does." adds the Padre before hands are moving down to tug off both tanks in one movement "Says you're a woman not to frak around with- Or that you have a bit of a notion of Divine justice." A shrug and tanks are folded, sat down before he's reaching down for the dob kit opening her up before pulling out a smooth small bag. "Did you just get off CAP?"

Jupiter tips forward again to carefully apply a second coat of that pale blue to her toes, movements sure and spare. She occasionally dips the brush into the polish as she goes, finishing up in less than a minute. She glances over as Ajax removes his tanks, perhaps doing a scan for tattoos. "Could be both." The placement of the tattoo suggests movement of the wings when her shoulder blades move in just the right way. "I took a run on the gym." Not a CAP then. She turns a little on the bench, caps the polish securely, and lowers her foot to the floor to join the other as she waits for the toes to dry. "Fresh from a service?"

A grooming kit firmly in hand, Cygnus steps through the hatch into the head, and moves over to the row of sinks and mirrors. A quick survey of the area shows the room to be fairly uncrowded, but damned if there isn't his CO. Again. For the second time today. Which leaves him to wonder for a moment how the ship has suddenly seemed to get much smaller all of a sudden. Either way, he leaves his greeting to a quiet, "Sir," as he sets down his kit and rummages through it to come up with a scrunchie. Reaching up, a few quick flick of his wrists has somehow miraculously gathered up the length of his hair, twisted it around and arranged it into a bun, somehow fixed in place with that simple piece of coated rubber.

The one eye remains on the woman, before he is looking down a quiet chuckle, leaves the Padre as he shakes out the small bag, depositing something marble and round in his hand. "I'll take note of that." said before palm is closing and hand reaching up to remove the patch from his head. Sitting the bit of fitted leather down and he turns his head just so, as hand pops hard against his face, then fingers move-adjusting. A blink back to you. Now he has one real eye and one blank, and white piece of fabrication in place.

As for tattoos the Padre sports a rather Spartan CDF Marine Corps Crest on his right arm, in dulled black ink, suggesting its been there for some time. The other, which spans the entirety of his left arm down to the wrist and splashes over onto his torso, are all stylized blue waves with the white foam, in what would seem like a storm one might catch in the northern Aquarian seas with the Trident coming out in the center down his arm. Dedication to Poseidon? Yeah.

"Yes." says Ajax with a grin as he is reaching down to undo his belt. "And last minute check of my sermon-" whatever else the priest was about to say is lost as he turns his head, looking back over towards Cygnus as he makes his presence known. A nod to his assistant before he is grinning to himself. "Lieutenant.."

The Universe has a funny way of frakking around with Jupiter when she least expects it. Now, for example, as she's sat down to paint her toenails, two priests show up to groom themselves. Good looking men, in a relatively naked type place, and both are priests. See what happens when you engage in digestive pyrotechnics on an altar of Aphrodite? Doesn't matter if you were seventeen and drunk off your ass when it happened. Does. Not. Matter. "Bitch," she mutters under her breath. Frakkin' Aphrodite.

The pilot doesn't comment on the padre's tattoos just yet. She reaches for a bottle of clear varnish, and lifts the first foot to the bench to add the finishing touch to the dry blue polish. She undoes the top, sets the bottle down, and paints, shaking her head slightly.

"Do you have any novelty eyeballs?" The question is out before Jupiter really thinks about it.

Ironically, despite Cygnus' edgy musician-like appearance, he doesn't seem to sport any ink himself, at least not ones that are visable as he peels off his own tanks and lays them aside. The baggy duty uniforms do a lot to hide the physique, and while Mac appears to be in top shape, all lean wiry muscle, he's almost alarmingly thin, when it gets down to it. Not that that seems to be a problem in his mind. A small container of eye makeup remover appears, along with a small cotton pad, and he sets about the task of carefully wiping away the thick application of black eyeliner he's been wearing all day. Motion in the mirror attracts his attention, though, and he can't help but notice Jupiter's endeavors. Once he discards the now dirty piece of fluff in his hands into the wastebasket he can't help but turn and ask, "You don't happen to have any black stashed away, do you," as he points to the bottle of nailpolish. He's forced to quickly turn back around though, and even grips the sink tightly with both hands in an attempt to not outright snicker at the words that just rolled out of the pilot.

Where as Cygnus might be wiry and lean- it appears Ajax is built like a wall. Solid, as if he could take a pounding and keep on walking. However the question doesn't seem to catch him as off guard as one might think. Sure, it does incur the normal eyebrow raise as he focuses in on Jupiter for a moment "No." a chuckle before that crooked grin shows, and he turns away just so as pants and all are dropped to the floor. Towel is snatched up and wrapped about his waist easily, though all seems to be done in a precision manner, and without shame. One you're used to enlisted heads, or the huge locker ones in basic you can handle any audience.

"Never thought to look for one. Why, do you find my white boring?" Brow's back down as he looks back towards Cygnus, as it appears the young Lieutenant is Has he not ever noticed the eyeliner before. "Huh." said finally before the padre is bending down and folding his clothes up, setting them there on the bench, before hair and body-wash are pulled from the kit and he makes for a shower. "You need to eat Lieutenant."

Jupiter doesn't immediately look up as the question about black is intoned. Probably because it takes her a minute, seeing as Black is also her last name. She slides her other foot up, again gapping the towel a little. She doesn't tuck it in. It's a public service, giving priests a look at some quality thigh, isn't it? Sure it is. "… Yes, I have black." She squints a little at Cygnus. He just removed eyeliner, didn't he?

Jupiter notes the towel swap as the pants drop. Aesthetic appreciation for ex-marines is allowed, even if they ARE religious types. A nice ass is a nice ass. So say we all. Shit, we've been deployed too long. "A little smiley face would just give it something extra." She leans forward a little, glances over, and adds, "At least it's not the CMC crest."

“They haven't been serving any cake," Cygnus calls after Ajax, as if that's somehow supposed to mean something. One thing is for certain, it's not easy to be a vegetarian on a ship like the Kharon, which may help to explain the slender physique. A hand spins the tap and he quickly washes the rest of his face before turning around again to face Jupiter, "You willing to let me use some of it? Or trade for some of it," He grins out, completely unselfconscious about the fact that yes, he did just indeed remove eyeliner, and yes, he really is talking about nail polish. It's amusing to him at times how hard people seem to be working to slot him into one definition or another. He's called a priest, though he really isn't. A Pilot? He's certainly that, despite his loss of status at the moment. Beyond all of that though, is Mac's past. The glory days spent fronting a band back on Gemenon. Though he's never doubted his path in life, in becoming a pilot, his soul is still that of a rebellious musician at its core. Some things you just never really grow out of.

Look all you want, and there is no rules about touching is there? Can't remember those exact regulations, but still the Padre offers a laugh as he looks over his shoulder. Sure, thigh for moral. That is what he'll call it. Curtain is drawn as the water is turned on as words leave Ajax's mouth. "That was going to be my next tat. Right over my heart, however I lost an eye and a place in the Corps. Too poor for surgery and bionics-and I received my calling- So." a shrug and down goes the towel before he is sliding in and pulling the curtain shut only to have a wild jerking motion flailing from the curtain though nothing comes out

"Apollo's frakking balls." growled out. Apparently the new changes made, besides making memos having to be sent out from hand, goes with the damned water changes. All the same, Ajax has taken colder showers.

"If you come across one, save it. I'll pay you back somehow.." and conversation resumed

Clear varnish finishes up her toes, sealing the blue against premature chipping. Jupes takes a moment to survey her handiwork, and then checks the caps on both bottles. She drops them into a little clear toiletry bag nearby. She pulls out a toothbrush and a tube of paste, but pauses briefly to run a wide toothed comb through her dark, still-damp curls.

"Depends on whether you have cigarettes, and the quality of said cigarettes." Jupiter's reply to the varnish query is simple. She glances over. "Or other goods." Like, oh, say, things like cigs, but not. She smiles slightly, and rises to turn toward the sinks and mirrors with the toothbrush.

"Having a little trouble in there, Padre?" Jupes glances over her shoulder, shoves the toothbrush into her mouth and scrub scrubs. "Let me know if you need a hand. I understand plumbing mechanisms can be difficult." She turns back to the mirror to resume brushing her teeth.

Cygnus shoots a look in Jupiter's direction and snickers softly, the sound not nearly loud enough to reach the priest's ears over the thrum of water. Very cold water, apparently, judging from the vociferous cursing. His voice is equally low as he tells her, "I'm sure we can probably reach some kind of agreement. Over… something, you know?" Long haired, eyeliner wearing musician, at your service. He's probably got more than one or two not strictly 'above board' things roaming around in his berthings, though he doesn't outright say as much. Turning back to the mirror, he turns an eye to examining the stubble that's threatening to grow into a beard soon, and he glances at the razor, then shrugs, "Ah frak it."

"Cake'll be the death of someone-some day. Just watch." echoes Ajax's voice as he continues to suds up, hair, face, body all of it. Scrubbing under the water, taking time to rinse before he is going to go for the second coating. There will be no standing and soaking in this night's venture. It'll be quick and easy

"Why th' polish Lieutenant?" he has a few more question, as to why the eyeliner as well. But sometimes it is better to not worry over the small things, and instead ponder and contemplate on the larger schemas at play. For instance-no running water.

"No, just a little cold- apparently hot water went with the technology.." muttered and then silence. Stunned silence that seems to last for a bit before words are coming back out. "Oh aye." comes the voice finally. "If you can work out kinks by all means." he'll let it hang for a second before continuing on. "I could use th' frakking heat."

There's a nod from the pilot to Cygnus. Jupes cuts a brief look over at him as she brushes her teeth, then glances back to her own mirror, leans over, and spits a foamy splat into the basin of the sink. She resumes brushing. There's a pause in the brushing as Ajax answers her comment re: assistance. She glances over at Cygnus. She glances over at the curtains stall. She glances at Cygnus.

Jupiter leans over the sink, and spits into the basin. Splat. She shoves the toothbrush into her mouth, and turns from the bank of mirrors to cross the head. On the way, she continues scrubbing her teeth.

"It helps if you start yours on the heels of someone else, so you don't have to wait for a warm up." She swishes the curtain aside, slides into the stall with the wet and nudie priest, and…

"Frak me sideways!" That really is some cold water. The harsh words are followed by a sharp intake of breath as she's sprinkled with some icy spray. She gives the shower knob a violent wrench in the direction of COLD. "… This is the one they put in backwards."

"Yeah, well, I'm pretty certain someone's already slipped on a thrown pie somewhere in history and broken their necks," Cygnus calls out over the water to Ajax. "Pie is a deadly instrument of doom and destruction," He notes with a grin. Somehow, this seems to be a running thing that's going on re: cake versus pie. "Therefore, cake is obviously far superior!"

A moment of watching Jupiter's eyes flick and back and forth, and he has to suppress a laugh, because Mac is damned near certain he's got an idea of what she's up to. Which is what causes him to follow along in her wake. Yup, he wants a front row seat to this one. As she moves towards the shower, he does his part to help offer distraction, "And I like nail polish because it /looks/ good. Just… I'll only wear black. Same as my eyeliner." For a moment he almost considers following the other pilot into the shower stall, but considering just how widely Ajax is built, he somehow doesn't think he'll quite fit.

"I know how to shower, thanks"

Of all the things one might expect, or doesn't this certainly goes into the Padre's book as something he did not quite prepare himself for. Given the fact of how quickly the curtain flings open, and he's left there standing and staring like an idiot. Wait-belay that, an idiot with suds on his body, so not entirely too nude. Brow raises before he is looking back to the knob, right as she is reaching and his hand goes to grab hers, despite there being not too much room, so call it an awkward slide grab-But then she's already done it.

Next follows a stream of cursing nigh indescribable as a jet of even colder than ice water shoots out for a minute or two on the priest and pilot before finally the warmth comes in. When it does Ajax moves to muscle aside Jupiter and just stand-soak up the streams of nice lovely, heated water that pour down like tears from the gods. Frak propriety, right now he is not caring what little bit of protection is washed away as he just sighs, and soaks.

"Was that a suggestion?" finally joked in Jupiter's direction, before one hand is smoothing over his short cropped hair. A look out from the stall to the amused 'priest' watching. A tilt of his head and Ajax, adds: "Frak Cake."

Jupiter is just one of those things people don't quite expect. It happens, you know? People are people, and they do crazy things sometimes. Or they just do things they think are normal, and other people think are crazy. Anyway, now she's soaked again, and shouldered aside by the priest. "Frakkin' marines."

It's hard to be indignant when you can't feel your breasts. Thank you ice water. SMACK! The hand-to-ass contact is sharper thanks to the water present in the shower. Ohshitrun. Jupiter slides out of the stall, and just notices Cygnus standing there in time to avoid a collision. She whips the curtain closed behind her.

"… Are you allowed to date?" Might seem a funny question to come at this juncture, but Jupes asks it anyway. She snickers and reaches up to wipe some toothpaste from her lip.

For a moment all Cygnus can do is stare at Jupiter, "Huh? I have a mother and a father, don't I?" It seems to him, at least, as though the slightly enigmatic answer should solve the question, and it takes him a moment to remember to add, "My father's a priest," with a shrug.

One thing's for certain, Mac's glad of his reflexes as he manages to sidestep his way out of Jupiter's way, ensuring that none of the icy water lands on him. An eyebrow crawls its way upwards towards his hairline, shooting an impish expression at her, "So… does it feel as firm at it looks?" If there's a Hell, Cygnus is clearly headed there in an express handbasket, because he's far too amused by the entire situation.

Ajax will have to put that one down in his journal later. He can see it now. :Journal, had a shower, pilot came in. Hi-jinx ensued.: Still he is standing, or rather now leaning in against the wall as water just trickles down. ok, so he might soak,, or so that was the thought before the hand to ass ratio was factored in. A sharp stand and a muttered "shit" before he is reaching a hand back there to rub for a minute. And then its back to staring at the blank grey of curtain.

"Yes, we can." said back out. "I'm not a celibate follower of Hestia.." and then silence "Why?" color the Padre curious.

Jupes can't get rid of that towel fast enough. Soaked in coldness. Shit. Splat. The towel hits the floor about the time she slides to a stop beside the bench where she left her belongings, including a folded up, clean set of sweats. That was her last clean towel.

"… Yes. Yes," Jupiter's reply is for Cygnus, "It is." She wastes no time in pulling on her clothes. Cold, cold.

"Intellectual curiosity," Jupiter finally replies. "After a few months deployed, you start asking the important questions."

There's a smirk on Mac's lips as he turns back around towards the mirror, and he stops to chuckle out quietly, "Thank you for that, because now? If he ever has a reason to chew me out, I'll just summon up that mental image. Should do the trick." Not that Cygnus is the sort to seek out trouble. Especially now, when he's jumping through hoops to fly again.

There's a few moments of silence before he ventures to speak again, "You know, if you wanted a really insane time, you need to find yourself a Dionysan. They have some pretty… interesting… rituals. Or so I've heard." Alas, his own father never let Mac anywhere near Dionysan rites, much to his curiosity's dismay. "He always made certain I missed a lot of the really good stuff. Frakking parents."

Ajax thankfully cannot hear the talk about his ass, but the water does stop at some point before he is reaching for his towel, drying off before he is stepping out, with his hair and body-wash, and the towel wrapped tightly around his waist. A sniff as he is looking before you both. Eyes looking between you both "Well, if you're ever wanting a date Lieutenant." said whilst looking at Jupiter "I can be found two places most of the time. The Chapel, and my office." There ball in your pyramid court Fingers. Lets see how you handle the Padre's little challenge. As now he is walking to where he left his things, towel dropped, and grey black boxers are wrestled into without a thought. He's reaching for his tanks next.

There's some mental stuff happening between Cyg's statements. It leaves Jupes wondering what he's been smoking, and where he got it. And, in the back of her mind, wondering if the 'He' Cyg refers to is Daddy or Ajax, which creates a whole other mental dialogue. Don't ask, don't tell.

"… Noted." Jupiter just watches Ajax for a long moment, then goes to rinse off her toothbrush, and retrieve her wet towel. Wringing it out takes a while. In the end, she drapes it over the sink and makes a mental note to retrieve it in a few hours.

For his part, Mac goes about ignoring the dating game playing out in front of him. It's either that, or make a joking comment or two that's likely to cause even more questions than there already are. Besides the fact he still has to share the Chapel, the office, and his berthings with the priest on top of everything else factored into the equations.

Oh frak it, he can't resist at least one quip. "Just… leave the boots outside the hatch to the berthings… you know? There's some things a man just doesn't want to walk in on."
Up go the pants, pulled on and the belt worked into place before Ajax is looking back over at Cygnus for a moment. A pretty good long, and dead pan stare before he is reaching down and putting on his dog tags and then the prayer beads are slung on as well. A kiss to Poseidon's head and he grunts.

"If I am getting frakked, I'll be sure warn you ahead of time Lieutenant." said rather dryly, perhaps a hint of sarcasm as he sits down and slides on socks, before putting on his boots. All manner of order before dob kit is snatched along with his eye patch and he is walking over to the sink. A look in the mirror, and then hand comes up to press at his left eye. A small, but noted -pop- and out comes the marble sat on the little bag at the sink's edge. Water's then turned on as he produces a small squeeze bottle. like one would have eye drops in.

Oh, so that's how it's going to be. Jupiter leans over the sink to spit after she rinses with mouthwash, and looks over to Cyg. She leans back against the sink after rinsing the basin, and smiles. "Nothing wrong with a little extra traction."

Jupiter glances over to watch the Eye Trick Part 2. Her left eye twitches, and she reaches up to rub it. "Seriously."

At least fifteen different smartass replies flit through Cygnus' brain but he stifles them, getting the sense that now isn't the time to be pushing it. Instead, all he offers by way of reply is a chuckle, before he reaches for his toothpaste and brush. The application is sparing, after all, who knows how long they'll actually have toothpaste anyway. Which, that, right there, is a sobering thought. Before long, he's vigorously scrubbing his teeth. A good thing considering it keeps his mouth engaged in a way that isn't getting him into hot water.

"Don't give me ideas." quips the Padre, as the solution is then squeezed into the socket, eyelid closed and rubbed before he is leaning over the basin to let it drain out as some water is splashed in as well. He keeps his head down there for a moment till he is reaching into his kit for a small cloth. things are dried, patch placed back on and not crookedly either, before he is washing the marble replacement and sliding it clean back into its home. A look over in the mirror. Its slight, but caught. "Sorry" said towards Jupiter, and Ajax is then going to brush his teeth. Light application of toothpaste and he's fallen silent again- letting cleaning take over.

Jupiter runs her hands through her hair, flicks her curls out of her eyes, and gathers up her stuff. "I don't like my eyes touched. Watching someone else do it takes getting used to." There's no mention of the popping noise. She tucks the bag of toiletries under her arm, leaves the towel on the sink, and flicks off a mock little salute. She shakes off the earlier quiet. "I have better ideas. I'll share them at a better time."

"Enjoy your evening, men." Jupes steps away from the bank of mirrors, and turns for the hatch. "Don't pray too hard."
Spit. Rinse. Spit again. "I don't think you have to worry about that," Cygnus shoots a quick grin in Jupiter's direction, "I'm usually too busy staking a claim on the sims." The toothpaste and brush gets stowed in his kit. As the other pilot heads towards the hatch he adds, "I'll catch you later about that trade." A pause, "Oh, and Fingers? Good hunting out there, yeah?"

Ajax chuckles softly "And obviously that is a favorite past time of my own." replied back before he is rinsing and spitting. once that is all done he is moving over to nab his towel, and start for the door as well.

"I'll be dying to hear them." again voice is flat, but the smirk does follow it before he is adding. "Gods keep you and happy hunting, Jupiter." He'll have to ask how you got Fingers another day. A look over his shoulder to Cygnus for a moment. "I'll see you in the morning." Because tomorrow is our busy day. And he is out as well. Whistling again.

"Always," Jupes replies to Cyg. She grins a little. "Easy on the stick, Prophet." Pilot banter is pilot banter, cures all ills, lightens all moods, smoothes over all things. A glance is cast back at Ajax as Jupes steps out. A parting shot is taken, "Like shooting fish in a barrel." Exeunt.

Cygnus isn't far behind the other two, considering his hair can be taken care of back at his rack. The kit is quickly snatched up and he heads out into the hallway.

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