Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman as Montgomery Harkins
Name: Montgomery Harkins
Alias: None.
Age: 68
Hair & Eyes: Dark hair, brown eyes
Faction: Resistance
Position: Survivalist
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: PST

Biographical Info


Monty loves to tell stories. Being in his late sixties, the guy is full of them. He talks about his own experiences quite a bit so getting to know the man isn't hard. He's got an analogous situation for almost anything. But what's readily apparent on meeting him is that he was at one point a Marine. Many years ago and what seems like a lifetime away, Monty was a Master Sergeant and into the heavy stuff. He was involved during the first Cylon War and got out of service a decade or two back to run the guide operation known as Harkins Lodge.


This guy is one of those rare gems who never actually grew up enough to get married. He's got fantastic tales about women and romance, but Monty has never been married or fathered any children that he knows about.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Master Sergeant Harkins was the kind of Sergeant that movie producers dismiss as 'not believable' because he's the gruff stereotype. Or was. Bluster and balls with a dash of bullets. Somewhere in his past, the man was even a drill sergeant. But again, like most things for this long-aged warrior, it was an entire lifetime ago. With so many years under his belt in the relaxation of nature, Monty has relaxed quite a bit and learned to sit back and appreciate the little things… such as the lack of incoming artillery on a moonless night.

Distinguishing Features

The old man is too happy to sit back and just shoot the breeze over a campfire - which is his defining characteristic. He can occasionally be abrasive and be known for his rough edges that seem to embody his political and ideological opinions.


Track a wounded deer over rough country for fifteen miles? At night? Uphill both ways? Check. Need a stump blown to little bits? Check. Wounding a deer travelling at night by exploding a treestump nearby? Check. Cooking said deer? Check. Harkins is a pretty self-sustaining guy. He can fix almost all the regular problems he runs into at the Lodge. Like food, water, power, etc.

  • The Outdoors
  • Campfires
  • Cooking
  • Hunting


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