Summary: Kai visits Jules in the brig. It doesn't go well.
Date: PHD215
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As the clock ticks down to her execution, Jules seems to retreat more and more into her own world. Currently she's flipping through a comic on her bunk. The cover declares it to be about WEREWOLVES. She's relaxed, but still visible bruised and battered as well as pale as all get out. Given how much she's sweating, it's clear she's sick in addition to being injured. A blanket is curled about her shoulders and if one were to focus on just the woman and ignore the circumstances and surroundings, one might think she was at home in bed reading.

There are a few voices out in the hall, and a hollow creeeeeakTHUMP of the hatch opening and shutting. Keys jingling. More voices, a rustle of boots hitting the deck. Whoever it is, he's managed to dismiss the guards for a few minutes. The camera, however, is still recording everything that goes on in here. A dark haired, blue-uniformed officer appears to be Jules' visitor for this evening. Hands shoved into the pockets of his trousers, he heads up the short line of cells, marking a path toward Jules'. The sleeping prisoners in the other two are disregarded for the most part.

At the sound of footsteps, Jules turns a head towards her cell wall and waits to see who shows up. When it's Kai, she perks up and sets down her comic, sitting up and turning to face the man. She looks downright unhealthy at the moment, but she brushes a hand through her hair, pulling it back out of her face and back so it isn't sticking out everywhere. "Captain, sir."

Kai draws to a halt about four feet away from the bars. His hands stay in his pockets, and his expression? Is utterly inscrutable. About ten or fifteen seconds pass in silence while his eyes travel slowly over the young woman, noting the bruises, the sweating, the limp hair and the general malaise. When he finally meets her gaze again, there's a very slight nod. "Private." A glance to the comic book, then back. "You wanted to see me." Amongst others, which he doesn't mention.

"Yes." Jules blinks twice and ducks her head, then scrambles to her feet, lurching and nearly tripping up in her blanket. Finally she comes to stand before the cell bars and says, "I wish it were under better circumstances, but seeing as how I killed a person…" Lacing her fingers in front of her, she says, "I know you pretty well. At least, I like to think so. I know this can't have been easy on you."

A slight tension marks the officer's posture when Jules lurches toward the bars like that. A twitch of muscle, but he doesn't outwardly do anything. "Seeing as how you killed a person," he repeats, voice low and leached of anything resembling emotion. "You think wrong. You don't know me at all, and I clearly don't know you, either, Private." The impulse to call her 'Sunshine' was there, but quickly smothered. "Why." He meets her eyes; the word is a challenge, in his own quiet way.

"You know me pretty well, too," Jules states flatly, moving up to the bars and leaning against them. "You know I wouldn't have done something like I did without a damned good reason. You know I'm not crazy. And because you know that, it turns your world on it's head." She makes constant and unflinching eye contact as she speaks. "I'm a Cylon and humanity is still our enemy. I didn't kill Jack Sheridan lightly. I did it because it was my mission and I did it because I firmly believe that the loss of his life may be the catalyst for some sort of peace between humanity and it's children."

Kai doesn't address that first assertion, and he also doesn't quite maintain eye contact. Every so often his gaze flickers away, though his attention remains firmly upon the young ex-marine. He starts to speak, stops, and is quiet again for a while. "You know that's bullshit," he supplies finally, looking back to her face. "It's bullshit, and I don't know if you're crazy, or if you're just trying to frak with our heads. I guess that's the psychiatrist's job to figure out." His tongue drags slowly over his lower lip. "I don't have too many friends on this boat. I thought you were one of them." There's no self-pity in the statement. It's spoken flatly, like the fact it is.

"How quaint. I thought you might be different and actually see the truth for what it was, but that's clearly not the case," Jules' jaw works and she pushes from the bars, turning back into her cell. "You are one of my very best friends. I understand that right now you're hurt and confused, but you need to have faith that this horrible thing that I've done, that I did it for a reason, that everything that happens, happens for a reason."

"You aren't a Cylon. You aren't in league with the Cylons. And if you are-" He speaks over Jules, not waiting for her to finish. His voice isn't loud, but it carries easily enough. "-if you are." His lips stay parted a moment, but he doesn't finish that thought. There's a little twist of his jaw, and a glance away from her as she retreats. "I know about faith, and I know that the gods work in ways we can't always understand, Private. Don't patronise me."

There's a biting response queued up in Jules' mind. It's in her eyes and her mouth opens, but she doesn't speak it. Instead she just rubs her face and says, "If I am, you're pretty well frakked, aren't you? There could be other Cylons on this ship and you wouldn't even know it. You'd have no way to detect them, no way to stop them from their missions. Heck, -they- might not even know it if they were programmed to believe they were human. You'd have no warning."

Kai shakes his head slowly, just a slight motion from side to side while Jules speaks. There is, likewise, something he almost says— and then doesn't. His eyes rake over her face again, with a twinge between his brows that's barely recognisable as a pang of emotion. Then, softly, "But sail upon the wind of lamentation, my friend, and about your head row with your hands' rapid stroke in conveyance of the dead, that stroke which always causes the sacred slack-sailed, black-clothed ship of Kharon to pass over Akheron to the unseen land here Apollon does not walk, the sunless land that receives all men." It's a piece of scripture, somewhat commonly known, though not too commonly spoken. He watches her a little while longer after that, and then backs up a couple of steps in preparation to leave.

The private listens to the scripture quietly, watching the CAG thoughtfully. She doesn't move until he starts to back up, then she's leaning against the bars again, "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I love you, Kai Marek. Be well, until we meet again."

There's no reply to that. Just a brief flick of his eyes to the cameras, which hear nothing, and then the CAG's turning on his heel and heading for the hatch. CreeeeakTHUMP.

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