Holding Up Bulkheads
Holding Up Bulkheads
Summary: Just a vignette in the corridor.
Date: PH064 (21 June 2009)
Related Logs: None

CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Fore, Hallway
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #64
OOC Time: Sun Jun 21 20:26:06 2009

The hallways of the CEC Kharon are a nondescript battleship grey, functional and plain. Dull white lighting is inset into each archway and runs along the ceiling in recessed holds, illuminating the steel painted interior, and the occasional oxygen scrubber along the walls. Storage crates, in a matching dark grey scheme, are located here and there along these corridors, containing items of use for various nearby departments.

Off duty. It's such a glorious time of the day. Jupiter leans against the bulkhead without any clear or obvious intent to move. She just watches people wander through the corridors, most of them with a destination. Her arms are crossed. Stare.

Kai is coming down the corridor from the direction of the hangar bay, and headed.. well, who the hell knows. But he's already fidgeting with a pack of smokes in a pocket of his blues trousers, so it's a good bet he's headed somewhere off duty. He moves, as always, with his head down. Makes socialising pleasantly difficult.

Jupiter catches sight of the Captain as he makes his way down the corridor. Her eyes flick from a redheaded Ensign going the other way to the dark haired Captain on approach. She tips back a little more, shoulders leaned back against the bulkhead, legs crossed at the ankles. Her nails tap lightly on her arm as the flow of people continues on. "You're looking pressed and creased, Captain. Enjoy your smoke." Maybe she's the greeter today.

Kai looks up as the unofficial welcome wagon addresses him in passing. And finds Jupiter lounging there indolently. He doesn't offer her the satisfaction of a reply, though she does almost get a smile out of him. Almost. And then he dodges a Major who passes in the opposite direction, rounds a corner, and is gone.

"Major, your shoes are particularly shiny this fine evening," Jupiter intones, as the Major Kai just dodged goes wandering on by. She grins a bit at the backward look she gets, and then waits for her next victim to catch her eye.

As the familiar, yet rarely seen form of a certain bald headed officer wanders through, Jupiter comments, "Commander, it's nice to see you about. May I say your pins are exceptionally sharp to —" The look cut from Sheridan has her pushing off of the wall, and nodding. "Aye, sir." Jupiter makes like a tree at the unspoken order. Leafy, leaf.

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