Heroic Measures
Heroic Measures
Summary: Alyssa performs emergency surgery on a critically injured Black sib.
Date: PH218 (22 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Sickbay

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #218
OOC Time: Mon Nov 23 00:06:42 2009

The hatchway immediately opens into the larger room, though the muted blues of the room are complimented by the white sheets on the various beds lying at wait for any injured personnel, which are lain out in neat rows. Curtains are available around certain bed bays for examinations and privacy during them. Rows of lockers around the room are labeled in easy-to-read yellows that contain everything from surgical supplies to the basic items such as sterilized bandages. A counter to the Fore end of the room is the ships pharmacist and can dispense items like aspirin and ibuprofen to anyone who might need it. Behind the manned counter stands an electronically locked metal door that leads back to some of the more controlled pharmacological items. To the rear of the room is a specially designated and sealed 'clean area' for surgeries.

Alyssa is already in new scrubs, and already scrubbing down her hands while nurses prepare the equipment. She is giving other orders as well, as the surgery is prepared. The tension in her voice is only barely noticeable over the business-like way she is setting up her team.

Sweaty and exhausted, Martin's unzipped enough of his flight suit to provide him a little more breathing room as he skids to a stop just outside of the door to sickbay. Grabbing the door's frame for support, he pulls himself through. Stinking of fear and too many hours trapped in a vaccuum sealed flightsuit, he tries to find a place to position himself during the attempt to save his sister's life.

Not too far behind the medical team that wheeled Jupiter down to sickbay, the CAG arrives, supporting another injured pilot. He helps him toward a chair, and makes sure he's settled before angling off to the nurses' station to check him in. His attention shifts, while he waits, to the gurney nearby with a bloodied Jupiter lying unconscious atop it. His eyes cut from her, to the doctor trying to save her life, and back again raptly. The nurse might be speaking to him, but he doesn't seem to be hearing her.

Alyssa notes the visitors though she quickly hops to work… within a minute of Jupiter being wheeled in, Alyssa has started surgery. Her voice is grim but determined as she goes about her business. "Spleen nicked… we'll have to take it. Watch that liver wound… it's oozing. Mop it up and don't leave a frakking drop. Where are those blood specimens? She needs at least two liters ready on the moment. We may need to find a live donor if this goes south. The bowel is too damaged… cut it there. Come on, where is that blood… good. Clamps…"

Leaning against the wall near the corner of the room, Martin's watching from afar, but he somehow only manages to see the end of his sister's table. Seeing Kai float into his field of vision, his attention cuts in his direction only for a moment to watch the man's face. Martin, if anything, looks like he could fall over asleep in any given moment. If they do scramble again, he might need stims. Taking a deep breath, he fidgets nervously and flags down a nurse passing by. "I'm her brother…Sir? Sir?" He turns, looking towards Kai. "If they need a transfusion, do we have people to rotate in?"

Kai's attention is caught by the nurse when she reaches to touch his arm, and he gives her a distracted nod to whatever she says regarding Hale. He pushes away from the counter and heads for where Martin's holding up his wall. A hand settles on the young man's shoulder, and he speaks quietly to him.

Alyssa glances over at Martin but cannot be distracted long. "Nurse, set him up, just in case. Don't pull any yet, though. I think we may have enough stored. Someone's been giving a lot of blood. Frak, watch that open bowel…"

Hale , sadly is no use to anyone. Rather there's a faint look over to Kai and Martin- one eye watching the other two. Instead he just remains where he is in silence. Don't worry he's not poking at his eye or anything like that. He knows picking at it makes it worse.

Martin winces at the second use of the term 'open bowel'. Breathing in sharply through his nose, there's a wet, sloppy sound as he manages to pull air through his puffy sinuses. Looking over Kai's shoulder to Alyssa and the approaching nurses, he nods his head a few short, quick times to Kai before responding with a whisper of his own. His face a dreadful mask of hopefulness in the most dire of circumstances, he pats Kai on the shoulder and steps away towards the incoming vampires.

Whatever Martin says, it's enough to garner about the closest Kai's got to a smile right now. Which is still pretty damned far from a smile. But it's something. He glances at Jupiter once more, lingeringly, glances up at the condition monitor on the wall, then angles off for the hatch. He might be tired, but damned if the CAG's gonna let it show around his wingmates. Hale's shoulder is clasped firmly on his way out, and then he's gone.

Alyssa's steady orders continue to fill the room as time ticks by, minutes stretching as necessary step after necessary step is followed. "Her heart is steady… no signs of shock… closing the Bowel… Spleen out… ok, now the Liver…" her brow sweats but is mopped, and all those neat doctorly things. "Vitals remain strong… ok, administer the detracarotine, let me know if she goes tacky."

Spotting Hale, Martin looks to the man with a pair of eyes that are undamaged, but bear a deep weight to them. Black circles forming already from the man who was on CAP long before this whole night of terror started, he's spurred back into quiet motion by a nurse the mumbles quietly to him. Being directed to a bed near the operating table, he foolishly tries to crane his head to get a look at Jupiter, but only manages to see the bloody scrubs that the nurses and doctors are wearing. Breathing in quickly, he half drops onto the bed and offers his right arm to the nurses after his flight suit is rolled out of the way. Closing his eyes, he brings his left hand to rest over his eyes to block the light out and obscure his face as his mental television takes control over him. Equal parts pure adrenaline and the need for hard, crashing sleep, the sounds of the operation start to muffle in his brain as he passes out.

As the 'action stations' klaxxons go off again, signaling another attack, the CAG is already off and down the hall at a jog. It's gonna be a loooong night.

The alarms are, incredibly, ignored. Alyssa continues working as time passes, until, incredibly, she orders one of the nurses to close. Walking over to Martin, she touches his arm softly. "I think… I think we did it. I'll have to keep her here for observation, dunno how long." She glances back over at the tore up pilot. "But unless she catches some kind of infection… I think we saved her."

Starting awake with the touch to his arms and the words that suddenly form in his rattled brain, Martin blinks and glances around the room. Trying to figure out where he is, it dawns on him again that it occurs to him that it couldn't have been too long that has passed. Breathing in quickly, he moves his hand over his mouth to hold back a yawn. Glancing to Jupiter, he looks up to Alyssa's face and nods in a ghostly manner towards her. He's in a bad place. "Stims…" He says, glancing to the door. Seems he intends to get back on the flight line. "Please…if anything changes I need to know, but I've gotta get back out there."

Alyssa nods, but then shakes her head. "Hit Mess before you get down there, get yourself some coffee… or help yourself to our pot. I can't give you stims for another 24 hours."

Running his hands over his face, Martin lets out a tired groan and nods softly in understanding. "Frak…" He mumbles, finding that too little sleep is sometimes worse than no sleep at all. "Thanks for everything, doc. Please take care of her." With that, he pushes himself up and sits with his legs dangling off of the bed. Gazing to the unconscious form of his sister, he looks to her face. "I love you, Peanut. Hang in there. I'll be safe." Like a zombie out of a horror movie, he rises and stalks towards the coffee pot, hoping to get the nasty cowboy coffee at the bottom of the pot before rushing back out again to help in the defense effort.

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