Hell or Something Like It
Hell or Something Like It
Summary: The resistance finds something unexpected in the hills outside Tinos.
Date: PHD 197
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In the foothills west of Tinos is a little ruins that the archeological posters say used to be a temple. Hard to tell it was much of anything given what's left, but it made a good rendezvous point when the groups got split up. Cahen's still hurt, so most of the group is resting today, but Joanna's seemed restless all day. Now she addresses the group. "I'd like to take a small group up along these mountains here to the west of town, see what we can see. Who's in?"

Ollie glances around briefly, then moves to get to her feet, now with dry socks and dry boots! Yes, thankyew. "I'm in." See, you may think she jst doesn't want to sit still with the wounded like a giant sitting duck. Really, Olive(r) just likes to be near the big guns. Sure, her logic is flawed, but one finds comfort where one can, even if it's with those most likely to do battle with the enemy.

Currently finishing off one of his dwindling supply of cigarettes, Lysander is quick to look up and over to where Joanna is addressing the generalized group of folks, not currently holding back and sleeping. One hand coming up to rub his cheek, before he's bringing his smoke down so as to flick off his ash. A kiss of his teeth as eyes flick over to where Olive(r) is as her voice chimes in. Faint frown

"Ditto", the priest confirms

Kellin looks up from cleaning his rifle as Jo speaks "I'm in Jo" He quickly reassembles his rifle.

Joanna nods to the volunteers, a surprised smile sent Ollie's way. Andrew is quick to volunteer as well, but Jo has a few quiet words with him. Someone needs to say behind and guard the reserve group. He looks less than thrilled with the assignment, but nods dutifully. "All right," she says. "We'll head out in fifteen." She goes to get her own pack and rifle ready.

Ollie nods to Joanna and manages a smile back, though she could be regretting the volunteering. She picks up her pack, and slings it on, then snags her rifle. "Back in five." She trundles off toward some brush some two hundred yards or so away. That's far enough that no one's going to hear her pee, right?

+IC: Jaime returns IC!

Lysander grunts, as he remains where he is. Not like he's got anything to go back for. he'll roll light and just be carrying his rifle and what ammo he has with him today. Still there's a faint look as Ollie picks up to head on back to-somewhere. "You'd think we were going to go eat." muttered to no one in particular before he's looking back to Joanna. What is Lysander going to do during the time?

Finish his smoke.

Kellin stands and picks up a small daypack, filling it with rations and such as he waits for the order to move out.

Joanna tilts her head curiously to Lysander. "Go eat?" she echoes. It doesn't take her long to get ready either, certainly not fifteen minutes. Maybe she was giving Ollie extra time to do her business.

"There was a person.." Lysander begins "I knew growin' up that everytime we had to eat, or go to dinner, they'd have to stop an take a piss, or a shit first. It'd be quick, but like as soon as food or the process of getting food was mentioned-like clockwork they'd be off to the bathroom.." Lysander says with a faint grunt. " Assuming that's what has Oliver moving. I could be wrong- don't remember where she put her shit.." A shrug. "Just seems funny." And like that the Priest is locking and loading his weapon. "Good for go."

Jaime has been dozing on a bit of stolen time, shaggy head propped up by his lumpy pack, with one arm slung over his face to keep the light out of his eyes. Parked behind a craggy hunk of toppled pillar, there's a sound of rustling as the others get ready to move out. He pushes up to his knees, yawning expansively as he fumbles with the zipper on his bag.

Ollie's back in a couple of minutes, after some business with a few leaves and what not. She has her rifle across her shoulders, and her pack secured on her back by the time she returns, boots tightly laced. She has no idea anyone just discussed what she might be doing back there behind the bushes, which is probably for the best.

Joanna chuckles at Lysander. "That's definitely Ollie." She sees Jaime gathering his stuff as well and asks, "You coming too, Jaime?" Doesn't sound like she minds, but he didn't reply to her call for volunteers.

Lysander grins back towards Joanna, and nods. However he doesn't comment anymore on the phenomenon. Instead he looks over to where Ollie is, and a nod is given as he moves to rise up and flick away his cigarette. "Olive." said back, before he's slinking off a few feet.

Kellin lets his SMI rest in it's combat sling and studies the projected destination and the land that lays between. Hoping to get a feel for the terrain.

Jaime is busy hauling a hooded sweatshirt over his head, wriggling into it, then trying to get his pack closed. Even without the extra bulk, it's still having issues. "Me? Yeah, I was planning on coming. Unless you want me to stay back with Ibrahim. I know a little f-f-first aid." The f sound is made more in his nose than on his lips, frustration evident in it.

Joanna shakes her head to Jaime. "No, it's fine. Doc's with him," she says, motioning to wherever Alyssa wandered off to. Seeing everyone seemingly ready to go, she adjusts the hold of her rifle and says, "All right, let's head out." She starts leading the group north, through the trees. The ground is hilly, forested and rough. Good cover, but also a pain to travel over.

"Nikos," Ollie replies, sliding her hands into her pockets. Her rifle strap has been loosened up enough to cross her chest. Though it's a slower draw, it also frees of her hands. There's something in her tone that says she suspects the priest has done or said something recently she wouldn't like. He probably has. "Come on alone. So when the priest gets shot, you can plug his wounds with gauze and he doesn't have to give himself the last rites." She's pretty sure when she got experimental with soem plants last month, they had a conversation about what to do in the event of his death, and she's doing her best not to recall any promises she may have made while under the influence of any chemical substances. She just nods to Jaime then, frowns slightly at her own train of thought, and moves out after Joanna.

Over the hills and through the forest. Just like a walk to grandma's house, only… not. They eventually find an old animal track to follow, which makes the going a little easier. No signs of the Cylons for a long time, until the drone of an aircraft engine can be heard in the near distance, seemingly coming their way.

Kellin looks up at the sound and motions for the others to get under cover, following his own suggestion, slips into the underbrush, rifle coming up, perhaps in a useless gesture.

Jaime follows along at his customary post near the rear of the group, not too far behind Ollie and Lysander. He hasn't mentioned his partial blindness, but he moves over the hilly terrain in an oddly halting fashion, like he's perpetually afraid of tripping over his own feet. His shotgun's kept at the ready; checked and double checked before they moved out from the ruins.

Per usual Lysander is going to bank on out a head, and work as the acting scout for the team of trepid adventurer's. There's a faint glance up though as the sound of air craft can be head. Though he's not able to simply turn around and yell, from his distance up, he is moving to get into deeper cover- and hope the others have the sense to hide just as well.

Ollie steps to the side of the path, and makes herself one with a tree trunk, eyes cast up through the trees toward the sky. She glances back to check Jaime's location, and motions him over if he doesn't take cover himself very soon. "I hate it when they do flybys." A sound that once may have been a comforting reminder of modern life is now a harbinger of fiery death from above. Progress.

"Everyone down," Joanna hisses, mimicing Kellin's gesture to get down. She ducks off the trail and into some underbrush. The sound of engines gets closer, passing not directly overhead but up in front of them. It's a pair of heavy raiders, though the group here has probably never seen one before. The ungainly birds pass over the city and seem to land somewhere to the west. Lysander, up ahead, has a reasonably good vantage point of where they landed.

Ohshitflyby. Jaime's probably one of the first diving for cover, grass snapping under his boots as he beats it for the same copse of trees that Ollie sprinted for. Thunk, thunk, rattle goes his pack as he drops to a crouch and peeks out through the tangle of branches and canopy. He's breathing quickly, but otherwise silent.

Lysander remains silent and rather unmoving as he waits for the planes to disperse, or rather land somewhere. To the west is it. There's a faint look back, before he's moving quietly, as he can to go investigate. After all him getting discovered now, while peeking in on folks would not do so well. That would probably end it right there.

Kellin scans the sky for more raiders before moving from his cover, rifle still held at combat readiness. He doesn't move further than the path they were on, waiting for the others.

Once it becomes clear that the raiders aren't coming back, Jo pops her head back up. "All right, I think we're in the clear for now. Let's see if we can get a vantage point on where those planes went." She presumes Lysander would do the same, since it's the obvious move, but nonetheless mutters under her breath, "We really need to find a way to charge those radio batteries." Too bad marine radios can't take AAA's - there's a plethora of them in town.

"Those are kind of unwieldy boxes for raiders, aren't they?" Ollie observes quietly, at slightly above a whisper, though quiet isn't so much necessary with the sound of the engines. It's not like they're going to hear her talking. Maybe she talks when she gets nervous/terrified. Finally, "What size do they take?" She might have some. Uh.

Jaime scans the sky, mouth slightly agape as he strains to follow the contrails of the enemy craft through the cloud cover. As Joanna speaks, he jerks his head toward her, then to Ollie and Lysander. Waiting, it seems, to see what they'll do before he himself moves. Combat trained he is not.

Up ahead of the group, Lysander comes to a crest of a hill, and sees what looks to be a mining operation nestled in a narrow valley. A landing pad off to one side holds the two raiders they saw. A deep pit has been carved out of the ground, sloping down on all sides. Heavy machinery is scattered everywhere. Though the drivers of the forklifts and such are humans, Centurions are wandering about, keeping watch. Past the mining pit to the north is a fenced-in area filled with tents. More Centurions stand guard there, and there are watchtowers on the corner. It looks big enough for several hundred people, though only a few are visible right now milling about.

Only a few DOZEN it should be said. More than just a few :)

"What the frak.." murmured softly as the preacher's field of vision drastically changes. What he expected was-well not this. Humans , helping Centurions? Though this bit of a mining camp, could easily be construed as something-maybe prisoners? Though this doesn't explain a lot of what has happened since Holocaust day- Well not to Lysander at all. Silent, the man continues to watch for a little bit, before he is making an attempt to quietly, and carefully inch back in the cover- he needs to go and find the others, and at least bring Joanna back up to see this shit.

Because..Because no one will believe him

Joanna keeps leading the group in the general direction of the mining camp. To Ollie's question, she replies, "Could be transports of some kind. Like our Raptors. Size?" For a moment she thinks Ollie's asking about the Raiders, then realizes. "Oh, batteries. Not any standard kind. Though maybe we could adapt something. I don't know - I'm no engineer," she says with a smile.

That's true. Ollie would just accuse him of smoking the chamalla a little too much. The botanist is busy considering batteries. "I'm not either, but I've jury rigged a few things in my time." Usually having to do with more extensive wiring. What's the worst that could happen? She fries the circuit. "A power source is a power source."

Kellin smiles a bit at the conversation "Perhaps the sun?" He turns back to scanning the under brush, moving quietly, moving to one side of the path intead of walking down the center.

Jaime is only half-listening to the conversation about jury rigging and raptors, two things he's equally clueless about. He licks his lips nervously and checks his weapon again. Click, click, click as he unloads the magazine and reloads it with slightly trembling fingers. "What's t-t-taking him so long," he mumbles beneath his breath.

Joanna smiles at Kellin. "Hey, at this point I'll take solar-powered radios." She looks back in the direction of the camp they left behind and mutters. "Hell, radios powered by hamsters in wheels would be preferable to none at all." She looks back at Jaime as they walk. "He'll be back. Lysander is a good scout."

And there from the woods, Lysander can be seen, hopefully soon enough, breaking cover if only to come up to Joanna, and such. A hand is up, obviously giving the motion for the group to stop, that is, if they think to listen to him right now-You never know. "We need to turn back." Which is odd for Nikos to say, but by the looks- You never know. "Like we need to seriously get the frak out of this area for now." Why remains unsaid. "But, first, Jo- you need to come and see this.." Having a huge group just show up on the camp won't do any good, could cause them to be A: known and killed. or B: KNown and picked up and pressed into slave labor-or something.

"I think I'm all out of hamsters, but I did do some work with solar power when I was briefly at a co-op in the wilds of hippy land." Ollie notes, as the discussion broadens a bit. "But I'm not sure going that far is necessary. I do know how to cook a gourmet meal of grilled cheese on an engine block, if anyone's interested." She glances over at Jaime. "Nikos likes to take his time swanning around. It builds the suspense so he can make an entrance," she murmurs to him.

Kellin glances over at Jaime murmuring "Relax Jaime, either we find them or we don't" At Lysanders word he settles into the underbrush, facing outward.

A groan goes up from Jaime, when Ollie mentions grilled cheese. "You had to start t-talking about f-f-food, didn't you." Lookit, just thinking about hot gooey melting cheese on crisp toast makes him stutter. He draws up short as Lysander breaks cover and re-appears, his heart doing a quick two-step with the sound. Kellin's given a sideways glance, and a slight downturn of his lips, but nothing more.

There's that brief flicker of tension when Lysander returns, until the back of her brain registers Friendly, but Jo's smile fades at the look on his face. Mouth tightening into a grim line, she asks, "What is it?" She trusts Lysander enough to know it must be serious, but she still wants to know.

"Looks to be a mining camp-prison camp-something like that. Lot of people.. More than a few dozen of the enemy, if you don't count raiders.." A faint frown there as Lysander looks back over towards Jaime and Oliver for a moment. A pause as he takes a deep breath. "Anyway- too many of em for us in this state to do any good. We'll need more numbers, and healthy numbers if we ever look to hit this thing..Plus better hardware." But that's the preacher's own thoughts.

If hot cheese and crispy buttered bread makes Jaime stutter, he really doesn't want to hear Ollie discuss sun warmed fresh tomato on crusty whole grain bread with sea salt and cilantro. Ollie's eyes glaze over a bit as she herself thinks on this, not one to offer much to a tactical discussion. Not yet, anyway.

Joanna nods in agreement with Lysander, but attack was really not on her mind. She takes out her map, which she keeps carefully tucked away inside a watertight plastic baggie. She flattens it out on a nearby fallen log and points to a spot. "Over here?" she asks Lysander, frowning. "That used to be an old copper mine, but it shut down years ago. Dried up."

Kellin glances over at the two talking about food and chuckles softly. Turning back to Lysander and Jo he winces "That's not something we want to tangle with is right, at least not now"

Jaime also falls silent at the report from Lysander, though his expression speaks of incredulity. Prison camp? He even mouths it, soundlessly, while the others converse.

"They got folks, all penned up and some working on forklifts. Hell if I know what they are doing. Either it is a prison camp, or a mining camp." Lysander offers, before he's looking back to the other marine. "Nope- Not with folks wounded as they are now." Said simply. A glance back to the map and there's a nod. "Heavy target, right now."

Jaime slinks in a bit closer to take a look at Jo's map, while Lysander elucidates upon what he saw. He drops to his knees in order to see the thing, shotgun gripped in one hand and rested muzzle-down in the grass.

Kellin glances at the map then scans the area there frowning in thought "To bad we couldn't rescue some at night, but that'd likely bring reprisals on the others" Glancing back at the others as he falls silent.

"Ibrahim's the only one wounded," Jo points out absently, chewing her lip. But then she returns her attention to Lysander. "But this is a scouting expedition, not an assault force, so - I agree." A glance to Kellin and his suggestion, "Could be an option. We won't decide anything until we have a better idea what we're dealing with." She tucks the map away and says, "All right, Liz and I are going to go and take some pictures. If you hear trouble, get back to the others and return to the farm. Tell them what we found. We'll meet you back there." If they can, is the unspoken part. "Otherwise, wait here. We'll be back soon."

Ollie nods to Joanna, the levity of the situation bringing a brief clench to her jaw. "You two be careful," she says, not indicating they wouldn't, but underscoring her concern for them with the inflection in her voice. Yes, even for the crazy priest.

"He's also our Doctor, Jo. No offense to the kid-" a pause as eyes flick over to the approaching Jaime "Point your muzzle in the air, don't frak your barrel up." And then back towards Joanna "We can't risk frakking this up, even if we were spotted. Dr. Redhead can't handle us all." And with that there's a look as Jo basically details the orders to come. Deep breath there, and he's nodding to Joanna "Sure." A glance is given to Ollie for a moment, before he nods right back to her. "If I don't make it back, you get my shit."

Simple. And Lysander is looking back to Joanna, waiting to head back, it seems

Kellin motions to the ones remaining "We should scatter out a bit, our heat signature will be less that way and one Arty hit won't take us out"

The gravity of the situation hasn't been lost on Jaime, either. His bottom lip has been all but shredded by his teeth, his shoulders locked with brittle tension as he keeps a white-knuckled grip on his shotgun. Let it out of his sight? Not a chance. "Good luck," he offers the pair, mutedly. His boots snap grass as he shuffles back a few steps, and casts a furtive glance to the treeline— beyond which, the supposed labour camp lies.

Joanna nods to Ollie. "We will." She doesn't talk about not making it back. She points out to Kellin's remark, "The trees should foil their heat sensors. If they start throwing artillery at us, we're pretty frakked either way." Still, she doesn't tell them /not/ to spread out, if they so choose. "All right, let's go." And with that, she heads off with Lysander.

Joanna nods a quiet thanks to Jaime as well.

A glance is shot back to Lysander. "Do you even have any —" Oh, the drugs. Right. "Fine." She steps over to Jaime, and offers, "Want to help me look for some more mint? Maybe we can get some tea going tonight to mellow everyone out after a long couple of days." Oh, distraction, thy name is Olive.

Lysander shakes his head ever so slightly back towards Ollie, before he is nodding over at Joanna, time to lead her back to the little trail he took,s o she can see the exact bloody thing. It is not as if he has much more to say than he already did. Either way, excited about this prospect, he is not.

Jaime jerks his head around when Ollie speaks to him, and nods once or twice. Still seeming nervous about the whole situation, and the fact that Joanna and Lysander are actually going in to take pictures, a distraction nevertheless seems appealing. "Yeah, you're probably right," he agrees with Kellin. His shotgun's slung across his shoulder, and he begins picking his way through the trees, fanning out and away from the others as he moves.

Rest assured, the various members, at least Ollie and Jaime, won't stray far from each other. "The leaves look like this." She flashes him a leaf from the little sample picked yesterday. "It usually grows in clusters as ground cover." The rest of their conversation is likely lost to the others, quiet as it is.

Joanna is not going in. Or anywhere near it, really. She's content to return to the hill crest where he observed the first time. A battered digital camera is pulled from her pack. They have no computer to view it on, other than it's little preview screen, but it's better than nothing. And this, at least, runs off commercial power cells. "Gods, I never expected to find something like this," she murmurs to the priest.

"It is hell." the priest murmurs back "Or something close.." A shake of his head as he remains on the watch, mainly to make sure they're not made on their little perch anytime soon, though who knows how long their luck will hold out. Lysander adjusts his rifle a little bit, as he crouches as little lower. "Don't rightly know what to think of it all."

Joanna shakes her head, keeping low as she continues to snap pictures. As they watch, there seems to be a slight altercation between two of the workers. A nearby Centurion lifts its arm and swipes down with its claw-hand. One of the humans crumples and does not get back up. Joanna sucks in a breath, mouth tightening. "Something close indeed." She draws her eyes away from the sight and keeps scanning. "What's going on over there?" she asks rhetorically. A group of Centurions is rounding up some humans in the tent camp, shuffling them out of it in a large group. Maybe thirty.

Lysander raises a brow, but says nothing. Instead he is quite content to playing quiet prison voyeur for the time being. Specially when a Centurion takes out a worker with one swipe of his frakking claw hand. Though-something does come to his attention-even when Jo points it out. "Dunno." and with that, it seems the preacher is moving a little to get a better view. "Can't figure out why they're wrangling them up.." said after a few seconds. "Unless-" but he isn't finishing his thought.

The claw-swiped worker is quickly dragged off by another Centurion, tossed into a bin that at first glance seemed to be just another mining cart. Joanna doesn't notice that display, however, her eyes focused on the humans being marched out of the tent area. Her jaw tightens as she thinks of a possibility, but she doesn't voice it either. She just shakes her head slightly to Lysander. The humans are herded across the mine and into the waiting Raiders. Shortly after, the ships take off again, flying back the way they came. The other group can hear the engines once more after they take off. "I feel so frakking in the dark out here," Joanna mutters.

"Huh, thought they were gonna kill em." said simply, before he is looking back towards Joanna. A faint frown and there's a shrug passed along. "Same here, but I am not going to frakking go down there, and ask them what the hell is going on. Showing up like we are won't do us any frakking good." But that is his opinion. Normally-Lys is not for running. This time he is.

Kellin stays low in the brush waiting for the other two to return, this isn't his first waiting job and he's patient, having done this a time or two.

Joanna nods. "So did I. I'm glad we were wrong. And I wasn't suggesting we go down there." Joanna falls quiet for a bit, watching and taking the occasional picture. Finally she seems satisfied. "All right, let's head back."

Lysander nods once. "Yeah." And with that he is picking back slowly, and carefully. the less movement in hops of not registering on the HEY SOMEONE IS WATCHING US scale. And preferably that will get them back to the farm-quicker.

Joanna and Lysander make it back to the others in short order. "Let's head back to the others. We need to report back on what we saw." She waits for folks to gather, and then they head back to the church where the others were left waiting.

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