Hot Landing
Hot Landing
Summary: The CMC and Air Wing team up for a hot LZ extraction. To the victor go the panties.
Date: PH214 (18 November 2009)
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Solon II, Keros Outpost, Temporary LZ
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #214
OOC Time: Wed Nov 18 21:51:16 2009

The Keros Outpost used to be an assignment for whoever drew the short straw or pissed off the wrong Command. Attached to the little town of Keros, there's no other points of interest for anyone stationed here to entertain themselves with. The outpost itself is situated on a flattened out section of rock with little to no vegetation to speak of. Cordoned off by a chainlink fence topped with barbed wire, it looks more like a minimum security prison. Only instead of a guard post, there's a communications tower and instead of a cellblock, there's one main building that houses the small contingent of colonial military with a blank area of dirt infront of it to serve as the parade grounds.

As the Raptors hover just so above the ground and the hatches come up, so do the Marines pile out. he Major leading the way out of the first Raptor, his boots hitting the grass, which has him breaking into a kneel as his gun comes up. Weapons are hot.

The wind on the surface kicks up a little, swirling dust through the area just outside the LZ. The flag is visible, planted and staked, a dirty reddish piece of some sort of cloth flapping in the breeze. It appears unguarded at first, though the likelihood of that being true is… slim. Very slim.

Epi barely gives Ezra time to get out of the Raptor before she's hopping down, moving to his left and taking a knee as well, weapon up, eyes scanning 'her' section.

Third out of the bird is Cinder, sliding out of the hovering Raptor rather gracefully, if it can be called that. Like the others, she hits the ground running a few steps, then drops to a knee, bringing her rifle to her shoulder and sweeping out to eye her section. Safety goes off, and she has her finger on the trigger should something pop out.

Coming out behind Cinder, is Parts followed right behind, and already his rifle is up, like a metal hard on for their mock combat enemies. Yup, fire's about to get thick and while Parts is scrambling to cover Epi, he's mossing any direct looks this time- Ashe coming out behind him. And with that the Marines are out.

As the team of marines clears the raptor, several points open fire upon them. They're barely on the ground before the rounds speed into view. Puffs of chalk smack into the ground around them, and some into the marines themselves. Most positions are revealed, allowing for return fire.

And the fire comes in, bullets whizzing by which has Ezra moving to catch a target as finally the other marines are content with letting lose the hate. "Shit-" A mutter as he's swinging his rifle to where he can pick up Msgt Nikos' head peeking up as the firing behins. "Alright, Let loose! Keep the wirelo up." because they may need the sim strike. And with that- he's firing.

As for poor Parts there's a gaggle of swear words as it seems that Petey and Nikos fire into him. And with that he's returning fire.

Clamboring off the the Raptor in the order prescribed by Ezra, Ashe hops off and feels his arm get plunked by chalk. A grit of the teeth settles in as he swings his rifle up and takes a moment to bead in and open fire on the target that seems to have the Major's attention.

Epi's clearly not pleased by the fact that she takes one hard to the chest. The look on her face promises sweet, sweet revenge at some point in time. Her lips thin and she opens fire - on Salazar.

Cinder's first burst misses wildly, but at least she was able to catch the view of one of them and open up while the others are pouring out of the Raptor. As the chalk pellets hit the ground around her squadmates, Cinder takes sight of the attackers, having shown themselves, and prepares to pull the trigger again.

One round whips past and with that Ezra's moving trying to press up to the cover, before dropping to his knee, already firing off a few rounds towards where he was shot at. "Move up! Let's push em into the open. Parts on me- and shoot dammit!" Don't just fiddle with the Wirelo reciever. And there we go- here's hoping that this small assed bit of rubble might help. "Move it Marines!"

Cinder doesn't grin or anything as two of the chalk pellets hit on the blacks of Msgt. Nikos's combat blacks. Before firing the next burst of her rifle, Cinder's on the move, finding cover behind a rusteded-out hulk of something.

Epi slides partially behind a tree, grimacing slightly. Yep, unhappy Marine. She pushes forward, though, at the command, keeping low, sliding behind rubble not too far from Ezra.

The air is awash with dust from the whipping wind and the impact of chalk rounds on uniforms, one ground, on stationary cover. Pickens and Dover hammer the other team with rounds. Several crates and structures set up to mimic formations of urban cover have been added to the terrain, making a short run from the LZ slightly less dangerous. Slightly.

Salazar ducks behind her cover briefly, even as some of her team take hits. The Hostiles, as they're so cleverly named, are dominated mostly by a chalky Peri Nikos, MSGT to the stars.

As a series of shots pelt up Nikos, Swift quickly turns to the other Nikos and sets his sights on Salazar whom seems to think Epi is a pincushion. Recognition does not even register on his features as he moves fluidly, rifle up and trigger depressing to fire off the play-rounds at the S2.

MSGT goes out with a veritable halo of chalk as he's pelted all up and down with rounds. The large marine grunts, then calls over to Salazar, "Pray for me." He grunts, drags a cigar out of his mouth, and takes up a sit behind cover, lighting it to smoke while he waits for the exercise to finish through. His version of out is 'smoke 'em if you got 'em'.

Salazar moves from her cover area to cross to another, popping off a quick shot at Ashe that barely wings him. She's rewarded by several rounds flying just past her ass, and one in the hand. "Ow, frak! I need that," she grouses, just before diving under cover again.

As the bullets rain up and down Ezra's own shot causes him to break cover, causing a couple of rounds to come in and dink off his helmet, a turn of his head. "Watch the Flanks and Push up! We need the Flag. Parts! Move your ass to me- Swift Cover."

With one Nikos out though- that'll help the party greatly. And with that he's firing back off towards Petey. 'Frakking Frak."

Like a bulldog, Ashe continues to move forward, opening a lane towards where Salazar is located to continue and attempt to bring the S2 into range. "Not as much as I need mine, come on out!" He hollas out ol' school style in taunting. Despite the words the concentration is quite evident on his brow as he strafes around a bit depressing another burst while trying to avoid getting plunked by incoming fire.

From behind cover, Cinder's bursts of chalk pellets all seem to find their mark on Msgt. Nikos. In a cloud of white chalk, his black armor is littered and he wanders off behind some more cover, excusing himself from the exercise. Cinder grins a little, with the satisfaction of knocking out a superior officer…it is only training, right? For the first time though, Cinder notes the white spot on her own armor. "Damn!" she calls out to herself, but quickly turns back to the fray. She lines up her rifle with Dover, who seems to have a bead on Ashe. While others advance, Cinder looks ready to sit back and give them some suppressing fire from behind her fairly decent cover.

Epi keeps missing, which clearly does NOT please the young woman. Yet she continues to push forward, taking the flank.

Gurk. "MOTHERFFF—" Salazar's choked voice can be heard as she drops back behind cover, after taking a chalk round right to the frakkin' neck. She coughs, hacks, and flips her weapon to burst again, before she pops up from behind cover long enough to fire. That's gonna leave a bruise.

"Rip em open and push Up!" And like that the Wirelo operator is down "Air-strike is out. Do it yourselves Marines." Comes Ezra's words as he moves to work behind a new piece of cover, taking over place where Nikos had occupied earlier (Peri) It seems now he is moving to press-Hard. "Epi, catch the flank- Swift get your ass down and move with Caution!" It seems that He's a wee bit pissed that Parts is down. Perhaps the man only cares for Cylons.

With the rousing 'success' of her covering fire, Cinder seems to have some attention thrown her way. Chalk pellets come flying in, striking her vest and exploding, resulting in her hacking a wheezing a bit of chalk dust! "Frak!" she blurts out! Despite the fact that they're pellets, you sure as shit know when you're hit, and her slender form is knocked back a step or two from the hits. Hurrying back up to her cover, she tries to find the one that hits her, and attempts to draw a bead on Dover once again.

Puffs of fragrant smoke waft up from the crate behind which MSGT is having his post 'shot to death' smoke. It's carried quietly away by the wind.

"Aye!" Epi calls to Ezra, mouth set as she slides along the flank, still keeping to cover. Salazar is still her chosen target - for whatever reason. Call it CAG jealousy, call it friendly rivalry or what you will, the little Marine has the S2 in her sights and isn't stopping until she puffs some S2 ass.

Ashe continues to lay down his fire, even as chalk bursts off of his fatigues. The bantering has come to a cease as he focuses on his work of putting down the remaining opposition.

Salazar catches a chalk around in the other hand this time. If she were actually in live round combat, she'd be pulling the trigger and bleeding all over her precious rifle. "Come on, now. Center mass!" She yells over her cover.

Dover gets a lucky shot, or just has it in for Ezra, because he sprays rounds across the Major's chest, peppering his blacks with chalk.

With the most recent volley of chalk pellets, Cinder finds herself with more than four bright, solid chalk hits right on her vest…then feels the sting of one more into the side of her neck. "OW! Frak!" she calls out, slapping a hand to the side of her neck, above the vest but below the helmet. "Godsdamnit!" she says, looking a little pissed that she's gotten knocked out of the exercise. With a soured look on her face, she slumps down behind where she was firing from, and waits for things to finish up.

"Arrow head in- we need the damned Flag. Ashe, shoot someone." Comes the main words, right there, as he's making sure to hunker in a littler as Dover catches his chest, right as he sent a few rounds Petey's way. A look down and then a slight pause. He'll have to promote that kid someday. "Nice shot.." muttered more or less to himself, as the Major fires off to where Sal's voice is barking out complaints. Indeed, Center mass.

Yep, Epi's using the S2's voice as a target as well. Either that or she wants another CAG shirt THAT badly.

And down- as it goes. Well he got in close, as he expected before they did get him. A grunt, and Ezra's sitting down with a glance to try and catch where the other Sharpshooter is- Pickens apparently playing it completely cool to sneak along as he did. Safety switched on, he's leaning his back against a crate- He'll see how the rest of the squad plays out.

The flag flaps in the breeze waiting to be taken, and the ground and marines are peppered with rounds. The cover takes a lot of the fire, sucking up some serious chalk residue. It's a game that's down to the wire, with very few combatants left up and standing.

Wearing far to many chalk marks, Ashe only spares the barest of glances at Epi before he swings his rifle towards Petey and opens fire, hoping that the midget can finish off Salazar before they finish him off.

Alright, now it's down to the wire. Epi seems to make a decision that might be wrong, might be right. Whatever the case, she's going for it. With a last shot at Salazar, she breaks cover and makes for the "flag," determined to win. If she's going down, she's going down hard.

Salazar takes a knee partially behind her cover, and raises her rifle to track Epi with it. She adjusts the sight a little, and grins.

Dover, meanwhile, attends to the fire in his pants from the cigarette that fell out of his mouth and into the folds of the cloth while he was shooting.

Once the last combatant is down, Salazar rises form her cover, Dover pats at his crotch with a yelp, and Petey slings his rifle over his shoulder. Sal's neck is already starting to bruises. She reaches up and rubs it gingerly, fingers coming away chalky. She heads over toward Epi, and the flag beyond. "Good hustle, Jarot. Your squaddies pussied out." She pauses to spit some chalk to the ground, and squints against the wind that slowly dies down. "Peri, this isn't a vacation!" She calls toward the reclining MSGT.

As she's reaching for the 'prize,' Epi's cut down by a blast of chalk to the neck. They always go for the neck, damnit. As soon as she's hit, she goes down to one knee, the butt of her weapon on the ground. "Thank you, Sir," she tells Salazar with a wry smile. "You're our Teflon S2. Doesn't shit stick to you."

"Done!" Calls out Ezra, before he is rising up, before there's a look over towards Salazar. "Ensign, we'll catch the other Raptor out of here, compare notes. Rest of you beat it back to the LZ." And with that he's walking over to inspect this 'flag' as it were. A faint smirk showing up. "Also- when we get back I wanna see Dover's file."

When the call to end the exercise comes from the Major, Cinder pulls herself up to her feet and comes out from behind the cover. On the barren soil, she crunches and kicks up some dirt, letting her rifle hang at her side, and rubbing the side of her neck with a wince. Like Salazar, she's already brusing pretty good there on that soft flesh thanks to a chalk pellet. Additionally, that side of her face is white with chalk power, particularly her ear!

"Tell that to live fire, Jarot. I'd be obliged." Sal grins to the shorter marine, and reaches up to slide off her helmet. She runs a hand through her hair, leaving streaks of chalk, then tucks it back on. She barely hides a smirk as Ezra mentions Dover's file, and the young marine in question looks a little worried, but hides it quickly behind a wipe of his nose. Salazar nods to Ezra.

[Into the Wireless] Ezra says, "Spider, Cass. Games are over, bring in the birds and we'll load up to return home. Over."

Epi blows Salazar a kiss, laughing quietly, then walks over to the 'flag' and yanks the panties off. "I wanna know whose these are,' she mutters. "They can't be Case's. Anyone know these panties?" Yes, she actually asks that before starting back toward the Raptor.

Ezra nods once back towards Salazar as he makes his way along back to the LZ in order to head back to shipside and all that. He's got an AAR to fiel, along with his own adjustments to make with all the training. There's a look given back to the S2 though. "Nice flag.."

For her part, Cinder remains more or less silent, just a little bummed out that they failed to get to the flag. Heading back to the Raptors, she starts to purposely kick up dirt, wipes off the side of her face, and generally sulks a bit. The corners of her mouth are pulled up a bit as she thinks about whether she should've charged on in like Ashe, or stayed back to cover like she did…well, clearly, the latter didn't work.

Salazar grins as Epi makes off with the panties, but remains quiet on the owner. It's possible she doesn't even know, but just picked them up on a run through the berths. She heads off with the Major headed for a raptor. Home, James. Er. Captain Legacy.

[Into the Wireless] Legacy says, "Alright, Spider. Ghost Riders RTB with our chalkboard kids."

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