Hangin' in the Hangar
Hangin' in the Hangar
Summary: A group of pilots hang out in the Hangar Bay - speed, pyramid, and Elder are discussed.
Date: PHD 174
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<We Join our Pilots already in Discussion>

Thorn mutters to himself as he scribbles madly, but his concentration is broken as he hears a familiar voice call out. He looks up, eyes searching for its origin. "Oi," he replies with a quick wave at the Viper pilot. He gestures helplessly, though the beginnings of a grin start to spread across his lips. "Bucket's held together with spit, wire and hope. Same as always." His chin juts out at the Viper Hale's working on. "Marking your territory, what?" Thorn asks, his lips twisting into a full on smirk.

In his dress blues Leda delievers a series of notices and requests to Fenix which he gets the deck chief to sign off on before he moves back to Thorn and Hale as he spots to fellow pilots and he says, "Gentlemen." He takes his now signed clipboard and puts it between his arm, so far he has delievered a package to the CIC, now requests to the Deck Chief, paperwork is a beeyotch but Leda does it without complaint. He then says, "Frak it fly it, Thorn." He then looks over at Hale and says, "How are you?" He asks as he is still trying to figure out who best to address Hale since he can't add, sir, on to the end of everything and be done with it.

Hale grins back to his usual companion. Bloody duties and shifts have made him scarce lately-even his missus could simply tell you that, but now's not the time and place to complain about work-that's about the only normal thing these days, you know with killer robots being the current fad. "Maybe add some gum mate-an We'll see how she goes." A grin, big there, before he's looking back to his own bird, a few more shakes and a few more bits of spraying-before that rough and tumble chuckle is loosed onto the population. "Aye, my culley, you could say that. Makin' sure when the Nuggets an all get wet in the pants for a bird-won't be mind they'll smash into the side of Kharon. Sides, Ol' Niner an I have had some good times. Bloody lucky number, you know."

A grin there before he's moving to ease into a lean. "We need a drink sometime-mucker. Feels like its been bloody forever since I've chatted with someone other than Mooner.' A joke there as he does have a great working relationship with the 'newish' JiG.

A turn of his head back to where Leda has wrangled himself up. "Lieutenant." said back, not really an answer to the question or such. "Fine enough. Busy enough-so I guess the answer would be, alive."

"I always went for thirteen, myself…" Thorn replies drolly, stepping away from the Raptor and moving over to Hale's fighter. "Number gets a bad rap. Figured I'd take it if nobody else wanted it." He grins, nodding in response as Hale leans against the Viper. "Hah. Definitely not looking forward to one of those ham-fisted pikers fiddling with my ECM console, either." There's a sigh a moment later. "I know, I know. Been busy lately… an' spending what little free time I've seemed t' have recently with th' lady." Thorn shrugs. "Finally got some of these extra duties off my plate, though, so… we'll have t' catch up sometime."

Castor looks at Hale, "Alive is a good thing since they will eventually start pairing us with the nuggets once they finish training." He then takes a step closer to see what the two men have to say since knows both men but not in the best way and this might be a moment to change that. He then looks over at Thorn, "Well, think of it this way Thorn, you are getting to know your bird inside and out which means when the shit hits the fan you can get things working faster than someone else." He then adds, "And do you think they will let the nuggets onto your bird?"

"Always heard it depends on your culture for Thirteen. Like over on Leonis, Thirteen's not entirely too bad, and I think they love it on Sagitarron. But I could be wrong, never was over on Sag for an extended period of time, and I only know two Saggies, quite well." A shrug leaves the tall Lieutenant, before he begins to lazily shake his can again. "Oi, we were all there once mate-I never had a clue on how to fly, till I got into the Navy. Was the speed that called to me." A grin there and he clambers down from his perch after a few more elongated paint swipes. He'll let it dry for a bit, before going to remove the tape and Stencil to get the other side as well. "Sides, we have an interesting crop. One of em, even makes it look like Price is going through again."

A snicker, before he's looking back to Castor. "I think I'll be still paired off with Mooner till she comes to full Lieutenant." And he wouldn't have it any other way. "Right now, I got em going through basic OCS courses. Tactics, wing discipline-the lot." Least the baby vipers, he does. "As for my bird. Never know. Don't have many seats here, do we?" We are low on the number o' birds we can effectively send out.

"I already know my bird inside and out," Thorn retorts to Castor with a slight scowl. "Comes with th' bloody job description." There's mild annoyance in his tone, but it doesn't go any further than that. "Sure as frak hope not, but it's not as though we've got an abundance of birds t' go around, y' know?" He shrugs, turning back to Hale. "On Aerelon, it's about on th' same level as breaking a mirror, or stepping on a crack in th' pavement. Not considered much more than a silly little superstition, but that doesn't mean people like it." A far away look appears in his eyes for a moment at the mention of speed. "Same reason I signed up… well, sort of. Got th' inspiration t' join th' Fleet from doing a bunch of skydiving on Gemenon, if that makes any sense. Didn't manage t' stick in Viper training, though."

As Hale speaks Castor looks over at Wolf-8 and he begins to imagine one of the nuggets climbing in his sweet, sweet, baby and he frowns, "Okay, yeah, color me slightly concerned now." He then pauses as he looks back at Thorn, "I meant….you'd be the best of the best in your bird, no offense intended, I know your a skilled ECO." He then says, "Really, back on Aquaia it is the number four. Four is the number of death." He then looks over at Hale and he says, "Yeah, you and Mooner do make a good match." He then takes a moment to raise an eyebrow, "How are they doing with in class training?"

"It is, what it is, mate." said back towards Castor for a second, and then he's looking to Thorn, a faint grin there as arms fold, and his own paint can is lowered down. No words out, juust yet at all. "Aerelon has some backwards thoughts mate." Oh where is this going. 'Which my explain why you all were always looking to lose to Leonis. Probably thought it was the same as winning." Yeah-that is where it was headed, nothing like some good old natured pyramid ribbing. "Pretty good. One of em like to argue alot, but he's a smart one. the others all seem to weep and stare at some point or another…But, they are getting the hang of it. We'll make em Ensigns yet." At least Hale has hope-one thing he's never been out of since the Holocaust.

Though to Thorn's mention of Sky diving there's a snicker "Believe me, I got into it, because I was racing cars. Wanted something fast." Course his wife also drug him into it, but that is being left unsaid. "I washed out as a Raptor pilot-shame. I like the cockpits better in a Raptor." And with his size who could blame him. Hale's eyes follow Castor's for a moment back over towards Wolf-8 "Ain't eight, Four, twice?"

Thorn rolls his eyes with a snort of laughter. "You washed out of Raptor training, I washed out of Viper training. There's irony there, somewhere." There's a nod to Castor. "For a planet of pikers and rustics, not a lot of that sort of thing t' be found back home. Yeah, thirteen is supposed to be unlucky, and people seemed t' like five for some reason, but…" Another shrug. "Thankfully, we never got much in t' that superstitious rot on Aerelon." Komnenos looks back to Hale, making a raspberry sound at the mention of Pyramid. "Need I remind you of th' Aerelon dynasty a decade or so ago that went undefeated against Leonis for three years running? Every dog has his day." He chuckles at that, throwing Hale an insouciant grin as he snaps off his comeback.

Leda looks at Hale and he says, "Aye, it is what it is." He doesn't comment on the other colonies since he never really got a chance to experience them beyond meeting people from the different colonies while he has been working for the Navy. He then says, "Though, Hale, seriously, I hope they don't bust my baby up." He then remains quiet as the Pyramid speech is given since he isn't much of a player though he is a fan of the Sharks. He looks over at Thorn and then to Hale, "Wait, seriously, you each washed out on the other?" He smiles slightly, "Well, it seems like you both found the right job for each of you." He then says, "If it helps I'm still doing Raptor training on the side." He then looks over at Hale, "Well, back home the buildings didn't have a fourth floor but we did have an Eighth floor." He then grins, "Though were I superstious man you might have just freaked me out."

A laugh, leaves Hale before he's motioning lazily with a hand. "And then Leonis, went on to break that right before taking the cup. I know the story well, its told to keep children from staying up too late. Better go to sleep, or Aerelon will go undefeated again-and we can't have that." A snicker, before he's popping his knuckles, and generally settling back into the conversation easily enough. "Can't help it if they do Leda. You'll jus' have to bear it." hence why Hale is claiming his own at least he can feign being pissed.

A faint look back and there's a brow screwing up "Eh I don't think we were in the same class, mate. Just different-" and a wave of his hand "Right, anyway." He's not going to go into the oddness of the number 4 being a bad omen. "Raptor training on the side?" Hale asks with a look spared to Komnenos. "Why so?"

Thorn only snorts in response to the Pyramid banter, before nodding to Leda a moment later. "Yeah, my first inclination was Vipers. They said I had the temperament for it, but not the bloody aptitude. On the other hand, my computer and electronic scores were off the charts, so…" He shrugs philosophically. "Here I am. I was at least able t' qualify as a Raptor pilot, but I think my quals have got t' be out of date by now. Haven't actually flown a bird outside th' bloody sims since I was on Solaria." His eyes flick back and forth between the two men. The comment about Raptor training also draws his curiosity, but he doesn't say anything to that. "A bird is a bird, I would think. Besides, I thought you weren't supposed t' be the superstitious type, Tinman, eh?"

"Nine's nearly killed me several times, so I feel as if we have a good bond. I smack it around and fly it,, and it plots my metallic death." A joke there, as macabre as it can be. Still the Lieutenant shrugs before chuckling back to Thorn. "Yeah, I just had the need, the need for speed." And like that's moving to prop his ass up on the little work ladder he was using. "You can take one for the team Leda, I'll just be happy with my rickety ride." A shrug. "I have my quals, but that's it. Not much planning to jump ship myself…Why are you training?" Hale, asks.

Thorn shrugs in Leda's direction. "Hnh. Wouldn't know. ECM consoles, they all work th' same." There's a knowing nod over at Hale. "Right… I think this is what, my third Raptor?" He shrugs again. "Fox-3 went down over Scorpia, Fox-4 got blown up by Marek…" There's a sigh. "Lucky with ships, I'm not. At this point, though, I'm not especially attached t' any of th' ones we have left…"
Komnenos has partially disconnected.

Leda smiles, "Well, so far, my bird has been good to me. I haven't been hit yet." He then looks at his bird and then back to the other two, "And to be honest it isn't because I'm a better pilot than anyone else…" He looks at his bird for a moment, agnostic much, why, yes, don't mind if I do. Castor then says, "Hale, that is because I'm more than certain that you are indestructable sort of the Red Squads version of Seargent Elder." He then looks over at Thorn, "Well, that is because you are a better man than I." He then looks over at Hale and he says, "You know, I don't really know why I decided to cross train. I just got on the Kharon a few days before everything went up in smoke and I wanted to start training for Raptor's just in case it got so bad that we needed pilots to fly both." He then winks at Hale, "And it keeps me busy in my free time which keeps me out of trouble."

"Luck." said back as for what has kept Hale from being taken to Medical or worse, being shot into millions of tiny spaced pieces. "Loads of luck, that is why I am still about." A little skill, but he isn't as vain to think he is any better or worse than any other officer here. No-he just holds to luck. A snerk at Castor's words and there's a brow up as Hale looks back to Komnenos "I'm pretty sure, no one is like Sergeant Elder. I've seen that blighter hit. Sorry-not looking forward to him on a fight night." Honest truth there.

"Don't think it will ever get that bad, gods willing-Just, I don't have the time to cross train-nor much of the ambition." a grin to Thorn "I'll leave your little cuttlefish lookin' craft to you lot. I have too much fun covering ya'll." as for keeping himself out of trouble or Castor's version of trouble steering away of

"How's Sam?" asked back to his fellow piker.

"Haven't been hit yet? I think Typhys Yuuri's corpse begs t' differ." Thorn snickers, looking obviously pleased by his own wit. Morbid joke alert. He leans back against the nose of the fighter, his arms folding across his chest. There's a nod at the mention of Dutch. "I've been shot twice already…" Talking about his own person now, not the ship. "… and I'd still rather take on a toaster than him. At least there's no humiliation factor with th' bloody Cylons." He pauses a moment as Hale asks his question. "She's doing good," comes the reply, finally. "Time's been scarce lately, though. We've been on different shifts th' past couple weeks… most of our time together consists of one of us catching a bit of rack time with the other before we have t' go on shift." He shrugs. "All that aside, though, it's going pretty well."

Castor pauses for a moment as he hears Hale speak and he says, "Yeah, luck, I guess that what has kept a lot of us going." He then thnks about the chorus he has heard from a lot of people including the now dead Padre which goes something like, 'We are all here for a reason' and then he says, "Anyway, Hale, I meant you are the Wings version of Elder, hell, you are a big guy." He then says, "And I have fought Elder and I managed to hold my own, it wasn't until the last minute when things went down to fraktown…then again low blows were exchanged on both ends." He rubs his jaw, "Seriously, the man hits like a freight train." He then looks over at Thorn as he mentions Yuuri and then goes silent for a moment as he pretends to listen to the news about Sam but mostly to think about Yuuri and after a time he says, "You know, I'd like to go toe to toe with Elder again to be honest, just for the challenge of it."

Harrison exits the corridor to the simulators and ready room, just finishing buttoning his uniform blouse. As he glances up to see where he's going, he puts eyes on the knot of pilots and wanders over in that direction.

A grin to Thorn. "Bloody Hell, mate." but the laugh is still coming for the joke. Though at the time that happened Hale, couldn't think of any zingers. Still I guess there is no moratorium on death. Not these days, at least. A sigh there, as the laughter subsides and he's looking back towards Castor "Eh, I'm just tall." and well as Thorn can attest when it only comes to Pyramid, mean as a goon. A look between the two pilots, before Hale's turning to finish up his stencil work.

"I under stand that Mate"-said first to Thorn. "Sen and I go through the same lurch sometimes, but that's the blessing and banes of shipborn relationships. Wish you luck all the same." he knows that road can be a rather rocky and hard one, from his own experiences. "Man's built like a freight train, Leda." Hence how he hits.

"Count me out of that one," Thorn chimes in with a shake of the head. "I fight men, not freight trains." He nods over to Hale. "You've got it a bit easier, at least, your SO not being another pilot. Thanks, though." He breathes heavily, his voice taking on a heavy note of sarcasm. "Time crunch aside, it's been working out great thus far… my own usual best efforts t' th' contrary aside." Komnenos smirks slightly.

Castor looks at Hale for a moment, "Yeah, but Hale, you've got reach I mean theoretically you could keep Elder out of reach and just keep punching him into submission." He then says, "And yeah, he is built like a frieght train then again so are you…you used to play Pyramid man, you're an athelete." He shrugs, "Just saying, is all, Hale." He then looks over at Thorn and he says, "Hey, Thorn, it is good to see you and Sam working out. I mean it is good to see her happy again." Sam is one of Castor's best friends on this ship after all and he does worry for her. He then says, "Hey, Hale, do you think you could get Elder in your pyramid teams?" He turns and looks over at Harrison and he notices the man approaching, "Lieutenant Harrison, how are you?"

"Fair enough," Harrison offers around a hint of a smile as he pulls up next to the birds and the pilots who fly them. "How are you gents?"

"Fine, mate." said back over towards Harrison, before he's looking to Leda. "Yeah, but I'm a brawler, not a boxer. It might be a good fight, but I am pretty sure, Elder would win out on me. If it were pyramid, that's something different, that's where my training is, not-boxing." And with that Hale's letting it lie, as he begins to carefully peel away the painters tape so as to free the stencil and see how he did.

"Ah, th' shoot yourself in the foot routine. I find that works usually never-but like I said you Aerelon sorts are all backwards." a grin as he ribs Thorn whilst keeping focus to his artistry-if you can call it that. A look over his shoulder though is given Castor

"Probably." he says back with a glance to the paint "Jus' depends if he's drafted-why?"

"Surviving, as always," Komnenos replies to Harrison, greeting the other man with a nod. "How's tricks, Harrison?" He emits a strangled chuckle at Hale as his head turns back to the big Viper pilot, shaking his head ruefully. "Somehow, one way or another, at one point or another, I always end up managing t' fall back on that same routine, every frakkin' relationship, without fail." His arms still crossed as he leans against the Viper, he starts to idly chew on the cap of his pen between words. "Who knows, though… maybe it'll be different now that I'm not dating some empty headed undergrad."

Castor looks at Harrison, "Doing fairly well. We are just talking about the Pyramid teams and the force of nature that is Sarge Elder." He then looks over at Hale, "Fair enough, though it would be a good fight to see." He then adds, "And the reason I ask is because it would be fun to see it on both ends…I mean it might be fun to see how some of these marines stack up against the Wing when it comes to Pyramid." He then says to Hale, "And I'd offer to play but I don't really know how to play, Hale. However, I'll be cheering you guys on from the side lines." He then looks over at looks over at Thorn, "Well, thats the spirit hang in there man this is one of those 'adult' relationships you always hear people talking about." He winks, "I've heard they are rewarding though my ex on the other hand was not in the mood for something adult so I have yet to experience one."

Harrison glances back and forth between the three, then clears his throat. "Sounds like I'll have to see Elder in action. I've played a little Pyramid, but not enough to be .. you know, good at it."

"All I hear are folks who think they won't be good. All I can say is, mates- you never know, unless you don't try." And with that His work is done and he is clambering down from his claimed bird. "I'm going to hit the head an cleanup a little." Hale offers to the others as he gathers his supplies to hand back on over to the chief. No need to have it come out he's stealing paint or anything. "I think you'd find them as competitive as the wing." But then When it comes to Pyramid-Hale's own views are highly opinionated. "I suspect it would be a good match, and I'd rather teams be mixed, but that's just me." He likes the competition.

"Thorn, I'll catch you later-Say cheers to Lambkin for me." A grin there, before he is toddling, or rather-bounding off.

Komnenos shakes his head with a sigh. 'Lambkin', hnh. Oh well… it's better than 'Rosebud'. He waves to the departing Hale, though, his voice booming across the hangar deck in pursuit of the Viper pilot. "We ought t' get this started soon, Hale! I want t' get my team picked so I can start whipping Ivory's arse up and down the court." He grins. "Yeah, I'll tell her."

Castor looks over at Hale for a moment and he smiles, "Well, maybe if you have a try out or something I might come by." He says, "Though I've got no experience with playing ball." He then says, "And take care Hale." He then says, "And watch out if Mooner is in the shower she might try to take your towel off." He then smirks and looks over at Thorn as the words Lambkin come out and he puzzles for a moment because if Sam=Lambkin than Castor=Puzzled…see Puzzled Face (tm) he then looks over at Harrison, "Are you gearing up for CAP later on?"

"Hell yes. I've been waiting for this moment since they let me out of the infirmary," Isaiah enthuses as he looks toward the birds and grins. It's almost as if he's getting to open the best present a man could be offered. "I even shined up my helmet just for kicks. It's been collecting dust for too damned long."

Anton catches Castor's confused look, but he's not about to explain it. It's not as though he's trying to encourage its use, don'tchaknow. He doesn't answer Leda's unspoken question, turning instead over towards Harrison with a sympathetic nod. "I know how it feels. Frak, they put me on light duty for a week when I was shot and I near about went bloody stir-crazy. Probably even worse on your end."

Castor stops looking confused and so he turns back to Harrison, "Well, it will be good to have you on the wing with Sam." He then looks at Thorn, "And we will take care of her for you." He says in all honesty both as Sam's friend but as a fellow pilot, it sounds almost like an oath. He then turns back to Harrison, "Though, you might want to brace for it…Sam and I get a bit blue sometimes when we are on CAP." He chuckles softly, "So, I hope your ears won't bleed or anything."

Harrison grunts outright at that. "After watching her response to Madman digging out the giant dildo from his bunk, I can't honestly say I'd be surprised by anything that came out of Case's mouth, and knowing about your upbringing… well…" he offers with raised hands, as if he's apologizing to Thorn. "Tell you what — if my ears start bleeding, I'll surrender my membership to the cool kids club and move my shit down to the cargo bay with the civvies."

"Matto… Giant…" Thorn looks over at Harrison with a dumbfounded, slackjawed look. His eyes widen as he contemplates what was just said. "You know… forget I frakkin' asked. I'm bloody well sure I don't want t' know." Thorns head shakes slowly from side to side.

Leda looks over at Harrison for a moment and then to Anton and then he looks at Harrison and he says, "You know, Lieutenant, you and I need to have a talk sometime, I say this because I am a master of getting my foot stuck in my mouth and I see potentional for the same in you." He then says, "Harrison, you do know that Lieutenant Komnenos is dating Case?" He says as if to clarify why this is one of those foot in mouth moments.

"I've heard," Isaiah replies lightly as he rocks back on his heels, then turns for the doors to the stairwell and starts to jog away. "Don't worry, though. It wasn't hers. I'll catch you later for CAP, Tinman!"

"Good t' know," Komnenos says sardonically after a retreating Harrison. Turning back to Castor a moment later, Thorn rolls his eyes with a sigh. "Leda, I don't think there's a bloody soul on th' ship that doesn't know about it by now… it's rather hard t' keep a relationship under wraps when it starts out with you getting into a fight with your new girlfriend's ex, y' know." The pen gets shoved back into a pocket as he pulls away from Hale's Viper. "Look, speaking of which… I promised her I'd come t' see her as soon as I got off shift, and I've technically been off for… frak, almost twenty minutes." He starts to pad off for the exit, dismay on his face. "Until later, Lieutenant."

Castor nods, "Sure, I need to deliever a few more documents here and there. Good luck and tell Sam that I said hello."

"Right," comes the reply from Thorn, echoing across the hangar as he retreats towards the hatch. As is his wont, there's a cigarette in his hand and a spark of flame meeting the tip almost before he's even reached the stairs.

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