Hot and Cold
Hot and Cold
Summary: Kai and Eddie spar in the gym. Tempers flare, ice cools.
Date: MD031
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Gym, late evening, and certain pilots should probably be getting rack time instead of taping their hands and fitting themselves with mouthguards. But for one reason or another, Kai's agreed to a friendly sparring match with Eddie. The contentious word there being 'friendly'. At the moment, Marek is stripping out of his fatigues jacket — tank tops, trousers and boots still in place — and then rummaging in his bag for said tape. "You knock me out, Morales, and I'll have you demoted to toilet scrubbing duty. I've got CAP first thing in the morning." He's utterly deadpan, so there's no way to tell whether he's serious.

Eddie has already completed wrapping her hands, her teeth used to rip the last bit free of the roll. Its tossed ontop of her gym bag, where there's a towel and her sweatshirt. She's down to double layered tanks, and bravely showing her arms and the tattoo on her shoulder blade where she normally stays wrapped up. But hey. Its cumbersome. "Rubix won't mind me using is toothbrush, I'm sure." They've all been pulling more then their fair share of CAPs, at condition two.

Roubani's entrance into the gym is as quiet as his presence most anywhere else. Hands in the pockets of his zipped sweater jacket, the tall Ensign's sneakers make almost no noise as he comes into the gym. Eddie and Kai are spotted immediately - how could one not notice this particular matchup? - but he stays by the wall rather than get too close to them.

"Just make sure he gets down to sickbay, /before/ he starts upchucking into his helmet." There's a riiiip as Kai's tape is torn off with his teeth, fingers flexed, and the other hand started on. Throughout, he keeps his head down, eyes only dancing up occasionally to meet Eddie's. "I had a wingman, back on my first commission, nearly drown on his own vomit after a night of heavy drinking." This time, he does smile. Slightly. Left hand taped up, he tosses the roll back into his bag and begins working out some tension in his shoulders. He, unlike Eddie, hasn't got a spot of ink on him. Leastwise, none that's visible.

Eddie rolls her head from side to side, then pulls an arm acrossed her chest to stretch it. At the little glimpse into Kai's past, he smiles and she grimaces. "I guess that's one way to go." She's still wary of Kai, very wary. Whatever lead up to this little match off is probably ten parts aggression one part actual want for some sort of hand to hand training with her squadron leader. But hey, if she can get it a hit in? Maybe she'll feel better about the balance of the universe.

Viperjocks in the mist. Roubani remains silent as he watches them in their natural habitat, preparing for violence. Staying on the periphery, he sits down on one of the taller stacks of blue mats and rests his arms down on his knees.

Samantha steps into the room, still in her off duty clothes — she hasn't even started her first official shift yet on board — but she figured she'd report in early and get to know the ship. Bunk known, check. Hallways, check. Head, check. Now for the gym. She's stripped down to a pair of shorts and her tanks, her tags hanging inside her tank top instead of out, dirty blonde hair braided tight on her head as she gazes about the room, taking in the equipment and size — or lack there of. "…Definitely… some space restrictions…on this baby…" She mutters to herself.

"Not the worst," replies the squad leader candidly, rolling his head to one side and then the other. Then a quick pinwheel of his arms; something, somewhere in there, makes a crackling sound. Three cheers for no longer being young and spritely! "All right, let's go. You warm enough, Morales?" He does a little prowling backstep, both hands run through dark hair that's starting to curl at the ends.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eddie:Melee vs Kai:Melee
< Eddie: Failure Kai: Terrible Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Eddie has youth on her side, and perhaps a bit of pent up agression going for her. This is the man who she's felt breathing down her neck since the moment she dropped rucksack on this ship, and the first time he ground out one of her precious precious cigarettes. Doesn't really matter, when she goes to answer him with a quick jab? She just looks like she's dancing with her CO.

Roubani still hasn't spoken, staying where he is. It's like he's counting on their vision being based on movement. After a couple minutes he makes a minor adjustment, scooting back on the mat pile and pulling one knee up to his chest, fingers folded around his shin.

Samantha blinks a moment, grinning as she realizes that she's walked in on something…well, rather interesting. She remains on the outside of things, studying the 'dancing' bodies with thoughtful green eyes. Slowly, after tossing her towel to one of the benches on the side, she begins to drop over to the mats and stretch out her compact, strong little form…

Kai, on the other hand, does not have the benefit of a body that entirely wants to obey the whims of his thinking, any longer. While expecting the firecracker of an Ensign to be quick out of the gate, he nevertheless doesn't respond with enough alacrity to prevent her from grazing him with that jab. It's answered with a return tap, and a cross to the ribs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai:Melee vs Eddie:Melee
< Kai: Bad Failure Eddie: Success
< Net Result: Eddie wins.

Eddie baps away his hand with a well placed if lucky block, and steps back heavily on her heels. Normally she'd be doing some grade 'A' trash talking, but there's something about this match that has her face drawn in tight and serious angles. Its actually relatively quiet for a spar, they don't even have a cheering section! As adrenaline starts to pump, and the effort starts to raise, Eddie's breathing becomes more coarse. Likely a product of a few too many cigarettes. She throws a low punch, aimed at his midsection.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eddie:Melee vs Kai:Melee
< Eddie: Failure Kai: Success
< Net Result: Kai wins.

Roubani just continues to watch. He lets his cheek rest against the side of his knee, his dark flickering from person to person as they graze and whack each other.

Lucky's nothing to do with it. Kai's hit, or attempt therein, was sloppy, and Eddie's form is slightly better in general. There's a hiss of air through flared nostrils as his strike is blocked, and instead of slapping away the riposte, he attempts to grab her by the wrist and shoulder, and force her down with her own momentum.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai:Melee vs Eddie:Melee
< Kai: Failure Eddie: Bad Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Wait! Hey! With a tug and a push, Eddie eats mat with an ungraceful sprawl of limbs and a smooshed cheek. For a moment, it looks like she might stay down, but Kai doesn't seem terribly balanced at the tail end of that manuever, so she's lashing out with a leg to even the playing field, which is to say, both of them splatted on the floor.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eddie:Melee vs Kai:Melee
< Eddie: Success Kai: Failure
< Net Result: Eddie wins.

One of Roubani's dark brows lofts upwards just a hint. He turns his head and gently scratches the tip of his nose against his knee.

Samantha blinks, laughing faintly at the tug and push… the different not quite so affective manuevers going on. but it's fun to watch. She remains on the ground, stretching her arms now, right arm pulled as far across her chest as it would go before strtching out the left arm. Amusement is all too clear in her dark green gaze at the fight that is happening.

The damn girl's heavier than she looks! Indeed, Kai stumbles a little as he takes her down, is tangled in a long leg, and hits the mat himself with a -thump-. "Nicely done," he intimates in a low voice, and unless she starts pummeling him while they're both down there, he rolls back to his feet and offers her a hand up.

Eddie eyes his hand dubiously a moment as she rolls to her side, but eventually she takes it and hauls herself back to her feet with his aide. "No offense, sir, but I think we were just one step away from having a girly slap fight for all our finesse." She grumbles, then takes a step back, in case they aren't through yet.

It's not quite amusement on Roubani's face. But his knee hides most of his mouth, so it's impossible to tell what that expression might be. He glances towards the exit, then back at them.

Samantha gives quiet, warm applause, something faster than a golf clap but still teasing…"I've seen… cadets…duke it out worse than that. When they were drunk. And suffering space sickness. But…you know…" She winks in their directions as she picks herself up off the mats and begins stretching her calves…

"Then stop flopping around like a wet fish, and start hitting me, Morales." Yes, no sooner than the Ensign's on her feet, does Kai lash out with a quick hook to her ribs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai:Melee vs Eddie:Melee
< Kai: Success Eddie: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Kai adds, without taking his eyes off Eddie, "You're up next, Lieutenant. If you can make smart assed comments from the sidelines, I'm sure you can fight."

Roubani continues to observe this, like someone watching a vid rather than being present. His expression's closer to a frown than anything else.

Samantha lofts a single brow as her boss comments about she being up next. She grins, nodding towards him…"You're on, sir. I think I can make a good name for myself by whooping the ass of my boss before I'm even ever on duty." She winks, still clearly joking, but she begins to stretch out in earnest now, pushing her muscles that inch further… calming her breathing just a bit more.

Eddie tilts her head just slightly with that 'oh no he di-n't' look on her features, but then he's back on her like white on rice and she's having to endure that hook. It doesn't really clip her though, she's managed to step back out of the brunt of it. No pain or gain, as it stands. Samantha can do the trash talking, Eddie for once, is dead serious. And quiet. Probably not a good combination. Something going to give. Maybe it'll be the Captain, as she goes for his shoulder.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eddie:Melee vs Kai:Melee
< Eddie: Success Kai: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

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Or not, really. The hit's right on target, but softened by Kai's shoulder tucking inward to absorb most of the blow. And instead of backing off to give them both more space to move, he's attempting to get in close and sink his elbow into her ribs. The intent's to knock the wind out of her, then follow up with another takedown.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai:Melee vs Eddie:Melee
< Kai: Failure Eddie: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Roubani just continues to watch.

Samantha doesn't call into the fight again, but she's watching with an amused smile and intelligent eyes. She might seem to be a jerky girl from the crowd, but the gaze of her face says she's analyzing each move. She's going to have the hand up in the next fight because she's seen tactics, weaknesses and fall back options from each opponent.

Well. Back to dancing, when Kai gets in close, things get locked up. His elbow doesn't connect, and Eddie is slinging an arm around his neck to try to get an upper hand. Which. Isn't easy seeming how they've been pretty equally matched at sucking tonight. This little spar is only fueling Eddie's temper, to the point where her breath is coming at an angry weeze by the time they're deadlocked once again. And that's when something changes. Something finally -does- give. And that's Eddie's penchant to want to play nice. She's noticed the way Kai favors his once leg, and its time to use that to her advantage. Her body twists partway from him, and then like an angry mule, she's kicking back at his knee…

Roubani lets his leg down from the mat. He stands up slowly, folding his arms in front of him. Still not speaking, but his eyes are on the ring and nothing about him says that the Ensign finds this funny.

Who knows. Maybe they're both just having a bad night. Maybe they've got other things on their mind; Kai, at least, probably has a mountain of work to get back to, and Eddie's more angry than sparring right now. His elbow clips thin air, and his eyes briefly find hers before she twists away; but whatever happens after that, happens too quickly. He starts to shy back from the kick, but it catches him in the side of the knee and sends him down to the mat with stumble and a -thump-. He literally bites his tongue to keep from sounding off.

Samantha winces a bit as she hears that thump. That sounded like it hurt. She shakes her head and walks a bit closer to the mats, looking down at her boss, a hint of amused worry in her eyes. "Seeing little birdies yet, boss?" She asks him with that same wiry grin as before.

Eddie steps away from him, half expecting him to try and sweep her down too, but when it doesn't come she merely just stands there, hands fisted at her side and her heavy breath making her chest rise and fall in a pant. There's a long moment where she just /stares/ at him, like she's not really with the here and now, and there's not an injured man down on the mat. And then comes the hand, though she's not making eye contact with him when she offers it.

Roubani's arms were loosening, an impulse there in his body to do or say something. When Eddie stops, however, so does he. His lips thin and he watches.

There's nothing from the Captain for a good ten or twenty seconds. Just the rasp of his breathing, fingers white from clutching his knee. Eddie looming over him like a boiling kettle, and he's probably aware on some level, of his other pilots staring at him with varying degrees of concern and amusement. "A few," he answers Samantha, and begins easing himself to his feet; the offer of a hand up is taken. "I'll have to give you a raincheck on that sparring match, I'm afraid. Though I think Morales still has some steam to let off." He's limping slightly as he moves off the mats.

Eddie passes a glance to Samantha, but the lieutenant only gets a snort. No, doesn't seem like Morales is in the mood for round two either. While Kai heads one way, she heads another, stepping down off the mat and already tearing off the tape on her hands. She only gets it partially done before she's stooping to snap up her bag. No, she doesn't have anything to say to anyone. Maybe she's going to go blow off that left over steam in another way.

Samantha laughs a bit more, a husky, warm sound from the new viper jockey Lieutenant's voice. "A rain check it is… I understand two women in one night might be a bit too much to handle. Was fun to watch, at least." She winks at both Kai and Eddie one more time before she offers her hand towards them, even though Roubani's included in her gaze…"Didn't make a formal introduction yet. I'm Lieutenant Samantha Passi… most people call me Case, over the chatter boxes, at least…"

"Sir." Roubani offers that and nothing more, his voice soft and formal. He glances at Eddie as she turns to go but certainly doesn't follow, stepping back from the sparring circle.

Eddie heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Kai offers no quip in response to Samantha's. Only his hand, for a shake that's firm, though not typical stick jockey bone breaking. "Captain Karim Marek. I've seen you around, and I remember you reporting in for duty a little while back." He's playing down the leg, certainly; it's got to be hurting like a bitch right now. Roubani's given a long look, then he heads for his bag while untaping his hands.

Samantha returns the shake, warm and friendly actually. She's in a good mood for all the banter that has occured in the last few minutes. "Look forward to working with you, Captain Marek…" She then looks over to the mostly quiet Roubani, a single blonde brow lofting to the handsome, rather younger man. "Going to stay back there like a blushing wall flower or introduce yourself?" She offers her hand to him as well. "Case."

Roubani keeps eye contact with Kai through that look. His expression is as guarded as it was towards Eddie's departing back. He looks back at Case, unfolding his arms but sliding his hands into his pockets. "Ensign Nadiv Roubani, sir. Nice to meet you." He pauses and then talks to Kai over his shoulder. "Would you like some ice, Captain." Though clearly a question, the sentence ends on a downtone.

"I'll be fine, Ensign," Kai replies with a darting smile to that over the shoulder glance. He does, however, ease himself back down to the floor once he's reached his bag, and begin unlacing his boot. It's tugged down, and his trouser leg is pushed up; it doesn't take much staring to spot wicked looking scars knitting from ankle to shin to knee, and vanishing under his fatigues. He prods at the knee gingerly. "How's your schedule looking tomorrow, Lieutenant? I'd like to schedule a briefing with you and Lieutenant Valasche." It's murmured without lifting his head.

Samantha cocks a single light brow as Roubani doesn't shake hands, but she withdraws her palm and carefully folds her hands behind her back, standing with a slightly more at attention poise to her body as Marek is speaking about meetings and she actually falls into a bit of business. Apparently, Passi can play it serious once in a while. "Schedule is clear after morning CAP, sir. Whenever you want me, I'm yours." She responds, a touch more husky formality in her voice.

Roubani watches Kai a few moments more. The smile's not returned. "Would you excuse me, sirs." The Ensign's tone hasn't strayed once from formal. But they're off-duty so he doesn't wait for an actual dismissal, taking two steps back before turning his back on the senior officers.

"No, actually, Ensign." Having confirmed that he's not bleeding, broken or otherwise injured in any meaningful fashion, Kai tugs the trouser leg back down and works on re-lacing his boot. "What's the problem?" Samantha merely receives a nod, for the time being.

Samantha steps away, able to read a situation well enough to know when it's not her place to bug in. She sinks back down towards the mats, her legs extending before her and body folding over to grasp her fingertips around the arches of her feet and nose to her knees, giving her full body a long, lithe sort of bent over stretch.

Roubani pauses his steps. He turns around and meets Kai's eyes again, and it's a second before he speaks. "Did you think that was going to be good for either of you?"

Kai tugs laces through grommets, then crisscross, fingers working mechanically to get the boot re-fastened again. "I'd rather deal with Morales' aggression in the boxing ring, than in the cockpit, Ensign." He keeps his eyes down, and there's a touch of -something- in his demeanor that's.. difficult to perceive, much less attribute to one thing or another. Smoothing down his trousers, he rises and fetches his bag. "Got any other bugs up your ass?"

Roubani's posture keeps that formal edge. "I still think you need some ice, but it's clear what concern earns one around here. May I go?"

Kai zips his bag closed, and cuts another one of those silent looks across to Roubani. This one's a little gentler, encroaching on a vulnerability that's at severe odds with his steely countenance. "Go," he answers flatly. "Get some ice, and bring it by the berthings." He starts trudging off, limp far less pronounced now. "Please." That's added softly.

Samantha watches them both from her place on the floor, but she doesn't intrude. If they are going to the bunks, she remains on the floor, in the longest cycle of stretching she's done in a while.

"Yes, sir." Roubani's demeanor shows no holes in its armour, at least not out here in public. He gives a polite nod to Samantha and then turns away for the exit.

Red Squadron Berthings

The lights have been dimmed in the berthings at this hour, out of respect for the pilots trying to keep to some semblance of a normal routine, trying to get some rack time. Kai's seated at the table, in a fresh set of fatigues, recently showered and still damp from it. In fact, his hair is dripping on his shoulders as he spins that evil red pen between his fingers, and ostensibly reviews some work that could probably have waited until morning.

Roubani didn't exactly hop to on that ice. It's a while before he gets back to berthings, bit longer than a simple run to Sickbay would've been. In tanks and sweatpants, the zippered jacket is tied around his waist. He's got two books in the crook of his arm, checked out from the Kharon's library, and a plastic bag. When he comes in he heads first towards his corner of berthings, dropping off the books onto his bunk and tossing something from the bag up onto Eddie's empty berth. Then he heads for the table, drawing a black cloth-wrapped ice pack from the crinkly plastic.

Kai looks up briefly as Roubani arrives, though his head's back down again by the time the other pilot is finished dropping off his sundry items, and heads for the table. "Thank you," is offered pre-emptively, before the ice pack is even fully withdrawn. His pen's clicked on, and hovered over the page as if he's about to make an annotation, then clicked off again. He continues reading.

"You're welcome, sir." The evenness has dissipated from Roubani's soft voice. He could pass for human with those three words, rather than an Ensign faceing a superior officer. Walking past Kai to the lockers, he touches the lock on his and thins his lips when it opens without having to be unlocked. One of his notebooks clatters to the floor, the front messily scribbled on and the pages damp. Smells like it was a dunked in alcohol.

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Kai is seated at the table in the centre of the cramped berthings, so recently showered that his hair's still dripping on the back of his neck and shoulders. He's in a fresh set of offduty fatigues, and the lights are low due to the fact that most of the squadron's trying to get some rack at this hour. His eyes slip sidelong to study the notebook that's toppled out of Roubani's locker, and remain there. "Someone playing practical jokes on you, Ensign?"

Samantha steps into the room, fresh out of the showers. It seems working out alone really isn't all that enjoyable, and she was too restless with the new assignment to focus on a punching bag or jog anyway. So she walks back in, her blonde hair wet and free in messy, loose ringlets from having been washed. She's still put her tanks and BDUs back on already, the back wet from having not totally dried in the shower… but it seems after all these years in the service she's still a 'lady' who doesn't care to show too much skin even post-shower.

Roubani is still in his sweats and double tanks, his jacket tied around his waist. He's by his locker, where a notebook soaked in booze has just fallen to the floor. Crouching down, he uses his fingertips to pick the notebook up by its top spirals. Something's written on the front in bold red permanent marker, which he keeps facing himself. A shrug to Kai. "Someone evidently believes I'm prone to sexual conduct with farm animals, sir," he replies, blandly. He closes the locker and reaches for a roll of paper towels sitting up top.

Kai chuckles quietly, attention fixed upon the papers in front of him, so as give Roubani some space with whatever's written on that notebook. "I have a hard time believing that." His pen's flipped over, and used in a lazy salute to the recently returned Samantha. "Only thing girls like better than a viper jockey, is a viper jockey with a pretty face." That's to Roubani. Or is it? Who can tell, with his eyes riveted on the sentence he's already making a fourth pass at.

Samantha looks between the two men, tilting her head a moment, a hint of almost concern upon her features but she tries to push it away. It's not really her business, but she's worried anyway, that's the look in her eyes. She gives Kai a salute in return before she heads over to her own locker, popping it open, her bag inside still unpacked. She drags the duffle out and tosses it on her bed, going to look for something to brush her hair. "The Captain as a point, Ensign…if I was allowed to look at you that way, I would." She smiles a bit more.

Roubani tears off the notebook cover and drops it in the trash. "Speaking from experience, Captain?" His voice treats the humour delicately, but it's there. He settles into a chair a few away from Kai and spreads out a bed of paper towels, laying the notebook on it. Another sheet's torn and pressed onto the top page. Samantha's comment turns his ears subtly red. "Uh…thank you, sir." Is that what you're supposed to say? He sounds like he has no clue. But he's trying.

Kai's eyes crinkle at the corners in a bemused little smile. "No," he replies evenly. "I married the first woman who could stand to look at me for more than five minutes." The marking of papers is given up on finally, and he clicks his pen off before tucking the sheaf back into its folder. He's got a spot or two of ink on his lower lip, from chewing the damned thing before realising which end he had in his mouth. "You do know how to counter-prank, I hope?"

Samantha lofts a long brow as she sees those ears going red. It's just irresistable. She grins a bit wider…"And a blushing ensign. Oh, now I am in trouble. That's irresistable. Sir…" She shakes her head to Kai, grinning. "I might be in love." And with that she laughs warmly and turns back to her duffle bag, pulling out a spiked toothed comb and beginning to go at her somewhat naturally curling hair, trying to get it untangled and managable enough to re-braid.

Roubani glances absently at Kai's left fingers, then back at the notebook he's drying out. "They can be as juvenile as they want to, sir. It doesn't mean I have to be." He looks at Kai's face, his detail-oriented mind drawn immediately to the ink stain. "You have a…" He brushes his pinky by his own lip in that spot, trying hard not to smile and failing. His eyes then lift to Samantha and he clears his throat. "I'm sorry, sir, my memory's terrible," he lies. "Did you say Passi, before?"

Kai doesn't speak any further on the subject of juvenile pilots, or how to stop pranking in its tracks. No doubt he'll have more words with the Ensign at a later date, but the envelope isn't going to get pushed tonight. He tosses his pen down atop his file folder, and absently licks and rubs a thumb over his lower lip when the ink stain is vaguely gestured at. Then, finally, the ice pack is reached for while Nadiv and Samantha talk.

Samantha smiles a bit more to Roubani as she begins picking out her hair, sitting down on the edge of her bunk. "Passi indeed… though, out there, it's Case…" She nods towards the outside of the ship. Her smile is friendly, more relaxing than before, though there is still that teasing glimmer in her green eyes. "And…ignore the idiots on this ship. Seriously… people are frakkers and if you can be more mature than them you've won the game already."

Roubani gives Samantha a slight smile, tearing off a new piece of paper towel and sliding it between the next set of booze-soaked pages. "Sir, I have an older sister, a younger sister, and two older brothers. I didn't grow up made of glass."

Kai shuffles his chair back, and kicks a booted foot up atop the table. The ice is settled over his knee, arms folded as he listens to the pair banter back and forth.

Samantha chuckles a moment…"Lucky man… I didn't have anyone but my parents. But yeah… household like that'll learn'ye…" For a moment, her slightly practiced, casual words dip into a far more back water accent, though it doesn't really seem intentional. Just something that is coming out with the discussion of home. She continues to brush out her hair, though most of the knots are free now in loose, limp waves of almost brown around her shoulders.

Roubani breaks eye contact when she calls him lucky, looking back down at his drying efforts. Another towel's slipped between wet pages. "How is your knee doing, Captain?"

Kai is actually paying keen attention to the interaction between Ensign and Lieutenant, nowhere near as vacant as the look in his hooded eyes might suggest. "Cold," he answers Roubani, one corner of his mouth quirking up a little. "PT tomorrow's going to be fun. What's the prognosis on your notebook?"

Samantha furrows her brow a touch further, not missing that break from contact, but she doesn't say anything. She lets the two men discuss now, she content to sit on her bed and abandon her brush for the habitual twisting and turning of fingertips and wrists while she braids back her hair into that severe plait she almost always wears.

Roubani shrugs, not looking terribly bent about his property. "It probably won't make it. But it wasn't that important. I suppose the chaplain might have a fit if I asked for a funeral for intellectual property."

"Couldn't be worse than asking for a funeral for a pet tarantula." The ice is adjusted as it's about to topple off Kai's knee. "Word of advice, keep it with your underwear next time." He smiles, and then lifts his eyes to Samantha. "Where did you ship in from, Lieutenant?"

Samantha gives a little said smile about the intellectual property comment, but her eyes flare a hint with interest as she does her best to look over to the pages, see what might have been on them. Sketches? Poetry? She tries to peak before she looks back to Kai…"Picon, sir… doing a tour with an AttackStar there, but I missed being in a Viper full time… so when I heard they were forming up here I couldn't resist asking for the transfer."

What's on the pages? Mathematics. If Roubani could bleed math in arterial spurts all over these pages, that's what this would look like. Page after page of complex equations and scribbling next to them. Mostly blurred now. He seems content to listen to discussion as he methodically tries to dry the pages, without much success.

"So you're back in the 'pit after a hiatus of.. how long?" It's not mocking. Kai's just prodding for information, in his usual cold fish fashion. Another paper towel's ripped off and passed to Roubani.

Samantha frowns a touch.."Almost two years, sir. Though I flew as often as they would let me. Tried to get flight duty when I could. Still…feels like coming home, coming back to it full time." She admits earnestly, even if there is a touch of nervousness in her voice at admitting she might not be perfect. She looks back to the paper…"Math?…Can I ask what a viper jockey is doin' with all them numbers?"

Roubani takes the paper towel, giving Kai an unexpected small smile. More blotting fun. His hand waves over the notebook, fanning booze fumes away. Samantha's questioning gets a self-conscious look and a shrug. "I like it. Why, what should viper pilots have in their notebooks?" He can't quite spit out the word jock yet.

Kai lets Samantha field that question. Meanwhile, he's hefting the melting ice pack off his knee and depositing it on the table, before flexing the joint gingerly. It'll do. He swings back to his feet and pads off for his bunk, peeling off his tank tops as he goes. Looks like it's finally time for some rack, to the pleasant hum of his pilots' voices.

Samantha laughs deeply, shaking her head to him…"Nothing they should. I'm just surprised… I ain't one of those book types myself and, because I tend to be more than a bit cocky thinking the world works the way I do, I figure if you're flying a stick you ain't reading science all night. Nice to see someone thinks with more than their viper controls." She seems earnestly intrigued and perhaps a bit envious. Definitely not the brightest book smart cadet was Samantha Passi.

Roubani offers Samantha a vague smile. "This is what your Viper is made of, sir, and all the laws of physics it obeys. Nature was making art before we even figured out how to draw with charcoal." He picks up his salvaged pages, the rest of the ruined ones put in the trash before he stands up as well. "I should get some sleep, sir. CAP soon. It was nice meeting you."

Samantha nods in agreement…"And I have CAP in 8.5 hours. So sleep for me. It was great talking, gentlemen." with that, she stuffs her duffle back into her locker, takes off her boots and BDus to reveal her shorts beneath, and climbs down into her bunk. She kills the light and pulls the current, off to sleep far too soon.

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