Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart
Summary: Samantha and Komnenos sneak off to the parts storage room for a long talk about where to go next, then adjourn to the berthings for rack time. (Just to sleep, of course.)
Date: PHD137
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Sam stopped, for just a moment, in the mess hall for coffee. That's when she saw him. She grabbed two mugs, gave him a look and a nod, and then headed back out, apparently expecting to be followed. She now steps through the hatch of the most private storage locker that she knows, the place with a good bit of space on the floor and not the often used tool room of the hangar deck (where she learned her first lesson about storage locker love). She leaves the hatch open behind her, probably for him.

Evidently, Thorn isn't too oblivious; he must have gotten the hint, given that he follows her into the storage closet a few discreetly-timed steps after she does. There's a neutral but curious expression on his face as he enters; wordlessly, he removes a pair of cigarettes from his weathered pack, offering one of them in exchange for a cup of coffee.

Samantha nods for him to shut the hatch, just in case, and she waits until he does before suddenly leaning up and over, a strong, immediate, surprisingly deep kiss pressed tightly against his mouth. She manages to balance the coffee while doing so, not squishing the precious cigarettes, but there is the kiss…

The hatch is indeed shut behind him, and he's taken unawares by her sudden ambush. His eyes widen slightly, and he emits a muffled squawk of surprise, but that passes quickly. After that initial moment of shock, his lips begin to work as he responds in kind. His non-coffee holding hand wraps carefully around her back, a sudden sense of urgency in the kiss as he presses against her.

Samantha is shocked a hint by his urgency, but more than happy to return it. She stumbles forwards, pushing him up against the wall so their bodies crush together for a few racing heartbeats and then, finally, she comes up for air. She nods slowly, breathless and flushed…"…wanted…to do that…"

There's another muted sound of surprise as he's slammed against the wall, but Thorn's not exactly telling her to stop. Finally, though, the kiss is broken, and Anton blinks. "Um." He purses his lips, still a little surprised by it all, but smiling nonetheless. "I… could tell." He places the cup of coffee down on a nearby shelf, offering her his lighter as an eyebrow creeps up. "Guess you did have something on your mind, then."

Samantha slips the cigarette he gave her between her lips and leans over, taking a deep breath to get the cherry going, before she nods and fully straightens up, slightly pulling away so she can pace the small room. "Yeah…I guess so. I… I was half tempted to jump you right here but… that ain't anyway to start off a good relationship…and my track record is proving it."

Thorn, for his part, remains leaning against the wall, his arms folding across his chest as he watches her pace. His eyebrows twitch at her admission. "Yeah… we did figure it was best t' move slow." After her cigarette is lit, he moves to light his own. There's a brief grin. "Damned if we both didn't almost throw that out th' frakkin' window." The smile relaxes after a moment, and his voice takes on a more serious tone. "Just as well, though… I… I don't want us t' frak this up, whatever 'this' is."

Samantha sighs a moment…"Frakking tempting not to. We might die tomorrow…why the hell go slow? But…I frakked on the first date with both Martin…and the priest…and we know how that went. I suppose I might be doin' something wrong." Sam admits, only half shamefully, torn between bodily desires and simple sanity. She paces the floor quietly, smoking deep, restless.

"Yeah, I know what y' mean." About the former, anyway; Anton doesn't comment on her previous relationships. "But, on the other hand, we might not." His shoulders twitch in a slight shrug. "I'm… I'd hate t' make a mistake now and regret it for whatever time we have left." There's a moment's pause before he speaks again, a little more reticent this time. "An'… well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in something more long term than 'tomorrow'."

Samantha looks up, studying him quietly, his younger, cute features, almost careless hair…Those eyes. She gives a half smile, nodding. "Yeah. I am too… or I want to be. Even if I fail rather horribly at it… maybe there's a reason. So…yeah…" She breathes slowly. "Taking it slow. I can handle that. I think. 'cause hopefully there is more than tomorrow… we need there to be."

"Only way we'll stay sane." Thorn nods in agreement to the latter. There's another long pause; he takes a couple drags from his cigarette and looks at her closely. He finally pushes himself off the wall, taking one of her hands in his and squeezing gently, as much to reassure himself as her. "Look… I'm not exactly great at this either, but I'm not going anywhere if you're not."

Samantha allows him to steal her hand, her palm surprisingly smaller than his. She often seems rather larger than life, the loud, tough, crazy talking pilot who jumps beds and swears over the comm all the time. But now she's just Sam. Strangely feminine, her nerves taking away that large confidence. She just squeezes his hands softly. "I'm not. Sure as hell don't plan to… So… we'll take it slow. Do it right."

At this moment, there's no sign of that stubborn, foul-mouthed, hard-drinking, chain-smoking ECO that Thorn usually is, either… other than the cigarette between his fingers, anyway. "So. This really is happening, then. I… was wondering." He smiles widely, brushing a wayward lock of blonde hair off her face. "Yeah. Do it right," he echoes.

Samantha tilts her head up and into the brush of his palm, not pulling or shying away at all at the tender gesture. If they were doing it, they were. "Yeah…so… guess we should start from the beginning. I… I don't really know you at all…" She admits quietly, almost shamed, before nodding to the ground. the least they can do is sit for this talk.

Thorn nods, leading her over to the side of the room and sliding down along the wall to a seated position. "That's… usually th' best place t' start," he agrees. He pauses, head tilted slightly to the side. "A little funny, that… we go through all this and we barely know a thing about each other." They made it this far, though, so that's something, anyway. "Right, then… so, what do y' want t' know?"

Samantha shrugs slightly, sliding down the wall and splaying her legs in front of her, coffee cup off to the side once she takes a long gulp of it…"Well… anything. Start from the beginning, I guess…where you grew up, what you did…what got you in the military. Everything…" Sam murmurs quietly, watching his handsome face, shifting her body so one leg is tucked in against her and she's facing him.

"Hm, all right." Thorn takes a drag from the cigarette, throwing an arm around her as he begins to talk. "I'm from Aerelon, but y' knew that. Well, you and everyone with bloody ears, but… heh." He snorts quietly at that bit of momentary snark. "Grew up in Tarnock, a little college town in Hawthorn, down by the ocean. Dad was a stuffy academic from a family of stuffy academics… he met Mum while they were both teaching at th' university there. Pretty quiet place, all in all." He pauses there, puffing on the cigarette once again.

Samantha sinks down towards the floor now, shifting a bit, so her head is resting in his lap and she's staring up at him instead of leaning against that stiff and coldly uncomfortable wall. She now breathes deeply of her cigarette, coffee ignored, watching him through the lazily drifting smoke…"Fair enough… anything special…crazy…interesting about childhood? Favourite story to tell?"

"Like I said, it was a pretty quiet place. Didn't get into much trouble, other than sneaking out t' go party with friends in some piker's barn for as long as th' moonshine held out," he replies. "Needless to say, I got off that planet as soon as I graduated high school," Thorn continues a moment later with a smile. "Dad was hoping I'd be a teacher or a doctor like th' rest of the family, but I wasn't interested in medicine and I didn't have the patience t' deal with academia. I did pick up in interest in computers along th' way, though, so I ended up going t' Delphi on Caprica for a computer science degree. Graduated after three years — tested out of a bunch of those bullshit gen-ed classes in high school — and then it was off t' th' Kobol Colleges for a master's." He chuckles quietly at that. "Gemenon… beautiful place, crazy people. Interesting story there, though… I learned t' skydive while I was on Gemenon. Hell of a rush, that. Kinda what made me want t' be a pilot in th' first place."

Samantha smirks faintly as he mentions Gemenon…"I'm from Gemenon…or my family is. You don't gotta tell me." Sam admits quietly, shaking her head to him and taking another breath of her cigarette. She allows her free hand to fold up, knuckles drowsily brushing along the outside of his pant legs… just a light touch, but fond and gentle.

Thorn studies her for a moment. "Hm. I don't think I knew that. Your accent doesn't quite sound like how I remember… but you grew up in space, didn't you?" he asks her, his eyebrows crinkling as he tries to remember. He takes another pull from his cancer stick, a haze of smoke beginning to form above their heads. A free hand begins to idly toy with a stray strand of her hair.

Samantha nods in affirmation, just enough to make the motion, not pull her head from the brush of his fingertips. She's relaxing there, comfortably stretched out. "Yeah… on a freighter. We mainly did the run between Gemenon and Picon… lots of crazy people. Religious nuts… military nuts. Fightin' and prayin'… that's all anyone ever did. Grandma… they said she was an oracle. She spent most of her time on Gemenon if we weren't cartin' her around somewhere. It was…weird." Sam admits quietly, eyes a touch distant, thinking back over everything that was half her life time ago.

"Stuffy liberal academics and religious, militaristic space dogs… yeah, our families would have gotten on famously," Thorn remarks dryly, offering a smile down at her. "An oracle, eh?" he continues a moment later, after a breath of more smoke. "That had t' be an… experience." Thorn doesn't quite roll his eyes, but his disdain for most things religious is hard to hide.

Samantha furrows her brows a touch more. He can no doubt feel the tension trickling up the back of her neck even as she rememebers all of this. She breathes in deeply of her cigarette again. "…She always had these… dreams. Sometimes it seemed… so true. She told me…if I went begging for war…I'd find it. War was coming… blood, and fire… and death. She sounded raving… some days…" And yet, here they sit, the last of humanity, both having nursed injuries and watched friends die. "…she screamed the day I signed up for the academy… screamed and screamed…"

"Hnh." Thorn grunts quietly in response, his mood sobering. "Well… there's one prophecy that came true, at least." he mutters, half to himself. The ECO retrieves the cup of coffee from the low shelf on which he'd placed it, grimacing as he takes a drink. He digests her story, but stays silent, just looking at her quietly, unsure what to say.

Samantha blinks slightly, "Yeah… I know. It… " Sam trails off in her words, not certain more of what to say, most talk of her family just caught in her throat. She sighs, shaking her head…"I haven't seen them in 14 years. All old, old history now… not even worth thinkin' about…"

"Maybe so," Anton replies quietly. The hand that had been playing with her hair brushes against a cheek. "But whatever we have left of home… the memories, even the bad… aren't worth losing." There's a long silence as he takes a drag from the cigarette and continues to idly stroke her hair. "Anyway," he continues briskly, trying to disrupt the suddenly melancholy atmosphere that's seeming to form. If she doesn't want to think about it, he'll change the subject. "Where was I? After I got my master's, I didn't have much luck finding a job… either nobody was willing t' pay me what I wanted or didn't want t' take on an arrogant, obnoxious twenty-three year old with a master's degree. So, I joined the Fleet. Wanted t' fly Vipers, but my flight scores were shit, and I had th' computer background, so they made me an ECO instead." He shrugs. "One hell of a rollercoaster tour on the Solaria later, and here I am." There's another one of his thin, quiet smiles. "There, that's my story."

Samantha smiles faintly back to him, a bit more relaxed as they get off her family story. She nods quietly…"Makes sense. And here you are. Alive… well… when everything else is gone. Almost like it was meant to be, hm?" Sam offers quietly, her fingertips finally just coming to rest against the back of his knee, holding on lightly.

"Meant t' be? I don't know," Thorn replies slowly, thoughtfully. "I didn't think so, at first. For th' longest time, I felt… guilty. As though I didn't deserve t' live, like I should've died back there, with the Colonies. But if everything that's happened is what brought me here, now…" He smiles again, looking back down at her face. "… I'll take it."

Samantha shrugs slightly and nods. "I don't know… Sometimes… it's all so clear…the patterns. The future… fates… " Sam stares off into the distance, not entirely there for a moment. She was the descendant of an oracle, after all. finally, she shakes it off. "…Sorry…what were we saying?"

"I was finishing th' abridged version of my life story," Anton replies, his smile turning wry. He takes another drag from the cigarette in his hand, tapping a column of ash onto the storage room's floor. "Now it's your turn," he notes sardonically. "If you want t', anyway."

Samantha tilts her head a bit, shifting so she can curl onto her side, actually facing him, though a foot closer and her face would be in a VERY inconvenient place (or convenient, as you will). Either way, she's settled almost against his knee and staring up at him, a half smile on her lips. "…Really…I told most of it. Grew up on the ship… makin' runs back and forth. Mum and dad 'home schooled' me, so to speak. Lots of shitty religious doctrine. Didn't see the sun much. Home was the ship. When I turned 18 we were docked on Picon… i kept seein' the soldiers, the uniform… the freedom. I snuck off ship and signed my soul over for the academy…then officer's school, flight school…anything to be free. It was… a mess. My parents disowned me."

"Must have really been something, then, if th' bloody military seemed like freedom," Thorn replies wryly. "Mine didn't go that far… Mum was supportive enough, and I think Dad was secretly excited by th' prospect of having a Gaius Baltar in th' family," he explains. "Not t' say they were happy, of course, but…" He trails off there, leaving the thought unfinished. "Sounds like one bloody frak of a mess," Thorn finishes instead, cutting off his own tangent.

Samantha shakes her head quietly…"The military was… actually doin' good work. Not just preaching. And people…so many people. Didn't really get a ton of kids at school and shit, yanno…and we took cargo more often than people, if we weren't cartin' around my grandmum. I wasn't the most…social of upbringings. So the military seemed like…everything different. Everything I wanted. Grass is always greener, yanno?" Sam offers quietly, but the discussion of beginning her military career isn't thrilled or impassioned either. Sounds like she didn't have the best time even after she got out…

Thorn nods slowly. "Yeah," he replies. "I know the feeling." His cigarette has burned nearly down to the filter by now; it gets tossed away, sparks flashing as the cherry strikes the edge of a nearby shelf. "So… was it? The military, I mean."

Samantha considers that quietly, frowning…"Military… was good. I think. I… was kinda frakked up during most of the academy… " Sam's brows furrow, almost embarrassed about something. Though at least this explains a whole hell of a lot of reason why she's, well… Like she is. "I… don't like… being on planets. Open spaces… sky… atmosphere. It's… " She shakes her head, barely able to find words for it. "Too big. Too much… academy was the first time I ever lived on the surface… didn't really agree with me. I nearly washed out, until I got to flight school."

Thorn tilts his head, a slight frown coming over his features. "Agoraphobia?" he asks. "I can't imagine what that was like. Back home, it was all open spaces. A few miles from th' ocean, not many forests around…" He shakes his head. His head leans back against the wall, and for the moment, he simply concentrates on the feel of her hair twisted around his finger. "So, you're probably hoping we don't ever decide t' find some nice planet somewhere and settle down, then," Thorn says a moment later, sympathy and light teasing mixing in his voice.

Samantha twitches just a bit. "Scorpia was enough. frak…I was ready to rip my own hair out." For just a few moments, she looks haunted. Utterly haunted. Scorpia hit her hard, that much is clear… and for more than one reason. She squeezes his leg momentarily, taking a steadying breath.."But yeah. Guess there's some fancy name for it and shit…but I grew up in a bird and I'm gonna die in one, even if the rest of ya'll settle. Someone's gotta patrol the skies."

"Hey. 'S all right." Thorn looks down as she's speaking just in time to notice the grim expression on her face. A hand touches her shoulder reassuringly, and he just watches her a moment before he continues. "Frak if I'm going anywhere, either," he snorts derisively. "Not t' settle, anyway. Had enough trouble figuring out what t' do with myself the first time around, which is what got me into th' military in the first place… be damned if I go through that again." There's a wan chuckle from the ECO. "Never thought I'd be this attached t' the Fleet when I came in, but now I don't know anything else. Ghostriding t' the end, I'll be."

Samantha closes her eyes a moment, settling her head into his hand, relaxing just a bit more. She nods quietly. "This is home now, of course we're attached. It's all we got. Besides…I doubt we're gonna settle. I don't think Sheridan is ever gonna go down without a fight… even if it means our extinction." Sam admits, almost sadly, briefly thoughtful..

"It will. At some point," Anton replies quietly, almost darkly. "Kharon's a good ship. But she was never meant t' survive indefinitely, or take on the whole frakkin' Cylon race on its own. Though I half expect the ship t' outlive me, anyway." He smiles wanly, tossing his head back against the wall as he tries to clear some of that pessimism from his tone. "But, I suppose I can think about that when the time comes. I'm not exactly in a hurry t' contemplate my own death, y' know?"

Samantha nods quietly, a touch of concern crossing her pale skinned features, "Yeah… we're here now. that's what we're doin', right? Livin' for today? We… we just gotta keep livin'. Enjoying it." She admits gently, rubbing her fingertips and down his leg gently and finally allowing her cheek to nestle against his thigh…"Any other questions for now, handsome?"

"Mmm… not really." Thorn's lips quirk slightly to one side in mild amusement. "I don't think we need t' know all each other's secrets on th' first day, what?" There's another soft laugh from the man. "I like a little bit of mystery in a woman." He grins. "Besides, I'd hate t' run out of stories t' tell each other too quickly, eh?"

Samantha laughs faintly and nods. "Yeah… still…it's good to know some. I know more about you now than I never knew about Martin and…that's kinda weird. I'm glad we're…tryin' to do this right." Sam admits softly, picking herself up then to look for his mouth again, just a softer, strangely more chaste kiss.

"Well, no. I wouldn't want t' go into it completely blind, either," Komnenos replies. He smiles softly again at her last. "I am, too," he answers her quietly. Their lips lock, but not with the same urgency or desire as before; just a calm, mildly sensual kiss.

Samantha pulls back gently, just a hint breathless, her eyes vaguely tired…"SHall we go get some rest, handsome? Your place or mine?" Apparently, she doesn't care about rumors, as there definitely are going to be some if they're seen like this together… a day after Martin nearly bites it.

Thorn looks at her fondly as she pulls away. "Sounds like a plan t' me." He barely stifles a yawn at the mention of rest; with a shake of his head, he gets to his feet, offering her his hand. "My place, I think, if y' don't mind."

Samantha slips her palm into his, standing up smoothly and grabbing their empty coffee mugs to take back to some coffee station somewhere. "Not at all, handsome. your place is way quieter than Viper country. And smells a bit better too." Sam grins a bit wider, mostly teasing. Mostly. She slips her arm behind his waist, letting him lead the way out the door.

His arm slides around her shoulder, and he smirks at the mention of the comparative smells. "I don't know, you probably ended up with th' worst slob in Black Squadron, I think," Anton replies with a smirk. "Probably be just like Red berthings all over again." There's a laugh, and finally he opens the hatch, leading her out.


Samantha laughs and rolls her eyes as they walk into the bunks…"If you're -that- bad of a slob, I'll just walk over into Thea's bunk again and knock loudly. She's pleasant to sleep with and smells good." Sam admits with a wink in his direction, easily heading over to his bunk and beginning to peel off her tank tops, then lean down for her boots, getting ready to sleep and that involves stripping down, it seems.

"I'm messy, not filthy," Anton retorts with mock reproach and a not-very-menacing scowl as he kicks his boots off. "Just because I don't make my bed doesn't mean it's not clean. Well, reasonably so, anyway," he adds a moment later with a wink at the disrobing woman.

Samantha shakes her head to him, kicking off her boots and then shimmying out of her pants. She's left in black booty shorts and a sports bra, showing off a few new scars from Scorpia (and the ruined mess of her right arm which is always evident with no sleeves.) Once stripped, she slips down into his bunk, scooting over to make room for him.

Samantha says, "Alright, alright…I guess i'll stay the night."

Thorn just has the one scar, the one that runs halfway down his left cheek, and he looks at her collection for a moment before pulling his own tank tops and BDU trousers off. He quickly grabs a pair of sweatpants out of his locker, pulling them on over his boxers before pulling himself up into his bunk. "You will? And you had me so worried for a moment," he says wryly, sliding in next to her and swooping in for a quick kiss before he lies down on his back.

Samantha returns the kiss, fast and warm, a bit more tension melting out of her limbs as they settle down into the bunk together. She shifts, stretching out at his side, trying to let him get comfortable while she does the same, the usual juggling of learning how to sleep next to someone, truly sleep, for the first time. The nap doesn't count. Eventually, she half drapes against him, head tucked into his shoulder…"Get some sleep, handsome…"

Anton's arm moves to the side as she adjusts herself, finally wrapping around her gently as she finds and settles into a comfortable position. He smiles slightly at her as he pulls the blanket over the both of them. "I will if you will…" The curtain is pulled closed, and he finally settles back with a long sigh.

Samantha kisses the corner of his mouth gently. "I will. Good night, Anton…" She whispers softly before settling for the final time, eyes shutting, readying to drift off into sleep there…

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