Hope Is A Good Thing
Hope is a good thing
Summary: Pilot discussion leads to a moment of possible hope - and awkwardness.
Date: PHD053
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And through the hatch goes Jupes, taking the personal issue with her. Instead of heading for the gym, she does goes to do a few laps of the carrier. And if she happens to detour through marine country? Well. Well, then she'll just have to fart or something, because damn if she's getting in a fight today. No fights today. No.

"Got a squadron to do proud. Not like they're here to do it themselves anymore, sir. I'll blow chunks if that's what it takes to get me back into a little metal coffin." Xanthus opens the curtains and nods to Willem, "Thanks. Did we meet? Condensed version. Xan, Xanth, Xanthus, Jester. Lt. Junior Grade Spiros. Shoe size 11. Heterosexual. Have not yet streaked naked through the ship." And then he salutes Kai again for good measure.

"An ass kisser. I like you already." Second boot tugged off, Kai kicks both of them over to the foot of his bunk, and pads along after in bare feet. "Be ready to go at the crack of dawn, Spiros. Skip the coffee." Y'know, to reduce the chance of him pissing himself. "Rest easy, boys." And up he goes, followed by a thump and a -snik- of his curtain being drawn shut.

Castor has been standing at hatch as blackhaired blur called Jupes passes him by, he turns to look over at Xanthus, "Part of getting in a bird is streaking naked through the ship, helps morale and all." He then turns to watch as Kai speaks, yup Papabear is sleepy alright. He then turns to look at Willem's bunk before he takes a seat at his regular post to watch the pilots as they sleep. Different shifts and all.

Wil seems to be waiting for the hatch to slam. And that it does. With his goods tucked under his right arm, he slowly tucks his left hand into the pocket of his fatigues and lazily rolls his shoulders back a little. His mouth curls slightly upwards on one side as he nods in response to Kai's general farewell and finally tosses back towards

Xanthus, "Heh. Don't get used to it." He processes Spiros' little introduction for a moment longer as he finally adds, "Yeah. I saw you in the Mess a few days ago. On a particularly bad day, I think. But I remember you. Name's Price. Same rank. Or Willem. Or Wil. Or even," he sighs another heavy, affected sigh, "Rebound. It's not what you think, though. Really." He beseeches the man in an accent tinged with notes commonly identified with your typical middle-class Libran dialect. "I think I've had all the fun I'm going to have in this place for the time being and am going to look for some nice, circus-free accomodations for a little bit. Could always go bug the Chief about those schematics." He mutters under his breath, almost as an afterthought.

"Hey, don't hate, sir!" is what Xanth calls back at Kai, but he sounds like he's joking. This is good, since the comment doesn't make much more sense out of context than it does in context, "Ship's taking a lot to get used to. I'm used to things pretty strict and annoying, but I'm also used to having a home. So I guess it all evens out. Rebound, huh? Am I going to have to get you a drink before you explain that one, or will it just come out naturally while I've got screws on your thumbs?" Castor, he simply smirks at.

"Ask around. I'm sure someone will tell you a different story every time." Willem quips, glibly as he takes a step away from the table. "Like many things, the reality of it is a mixture of exaggeration and dramatics. Two things you'll find a lot of here." He curls his lips into a half-smile as he notes Castor's presence, nodding again before turning back to the New Kid on the Block. "I suppose if Condition Two drops that drink might happen, but for now this'll have to suffice." He pauses a beat. "Actually I got the name back when I was parked offworld at Tauron, in the most glamorous job in the world." He elaborates, smirking. "By glamorous I meant awful, demeaning, demoralizing, and just generally shitty."

Castor looks over at Xanthus, "He really got the nickname on his ability to pick up the ladies, they'd shoot him down but he kept bouncing back up until they fell for him." He then looks over at Willem, "Was the paper I got you okay?" He then looks over at Xanthus, "The only person around here putting screws to thumbs is going to be the Cap and that is something none of us want to see." He wishes he could have a drink right about now. However, his eyes do check on his bunk to see if someone is in his bed, spotting no one he turns back to Willem, "Hey, you are here now, this ship was once the designation for the big leagues."

"Just think. It's even bigger league now." Xanth smirks dimly, "Aaand that's basically what I thought. Hey. Can't fault a guy for trying. You know, I knew a guy who used to go into a bar and ask every single chick he met if she'd frak him. Mostly, he got the snot smacked out of him but every night there was /some/ girl who was all, 'Sure. Your place or mine, stud?'. Never know, right?"

"That's not what -really- happened. Only one of them really -fell- for me. Sort of. Maybe. She ate a radioactive rock anyway so none of that shit really matters." Willem says quickly towards Castor, with a sort of ghastly smirk, which…Well, he seems friendly enough, but the way he treats the subject matter might be slightly appalling. "It would have ended badly no matter what. But doesn't it always?" His free hand pulls out of the pocket and opens, waving dismissively. His face softens a little as he offers, "And thanks. For the paper. It might extend my sanity several months." Turning back to Xanthus he just shakes his head. "Come on. I have exactly one shred little more class than that. One. Usually I would just sit there and drink. You don't meet interesting women in bars, anyway." He clears his throat. "Anyway, I'd better get my ass moving. I owe someone a favor."

Castor looks at Willem, "I was kidding about the bit with the ladies Wil." He says both teasingly and honestly, Leda, after all is a puppydog at heart. He turns to look at Xanthus, "What was your friends name, I need to know in case he comes around here so I can steer him away from Kas." He then looks back at Wil, "As for the paper, no worries, anything I can do to help morale. Though, who is it you owe a favor too?" He asks curiously.

"Kas? Haven't met Kas yet. Why, is she psycho? Seems to be a lot of psycho chicks on this ship. If we pull through this and this is our breeding stock, we're going to be one /seriously/ frakked up race. I kinda like it." Xanthus grins a bit, but there's obvious melancholy behind his bemused mask. "Got to give me some perspective, guys. Who's who in this rat's nest? Who's frakked up, who's an asshole, who's safe, and is Black Squadron completely out of their minds, or what?"

"Well, Lieutenant Spiros, I think you can figure out who's insane, and who's a raging dumbass after about five minutes. But I have a simple rule. I don't look at other pilots. It's easier that way." Willem says, shrugging his shoulders a little bit. "Not that I want to get sucked into that drama-laced quicksand, anyway. Between the Passi/Black shitstorm and the general idiocy going on between certain CMC and Air Wing personnel I'm -about- to start sleeping in the launch tubes." Rebound continues, curtly, his statement punctuated by a thoroughly disgusted-sounding snort. "Oh well. It's not -my- problem to sort out." He's surprisingly verbal now, only stopping himself at this point with a curious shake of his head. "Anyway, that's enough from me on that. And Kas is nice. I think she's a little naive, but she has a very uncomplicated, sweet view of the world which I hope doesn't get ruined." He grins a little bit, turning back now at Castor. "For your sake, too, boyo." He then adds, "Favor's a favor. It's a long story. Trust me. I made a mess of something a couple nights ago." He's not giving the other pilot a lot to work with.

Castor gives Xanthus a look, "Kas is my girlfriend who is in the black squadron and the word psycho had better not come out of your lips again when you describe her." His words aren't angry but there is a certain gravity to them as well. He then says, "And the black squadron probably has more balls than we do considering the fly out without weapons into the unknown with out so much as a guess to what they will find." Yup it would seem that Xanthus hit a nerve on Castor by insulting his girlfriend and fellow pilots. He turns to Willem, "I'll be looking after her, Wil, she and I are like two peas in a pod." His tone to Willem sounds like a promise. He then adds, "Well, if you need help cleaning up you mess just let me know."

Xanthus raises his hands up in mock defense, "I've met a lot of crazy people since they let me out of medical. Psycho is my default assumption for every man, woman, and child in the air wing right about now." Xanth seems pretty cool about it all, but he does give Castor a look right back, "If you're so pent up you're looking to throw down and start a fight, I don't have a problem with that. First I've met of Black Squadron, they were running around the ship naked and screaming, and then they ran into their berthing naked and hugging each other." He snickers loudly, "So yeah. There's my first impression. I don't like any of this shit, same as everyone else. My last ship's a pile of scrap, and I'm noooot exactly on a long fuse myself. But if you're going to threaten me, how about picking something a little more substantial to get pissed off over, okay? I mean, it's like you're not even /trying/, man." Willem gets an appreciative nod, "And I got that sense, too."

Apparently Castor's revelation didn't offend Willem. But it surprised him a little, he holds up an open hand "Throttle back. Whoah. Throttle back. The last thing I want to witness is another godsdamned brawl over who's frakking whom. Kassia and I go back a ways but I wasn't insulting her. She's just…Happy. Good for her. And good for you, I suppose. You're a nice enough guy. Leda, which is exactly what she needs." His head lolls over towards Xanthus with a sort of smirk, indicating he's not exactly in disagreement. "Black Cat's a Hell of a Captain but she probably needs to keep that in line. But that's her problem. I'm mainly concerned with the trainwreck that's going on in -here-." He jerks his thumb towards Jupiter's empty bunk, and then over towards Sam's one which pretty much indicates -exactly- what he's been bitching about since he got in here. "Whatever. I stick to the paper girlfriend I stole from Yuuri and that's good enough for me for now. Who knows? One day, things might change." He looks a bit, well, nonplussed for a second as he straightens yet again and flips his head back to Castor. "Thanks for the offer, by the way, but I have to smooth this over, myself. It's just personal. But….Never mind." Weird. Weird, man.

Castor says to Xanthus the look no longer on his face, "If I get pissed off you'll know it. Easy enough to spot, you won't see any emotion on my face, just calm detachment, that is why they call me Tinman." He isn't angry but he is protective of Kassia, even though she doesn't need protecting and she isn't even in the room. He turns to Wil and gives a sudden 'th' frak' expression which turns into a an expression of understanding, "Wil, wasn't aiming at you. You and I are solid." He looks back at Xanthus, "And you and I are solid, I'm not out to start up with fights, that is the style of other pilots around here." He then looks at Willem, "Wait, smooth this over and it is personal?" He leans in, "Did you piss off who I think you pissed off?" He waits a beat, "Also, to much info on the paper girlfriend."

Xanthus nods to both men, "I just want to get back into a viper and do a little damage before I kick off, you know? I lost my entire squadron when this shitstorm hit. Captain thought I was brown nosing, but I was being sort of honest. Want to have a little fun before I die." He rubs his eyes, then makes a fist and pushes it in Castor's direction. It's a long distance 'fist bump'. "I'm usually the cat who's out of the bag, the guy who's just entirely too much fun for his own good. Hence the nickname. But I can see this place is really, /really/ unstable. So sure. We're cool. Paper girlfriend's cool too, but I don't want to hear about how you stick to it, okay? That's between you, the gods, and whatever you use to clean up after. But I'll take that advice to heart. The girls on this ship seem crazier than I am."

"I'll keep that in mind. I was just using that as a sort of…indicator." Wil says, slyly. "I was just pointing out my relative restraint in the face of some loonbag Dionysian orgy that some people think this ship is." He looks down a bit and smooths out the fatigue pants again. Obviously he is talking about a certain girlfriend made of paper. Ahhh, Nymph Magazine. What would we ever do without you? He finally spills it to Xanthus, though. "All it takes is a little skullcracking from the CAG." Another smirk. He seems full of them, today, as he backs up to the lockers and leans against them for a moment, crossing one foot in front of the other and his arms loop in front of his chest, with his belongings still tucked under one arm. "And whatever you saw of that one Marine, the CMC CO's are pretty…insightful. Lt. Leodus is the smartest Marine I've ever seen," Editor's note, that may seem like a backhanded compliment but he seems genuinely praising here, "And MacTiernan doesn't put up with any shit. So things -can- get cleaned up." A long pause as he says, sidelong to Castor, his eyes narrowing suddenly. "I don't know who you think I pissed off. It's probably not important anyway."
Willem clears his throat afterwards, simply.

Castor fist bumps back and says, "I lost all of my family from the Orpheus but we are where we are. You'll get in the soup soon enough. However, calling people nuts around here might get you popped in the mouth." He then muses softly back, "So, if the black squad is running around naked they are probably just letting off steam which you do through jokes. We all do what we do, me I drink - when I can. As for the womenfolk on this ship, if they seem crazy cut them some slack, we are all in a crazy situation here." He then looks back over to Willem and will save this bit of conversation for another time when they are able to speak in private, he does however respond to the first part of this conversation, "Rebound is right, we've got some smart people here but we also are under a lot of preasure and so we do dumb things sometimes."

"Eegh. Yeah. You guys are right. This is really my first wartime post anyway. Not used to the pressure. Funny part is that I'll probably slip right back to my old self anyway. But this is really the first time I've ever been around and met my own squadron, here. ANyway, I get that. Lay off the judgement. Shit's frakked up, so whatever." Xanth leans against his bunk and listens to both pilots before finally asking, "So Rebound, Tinman. What exactly do we do for entertainment around here, or is drinking, brawling, and getting jiggy with it baaasically the itinerary?"
P matto=:needs to have some odd public scenes with him umm at attention

"Eegh. Yeah. You guys are right. This is really my first wartime post anyway. Not used to the pressure. Funny part is that I'll probably slip right back to my old self anyway. But this is really the first time I've ever been around and met my own squadron, here. ANyway, I get that. Lay off the judgement. Shit's frakked up, so whatever." Xanth leans against his bunk and listens to both pilots before finally asking, "So Rebound, Tinman. What exactly do we do for entertainment around here, or is drinking, brawling, and getting jiggy with it baaasically the itinerary?"

Castor fist bumps back and says, "I lost all of my family from the Orpheus but we are where we are. You'll get in the soup soon enough. However, calling people nuts around here might get you popped in the mouth." He then muses softly back, "So, if the black squad is running around naked they are probably just letting off steam which you do through jokes. We all do what we do, me I drink - when I can. As for the womenfolk on this ship, if they seem crazy cut them some slack, we are all in a crazy situation here." He then looks back over to Willem and will save this bit of conversation for another time when they are able to speak in private, he does however respond to the first part of this conversation, "Rebound is right, we've got some smart people here but we also are under a lot of preasure and so we do dumb things sometimes."

"First for anyone. All I was doing was shooting at 'smugglers' off Tauron." Wil says quickly to Xanthus, almost spitting the words, and sounding faintly disgusted. In this day and age though, the idea of human trying to kill human would obviously sound faintly ridiculous to him. He lets it go, though, his shoulders slumping a little as he starts to tap his foot soundlessly against the metallic floor. "We do the same things as you'd do on any ship. I don't really know, this is the first one I've been on that went anywhere. My dad's on…Was on the Andrastos and gave me a lot of bullshit stories. He wore the blues though and skipped over all the 'fun.'" Finally, back to Castor. For some reason, he seems a bit, well, awkward is the best way to describe the Libran pilot as he clears his throat once more. Probably addressing that thing he's not talking about and giving him a sort of edgy, paranoid look for exactly five seconds before it subsides. Oh, by the way, the man, pale as he is, has a tendency to turn red at the oddest times. This he does. For a brief, oh-so-brief spell, and then it fades. "Yeah. We all do…dumb things."

Castor takes a moment to laugh, "Xanth, right now those are the big three. I might host another talent show soon." He says as he takes a moment to mull over that idea, "Might be good to do another talent show." He then grins as he adds as an after thought, "Assuming anyone will show up to the show." He takes a moment to add, "I'll have to wait until we are at condition three though." Then a lightbulb goes off, "Oh and Xanth you can hit the sims read books in the library, hit the firing range, and there is the game room as well." He then turns to look at Willem, and as the man turns red Leda seems to have the confirmation he needs as to WHO he was with when things went south however he isn't saying anything though his social skills have caught the information he needs. "Dumb things, yup." He says in tones that give no disapproval, anger, but rather the way he says it is supportive to Rebound.

Xanthus nods a bit, "This place is waaay looser than my last my post. Daedalus was basically running shipping lines. Sort of the same thing, but it was strict. CAG could make diamonds out of coal with his own puckered asshole, and that cat often tried, too. Think he pulled it off a few times. I sure lucked the hell out, though. Think I worked out most of my survivor's guilt on a stretcher, though, while we're being candid." He leans against his bunk and crosses his ankles. "And you're right, Tin. No judgements, man. It's bad juju. Oh, uh. Books. Yeah. I'll get right, you know, on that. While my paint's drying. Because that's, that's what I do, right? And wait, We've got talent on this ship? Now you're just frakking with the new guy." He grins.

Speaking of cats, the hatch opens, after a quiet knock, and the CAG walks in. She's ready for bed-ish - tanks and sweats, and a hell of an expression. She's about the color of curdled milk. There's no Captain on Deck call, no real exercise of her rank. Thea's in the Red Squadron's berthings - and not on her own home turf. And it shows. There's respect in the way she steps to one side of the hatch and waits.

Good timing. Great timing. Willem is in the middle now of shooting a sort of narrow-eyed 'knock-it-off' look towards Castor as he's leaned back against several Red Squadron lockers. Perhaps his own, it's hard to say, with a binder and several envelopes tucked underneath his arm, tapping his foot as he is engaged in conversation with both him and Xanthus in the room. The tap-tap-tap sound his foot makes against the floor is almost nonexistent. Althea suddenly gets a turn of Wil's head and the most curious of sudden half-smiles. "Captain." If nobody else is on the welcoming committee, he is.

Castor looks back at Legacy and stands since he has a perfect view of the door and all the pilots sleeping in point of fact, "Captain." It would seem that Castor is equally respectful. He then says, "Come on in, sir you are always welcome here." He waits a beat, "Well, till Captain Marek or Majot Vendas say other wise." He then catches her expression, "Um, you need someone to talk to sir?" the puppydog, it is still strong with this one, he does add a joke in, "Or if you are needing someone to hit sir, Xanthus was just saying how much he would love a knock to the jaw." His tones are a mix of respect, support, and light humor.

And then after the Captain comes through the hatch, Kissy comes barrelling through with a Poppy on his back, looking energized from the adrenaline of the mission from the way he bounds in singing something about Cod Liver Oil. It gets cut off in the midst of the chorus, "Cat! Tinners!" he calls out. "Hey!" At least someone's in a good mood. "We're home." And still fully dressed!

Xanthus salutes, as he's not missing out on any of this. "Captain, my skull is unfractured. I would be honored if you would help me become stronger by inflicting grievous bodily harm on my person, if that is your desire, sir." It's spoken with enough seriousness and stick-up-the-assiness that it, of course, cannot possibly be serious and yet, he's even standing at attention. Wry, almost black humor, if not dry.

"Woo!" Poppy cheers, clinging onto Kissy's back as he goes.

Black Cat looks around for a long moment, a hint of a smile on her lips. The smile actually relaxes into something even more when Matto and Poppy come in, and while her tone is stern, that of the Momma Cat, she's clearly glad to see the pair. "Tuscalani, Matto, clothes are to remain on. Please remember that you are guests in the Red Berthings and this isn't your playground." As paw swipes go, it's a light one, barely even a slight flick of her tail. She looks to the others and dips her head in acknowledgement of the greetings. "I was here to see your Captain," she tells the assembled. "I thank you for the offer to take a swing, but I wasn't ever a Marine, so don't quite understand that." Willem is offered a small smile. "Captain Marek here, or is he pulling another CAP?" She braved the Viper berthings to find Kai. Something Must Be Up.

Castor turns to say, "Well, that hasn't stopped Jupiter or Eddie, sir." He then looks over at Kai's bunk, "The Cap is asleep right now." He looks at Marek's bunk, "I wouldn't try waking him up though, ensign did that once." He pauses a beat as he adds, "Come to think of it I never have seen that ensign again, huh?" He then looks over at Poppy and Matto, "Kissy and Poppy, how the frak have you two been, feel like I haven't seen you in a sea turtles age." He then takes a moment to pause as if mentally sniffing he is curious as puppy dogs often are, "Everything alright, Cap?"

"If you can wake 'em, good luck. I value the skin of my own rear end -way- too much to do so, even if some dastardly individuals have spread rumors to the contrary." Willem has regained much of his composure now as he says this with obviously concocted slyness, a half-grin painted on his features as Rebound continues his welcoming committee routine. As Matto and Poppy end up appearing in tow, the smirk continues as he declares, "I'll forget everything I see here, if it makes you all feel any better. I think I took a bump to the head the other night." Suddenly, the smile turns into a frown for maybe a second or two. Then a half-smile, yet again.

Matto dips his head in to nudge up against Mama Cat in a gesture of casual affection, "Yessum," he drawls playfully. "Hear that, my little Opiate? Clothes stay on. No means no," he relates, grinning. "Oh, we're about as alright as usual, Tinners, thanks for asking. We totally got our asses chased by some raiders. It was kind of awful," he laughs, "But, you know, everyone got back alright, and that's all that really matters. We also totally heard chatter over the civvie bands over Scorpia. But you didn't hear that from me. Not until the data's analyzed up in the CIC. But I SWEAR I heard someone in the static." He bounces with his knees to heft Poppy further up his back from where she's slipped.

"We didn't plan on stripping," Poppy points out, resting her hands and chin on the top of Matto's head and shrugging her shoulders, "We were going to invite everyone to the celebratory 'we didn't die' orgy but if we're all going to be prudes then I'm going to go back to my bunk and sleep for a year."

Leda raises an eyebrow, "Wait, you heard life out there…like survivors?" He leans forward with intrest as a smile starts to creep across his face, "Tell me you aren't frakking around with me Kissy cause if you're serious you may have just earned yourself a gummy reward." He looks at the Captain, "Is this true, I mean unoffically of course?" However as soon as Poppy says the word 'orgy' Castor stops standing and he sits down rather suddenly. Huh, that was odd.

The Raptor Captain then does the unthinkable - she moves over to Marek's bunk, pulls the curtain back just far enough that she can get her head and arm inside. She's only out of sight for a moment, as if dropping something off, then she turns back to the room and closes the curtain again. "Discretion is the better part of valor," she says quietly, just a HINT of snap to her tone. It's not a lot, honestly, just enough to very gently remind folks of certain things. She honestly looks too tired and too done in to do much more than use her voice. Her attention goes to Leda and she quirks a brow slightly. "Too tired for the orgy, Tin," she asks, quietly.

At this point, whatever else the Raptor team had to say might as well be gibberish. Whatever else Castor or Xanthus had to say gets ignored, and summarily tossed out the proverbial airlock. Wil's arm slips and his binder clatters to the ground. A pair of envelopes, a discerning eye could tell were addressed to him(probably in the summary mail call) clatter to the ground, spinning and drifting like feathers until they reach the artificial gravity of the floor and he suddenly lurches forward. It doesn't matter that he really, in the grand scheme of things, hardly knows Matto or Poppy beyond passing encounters, Mess Hall hijinx and impromptu mock boxing matches. He throws his arms around Matto, and probably Poppy in the mix unless either of them are perturbed by this, letting out a sudden, loud laugh. Also ignoring the Captain, unless she stops him. Regs, confidentiality, and whatever else can get frakked for this one minute. "Alive. They're…someone is alive." He chokes out, amidst the laughter. The whole thing is rather…awkward.

"And running the hell away is the better part of staying alive," Kissy grins at the Captain, then, smiling more sedately at Castor, "I could have sworn I heard some stuff. I was really kind of psyched. But we gave all our data over to the CIC, so… when they've analyzed everything they'll be able to tell us definitively what's what. GACK!" Kissy adds, as he and Poppy are hugged. "I think you have a volunteer for the orgy, Poppyflower," he notes, giving a hug in return, because, well, hugs are nice. But his arms are soon under Poppy's legs again. His attention moves briefly to the Cat's hangdog look, but he doesn't comment on it here.

Castor gives the Captain a 'th' frak' look as she puts her hand inside of Marek's bunk and then again as the woman uses the word 'orgy' Castor puts folds his hands over his lap and moves his body a little closer to the table which is equally awkward, "Uh, I…no sir." The socially astute should notice that Castor would seem to be attempting to hide something going on in his nether region, it would seem one soldier has suddenly gone to attention. He attempts to talk about something else, "Yeah, I'm with Wil. Let's talk about the part where someone is alive." and there it goes again, the word 'orgy'. Castor suddenly stands up, "I gotta hit the head." He walks into the bathroom and finds a stall.

Xanthus cocks his head to one side, "Well thank Zeus for small frakking favors. How old is that, how did it get here? You sure you're not getting mail from corpses, Wil?" He kicks off from the berthing, ignoring talk of orgies and apparently dropping his stand at attention schtick in favor of 'good frakking news for just once'.

Well. Suddenly, Willem lets his arms flail back from their momentary targets as suddenly, he looks a bit more proper, a bit more abashed, a bit more removed from the wild abandon that overtook him just seconds ago as he studies Matto and Poppy first, looking rather embarassed. He ignores the round of orgy jokes/references. If they are jokes. "It's not like that. I'm just. Eh. Sorry you two. It's not often that I hear anything -good- anymore." He rumbles, clearing his throat and then looking back at Castor but mainly Xanthus, giving him a -look-, with an arched brow. One that he doesn't elaborate on beyond the notice of his worldly posessions getting scattered towards the floor. Padding over towards them the ginger-haired pilot gingerly bends to retrieve them, tight-lipped and tucking them under his arm again as he finally looks back towards the Raptor Captain, in askance. "I'll keep it under wraps, Cat. Promise."

Thea studies those gathered for a long moment - but there's no smile on her face. "Don't get your hopes up right now," she says quietly, and it's likely a bit evident she hates having to speak those words. "We don't know what it was yet, not until the analysis. I don't want things spread around and people getting false hope." But gods, she wants that hope. The Captain looks at each and every officer in the room, meeting their eyes. "I would suggest a -quiet- celebration for this evening. The tool room is available, I believe. Keep it to a dull roar, please. The last thing we need is for this thing to go viral. If it turns out to be nothing, it will kill morale." She watches Castor's back for a moment, brow furrowing a bit - but she's lady enough not to mention the obvious.

Leda is in the head, yup, he seems to have been in there a while.

Poppy pulls a face, looking towards the hatch leading to the head, "I think I said something wrong."

Matto is right near brimming over with hope. He knows very well what he heard, even if it has to go through channels, first. But he presses his lips together and gives a serious, solemn nod to the Captain in any case. "No, it's fine, guy, I really do understand. Hell, we got chased halfway to hell by a couple of Raiders and I'm frakking -giddy-," he gives a soft laugh. "But we'll keep it down, Kitten. I should probably try to get some sleep anyhow." Try being the key word.

Xanthus shakes his head, "Forget it, man. Forget it. Just being a downer, sorry. Look, that's heavy stuff, I got excited and I'm one quarter engineer. Think pessimist, dig?" Yeah. Cool, daddyo. This is about when he glances around and acknowledges the rest of the room, "Yeah. Try to keep it down. The ship's got thin walls, right?" He does not look like he is serious, but he does nod and add, "Oh, hey. I didn't recognize you cats without threads on."

"I don't think anyone did anything wrong here." Willem indicates, retaking his place against the locker, showing a small smile for a second or so. "Look, whatever else is going on with those Raiders, it's clear that they die too. We found -that- much out as well. I'll…keep it under wraps." He's more emotional than usual. That much is clear. He even gives Xanthus a shrug indicating friendly ambivalence. But now, he goes back down to the envelopes, studying them idly.

As the door to the head is opened there is a audible groan that is heard and then things suddenly go quiet. Yeah, awkward, indeed.

The door to the head shuts behind Thea and cuts that groan off slightly. "Tinman," she can be heard to call quietly - but whatever else she says is cut off.

Matto gives the Captain a grin, utterly oblivious to what's going on in the head, despite all the obvious clues. Does he just not see them? "Right-o Poppyflower. We're out, guys. Sleep well, yah?" And he starts to back over the threshold, being careful not to trip.

Proper. Proper. Willem sinks quietly into the proper role now, simply nodding his head. "Yeah. I'm late anyway. This is what happens when I attempt to be social." He clears his throat as he eyes Matto and Poppy rather intently for a moment as their retreat is announced. "You two did something that this entire ship should be proud of you for. Remember that." A small smile, but one that has a great deal of weight behind it.

Poppy rides away atop the Kisseus Matto-horse.

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