Home Is Where The Heart Is
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Summary: Thorn and Kissybear have a chat about what they call home; it takes a wide left turn at the end.
Date: PHD101 (28 Jul 2009)
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Matto catapults himself up the stairs in his usual manner, grabbing the railings to either side and jumping up two and three at a time until he appears in the corridor.

And he nearly bowls over an unsuspecting Komnenos, as the ECO strolls by absently staring at a PDA in his hand, the world tuned out around him. He's still wearing his flightsuit from last night, and judging from his flattened down hair, he's not too far removed from flying a CAP. His senses alert him just in time to avoid being flattened by the ebullient pilot, however, and he steps aside in surprise. "In a hurry, Kiss?" he asks dryly.

"Ah — " Kissy steps back and aside, ankle faltering as he nearly tumbles down the stairs again, fortunately grabbing onto the bulkhead and righting himself before falling or spraining his ankle. Reddening, faintly, " — no, not really. How's the Legsykitten?" he wonders.

"Doing well, the last I saw," Thorn replies. He runs a hand through his hair, trying to restore it to its usual state of disorder. "I hope for her sake the lights don't go out again. I've never seen her so shaken."

Matto turns toward the corridor down into Berthings, "You going home?" he asks as a sort of aside, "Yeah," he then replies in some sort of pertinent answer. "Sad to say dark as frak is sort of default setting in outer space," he notes, "Weird to think how fragile a thing keeps us from the big ol' nothing, in the grand scheme of things. A hull and a flickering of electricity…"

"Was thinking of heading that way," Thorn replies with a nod. "Rather like an eggshell, isn't it?" he agrees. His head quirks to one side. "You know, this might seem odd, but I don't remember hearing our berthings being referred t' as home before. Yet it's the closest thing any of us has t' a home anymore." He gives a small half smile. "Random, I know."

Matto heads on toward the berthings, then, dawdling a short way down the corridor to turn and look back toward Thorn, "Yeah. I guess I had a kind of a headstart on most folk on that score. Berthings were home the moment I sat my ass on that bunk the first time. Comes from never having had much of one to begin with," he looks away from Thorn and to the bulkhead to his side as he walks, "I felt bad on that count a while, you know? Like I got off easier than most. Everything I had was here. Well… almost everything."

Thorn turns to follow close behind Matto as the latter makes his way to quarters. "Well, I've always had a roof over my head, but I haven't called any place home since I left Caprica. Even then, it was still my college apartment I was leaving behind. Not really a feeling of permanence there, y' know? I was only on Gemenon a year and a half, and then I joined up." He shrugs, trailing off as he walks, suddenly feeling a bit uncomfortable comparing his story with Matto's. "In any case, everything I have left is here. So I suppose I'd better get used t' calling it home, what?"

"Where on Caprica were you from, again? I never spent too much time there, but Poppy used to take me home with her on leave," Kissy explains his question. "I don't guess you have to. I don't think some people will ever stop thinking of Home as That Which The Cylons Destroyed. I'm sure we could weigh the pros and cons of each viewpoint."

"Well, I'm not actually from Caprica," Thorn explains. "I was born and raised on Aerelon… thought th' accent was a dead giveaway." He smiles. "Went t' school for undergrad on Caprica, though. Delphi University. Then a master's on Gemenon, OCS back on Caprica… then it's been a life amongst the stars ever since."

Matto does look back as he crosses into the berthings, "Though, you know," he appends, "For all the arguments one way or the other, the way you smiled when you thought of berthings as home might make it a worthwhile experiment," he points out, then laughs softly, "Sorry, where was 'home' on Caprica, rather. Delphi, huh? Never went. Was close by, but… never got there. I'm sure the Amphitcyonic council would have loved having me in town, anyhow," he chuckles.

"Yeah, I had a trashy fifth-floor apartment in the university district. Rather charming place, actually, provided one didn't mind piles of books, clothes, and computer parts everywhere, and a perpetual haze of smoke in the air…" He shrugs.

"Hmm," Kissy's laugh trails off into an amused sound as he imagines the place, and Thorn there in the middle, barricaded in with half the library and heaps of laundry. "Sounds nice," he says. "Really nice."

"I enjoyed it," Thorn replies with a smirk. "Like I said, it had its charm. Hells, I still miss it every so often, but then I realize I'm probably better off without the extra clothes." His head cocks to one side. "Actually, scratch that — the whole squadron is probably better off," he adds with another smirk.

"Were you -that- uncoordinated?" Kissy wonders, flashing Thorn a bright grin, "Or are we just blessed not to be buried in a pile of your dirties?" he teases, getting out of his uniform jacket and tossing it into the basket in his locker.

"Actually, for a piker computer science student from Aerelon, my sense of fashion wasn't that bad, if you liked rock band t-shirts and blue jeans," Thorn responds with a grin of his own. "And, well, you've seen my laundry habits aboard ship. Let's just say I had enough clothes t' go even longer between trips t' the laundromat."

Matto gets out of his boots and socks, as well, leaving himself in off-duties, barefoot, and he closes his locker door, turning and leaning against it. "Can't go wrong with a t-shirt and blue jeans. Pair of thong sandals and you're pretty much set, yah?"

"I preferred birkenstocks, but then that's what all the other artsy radical socialist types were wearing at th' time." Thorn unzips his flightsuit, pulling the top of it down to the waist. "I joined a few protests of Colonial military action on Tauron and Sagittaron while I was at Delphi… 'course, I was getting high with all my radical protester chums when I wasn't in class, so that might've had something t' do with it," Thorn considers. "Rather ironic, though, that I end up joining the Fleet a few years later. If Kyle Radek could see me now…"

Matto heads on down the line of bunks, smile lingering as he listens, "It's easy to get excited about ideals when baked out of ones mind," he agrees, "I never knew Delphi and Thalattra had that much in common." He leans an elbow against the bulkhead nearby, cheeks vaguely flushed. That run up the stairs catching up to him, "Hey, Toes…" he starts.

"It was good times, up until I had t' quit and the withdrawal kicked in," Komnenos agrees. Then, a pause, as Matto calls his name, the levity gone from the other man's voice. "Yeah, Kiss?"

"Ah—" Kissy gets out, then clears his throat, "I mean, nothing, nevermind," he goes on. Oh, crap. Something must be horribly wrong. Kissy doesn't -do- awkward.

"Out with it," Komnenos intones with mock sternness. "Y' already started, so you're not allowed t' weasel out that quickly. What's on your mind?"

Matto looks intently at the slots on Toes' locker, the ruddiness of his cheeks grading upward in hue before it fades a little bit. Somehow having no choice in the matter helps immensely. He takes a deep breath and lifts his eyebeams toward Toes, just looking at him a moment before he pushes away from the locker, arms flinging out to wrap Toes in a great hug, which, being not particularly unusual in itself, is not particualrly any cause for alarm. But this particular embrace is accompanied by an attack of lip upon lip, a kiss of rather a warm nature which almost automatically discounts it from being simply another hug.

The hug is one thing, but what follows is another. At that moment, Thorn goes stock still, his face turning a bright shade of red as Kissy suddenly, well, kisses him. He's so shocked, that even as Matto breaks away, he's unable to move for a second; all he can do is stare wide-eyed, his mouth gaping open and shut, as though he's not exactly sure what just happened. "Um. I… um."

Matto might be somewhat ashamed of the outburst, his own eyes only meeting that dumbfounded stare for a brief moment more before they move aside and down to some spot on the floor. He does give a smile, though… a nervous one, but not one without some of his usual cheer behind it, his lips still all tingly. "… Thanks. You can, um… forget that ever happened, if you'd rather…" he lifts a hand to the back of his head. "I mean. I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to. I know your affections lie… um, elsewhere." Whether he means a specific person or simply along gender lines, he doesn't specify.

"I… I'm touched. Really," Thorn offers lamely, his face still red. "It was just… surprising." Once again, a nervous hand reaches up and rifles through his hair. "I just… Kiss, I love you like a brother." And that's as far it goes, where he's concerned, is the unspoken conclusion, but it's obvious from the ashen expression on his face. "I don't want t' hurt you, but… there it is." He spreads his arms helplessly. "I don't know what else I can say t' make it easier, I just… that's not me."

"It's totally cool, Toes," Kissy assures him, resting his hand briefly on the man's shoulder, then, lower on his upper arm with a squeeze and a nod of affirmation. "You… remind me a -lot- of someone… someone who was very, very dear to me. And you've become very dear to me, as you know," he smiles, parting before the squeeze has a chance to grow uncomfortable in the wake of the kiss. "Thanks for being cool about it, anyhow." Mmm. Tingly. Kissy drifts on back toward his own bunk, looking much more chill than before. That was evidently something the Kissybear had need of.

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