Handbaskets and Where They Go
Handbaskets and Where They Go
Summary: A recovery ward visit becomes an ocean of much-needed perverse hilarity. Roubani gets in trouble over lesbians, Cygnus announces things nobody expected to hear, Matto laughs himself into an asthma attack, and even the chaplain just has to stop and stare.
Date: PHD039
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Kharon - Recovery Ward

Matto shuffles in at some uncrowded hour, that fat brick of a book he's slogging through underneath his arm as he picks his way through the ward to see if Poetryslam's up for another chapter.

Beep…beep…Roubani's heart monitor talks to itself in serene monotone. Its charge is still in bed, quite literally held there by a brace keeping his upper body completely rigid. A cast covers his right arm from shoulder to knuckles. Bruises blotch his neck and face where bandages don't hide lines of stitches. Frankenstein would be proud.

Thea slips in not too far behind Matto. "Evening, Kissy," she says softly. "We're heading in the same direction, I think?" For once, she's not carrying anything.

"Hey, Cat," Kissy offers a smile and a half-whispered greeting, "I was just going to see how Poetryslam's doing…" he looks him over briefly, "Well, he looks to be in better condition than Mooner, at least. I heard he was awake, earlier… have you gotten to talk to him?" he wonders.

Roubani's eyes drift halfway open, as they tend to do here and there. The view hasn't changed, tube running overhead and then ceiling. Sup, ceiling. He can't hear the whispering between his soon-to-be company, so he starts on the routine he's taken to doing each time he wakes up. Seeing which small muscles move and which don't. Hm. Toes move.

Legacy shakes her head at Matto and starts toward Roubani's bed. "I haven't," she murmurs. "C'mon. I saw a foot move." Quietly she heads toward Roubani's side, scattering medical personnel in her wake. "Good morning, Thumper," Thea says with a bit of cheer in her voice.

"… Thumper," Kissy chuckles, coming up alongside Thea and grinning down at Roubani with his usual broad, bright smile. He slings an arm around Thea's shoulders and leans there with a jovially casual slouch. "Hey, guy."

Ankles, yes, both functioning. Progress. Roubani's up to getting his calves to try flexing when voices distract him, and slightly foggy eyes slide towards the two faces above his bedrail. How do you know when the pain meds are good? When Roubani beams a groggy smile at you, that's how. "Morning."

This is Thea. Thea is a creature of habit. She's a creature of habit especially when she's exhausted. She's exhausted. So what does she do? She reaches out to brush Roubani's hair back from his forehead, avoiding the bruises. "How're you feeling, Thumper," she asks quietly. "Kissybear came with me and it looks like he brought something to read you back to sleep."

Vendas arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 2.
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Matto chuckles, his grin heading steadily toward the mischievous, "Heh! They put him on the -good- stuff," he notes, "Yeah, I brought you your bi-weekly dose of anachronistic misogyny."

Roubani is in bed, right arm immobile in cast and a metal brace that the cylons might even fear. Bandages and stitches hold wounds shut here and there, more probably hiding under that horrid hospital gown. Thea and Matto are by his bed, the latter armed with a book. "I'm okay," he says, somehow delivering the state without an ounce of bravado. Okay as one can be, the rest is obvious. "Oh, that book…I've been wondering what happens."

Thea continues to stroke Roubani's hair back, careful of the wounds. "Did you want to brush your teeth while Kissy reads," she asks quietly.

"In which our heroine tastes of a chili-peppre," Kissy announces, "Not to give anything away." He squeezes Thea's shoulder gently, "You look good, guy," he tells Roubani, waiting for his verdict on the reading/toothbrushing.

Vendas, in her blues, moves into the recovery ward. Hesitating near the hatch, she stops for a moment. Eyes survey the room but Roubani's bunk should have been the first place she looked. The Major makes her way over. "Hey kids. How's the aboninable Ensign doing?" She's concerned, but there's something else on her mind.

"Is that what all women taste like?" Roubani wonders aloud, just in time for Vendas to hear. It comes out louder than he thinks it does. "Major, sir." To Thea he minutely shakes his head, fraction of an inch side to side. "No, but thank you. The mint…" 'Makes me nauseous' is the unspoken part, from the slight grimace.

Poor Thea looks like her heart is going to break as she studies Roubani, then steps back slightly. "No, dear," she says softly. "Women taste like sugar, spice and everything nice. At least, that's what I've heard." Ahhh, Vendas. Thea pulls into a salute, to attention. "Evening, Major."

Matto laughs aloud at Roubani's quip, letting Thea go as she goes all military in the presence of the Major, inspiring a salute from her underling, as well, if not quite as sharp a one, after shifting the book into his other arm.

Vendas flips a hand at Thea's salute. Not in front of the Ensign. "No. Women taste like chili peppers. And habenaros. Better know what you're getting into before you try one." She winks at the bed-ridden Roubani. There's a smirk for Matto, also. "I was looking for you, Captain." Her attention settles on Legacy. "I've got tasking for you. Come find me when you've got time for planning. You're going to Virgon." There's a curt nod, the CAG a little more serious. She looks like she has 50 things to do, though. "Roubani. Matto. Behave yourselves. Especially you, Roubani. I hear any more about you picking up loose women down in the civvie quarters, I'll skin your hide raw." The Major winks and moves for the door.

So many things Roubani could say. Luckily for all of them, the outflow of talking proves a little confusing to follow. Except for the Virgon part, which manages to sober him enough that nothing embarassing spills from his mouth. "Uh…yessir."

Thea brushes Roubani's hair back one more time, then does the unthinkable. The absolute unthinkable. She leans down and just -barely- brushes a kiss against the man's forehead. "You taste like surgical tape," she murmurs to him then straightens, nodding to Kissy. "Take care of him, Lieutenant. I'm going to run the Major down to find out what's going on."

Matto grins at Vendas, "You know me, Sir. Always with the getting into trouble." Yeah, or— not. "Sure thing, Kitten," he adds, to Thea, grabbing at a chair and drawing it over to settle in with Poetryslam. Virgon? Well, he's sure he'll get the memo later. 'Til then, he opens up the book, "Joseph Sedley," he announces, "Was twelve years older than his sister Amelia."

Vendas just turns and heads out of the room. She'll be back for Roubani later. For now, she's got a Captain's appetite to feed. Bow chicka wow wow.

Roubani would fear. But Matto's reading to him now, and his mind's only got one track for the time being. "Bye…" That's to Thea, though she may be too far to hear it. Then his eyes turn to Matto.

Legacy follows Vendas. The Major and the Captain walk out, both women, one sugar and spice, the other peppers…

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Vendas heads through the exit labeled <SB> Sickbay.
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Matto smiles at Roubani, continuing to read in his most sedate, soothing voice, "He was in the Civil Service, and his name appeared, at the period in which we write, in the Banhal division of the Register, as collector of Boggley Wollah, an honorable and lucrative post, as everybody knows: in order to know to what higher post Joseph rose in hte service, the reader is referrred to the same periodical."

Roubani is listening certainly. Captive audience and all. That is, until he squints his darkly circled eyes at Matto. "How do you think they know so much about what they taste like? Do they groom themselves like cats?"

Matto puts a thumb in his place in the book, "Not as far as I'm aware," he replies, crossing his legs and subsequently crossing his arms over them. "And I know most of Poppyflower's grooming habits by heart, at this point. I know there are some who enjoy the flavor of feminine sexual secretions. I, for my part, have never partaken, but back in Thalattra I knew quite a number of women who were what you might call connoisseurs," he muses openly, "Or, at least, took pains to present themselves as such," he adds with a laugh.

Cygnus arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 2.
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Roubani's mouth opens. And shuts. Wait…watch that get through the filters, going…going…oh. One might expect that to pull a blush or some suggestive comment or something. But no, there's nothing except mild curiosity. This morpha must be seriously good shit. "Really? How does one even polish one's title for something like that?"

Samantha has arrived.

Matto shrugs, "Same way you polish your title for anything else, by talking shit about other people," he settles back in the chair, "Believe me, people find ways to be elitist and condescending even about licking pussy."

Call Cygnus a worrier. Or maybe just overprotective. Even though as far as he knows Roubani is asleep, he still needs to come back one more time before hitting his rack to check on the young pilot. The guitar case is still clutched in one hand, but as the words filter past his ears and register in his brain, he stands rooted to the spot and just… gawks. This is being discussed… by /Poet/?

Samantha dug everywhere. Traded at least two pints of booze, and flashed someone, but finally…she has her goal. A crosswords book. And a pencil (so it can be erased and reused!) It's the best she could come up with as a get-well present for Roubani, but it was worth it. Hopefully. She steps quietly into the room, still utterly unscatched from any sort of battle with the cylons — apparently, she was the lucky one — and looks about quietly, trying to see if the shy Ensign is awake.

Roubani is still squinting at Matto, trying to discern through a cloud of morpha how full of shit the man really is. "If women really taste like habaneros I don't know how anyone could stand it," he says, as pragmatically as he possibly can. Which isn't very. He is high as a kite. "How does one be condescending about it…what's to condescend?"

Matto laughs, patting the book that's resting mostly-shut on his knee, "Oh, they don't… I don't think. I think the Captain and the Major were more talking about metaphorical flavors," he explains. "I could be wrong— but I'm pretty sure that's the case. And now you're being all semantical on me," he grins, "I just mean that if you observe a community of lesbians in their natural habitat, there will always be those who consider their skill in bed to be superior to everyone else's. You get those people together in one room and you watch them discuss the business and… well, it's just like getting a bunch of marines and viper jocks in hte same place. Except… moderately bitchier." But only moderately.

Haberneros? That right there is more than Mac /ever/ wanted to know. He's not exactly… 'out' about his preferences. After all, such a thing could be frowned on by not only his fellow officers, but his superiors as well, so he tends to keep to himself about such things. But Haberneros? Really? That right there killed any residual curiousity he might have felt. Really, he has nothing to offer to this part of the conversation, so he merely nods a greeting, settles himself back on the stool he was using before and pulls out his guitar, figuring that the sound will be as welcome now as it was before. It's still in tune, so he doesn't need to bother with that, and soon the beeping sound is covered by the jaunty strains of some upbeat folksy tune he plays on the instrument, hopefully providing some relief for Roubani from that damnable noise. Once Matto pipes up, the topic of conversation becomes clearer and he finally adds, "Moderately? A few of the lesbians I've known over the years are some of the biggest bitches I've ever met, though others have been sweet as can be. Why those girls end up with the uber bitches I have no clue though. I guess it must be that opposites attract thing."

Samantha is about to say something… about to offer her tiny little gift of thought… and then she hears the conversation and she just -stops-. The morality police himself, the man who she can't even kiss Martin on the cheek around…is getting a lesson on… Lesbians?? She blinks, staring from Matto, to Roubani, back to Matto as she actually seems to sputter breath before coughing out. "….Whaaaat? How in the… where… I… Never mind. I don't want to know." She steps up towards Roubani, offering the crossword book with only two done in there out of 50. "…Get well soon present. But I think this conversation is going… going to help you… get better than that." She looks up as Cygnus gets in on the conversation and actually might blushing a bit, so shocked.

This will no doubt be traumatising in the morning. For now though, Roubani's just foggily focused on this conversation as though he found it quite charming tea talk. "Oh. Metaphorical. Yes. I guess it would have to be. Or else you could simply tell who was a lesbian just by a burnt tongue and tears, now couldn't you? Especially the tears, that would be ridiculous. Women do cry so much, one might think every last one was - hello, Lieutenant Cygnus - a lesbian." And them thump, there's crosswords on his hand. "Lieutenant Passi. What's the matter?"

Matto looks back toward Cygnus, surprised, at first, then gives him a grin, "You obviously haven't spent enough time around Viper Jocks," he winks, knowing full well Cygnus' background, and joshing him anyhow. Then, looking back toward Roubani, "Woah. I think that's enough Thackeray for you," he notes, "The misogyny seems to be running off."

Legacy arrives from the Sickbay - Deck 2.
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"Oh, I've done my time, I just don't usually pay attention to who's frakking who," Because really, it's none of Mac's business and he's done a very good job of keeping his own sexual persuits confined to those times when he's /not/ been on board ship. A matter of both sanity and /safety/. After all, he's been beating for being preacher at this point, Gods only knows what would happen over his lifestyle. Shudder the thought. "You all right over there, Case?" He has to ask, because he's afraid the woman is about to choke, and honestly he's quite surprised to see Samantha blush.

Samantha just -stares- at Roubani, especially as he's continuing about lesbians, and burnt tongues… and women CRYING atll the time! She almost looks insulted, but he's drugged, and finally she just smirks. When we wakes up and almost remembers this, that'll be revenge enough for the crying thing. She nods towards the book. "…When yer feelin' a bit better, those are crosswords. Yanno… brain stuff. Figured you'd like it. Don't ask how many habaneros I had to taste to get it." She gives a wiry little grin. She just couldn't pass it up. She looks back to the other men and gives a causal wink, stepping back away from the bed. She looks back to Mac then…"Jus' fine, Mac… jus' fine. Simply had to… reassess my priorities here dealin' with good old Poet. He got a sharper tongue than I thought!"

Roubani beams a smile at Samantha at Cygnus both, then blinks at Matto. "Oh…my gosh, did I say something wrong?" The thought clearly horrifies him.

Legacy slips back into the Recovery Ward looking, well, more troubled than when she left. She hesitates, seeing the crowd that's gathered.

"Yes, dear," Kissy replies, "You're not supposed to tell women that they cry all the time, it's sexist," he points out, grinning nonetheless, a dash of irony in his tone. "And don't ask me why it's sexist, for gods' sake, I'm a cabbie, not a politician," he laughs.

Good Gods where this conversation has gone. "Don't worry," And here, for the first time ever, Cygnus actually slips up, "Poe… er, Mr Roubani. We all know that you've got more morpha than blood in your system right now. I seriously doubt anyone is going to hold anything that slips out against you." At least Mac sure hopes not. That's all the quiet and sensitive pilot needs. One song turns into another, and it's clear as he plays that he's quite skilled with his instrument. Cygnus is just full of suprises, it would seem.

Samantha whistles quietly, "Oh, I don't know. I might have to have a contest with Poet here… see who cries faster." She winks, clearly joking to anyone who isn't the drugged up Ensign, but hopefully he realizes it also. She finally settles down in a chair fairly near the foot of his bed, apparently having come to take a shift watching him, even if others are clearly already here. "I know a lot of men I'd bring to tears before I'd get there myself."

"Oh my goodness! Did I say that?" Roubani looks stricken indeed at Matto's not-really-wrist-slapping. Because telling women they cry is obviously way worse that talking about pussy or whether or not someone's a lesbian. And this clearly calls for a direct address to Samantha now. "Oh I certainly didn't mean to. I've not seen you cry. I mean, I'm certain you have, but I couldn't attest to such. I'm certain you don't taste like habaneros either, for what it's worth." This is offered with utmost sincerity and with no notion that the best course of action is probably hushing up. Oh well. He sighs and looks at Cygnus, shrugging his good shoulder. Smile.

And, here comes Thea. "Roubani," she barks quietly. "Have you been licking officers you shouldn't be again? You need to be careful what you lick and where, otherwise you could get something worse than mint in your mouth." She heads over toward the group and sighs quietly. "Do I need to get you something to put in your mouth instead?" She swipes a cup of water from a passing nurse and bends the straw down, clearly intending to offer it to Poet.

"You're implying there are officers he -should- be licking, Kittenface?" Kissy grins at the Captain, drawing up his other leg onto the chair and settling in, leaning his head down to cover his mouth, trying not to snicker at the implications of the Black Cat's statement.

Mac has spent so much of his life downplaying what he is that he's almost shocked when the next words pop out of his mouth unbidden. Good Gods, what in the worlds happened to his internal censor. He shoots Sam one of those truly totally innocent looks he seems to be a master of and in a manner that suggests butter wouldn't melt in his mouth blurts out, "Case, you haven't got a strap-on big enough to make /me/ cry!" Holy Frak, did he really just say that? He hopes that A.) Poet won't burst a blood vessel, B.) He won't be viewed any differently than he has been in the past, and C.) No one here has a serious issue with alternate sexualities. And yes, that is Cygnus actually /blushing/. A rare, rare thing.

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Samantha looks towards Roubani, smirking slightly…"You would be right, I do not taste like peppers. I'm not a lesbian. Only they do." Muahah. Perpetuating the rumors! And then Legacy gets wide eyes, Sam shocked by the Captain… and THEN Cygnus speaks and, for once… Case is speechless. She drops her jaw, suddenly blossoming rather deep red again between Legacy and now Mac… She spurts, looking for some response, but… what is there to say to that. Finally, she clears her throat and shakily gets out, "…No…I…doubt I do… as I… said… Not… not a lesbian…. " She can't even think of a clever comeback!

Roubani peers at Thea and Matto. "Noooooooooo…" It comes out kind of singsongy, unintentionally. Really, about now it's hard to tell that he is the only one high on morpha in this room. He's about to defend himself, surely, when Cygnus busts out with THAT and his dark eyes turn back that way. "This…is not why you're so eager to get behind a stick again, is it?"

Matto looks a little surprised, mouth open at Cygnus' open admission, but before he can say anything Roubani throws that out and Kissy just -laughs- and -laughs-, his face turning red as he gasps for air, occasionally motioning with both hands as if gripping a viper stick… or… something else, which just sends him into further fits of hysterics.

Thea cocks her head to the side slightly, looks between Cygnus and Roubani for a long moment, then makes her way to Roubani's bedside, without a word, and shoves the straw in the man's mouth. "Drink," she orders. "And swallow. Don't try to speak. Trust me."

Cygnus looks about ready to keel over and die. The music he had previously been playing ceases as his hands freeze in midair. There's a few moments where he just gabbles, mouth opening. Closing. Opening. Closing. The first thing that finally comes out is a lame sounding squeak. Then he clears his throat, and yet his voice still sounds a little bit funny and strangled and a few notes higher than it would normally be, "Uh… Nooooo… I make it a policy not to mix frakking and flying."

Samantha chokes out a laugh herself, moisture in her eyes…"First Mac… now Thea's gettin' Poet to swallow…I think Black Cat and I got more testosterone than the rest of this room put together!" Sam bandies back between breathless gasps of air and chuckling, not really able to stop laughing, or stop speaking… and she REALLY can't stop breathing! So it's all mixed in one, tears of amusement down her face.

"Oh, but!" Roubani is protesting Legacy heartily. And then there's a straw in his mouth. Thank goodness for pacifiers, drink that water!

The door opens as words are passed with a young nurse, an Ensign, guessing by the age-laughter joining before the Padre is spilling in for a moment as the talk hits his ears. Its almost as if he is the Dad walking in on an awkward moment in his adult children's lives. There's a look that is mixed of amusement and perhaps something close to confusion

Ajax still doesn't say a word, instead he simply stands there Having come in at the tail end of Cygnus's own words followed by Roubani's and he just stares there for the longest time in silent amazement- before there's a grin and laughter, rich starts to roll out..Apparently, whatever the Padre was here about- was something he did not think to stay on "Behind a stick..Frak it to hell.." and there's more laughter as he is wiping a tear from his eye "Apollo's balls..Forget what I was going to say..Gods keep you all.."

"Besides, that would be in /front/ of the stick, not behind it anyway." Oh Hells, his boss has already heard it all anyway. One express handcart to Hell, boarding in 30 seconds. Cygnus is sure to be right there on it. Nope, there's likely no living this down. Ever. It's odd really in a way. He's never openly admitted anything like to his peers. There's an odd sense of freedom to it that's indescribable. Frak hiding who and what he is anymore. It's the end of the world, after all.

Legacy holds the cup at Roubani's mouth and, clearly, she intends to hold it there until he's done drinking. And probably even longer after that. In fact, she may even choke him with that straw if he tries to say anything else. She glances over at Ajax, cheeks turning pink. "And here you thought it was bad the night you walked into bondage, Padre," she comments dryly.

Matto expresses all the air from his lungs in laughing until he's just wheezing and wheezing and gasping for air, bent over his knees and grabbing onto the edge of Roubani's bed, fingernails clawing into the sheets a little bit.

Roubani does, valiantly, attempt to greet Ajax. But he can't sit up, his upper body immobile with the cast and the brace attached to the rail. So he suffers under the water glass and straw, seeming to find that quite a happy thing to focus on now. His hello to Ajax has to settle for being a wiggle of his left fingers. The ones that work.

The Padre is wheezing, fraking wheezing into a high pitched laugh that trickles down into a series of giggles, like steps to Elysium. one hand is pressed to his eye patch as he snorts, loudly before looking back to Cygnus. "Oh gods love you lad." in that rough and tumble Aerleon accent of his voice "The wit in here is thick." said finally again after more giggles. He had always assumed, but now well he knows. One mystery solved- but it does not mean he will treat his assistant any different. "Oh then, Cat.." he says looking to the Captain as a hand move to wipe another tear "That time I thought y'all were going t' kill one another. This?" said with a grin "Frakkin priceless."

Samantha is actually still just giggling. It's not even laughter any more, but nosy, throaty giggling of a teenager, almost. That's how Sam laughs when she's -really- amused, it dissolves into high pitched, hiccuping giggles…

Castor steps into the recovering ward at the sound of all the laughter, after all, this has to be a good sign right. He pats his pocket as he has managed to get two pens that he is here to deliver to Legacy. He then manages to tease as he says, "I'm fairly sure there are regs against this much laughter in one room, we are allowed only a certain amount of joy per day." His eyes move to see how Roubani is doing, especially given the rough patch he had with Eddie last night, however the bright energy in the room does seem to make the puppy dog's body light up, if he had a tailit would be wagging.

Roubani is still sipping on water, mouth thankfully busy. BUSY. He does reach his fingertips over as far as they'll go, though, and pat poor Matto on the head. There there, Matto.

Thea just remains where she is, making sure that Roubani gets hydrated. Hydration is important when one isn't leaving bed for awhile. Hydration is very, very important. "Ten more minutes and the ward clears," Cat says quietly. "Thumper needs his rest, not tips and tricks for intimate relations with any and all genders." She's trying to be stern. Trying being the operative word. "Tell you what. Once you all leave here, I want all of you to go write down three tips and tricks. Leave them on my bunk by tomorrow night and we'll put together a chapbook for Thumper to read when he's feeling better."

Matto's gasping shifts slowly into vague choked squeaking sounds interspersed with wheezing, spilling tears on Roubani's bedside as a hand flings out to tug on Legacy's uniform with some vague urgency.

For his part, Cygnus just looks between both Legacy and and Ajax, the blush scrawling across his features increasing by the moment. Now everyone knows, and he's not certain if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Once Legacy speaks Cygnus just gawks, "Cap? I'm pretty sure once poor Poet's mind isn't under the influence, the last thing he's going to want to read is gay sex tips!" Oh Gods, did he just say that? An almost worried look gets shot in Ajax's direction. It amazing he could even get the words out considering what a labor it's become to actually /breathe/.

Samantha breathes raggedly, "I…I think…that's an…-excellent- idea… can we include…Illustrations?" Sam asks, still grinning ear to ear and giggling again.

Roubani gives Cygnus a very foggy look. No time to ponder that, as Matto's making strange sounds. He spits the straw out of his mouth - no comment from the peanut gallery, thx - and coughs softly. "Lieutenant Matto?"

Ajax continues chuckling even after Castor comes in. Another loud snort, and he's looking over to Thea "I was about to suggest that, Captain. Thank you." A gasp and one last laugh as it calms down before he is is relaxing and looking back to all in the room. "Alright, I'll be back in the morning..Nadiv." a wave to the downed pilot before he is looking to Thea. "I'll be abstaining. Lords know we don't need my help in corruption." a chuckle "Lieutenant Cygnus- See me in my office tomorrow. We have something to discuss." a wave of his hand "Not this, but something else, alright? Just come by when you can." a grin there before he's moving, or rather due to the volume of bodies, brushing past Castor "Excuse me, Lieutenant. Good night, all."

Legacy glances over at Matto, quirking a brow slightly. "Kissybear, dear," she says dryly. "I would STRONGLY suggest not trying to undress me here in the ward. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty damned sure no one wants to see a Raptor wardrobe malfunction. It's not nice. Trust me on this. At least wait until I'm wearing decent delicates and no longer have a Frankenstonian scar between my ribs." Then she glances over to Ajax, quirking a brow. "Padre? You're the most corrupt of all of us," she teases. "We need your wisdom to temper everything. And yes, illustrations are fine. I just need to review them before they get posted in the book. Gay sex, straight sex, how not to burst out laughing when your lover disrobes…Funny stories past and present, it's all welcome."

Castor watches as Ajax brushes past him, this is getting better and better a priest free zone, he does say to Ajax, "Evening Padre." He turns to Cygnus, "Well, the way I hear it is everyone is in need of sex tips regardless of preference. I reckon I'm so out of practice I'd find myself unsure of what to do." He then turns as he notices first that Roubani is speaking and then Matto having problems breathing, "Cap, you want I should go and get a nurse for Kissy?"

Samantha is still giggling, breathless, shaking her head…"Well…I gotta find Martin. Need to work on some… Illustrations." She is taking her leave while the getting is good, and before they discuss the Padre and his corruption or lack of. She's made a truce with the man, so she's getting out while her mood is still nice. And Martin is definitely on her mind now…

Roubani is sadly missing this whole discussion on a sex book. Which is probably for the best. He waves a little towards Ajax, much as he can. "Bye, Chaplain." Most of his focus, though, is still on Matto. "Sir, I don't think he's okay…"

That internal censor is long past gone and Mac snorts out, "Lube. Lots and lots of lube! It's a necessity." Oh Gods. Inwardly a quick silent prayer is given, hoping he's not in too much trouble with his CO. An eye is turned to Castor, he hasn't forgotten Tin's quip of the night before and now is precisely the time to get even. There's a little head toss and he states, "I'd help you out with that, Tin, but you already said I wasn't you type." Wow is Cygnus a world class pouter when he puts his mind to it, like right about now.

Matto likes air, from time to time, but for all his efforts it seems to resist coming into his lungs. He drops the book, keeping his page in the text no longer top priority. He keeps a hold on Legacy's uniform, but stops pulling quite as hard, in respect for his Captain's desire to keep clothed.

Thea doesn't hesitate, once seeing Matto's reaction, to -bellow- for medical staff. Apparently she's terrorized them enough in recent days that at least two medics and two nurses come flying over. "That's it," Thea says quietly. "Everyone out. Visiting hours are over. The show will open tomorrow at noon. You all have work to do. Out." Yep, worried Captain = barking captain.

Roubani startles when Thea suddenly yells, flinching. He saw the book falling to the floor but there's nothing he can do about it. Now instead of druggedly happy he's druggedly worried.

Castor looks at the Cap and then as orders are barked the puppy dog turns to leave, he was ordered however he does grab a nurse and he reaches into his pocket producing two things though they can't be seen. He says, "Give these to Captain Legacy later." He then turns to Roubani, "Good to see you moving Poet." He then starts to walk for the door, orders are orders, even if the puppy dogs tail is still wagging.

Matto mmms. Nebulizer. Kissy's favorite thing about sickbay. Like inhaler plus. Twice the effect, twice the geeky look, the mouthpiece strapped onto his head as the little compartment hums and the medicated vapors start to rise. He leans back, hands in his lap.

Cygnus frowns a bit as medical is called for, and he moves out of the way as best his can while retrieving his guitar case before it gets stomped on. He'll pack the actual instrument in it once he's clear of the area. He shoots a look over at Tin and says, "I need a drink. Maybe even ten. You?" He well and truly hopes that Matto is going to be allright, a pang of guilt eating at him at the part he's inadvertently played in sending Matto into the state he's currently in.

Castor looks at Cygnus, "It is condition three and I'm sober, this is a serious violation that needs immediate correction so by all means, let the good times roll." Yup, he is happy, condition three and booze, Poet is speaking, he has delivered the package for the Cap - ah the good things in life. "Come on, Cygs, time to celebrate." With that the puppy dog is out the door.

Roubani lets his head rest back against the pillow. "Someone get his book…" He tries to tell medical staff, if they can hear him. If they can't, well. He'll bother someone on the hour every hour until they do. Castor and Cygnus get small waves at their backs when they go. His left hand can't move very far, so it might be easy to miss. Oh boy, what he's going to remember in the morning.

Oh, it's not like Thea's going anywhere. She stays out of the way while Matto's being taken care of and yes, she rescues the book. One hand brushes over Roubani's forehead as she watches him. "Go to sleep, Thumper," she whispers quietly. "He'll be ok." She'll check on Matto once they've finished him.

Cygnus simply nods his agreement with Castor and follows him out of the recovery ward, tossing a quiet, "Goodnight, I hope you both feel better," to Matto and Poet, and a 'Goodnight, Cap," to Legacy.

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