Summary: Kai completes his rounds of wrist slapping.
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The head is semi busy this time of day, not overloaded with its 'just off duty' crowd. The bulk of the attendees have filtered out, and there are only a few still in the showers or bellied up to the row of sinks and mirrors. Fresh out of her own shower, Lieutenant JG Jupiter Black is one of those bellied up to a mirror, with a toothbrush in hand. she flicks wet curls back out of her face, leaving them to dribble water droplets over her shoulder and down onto her towel clad body.

There's a grind of the hatch, then a thumping of combat boots as someone else arrives, and bellies up in a similar fashion to the sink two down from Jupiter. That someone smells of gunpowder, and proceeds to turn on the faucet full blast and strip his fatigues jacket off. "Evening, Fingers." The greeting's casual, the voice low and sullied with a hint of an upbringing on Sagittaron.

There's been worse things sullied by Saggies, but that's a story for another time. Jupiter glances down the row of sinks from under damp eyelashes, to note the Captain. "Spider." She leans forward to spit, a white foamy blob splats into the basin. Minty. "Mm. You smell like spent ammo."

"Don't quit your day job, Lieutenant. I hear the coffee tastes like ass in marine country." As in, her investigative skills aren't going to get her a post as an MP. Kai drenches his face in water a few times, a few trickles of it snaking through his dark hair. "How was CAP today?" Yep, same question as always. It's his version of a lead-in.
Kai is, for note, smiling faintly when he speaks.

The brush is shoved back into her mouth, and Jupiter spends a little quality time scrubbing the grinding surfaces of her molars, scrubscrubscrubscrubscrub. "I happen to like spent ammo." She looks straight into the mirror for a moment, then turns slightly, leaning a hip against the sink so she can brush and look over at Kai. Her left arm crosses her body, fingers hooked at her right elbow while she brushes. "I didn't piss myself or snap off any plane parts. I call it a win." Classy. "How was target practice?"

Kai's smile warms a fraction. "And I happen to like good oral hygeine. You're two for two today, Fingers." His hands drop to brace against the sink itself for a while, water dripping from his face and plinking into the pool of standing water there. He's still wearing his wedding ring, which may or may not be surprising. As to target practice, "It was productive. What were you up to last night?"

Jup reaches up to run her fingers through still-damp hair, flicking it again out of her eyes. She brushbrushbrushes a little more, then leans over the sink again. Splat. More minty foam assaults the basin. Brushbrushbrush. "Daddy always—" Aw dammet. She pauses just briefly, shoves the toothbrush in her mouth and mutters, "Mostly he paid us for cavity free dental visits. Nothing motivates like cash." She turns back to the mirror, tips over the sink once more, spits, then reaches down to rinse her brush. Her towel gaps a little on the side, flashing a length of thigh and a very faint bruise high up on it, almost at her hip. "Last night? Usual. Coffee in the GR. Watching marines lose at pool. You'd think they'd handle sticks better, but no."

Kai has more class than to leer at the exposed thigh, even if he probably hasn't been laid since they set sail from the colonies however many months ago. No, there's a brief flicker of his eyes in the mirror, nothing more. Then his own towel is being reached for, and scrubbed over his face, through his hair. "It's shameful, I know. Was Typhoon there with you?"

"Yeah," Jupiter shakes her head slightly as she looks at herself in the mirror. She taps the water from her toothbrush, then chucks it into a little plastic caddy of shower stuff and reaches for some floss. "I ran into him own there. He was winning at pool. I hear he has a lot of practice." She leaves off the 'with wood' part, because it's just too easy. "It's almost cruel to take money from enlisted." She tugs off a length of floss.

Kai is a pretty smart guy. He can probably fill in for her omission. Once he's finished drying off his face and soaking up most of the moisture in his hair, he starts tugging his blues jacket back on. He's not what anyone would call massively built; it's all lean musculature, corded around a sturdy frame. "I'm going to be frank with you, Fingers, since twenty questions isn't my thing. Did you and Yuuri mix it up over a game of pool, or am I confusing the racket coming out of there last night, with a strain of kumbayah while you both shared the peace pipe?"

There's a pretty clear indication of where this conversation is going. And Jupiter is pretty sure it's not going to go as smoothly as it could have. This is what happens when another pilot is involved. "My interaction with Typhoon was not game related. It was not peaceful, but it ended in an understanding." She leans a little closer to the mirror, the floss popping in and out between teeth punctuates the pauses in her words, and makes them a little harder to understand. "He fell and injured himself, but seemed in better spirits by the time I busted his chops to go get himself some medical attention."

Kai leaves his jacket unbuttoned for now. Arms folding across his chest, he turns so that he's resting his ass against the sink, blue eyes focused on the back of Jupiter's head. "He seemed to think it was necessary to hide your involvement in the altercation. His honour's misplaced, but I suppose it's something." There's an ensuing silence, probably while he deliberates on things.

Jupiter swishes mouthwash around for about thirty seconds, which gives a little lag time for Kai to speak, and Jups to make a decision about just how to answer. She leans over and spits into the sink, then turns on the water to wash it all down. "Typhoon's got this whole separatist attitude issue. I won the bunkmate lottery, and now I'm his only friend, because he can't get his head out of his ass long enough to stop thinking everyone is out to screw him." She wipes her mouth, checks for leftover toothpaste in the mirror, then turns to face Kai. "Not that it matters when he screws himself just fine on his own."

Kai is still standing right where she left him. Arms folded, eyes ever so slightly creased at the corners; he looks weary. About this, about one of five hundred other things, who knows. He meets her gaze however, when she looks up. "He keeps it up, he's going to be exchanging his flight suit for a little maid's outfit and furniture duster, pretty soon. In fact, you can let him know, while you're both scrubbing the floors in here together, that his refusal to incriminate you only got him in deeper shit."

Jupiter's chin tips up slightly at those words, her eyes on Kai, and then back down. It's halfway between a nod and the beginnings of a defiant posture. But most of her signals are a little mixed. "I'll tell him in the ring, sir." Which hardly needs a translation to: squadie justice, kickin' his ass one 'sparring' match at a time. Jup regards Kai for a long moment, just breathing evenly, before she reaches over to pull out a small bottle of moisturizer from the caddy. She pumps some into her palm, puts it back, and asks, "Did you get to send your letter?" She warms the lotion in her hands briefly, then applies it to her arms and shoulders, starting at the elbow.

There's a small nod to the first. Approval perhaps, however saturated it may be with irritation; not that much of what goes on beneath the steely facade is visible on his features. "You're off flight status for a day. I expect it to take as long, to get this place hosed down after the marines are done with it." It's spoken during the pause between her words, then his eyes flick lower to the motion of her palms rubbing together. "No," is his quiet answer.

Jupiter's jaw tightens a little at the flight status thing. That's the only outward indication it bothers her at all. She plays it pretty close, like Kai, at least when it comes to chatting with those who have power over her favorite activity. Second favorite activity. Her hand pauses briefly over her collarbone, just as he answers her letter question. It resumes rubbing in the lotion almost immediately. She nods slightly. "I have plenty of energy, sir." Bonus, with drains in the floor, she can hose down the blood that will inevitably be spilled when Boner comes to mock his big sister about getting Head duty.

Kai is silent for a while longer. Just leaning there against the sink, looking profoundly tired. "Good," he murmurs finally, lowering his eyes from their study of the junior pilot, and pushing away to fetch his towel. "Don't pull something like this again, Fingers. I need you both up there."

Jupiter doesn't agree with that last. She remains silent on it. The chances of her not getting in a fight are about as good as Yuuri not pouting into his dinner for the next week. Her, "Sir," is more of an affirmation that she heard him than agreement to comply. She watches him for a long moment as he looks, then moves, away. "…" For a moment it seems as if she might say something more, but she doesn't. Jupiter takes a moment to lean against the sink, her hands clasped over either side, and she looks at herself in the mirror.

Kai doesn't bother asking for confirmation about that 'don't do this again' bit. He probably knows damned well that she will, and that they'll be having this talk again in the future. So he shoves his hands into his trouser pockets and soldiers on out.

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