Hot and Steamy
Hot and Steamy
Summary: Yuuri gets mouthy, Jupiter offers to write Kai a love letter, and the Captain busts some pilot ass.
Date: MD53
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Kai is seated at the table, dark hair damp and a towel draped around his shoulders, apparently penning a letter. He's in his off duties this evening, recently returned from a CAP, and another pilot's squirreled away in his bunk trying to get a boombox working.

Jupiter enters the berthing all sweaty and fresh from the gym. A duffle is slung over her shoulder. She crosses to her bunk, and swings the bag up to chuck it into the upper bunk. It lands with a thud, and she begins the task of unwrapping her hands.

Kai lifts his eyes, and his pen stops scratching for a moment. "Evening, Lieutenant." It's crisp, but not unfriendly. He resumes his writing, which — since he's left-handed — is resulting in his hand becoming gradually more smudged with ink. "Good workout?"

Yuuri was behind Jupiter, but didn't try to get her attention, he's still in his flightsuit from this afternoon's CAP. He sees the Captain and quickly slides the bottle of painkillers into a pocket before fully entering through the hatch. After spending as long as he did in the sickbay all sweaty, he's happy as hell to get ready for a shower. Typhys walks by the table, "Captain." before reaching his bunk. He normally would hip-check his bunk mate, but is too sore. Instead he reaches into his bunk and grabs a smoke, lighting it and sitting down a few inches from Jupiter.

"Captain." Jup greets without turning around, she opens her locker and shovest the handwraps in, draping them from a small hook on the door. "Always good." She shoves her towel in the locker, pulling it from around her neck, before she drags out a larger towel and some clean sweats. "Good letter?" She glances down as Yuuri drops to a seat just next to her hip. "Meat."

"Magic fingers." Is Yuuri's sharp reply. He doesn't really seem the mood for jokes and waits for her to be finished before trying to get into his locker.

Kai spins the pen between his fingers nimbly. Once, then twice. "Writer's block," he confides in a vague tone of voice. The pilot with the boombox is briefly eyed as he gets it to sputter noisily for a moment. "Didn't see you in the sims this evening, Yuuri. Hot date?"

"If it's a love letter, I can help. If it's a letter to the parents, I can help. Otherwise I'm tapped unless there's extortion involved," Jupiter notes quietly, an amused smile playing at her lips. She pulls a small bag of toiletries from the locker, kicks it lightly closed, and takes the other end of the main table to arrange her items.

"Half naked if it counts." He replies after a long drag from the cigarette. His hand reaching for the cylinder ashtray. "And I spent four hours in the sims this morning before CAP." Yuuri rises up and starts to remove his flightsuit, revealing his offduties underneath. With a bang his locker is opened and most of the flightsuit is stuffed inside. He closes the door and grabs his towel, heading towards the head.

Kai nudges his coffee cup closer, when Jupiter starts spilling toiletries onto the table. At least he's polite enough not to look at her stuff; there might be tampons in there, after all. "Your scheduled slot was this evening, Lieutenant. Mind telling me where you were?" It's not a particularly casual question; his tone is a touch flinty. "It's a letter to my wife," he tells Jupiter in an aside, with a wry smile.

"Sickbay - and check the slots again. Mine was this morning." Yuuri says before dipping into the head. Tossing the towel onto a hook, he slips into a shower. The sound of water can be heard from inside the head.

"If you ever need help with the steamy bits, Captain," Jupiter grins a little and sorts through a few things, "You let me know." She grins and glances over to eye Yuuri briefly, shaking her head slightly at something. "Dumbass," is muttered almost under her breath. Almost.

Kai pauses again, and drops his pen. The sigh is almost, though not quite audible; he's tired, more than angry. "Lieutenant, get your ass back here." That's before he makes it into the head.

Yuuri doesn't reply, he's enjoying the hot water cleaning the sweat from his full day. He grabs the nozzle and leans his head onto the back of both forearms. The meds haven't fully kicked in and he's starving from missing third meal.

There's a clunk, clunk, as Jups drops various items back into the bag, and tucks the little zippered pouch under her arm. She reaches up with her free hand to pull her hair out of the tail it's in, dark curls falling around her face.

Kai doesn't get up to follow the pilot, and doesn't bother trying to raise his voice over the shower; the shower will undoubtedly win, and Marek's no drill sergeant. Instead, he studies Jupiter for a moment or two before retrieving his pen and resuming his writing. Scritch scratch. "I'm not sure those are the sorts of exploits she wants to hear about, Fingers, but I'll keep your offer in mind. Do you write poetry, too? I'm told women like prose almost as much as chocolate."

"I dunno about other women. I like the dirty kind." Jup shrugs one shoulder, lingering in the berthing instead of heading into the shower. "If I wrote poetry, it'd be a dark secret." She jerks a thumb over her shoulder, indicating the opposite row of bunks. "Can you imagine if these idiots found out?"

"I've had bunkmates that jerked off to worse," Kai notes during a break between paragraphs, briefly tracing what he's written with an ink-stained thumb.

The water is turned off, but the steam continues to rise. The towel disappears behind the curtain. Yuuri exits the shower with the towel wrapped around him and grabs the rest of his clothes walking back towards the bunks.

There's a long silence form Jupiter before she finally says, "You write to her. That's good enough." She says it like it's some secret, something that shouldn't be overheard. "Yeah, I slept with a guy once who could only get it up at the symphony. I hate classical music. That was the longest fifteen minutes of my life."

Kai smiles, fleetingly, at whatever Jupiter said before Yuuri returns from the shower. Rather than respond to it, he murmurs instead, "Who knew Schreker composed smut." After a pause, he addresses the other pilot without so much as glancing up, "Strip your linens and pillow. You can sleep in the head tonight, or sleep in the brig. Take your pick."

Yuuri only catches the last half of the conversation as he enters the bunk area. He just remains quiet passing by Jupiter and steps towards his locker gathering another set of clothing. "Yes sir. Sorry for not kissing your ass sir." He grabs a few things and gets ready to head towards the hatch, "Going to make the reservations sir?"

"Daddy isn't here, Yuuri. You're acting like the butler just asked you to pick up your toys." Jupiter snorts and drags her towel toward the head. "Unless you like the brig. I hear it's nice this time of year." The prettier Black turns from the two men, and continues on with the business at hand.

Kai lifts his head finally from the letter he's been trying, and failing at writing, and looks Yuuri in the eye. "I said, you'll bunk in the head tonight, or you'll sleep off your frakking bad attitude in the brig. If you want to explain to me why one of my Lieutenants is still sore over a training exercise, and wants to become one of my godsdamned /flight/ instructors when he'd rather chase tail than spend the time to analyse and learn from his mistakes? Then I might be feeling lenient tonight. But if you so much as open your mouth, and don't have a please, thank you, or apology to make, then you can kiss your ass goodbye for the next week, Lieutenant." He tosses his pen down again, and eases back in his chair to watch the pilot.

"Daddy was never there. If you want a Daddy's boy to add to your list - try Trip," Yuuri snaps at Jupiter and turns back to the Captain. "Training exercise? You -really- think I'm still hung up on that? I've worked my ass off like everyone else on this ship never once claiming to be superior due to my family. I don't ever talk about them, I don't expect things from them, I have my own path, and it isn't suppose to be decided by anyone but me." A fire burns in his icey jade eyes, "My grandfather thought he owed it to the late CO to send me here, thinking its in my best interest. I never wanted this assignment, but yet here I am dealing with a Captain who must have misread the board about -my- assignments." He lifts a cigarette to his lips, "And if you -really- want to know where I was tonight - In sickbay getting put back into place after a workout, the report I assure you will be filed by Doc Pike."

Yuuri probably manages to get as far as 'I've worked my ass off' before Kai's moving to his feet, and ambling toward the nearest wireless handset. He's not a particularly graceful man, not outside the cockpit anyway. But the rest of Yuuri's speech goes ignored as he places a brief and succinct call for an MP to come down to the berthings.

Yuuri lights the cigarette and just waits, changing into his offduty.

Kai also takes the opportunity to swipe Yuuri's name off the whiteboard's CAP schedule for the next week, with the heel of his palm. It's brushed off on his fatigue trousers, and he wanders back over to collect his letter and pen. By the time he's tucked them into his locker, a couple of MPs have arrived. The charge, as it were, is explained as refusing orders, and unless the pilot protests? Well, they're going to very nicely escort him to the brig.

Yuuri grabs the bottle of prescription meds and butts the cigarette. He doesn't say anymore to the Captain and just walks infront of the MP's, "Doc said I need food with the meds, mind if we stop at the Mess before the brig?" He asks the MP's exiting through the hatch with both in tow.

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