Handcuffs And Dirty Laundry
Handcuffs & Dirty Laundry
Summary: Jupiter & Hale discuss their fellows, the way of things, and recent goings on pilot-side.
Date: PH062 (20 June 2009)
Related Logs: None, epicFAIL on logging the previous night's RP.

CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Laundry
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #62
OOC Time: Sat Jun 20 14:34:45 2009

Lines of whirring and sloshing machines extend far into the rear of this room. The off-white color of the machines appear in mild contrast to the battleship gray walls and flooring, the smell somewhere between detergent and dryer sheets. Beaten and heavily used metal folding tables are the only other objects in this room, their stainless steel surfaces kept clean by the hundreds of articles of clothing thrown over them every day.

Jupiter is stretched out, face down, over a bank of washers, none of which are turning. In the dryer, a load of clothes is spinning. She's wearing offduties, and her tags are spilt over the side of the washer. She's either asleep or doing her impression of meditation face down.

Hale comes in easily enough with a sack o clothes over his shoulder. A slight glance leaves him highly well left out to dry, machines whirl and the one lone guardian is asleep? Well for all intents and purposes-so the Lieutenant does what any red blooded human would do. He walks over towards one of the spinning cycles, and stops it by opening the door, taking time to perr in so as to make sense of the clothing chaos.

Jupiter is like a laundry gargoyle, except neither frightening nor diligent in her guarding. The clothing inside the spinning dryer is female, unless one of the males on the ship has taken it upon themselves to wear women's panties and under things. The dryer is completely full of tanks, tees, bras, and thongs in a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures, most of them lacy and skimpy. There's a good chance Hale has seen some of them before, when Jupes is stripping in the berthings, though usually she's either totally naked or in a towel by the time people notice she's undressed. It's a safe bet that's her laundry.

Hale raises a brow as he looks through the panties-but then the owner of them is pretty easy to guess, given what bits of lace and such he's seen around the bunks, and the foremost wearers of said black and snappy things. There's a grunt and he's reaching in his hands to snake out as much as he can before looking for an open dryer. From there, said lacy things are forked in and sent to dry as the lieutenant takes time to really search and sort the soapy water- before fishing out one bright pink thong. That in itself is laughed at and tossed into the dryer with the rest, before dull greens and greys are slid in. Load's light this time as Hale has already done his duty uniforms. Now, its just socks, boxers and his off duty get togethers.

After a moment, the beast stirs. Jupes turns her head, dark curls dragging over the metallic surface of the washers she's stretched out on. She squints and glances around, her eyes settling on Hale. "Bunny… what day is it?"

"Laundry day." is what Hale does reply with, before he's chuckling there for a second. "Um, I think, is day 62…" silence as his load is put in, and the door shut in order to let the cycle continue. Yes. Hale is a laundry thief. Though he would say they are rationing water and detergent. "Saturday I believe." a nod there. "How long, you've been out-Fingers?"

Jupiter was sleeping pretty hard considering she was face down on a washer, and she's a big groggy to boot. She sits up, swinging her feet over the side, thusly freeing up two washers in the process. She remains perched on a third. She grunts as her bruises from last night's landing make themselves known. "I dunno, I took a shower after… our flight then came up here." And in all that time, no one woke her up.

Hale blinks, and then double blinks. "You've been up here since- th' bloody landings last night?" asked before there it comes a rather bit of broken laughter, loud and booming. Like a stick being drug across a gate on how it rolls. BUt it doesn't stop no, Rabbit's thoroughly enjoying this recent revelation. "Crikey.." said with a wheeze. "Frak me this is brilliant."

Jupiter's brows rise slightly, and she closes her eyes, body tipping back a little. Hale's laughter is incredibly potent in a relatively small space like the laundry. "Bunny… just woke up here." She tips forward to slide off the washer, a little stiff in movement. Sore from the landing or the sleeping on the metal washer. Hey, either works. "Glad you got a giggle out of it, ya big dumb stick." She's not as biting as usual, must be the disorientation.

"You bloody just slept through lunch girl, I think I'm entitled for a fair chuckle." A grin there as he leans against the machine he just liberated for the use of washing his own clothes. A brow's raised as he watches her for a moment, before that smile turns into a look of small concern, or so the hard concentration frown would denote. Hale's easy to read, unless he's flying or playing pyramid-that's when he excels in the unreadable. "Everything, alright Jupes?"

Jupiter nods after a moment of consideration. "Yeah, guess I was carrying a sleep debt." She pauses to stretch, and winces. "And new frakkin' bruises." They let you know you're alive right? Ow. She glances over at the tall pilot. "Yeah, quit lookin' at me like that, I'm good." Right about then, something in her back pops into place. "Ahh, better."

"Seems so, rough week an all?" asked, before the look is giving away for a moment. Indeed Hale's back with that bit of an answer, as he takes time to pull out a pack of cigarettes. Yes, it would be the new one he won off Lieutenant Komnenos, during the nerd off yesterday. one's plucked out and put into his lips before he's reaching for a lighter "You know." hale remarks with a half assed attempt at a grin. "Before Kharon, I didn't smoke as much.."

Jupiter shakes her head. "Not really, just a couple surprises. Life's all about 'em. But the next time a thruster goes out, I'd prefer it wasn't at the end of my landing approach." One wrong maneuver and she would have crashed upside down, taken out another pilot, or bounced right off the other end of the deck.

Hale chuckles as his lighter is finally found and slid into his mouth. Time to light up. A thick drag and the lighter is snapped closed, before its put down in his pocket. Thin cloud of smoke comes with the exhale and there's a glance just so- "Yeah you almost took me right out..", one more drag before he's offering the JiG a hit-that is if she is so inclined to poison her lungs a little.

"Good thing your reflexes are so finely tuned," Jupes replies dryly, with a flick of her hand through her hair. She reaches over to take the smoke as it's offered, with a chin-up nod of thanks. She brings it to her lips, and takes a deep drag. Breakfast of champions. Her lips part slightly, and she exhales a slow, curling tendril of smoke. Little puffs escape as she speaks. "Bruised the shit out of my chest."

Hale waits for her to get another good drag in before he's motioning back for the cigarette. "Eh, I got a lot time on my hands for that." a joke there, but it seems Hale's not playing it further. His machine sputters, before he sends a boot back into it to keep it moving. A nod as the humm picks back up and he looks back to her. "Sucks ta be you, lovely." A shake of his head for a moment. "You get your handcuffs back from Marek?"

Jupes plucks the cig from her lips, and reaches over to offer it with a lazily curled hand. She lets him take it at his convenience, then her arm drops back to her side, forearm dropping to her thigh, hand on the inside of her knee. She smiles at the mention of cuffs. "Why is it everyone thinks those were mine?"

"Because if they were Sam's they would have been sent to your brother?" a grin there, as the cigarette's taken back and a long drag right there. Yeah you can hit for that, he wouldn't mind it, after all he did step on that line. "Or we would have heard her crowin' about it by now. If they were Eddie's which is possible-she would have gotten them, lest losing smoke and booze. Leda's too nancy for a pair of those. And Fen's too professional." there all out. "Were they yours?"

Jupiter shakes her head slightly, then reaches back to brace on the washer so she can hop back up to sit on it. Her heels bang against the front lightly. "If they were mine, don't you think someone would have been found naked, handcuffed, and abandoned by now?" It's not an answer, but you'd think she would just claim them if they were hers. "Nobody lost their booze and smokes. Someone took one for the team."

"By someone, I would assume you mean LC Swift." a chuckle there before he's taking another drag of his cigarette before he's passing it back. "Personally I don't care if we woulda lost them. thought it was frakkin' brilliant. " A nod all the same. "So you took it for the team then?" A raise of his brows. Remember he did see you coming from Kai's bunk.

Jupiter laughs. She nods slightly, "Yeah. I gave up my key." Why she has a key to handcuffs, she will probably never tell. She doesn't admit to the cuffs being hers, despite Hale's approval, not does she comment on whatever it was she was doing in Kai's bunk other than stealing his flight manual. "The chances of needing it are pretty slim these days."

Hale chuckles. "Good job." Hands moving to pop his knuckles, before he's looking down again- some pain found in his palm or so the mild look of discomfort, and then working his hand soon gets "Oh how come? Sure some young buck won't want a go?" asked before he's looking back up. "What about th' Captain?" sure a tease, but hey at least Hale's not a total asshole.

Jupiter tips back a little, hands propped back on the washer to keep her upright. She drops in a slouch, crosses her legs, and that smile lingers as she regards Hale. "I'm sure there's a couple wistful boys and girls out there, but I doubt there's gonna be a need for an emergency handcuff key. Those usually only become necessary on leave." She tips her head slightly. "What about the Captain?" Apparently, the teasing doesn't have the usual effect.

"Ah truth in numbers there, dove." A chuckle and Hale's still working on the palm of his hand before his fist closes and opens right up. A sigh- and he looks back to her. "You bein' in his bunk. I doubt it was for the calculations of vectors or how to pull off a corkscrew dive.." Eyebrows up. Dish it girlfriend.

Jupiter just smiles that crooked little grin. She reaches up to sweep a dark curl from her forehead and when it slips right back, she pulls a black elastic band from her wrist and finger-combs her hair back into a tail. "Nothing that acrobatic, Bunny." Her eyes drop to his hand, and she watches for a moment. "Not that either."

"Right." said with a grin. He'll take her at her word, because either A: hale's naive and trusting, or B: He just doesn't push on some issues. Probably a mixture of the two, but Rabbit just leans there for a moment "Heard about fight night. Sorry-wasn't there t' cheer you on."

Jupiter's grin increases a little, as the mystery is left undisturbed. Getting info out of her when she's sober is a bitch sometimes. "I lost to a marine. The less witnesses, the better. It was close, damn she was huge." She speaks, of course, of the behemoth also known as Barghest. "Not quite equal payback for smashing Case, but I'll take it. Fate is kind." She smirks.

"Was it the MP you can't tell what gender it is?" Curious is Hale, before he's shaking his head for a second "You know I have to say that fight was my favorite-yours and Case's." a chuckle and Hale's taking another drag of his cigarette. "You ever figure out what Type, I was?"

"Which one? I'm talking the big frakkin' amazon." Jupes holds up a hand as high as it'll go to illustrate the bigness. "What type?" She steps over to check on her dryer, which seems to have stopped. She shoves a hand in, feeling around for any damp clothing. Looks good, so she starts hauling it out by the armful, to drop it atop the washers that are closed, and begin the process of folding. "You're the farm boy who eventually would have mustered out, chosen an adorable wife, and had a lot of fat babies who you raised to be good men, but who would terrorize the women just the same."

"I terrorize women?" a laugh there from Hale and he is chuckling before he's nodding all the same. "Oh I know who you're talking about-seen her skulking the deck. One who looks like she could have been th' Trojan horse?" A shake of his head before he's hoping off his machine, and opening up a dryer, some poor Ensign's clothing yanked out and tossed back towards the folding table-and floor respectively, before he's moving to slide his load in. "AN here I thought you wanted t' see me on my knees. Eh, fat babies would work out fine. Alas- I think th' robots killed the last adorable wives out there."

"You're that guy you have drinks with at the pub, but that guy you don't leave your girlfriend alone with if she's tipsy, because it's just a little too tempting, even if you know he wouldn't. She would. And you know it." She piles up a stack of folded delicates, and glances around for the bag she dragged them down here in. Seems to have fallen off something or other. "I'm sure I'll see you on your knees some day, Bunny." She grins and ducks around the washers to snag her bag from where it fell. "All things in time. I'm patient."

"I am glad to know you're rooting for me there Jupes." a laugh softly, as he watches his drying load spin. A shake of his head, before he's coming over to stand beside her, and yes he is picking up articles of clothing and is folding and setting them down with her stacks as if it was nothing. Hale's at least careful not to ash in her undies. "Well good. I'm not easy like some of the sailors.."

"The toasters changed it for all of us. I'll never get arrested for domestic abuse, you'll never marry a blonde school teacher from Caprica, and our kids will never shove each other off the highest platform of the playground because yours talk funny and mine are cranky little pricks." Jupes shoves her clothes into her duffle, mostly trashing the nice folding she just did. But hey, it's some effort, right? "I guess we have to settle for quick fraks in uncomfortable places, killing out enemies with brutal efficiency, and co-ed showers." She grins. "So, not all bad."

"Like where? Th' backseat of a roundabout?" you know those little folk cars that look like bugs? Oi, give the Lieutenant some credit. Before you know it Hale is leaning there with a hand on the platform and a grin plastered on his face "Guess there is some hope for humanity-showers and all." A chuckle for a moment, "I'll see you in briefing, later eh?" And yes, she is getting a finger gun. pew pew pew.

Jupes tosses the strap of the duffle over her shoulder without bothering to close it. It further mooshes her clothes. "I'm not scheduled to escort that mission. Good hunting, Bunny. Bring me back something cool." She winks, a rare Jupi move, and turns for the hatch. "The closet, shower stall… I miss back seats." She shakes her head as she goes. "Boy, do I."

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