Half Truths Partial Lies
Half Truths Partial Lies
Summary: Kai finds out what fuels some of Eddie's fire. Who was standing on the grassy knoll. And what the color blue tastes like.
Date: PHD-65 (23 June 2009)
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Storage - Deck 3

Boxes. Lots of boxes. Most of the contents of this room are property of General Distribution but cleaning supplies are also kept here along with stacks of toilet paper, empty jerricans, and basic tools for fixing usual problems in this area of the ship. Hazardous Materials cleanup kits are also kept here in case of an incident in the lab.

Ah, the storage closet. Home to many shattered dreams, steamy nights, and sneaky smoke breaks. What draws Eddie here is the seclusion, away from the hustle and bustle of the berthings, and the prying eyes and eavesdropping ears. Soft music plays through a tiny pair of speakers hooked up to a personal media player, the tune a low smoky jazz number. In a little clearing between shelves and boxes, Eddie is swaying to the beat with her hands wrapped around her midsection.

What happens when two people steal away into the storage closet, in search of solitude? Well, neither of them gets it. There's a sliver of fractured light that spills in from the corridor briefly; the hatch grinds open, then shut again. Thump, thump, thump, pause. Suddenly feeling like he's intruded upon something intensely private, Kai hesitates with a cigarette half out of its pack, and seems to debate turning around and sneaking back out again.

Sneaking out only works if your entrance was quiet too. Eddie turns at the noise of the hatch, ducking her head slightly to see through the gap between two shelves. "Captain." She greets, before her hand snakes through the unit to the side he's standing on. "Got one of those for me?" Eddie, always the mooch.

Yeah, well. Nobody accused the Captain of being stealthy. What with his bad leg and all. "Morales," is offered in return, with a sliver of mock-resignation. The pack's fumbled open, and two cigarettes slid out. One's passed through the gap in the shelves, and tucked against her palm. The other is brought to his lips. "I interrupt something?" he mumbles around the thing as he rifles about for his lighter.

Eddie retracts her hand, with the prize tucked into her palm and her fingers curled protectively around it for the retreat. "I don't have a date tucked away behind a stack of cardboard boxes if that's what you mean. If you don't mind the music, I don't mind the company." A pause. "Sir." Oh yeah, almost forgot.

"Knowing you, Morales, you keep your dates in cardboard boxes." It's murmured somewhat drily, after Kai's usual fashion. Once he's lit his own cigarette, he passes Eddie his lighter as well. And then starts strolling around the shelving unit toward her, with a flicker of his blues uniform glimpsed between the gaps as he moves. Most likely, he's on some kind of break between meetings.

Eddie slides his lighter through the gap too, making quick work of lighting her smoke so she can hand it back when he rounds the corner. "Only the inflatable ones, but I stopped using those, as you get light-headed just from the exertion of the prep work." His humor is dry, hers comes with an accompanying - almost self-mocking - smirk.

Kai accepts the lighter back, and tucks it into a pocket of his trousers. The portable music player is eyed for a moment or two, and then he nudges a crate closer with the heel of his boot, before settling atop it. "I think the idea is to use a bicycle pump," he answers with some amusement. "How're you doing, Morales?" The question sounds sincere, even if it is a bit abrupt. Kai, Kai.
Well, that was bound to come up at some point. Kai, for his part, doesn't seem startled by it. His expression doesn't change, though his blue eyes do briefly drift over the lounging Eddie, before lowering to the floor at his feet again. "He's concerned about you." A slight turn of his head, out of habit, to exhale smoke away from her.

Eddie parts her lips just enough to let the smoke drift out of it's own volition, not pushing it with an exhale of breath. It curls past her lips, sifts up through partially lidded eyes, and seeps through her fringe of bangs towards the ceiling. Finally, "I seem to bring out that quality in people. Like I need to be saved."

"It's pretty misogynistic," the Captain ventures after a few moments, voice low. He seems to have a little trouble with that word; his elocution is awkward. "A girl like you. Young, pretty, seems to find herself in bad relationships pretty often." There's a flicker of something across his eyes, though probably missed in the dark. And due to him currently watching the floor. "People think you're being taken advantage of."

Eddie gives a low whistle. "That's one of those ten cubit words." She smirks, then takes another long draw from her gifted cigarette. She's in no hurry with this conversation, and doesn't seem to mind leaving lulls of silence. "What people fail to realize is I haven't been in a single relationship since I've been on this boat. And if anyone's taken advantage of folk, it's usually me."

Kai drops his hand so he can ash out his cigarette, paper feathering and curling, dusting away near his polished boot. "Really? I'd have given it at least twenty. Twenty-five if you can actually spell it." He's no academic, probably never was. "So long as you're flying hard, and keeping your wingman safe, I don't give a shit whose pole you're polishing." His tone is mild, and he seems thoroughly unrepentant for his crassness.

Eddie's smirk curls on unevenly, the otherside of her mouth occupied with her cigarette. "That so? Any pole I like then?" Because that's what Eddie does, she tests the boundaries, looks for loopholes, and tends to do shit just because she can.

"You decide to start frakking marines, you'd better hope I don't hear or see it," the Captain answers flatly. He isn't smiling, but Kai wouldn't know a smile if it punched him in the face and stole his lunch money. Blue eyes tic up to meet Eddie's, then slide briefly to the hatch as someone ducks in to actually fetch something. They're gone again fairly quickly, though.

Eddie's shoulders rise and fall in such a casual shrug, it's almost incriminating. "If you believe half the scuttlebutt going around, I'm frakking everyone one from the Commander himself to gang banging the deck crew. Of course, most of that's perpetuated by people's assumptions and my own vagueness." She studies the end of her cigarette for a moment, then her eyes go back to her CO's shadowed face. Eddie doesn't even twitch when someone else steps in for a moment. She's in here with her boss, who cares.

"The Commander? That's a new one." Kai's booted feet shift a little, toes then heels then toes again as he spreads his knees wider, and rests his forearms against them. "You like having a bad rep? I'd say you just don't give a frak, but I think I know better than that."

As he shifts, that prompts Eddie to change her stance too. With a hand on the shelf, she lowers herself to the ground to sit, keeping her back against the shelf. "I enjoy people believing what they want to believe, without even bothering to ask for the truth. Going out of my way to correct them is more trouble then it's worth." Her boots scrape on the deck as she stretches her legs out and one more crosses them at the ankles. "It's an interesting social experiment, to have a bad rep without really doing anything to earn it besides sitting back and letting people's imaginations run wild."

There's a hoarse, throaty little chuckle from the CAG. "It's human nature," he confides quietly, lips parting to release a steady stream of smoke to one side. "Nevertheless. His concern's not ill-placed. You're his responsibility, and I remember.. I remember being a rook on the Pegasus. My mentor at the time was this big frakker with a face like ass. I woke up when he woke up, slept when he slept, pissed when he told me I could piss, and flew nothing but his wing for two months. But at the end of it, there wasn't a damned thing I couldn't blow off his tail." He looks back up at Eddie, not quite smiling.

Eddie covers her mouth with the curve of hand while she takes a drag of her cigarette, still tucked between her fingers. It also serves to cover up the grin that blooms from hearing Kai finally laugh, even if it is only a little hiccup of a chuckle. "Look, I'll piss when Hale pisses if you think it'll improve my timing. But I'm not doing it standing up, that shit'll run down my leg."

"Oh, please." Kai flicks some more ash from his cigarette, the flare of the cherry briefly illuminating lines and callouses on his hand. "You're more man than he is, Morales."

Eddie snorts to that, the sound painful as there was smoke involved, so at the tail end, she ends up choking and having to cough it out until her eyes water. "Gods. Don't tell him that. We have enough pissing contests as it is, without me having to prove that my balls are bigger." She scrubs at her eyes with the heel of one hand as the music switches over to some Bob Marley style tunes.

Kai makes a soft sound in his nose that might be another chuckle. Hard to tell, when most of his sharp features are lost to shadow. He returns to smoking quietly then, brows knitting together slightly when the music flips. Maybe he recognises it. Eventually his cigarette is put out though, and he dusts his hand off on the thigh of his trousers. "I've got a couple of marines to visit. Take it easy, all right? And try not to break your section lead?" He starts moving to his feet, weight more on the right than the left.

Eddie ohs quietly. Perhaps she didn't expect him to bail so soon. She's pulling her feet back and shifting her weight so she can get to her feet too. "I won't. At least not this one. Give Swift a pat on the bum for me if he's still up in medbay. Thanks for the smoke."

"I'm sure that'd go over well," Kai quips, eyes flashing toward Eddie for a moment as she too stands. The heel of his boot is employed, absently, in crushing out his cigarette. "See you, Morales." It's offered a touch more gently. And then he's headed back out, thump, thump, grind, slam.

You are entering Red Squadron Berthings - Deck 1.

Red Squadron Berthings - Deck 1

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.

Eddie comes through the hatch carrying a portable music player and reaking of smoke. She's in her off duties, so it's a fair assumption she's just come from the smoke box known as the storage closet where everyone goes for quality time or alone time. Mooner's humming a tune, they lyrics telling you 'every little thing, gonna be alright.'

Samantha is settled at the large oak table, reading… an actual -book-. Not a dirty magazine, or doodling on some paper. It actually looks like a novel. Searider Falcon. Well, it's pump, it's an old classic, but it's a start. She's sucking on an empty cigarette filter, apparently almost out of smokes and this is the best way for her to get some nicotine in her system. She looks up from her pages…"Hey, Mooner." She states casually.

Eddie drops into a chair by Samantha, leaning it back on its rear two legs as she clunks one boot up onto the table and then the other. "Case." At least she leaves off the 'Basket' part in polite company now. "Whaaaaaaaatcha readin'?" Because if Eddie sees a bee hive, she's never afraid to pick up a stick and beat the thing once or twice just for funsies. She pulls out a smoke, tucking it between her lips and lighting it from a zippo attached on a chain around her neck. Seems Eddie's not short on smokes yet, partly because people keep randomly giving her packs of them.

Samantha tilts her head towards Eddie, not seemingly all that bothered by the woman's presence. "Searider Falcon. Never picked it up…figured ya should read a classic once in your life before you die. Don't suppose I could have one of those?" She nods towards the pack of cigarette's in Eddie's hand, a good trace of hope cutting through her green eyes, waking them up just a bit more than she looked previously. She dogears the page and carefully folds the book shut, content to be decent company more than academia.

Eddie is sitting at the center table with Samantha, and no blood is being shed or hair being ripped out. Maybe they are both on sedatives. "One of these?" Mooner asks, pulling the cigarette out of her lips and holding it aloft for clarification, even though she knows damn well what Samantha means.

Samantha nods flatly, "Yes, one of those, Mooner. I know you ain't the brightest, but you're more intelligent than that." She states with a smirking little smile, but it reaches her eyes, the joke meant to be good hearted, not derogatory or mean. It's clearly a tease. She then waits, still hopefully, breathing in deeply of the second hand smoke from Eddie's currently lit cigarette.

The smirk is returned, but Eddie's is a bit more wry. "Can't blame a girl for needing a little clarification about what else you want to share with her." But Mooner does pull out the pack and remove another cigarette for Samantha, rolling the cylinder across the table to her.

Matto has arrived.

Samantha sighs deeply, shutting her eyes and accepting the cigarette with a thankful nod. "Really, Eddie…is there some way I can beg or convince you -not- to start it with me? I realize you like causing trouble. I have no clue what the hell I did to you but I suspect you'd like nothing better than to see me off the squad, and this was goin' on -way- before I punched you. But seriously? How can we stop this? Because we gotta work together and I'm tired of you purposefully pushing the single button I have to push." Sam admits gruffly, grabbing at her lighter and moving to strike up her cigarette.

Matto shambles in after two CAP shifts in a row, followed by three showers in a row, looking weary but refreshed in a set of off-duties and still-wet locks. Three hand-crocheted brown and red juggling balls are jumping up around the level of his mouth in a low cascade. "Hey, guys," he greets.

Eddie wrinkles her nose slightly while she takes another drag of her cigarette. "There you go…" She starts, before exhaling her smoke towards the ceiling. "…ruining my fun by being all adult." Mooner cranes her head around to find the Raptor bunny. "Mattoooooooooo." Comes the greeting.

Samantha takes another deep drag of the cigarette between her lips and stands up, restless energy now through her body. She looks over to Matto, giving a small nod, "Hey, Kissy. How ya holding up?" She responds casually before looking back over to Eddie…"Well, we are adults, you know. And we do all work in the same frakking squad. Gods know I relax as much as the next. I just prefer not to pursue things that get one or both of us sent to the brig."

Matto lets the cascade fall into place, and leans forward on his hands, showing the viper jocks his tonsils as he yawns, vaguely turning his head to one side as his eyes squeeze shut and tears squeeze from their corners. "..gmm," he comments, "I'm wiped. How are you guys?" he asks, "There's nobody home across the hall so I thought I'd bother you all. Ooh, is there something illegal happening?"

Eddie doesn't seem bothered in the slightest, she's just chillin' with her feet up on the table enjoying her smoke. "We were thinking about going into the black market baby business, but we need sperm donors. You interested, Matto?" She says the lie smoothly, but the corners of her eyes are wrinkling with a smirk. Potential brig time doesn't seem to faze old Edders.

Samantha lofts a brow with a bit more of a grin towards Eddie. She doesn't mind joking around when she's not being tempted to break regs. She looks up to Matto…"Not exactly illegal. We're concerned about repopulating the human race, you know. And we want to have the best genetic samples on hand… You sure he qualifies, Mooner?" Sam does her best to drop the other issue right now… relaxing as she drags on her cigarette.

"Hey, you know you're the third person to ask me that, yah?" Kissy chuckles at Eddie, "Why does everyone want my sperms?" he wonders, settling down into a chair with the rest, then smiling at Sam before looking back to Eddie, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I don't qualify, anyhow. Unless you want a pack of babies with bad lungs." He pauses a moment in thought, "Though it might cut down on the crying."

Eddie cants her face towards the ceiling, exhaling another lungful of smoke and offering the bulkhead the majority of her grin. "Well. It's either Kissy here, or we get Three Finger Fred from the deck crew. Personally, I'd take asthma over butt-assed ugly any day."

Samantha twitches a moment at the thought…"Yeah, Kissy would be far, far better an option. So… Kissy. We can do this with a turkey baster or the good, old fashioned way." She winks at him quietly as she takes another deep drag herself, defniitely more relaxed for the fact there is a cigarette in her hand… and Eddie isn't joking about 'sharing'

"That's kind of impractical, isn't it? I mean, in the final tally, being able to breathe is more important than being pretty, isn't it?" Kissy points out. "And I thought you had Marty giving regular donations again, anyhow. What's wrong with his stuff?" He leans back, stretching his arms overhead and propping up a knee against the table.

Eddie grimaces slightly, trying to behave. Really. The look on her face is almost painful. Nope, she just can't do it. "We tried that, but it's hard to collect the samples. Sam keeps swallowing them all." Lords help her.

Samantha smirks deeply at Eddie… "Martin's samples are on proprietary ownership right now and yes, I do not share -those- special samples well. I'm looking for more for Eddie here so she stops looking at taken goods." Sam states flatly, only half joking, though there is a smirk on her lips an in her eyes…She then heads over to the coffee maker, pouring herself some, since it seems she'll be up for a while.

Matto bites the inside of his lower lip quietly for a moment, then, since Samantha's smirking and taking the joking well, he leans toward Eddie with a mischievous smile, "Just take a swab from her tongue while she's asleep," he suggests, chucking a playful wink in Sam's direction to let her know he's just joshing with her. Then, both brows rising in some surprise, "You're shopping for a baby daddy in earnest, Mooner?" he wonders.

Kai has arrived.

Eddie pulls her feet from the table, leaning towards Matto and stage whispering. "Someone forgot to read the fine print of her contract before signing." Eddie then mouths the word 'oops' before leaning back. "Nah, this is a no baby zone." She draws a circle in the air above her stomach with the tip of her finger, before crossing the imaginary shape out with her finger.

Samantha looks over to Eddie…"Thank god. I'd feel bad for the kid who was spawned up in there. Wouldn't trust it to be half sane." She winks to the woman and then leans against the wall near the coffee maker, waiting for the thing to continue brewing as she sucks every last drag off of her cigarette…She'll burn through half the filter in efforts to get any tiny last tobacco.

Kai ambles in during the midst of conversation that doesn't concern him, and thus, isn't interjected upon. He's in his flight suit and toting his helmet under one arm, while the other hand's busy popping seals and jerking the zipper down. Someone's boots are kicked out of the way as he heads for his locker. "Afternoon, boys and girls," is his murmured greeting.

Komnenos has arrived.

Matto rests a hand on his own stomach, offering Eddie a friendly sort of smile. "Well, don't look at me, I'm not going to carry anyone's brat, either. That's you and me out of the repopulation effort, at least. I seriously doubt we have enough genetic material to get past a few generations without inbreeding problems, anyhow. Hey, Spiderman," he calls to Kai.

There's a change in Eddie, a subtle thing if you don't know her well. But her eyes seem to darken and all the mirth seems drain from her features like someone pulled the plug out. "Yeah, but you better get on that baby train, Case. YOu got what? Maybe one, two more years to spit one out before your factory shuts down because it can't stand up to code?" She's on her feet, her long stride eating up the floor as she crosses to her locker. No doubt the blood is pounding so hard in her ears, she didn't hear Kai's greeting.

Samantha is rather clueless as to what she could have said that finally DID manage to push Eddie's buttons, a hint of surprise crossing her featureas she looks up to the woman. "Uh…Sorry, Eddie… if I said somethin'…Just jokin', right? And I got 5 years, if I'm lucky…time to figure things out." BUt Sam's a bit more serious also, as she's speaking about her age. That hurt, more than a little bit. She looks up to Kai and gives a small nod. "…Sir."

"Sounds like I chose an interesting time t' pop in from next door," sounds a new voice from the door. Anton Komnenos is smoking, as usual, his hair tousled as though he'd just gotten out of bed. "What's what, everyone?"

Oh, lovely. It's the babies on battlestars discussion. Again. The broodsome CAG shoots Matto a leery look from under his brows, and starts spinning the combination to his locker. "How's shit, Lieutenant?" The powder keg that is Eddie, is merely glanced at before he swings the door open. Sometimes it's best to let her simmer for a few before prodding.

Eddie slams a hand into her locker at it refuses to open, then she tries again and finally jimmies it open on the second frustrated try. She's not even responding to Samantha now that's she's back pedalling. Let her squirm. Mooner roots around in her locker until she pulls out a small bag of toiletries and then she's heading for the hatch even if she has to shoulder past Komnenos. Welcoming party, she is not.

Matto lets the jocks get out whatever's between them, leaning back over the back of the chair to peer at Anton upside-down-wise, "Thornytoes," he greets, arms flinging out behind him to invite him closer for a hug. "You're awake," he points out the obvious. Having been on Black Squadron berthings not too much earlier and having found nobody there awake. He takes a breath, then, answering the CAG, "Alright enough. Tired as hell, though."

Hale has arrived.

Samantha sighs, looking between Mooner and the rest of the room. She shakes her head, moving for her own locker and dragging out her flight suit. "Anyway…I got CAP. Sorry that turned into awkward as all hell. Thanks for the cigarette, Mooner. YOu boys be well… don't tempt Mooner too much. She was already asking Kissy for sperm donations." Sam tries to leave things on a joking note as she pulls on her flight suit.

Luckily, Thorn knows — usually — when to get out of the way, and he manages to step out of Eddie's path right before he would have caught a shoulder in the chest. "Oi," he exclaims in surprise. Shrugging, he looks back to what's left of the gathering of pilots. "Hey there, Kissybear." He leans in, accepting the offered hug with aplomb. "Children getting t' be a touchy subject around here, what?" he asks, his voice deadpan.

"I come in at the damnedest of times.." Is all that seems to alert the presence of Hale now in the room, or more importantly blocking the hatch, as a bit of shaving cream hangs just on his cheek. Brow up, as Rabbit is now staring at Sam, before looking around the berthings. "Right." And with that he's making for his locker-it seems he is not going to be asking questions this go around. No doubt it would all end in tears.

"Good hunting out there, Case," Kai murmurs to Samantha, midway through peeling out of his flight suit and jostling dogtags in the process. He looks sweatier and more sore than usual; maybe another of his rookie training sessions. Gods know he probably pushes himself as hard as any of them. "Morales, sit." Good doggie.

Eddie stops when Kai says stop. She'll even jump when Kai says jump. But as it stands, he asked her to sit, and that just won't do. At least her progression towards the hatch has halted, her gaze dropping to the floor as her shoulder bunch up around her ears from the sheer tension in them. "Please don't sir. Not right now." She says towards the floor, respectfully but strained.

Samantha gives one last salute to the room, definitely looking a touch guilty and bugging out for duty early before she makes things worse. She shakes her head, disappearing out the hatch.

Samantha has disconnected.

Matto wraps his arms back around Thorn's waist, burying his head into his stomach some in a vague sort of cuddle before he sits up again, taking a breath as though to answer Thorn's question, but, eyes falling on Eddie as he turns around to address his squadronmate, he leaves the topic alone, only affirming with a vaguely voiced, "Hm," as he watches things unfold between CAG and pilot.

Thorn winces minutely, suddenly aware of the tension in the room. Nobody seems to have paid it any mind, though, so he merely shrugs and pulls up a seat next to his squadronmate, wisely keeping his mouth shut for the moment, the only exception being a grunt of acknowledgment and a nod to Hale as he enters. He, too, simply watches cautiously at the exchange between Reds.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist." Tug, tug. The damned thing doesn't want to come off, so Kai has to wrestle it a little. Once it's conquered, he pulls on a pair of fatigues so as to spare the room his underpants-clad ass. "I need a shower and a cup of coffee, and then we're going to hit the gym and chat. You can sit, in the meantime, or you can crawl the walls." He fetches his towel, flashing a glance Eddie's way as he starts for the head. "Take your pick." Hale gets a murmured, "Eltee" in passing.

Hale glances from Kai, who gets a nod in return, before he's looking back to Eddie for a second. A brow raised almost to say, what the hell happened, without really voicing it. He figures someone will tell him something- or not. But he is still looking back to Eddie, when he finally slides up to his locker. "Eh?" Is everything alright, the second question not, asked.

Eddie's hand curls around her toiletry bag so tightly, the skin of her knuckles whitens. For a moment, it looks as if she might launch the thing across the room, but she restrains herself if only barely. "Aye sir." Comes her response, and she glances around as if she's a rat that's suddenly been cornered. Eyes lock on Hale, and she gives a long exhale, "Yeah. Fine." Twitch, fidget. "Maybe I'll take a shower too. Cool off." Yeah, that's the ticket. That's why she has a bag of toiletries anyways, right?

Hale remains quiet as his flat razor is stowed along with his toiletries kit, and his towel. Hand running over his face for a moment before he's looking back to Eddie. A small frown there, but he's nodding all the same. "If you want a drink later?" Not that it might help or not, its still offered. A glance back to the head where Kai skirted off to.

Kai looks as diffident about the whole situation as he ever does. Just another day in the viper berthings. Meanwhile, the raptors are hiding in the corner getting scarred for life. He pads off around the corner, bare feet slapping the tiles as he goes. A few moments later, the faucet switches on.

Matto takes a deep breath through the tension in the room, looking to Thorn and leaning toward him, tossing a spherical plasticpill packed bit of crocheting onto the table in front of him, "You want to go down to the game room or somewhere, guy?" he asks him. There was talking that needed to get done, yah? And Eddie seems to want room.

Eddie back tracks towards her locker. "Sure." She agrees with Hale, while not really committing to anything with that single word. Eddie drags out a towel, gives Matto an almost apologetic tweak of a smile, then heads off to the Head too.

For some reason, something about the CAG still bothers Komnenos, although he does his best not to let on, even as the older man disappears around the corner. Marek is inscrutable on the best of days, and Thorn, always the type to assume the worst, can't help but feel a hint of disapproval when the CAG looks at him — but then, he's never had a terribly great rapport with authority figures. Spider's not paying Thorn any mind now, though, as the Raptor ECO turns his attention from one person to the next, trying to assess the mood. His train of thought, speeding as usual, crashes to a stop as the other Raptor jock addresses him "Hm?" Oh, that. "Sure, whenever you're done here." The gathering seems to be breaking up anyway, but he's not trying to rush things.

Hale looks back towards Thorn, and nods over to him. "Oi Mate, I still got that bottle when you're ready for collection." A grin as he still seems to be navigating his way through the tension as well. Egads what in the world did he step into? Yes that is the question of the day.

Kai is fairly methodical in the shower. Water goes on, water goes off. Lather, rinse, enjoy the five minutes of privacy he's likely to get in any given day.

Matto offers Thorn one of his broad, beaming grins, "I'm yours whenever you want me, guy," he tells the ECO, drawing his knee down from the edge of the table and pushing himself up out of his chair, grabbing the two handmade juggling balls still in front of him and leaving the third for Thorn to get, since he'd chucked it at him by way of getting his attention. His brows loft briefly in reply to the look from Eddie, a permissive, 'no-problem' sort of glance as he begins to shuffle out, as well, "Later, Rabbit," he adds.

"Later Kissy." said back to the raptor driver, as he remains by his locker. Its a safety point in all the madness that seemingly imploded quicker than a shitty building plan. Hale's glancing back to the head though where Kai went off and marched. Seems like he'll be waiting on the Captain just a little bit, maybe as to figure what in the shit is going on here.

Thorn returns Hale's grin with one of his own; the Leonan pilot's joviality is infectious. "Believe me, I'm not liable t' forget," he replies. "I've got CAP tonight, though, and Black Cat would have my guts for garters if I was drinking the day I'm on the schedule," he continues apologetically." He snatches Kissy's handiwork up off the table as he rises. "In fact, if you all would be so kind as t' excuse me…" he finishes jauntily as he makes his own way towards the exit.

Eddie does the whole shower thing, though no doubt there's a few extra sounds coming from her stall. Perhaps like little sounds of frustration while she tries to get her temper under control. Maybe she's punching the tile in there.

Matto hops over the lower lip of the hatchway, out into the hall, and then shifts back into a lower gear, sauntering off.

Matto has left.

Kai emerges not too much later, in the process of lacing up his fatigue trousers and pulling on a fresh set of tanktops. That his dark hair is dripping down his neck and shoulders, he seems not to notice or care. "Evening, boys," he offers the departing pair, before starting the hunt for his boots. "Just the usual shit," he murmurs to Hale, somewhat dismissively.

Hale nods with a touch of his fingers in Thorn's direction, as he closes his locker. "Course mate, when we're both off CAP." a chuckle and he's moving to sit down at the main table for a second, kick one of his boots into another chair, as he waits for news or a look most likely. "Happy huntin' an all that.."

Eddie isn't so strict with her water useage, but she's very careful with Kai in a neighboring stall so that when he reappears, so does she shortly there after. Won't do to have him coming in after her. Hair is wet, towel is damp, but she's already redressed in the clothes she disappeared in. Maybe she takes a page out of Roubani's book. She keeps her head down, her mouth shut, moving back towards her locker to stow her shower supplies.

After a chuckle and a murmured farewell, Thorn follows the other Raptor driver; he can be seen ducking into the Black berthings for a moment before reemerging and going down the hall, Matto's little crocheted number still clutched in his hand.

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"What did I tell ya.." says Hale back towards Kai, and already there's that layer of tension creeping back over Rabbit. A shake of his head, and he's looking for a pack of cigarettes. Yes this wing has made him smoke more…Words however stop when Eddie comes back out, and there's a soft frown for the girl. And then he is scratching the back of his neck. "Maybe we need another fight night.."

Not wanting to interrupt or anything further Hale, takes a silent cue, so as to slide out, and see to other bits of business he has to get done.

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Well, seeing as the berthings have cleared out like a frat party getting busted by the cops, Kai elects to take his time getting dressed. After slinging his dogtags back on, he drops into a chair at the table to begin lacing up his boots. He's silent, which may bode well.. or poorly.

Eddie hangs up her wet towel inside her locker so it can dry, her little green bag tucked back up on the shelf and a few things shuffled around so that things are in front of it by the time she closes the door. The quietness suits her, or at least she's not complaining about it. Feet tucked back into shoes, she ambles up towards the table to wait for him, most of the wind gone from her sails by the looks of it.

For a viper jock, Kai sure likes to take his time doing things. Laces are tugged through grommets with precise, mechanical motions. And then his towel is fetched so he can do another pass of dark, damp curls. "How're you feeling?" he asks out of the blue, watching said feet of hers while he works.

Eddie swallows heavily, then lifts her chin slightly. This is where she feeds Kai a line of bullshit that he might believe because it's easier, and she forces a smile to her lips and skips away. Or this is where she says, "I feel like I want to throw up. But the feeling always passes."

"You ever try throwing up.." murmurs the Captain, scraping the towel a few times through his hair, and then down along his cheek and neck, "..when you feel like throwing up?"

Eddie watches his movements, because she has to watch something. "Seems like a precious waste of food, given the times." Her lips press into a thin line, and for the briefest moment, the lower one trembles before she's able to smooth it all away again. Smooth Eddie who's got everything in control.

"Yeah." It's faintly amused, though not accompanied by a smile. "Yeah, I suppose you've got a point there." After a few moments' pause, Kai tosses the towel into his locker, and leans back in his chair so he can finally gaze up at Eddie. "Nobody around. You can cry if you want, Mooner." His voice is softer there, an invite but not an order.

Eddie touches her nose with the curve of her hand, maybe there was a faint sniffle there too. "Just like throwing up, I'm not sure what purpose that would serve. It only matters now. An hour from now…tomorrow…it'll just be replaced by something else." As he's in no hurry to pull her off to the gym, she's going to sit back down, her rump connecting with the seat heavily.

"Something she said about your kid, set you off?" Kai probably isn't entirely sure, himself. It's a stab in the dark, given the conversation when he wandered in. His eyes follow her as she sits, observing quietly.

Eddie slumps down in the chair, likely wishing she could ooze down beneath the table and disappear. "More like Samantha touches enough sore subjects in my life, and that's one place she's not allowed to go. Look, sure. I'm steamed about Martin. He and I had a fling, but it wasn't until /after/ they broke up. Then as soon as preacher man offs himself, she's crawling back into his bunk." Her nail starts picking at a groove in the table. Once the door is opened, it's open, and Eddie continues. "That's all well and fine, even when he tells me nothing's going on. I don't care. Everyone else says different, including Sam herself. So be it. He's a great guy, but at the end of the day, he's just another piece of tail. But she also cost my my best friend, so don't expect me to be all peaches and cream with her."

"I don't," Kai answers plainly enough. No smoking, no fidgeting, he just continues to watch Eddie across the table. He returns to something she said, voice still kept low even though they're alone, "What'd she do to your best friend?"

Eddie leans back in her chair, her head thrown back and the heel of her hands rest on her closed eyes. "She said some shit to Nadiv. 'Bout how he and I should just frak and get it over with. He's sensitive about that sort of stuff. Like really sensitive. His personal life is personal, ya know? But that cunt bag has to open her wide tactless mouth, and say shit like that. Put him on edge around me. Things haven't be the same since."

Kai might have been expecting something along those lines, or he might not. Either way, he's quiet for several seconds after. His eyes skitter toward the ceiling briefly, and the stencil of a viper artfully sprawled across it, then somewhere off to the side. "I'm sorry," he supplies finally. It could ring empty, but it's sincere. "For what it's worth, he cares about you."

Eddie gives a bark of laughter, without any mirth or merry in it. "Yeah well. A consolation prize in the end is still a giant kiss off." She drags her hands down her face, and straightens up her posture. "I'll accept it. I always have. When you grow up being passed around like a party favor, there are certain truths you come to terms with about yourself. It is what it is." She shifts her weight towards one hip, if only so she can free a pack of smokes from her pants pocket.

Kai, for once, leaves his own cigarettes where they are. "What do you want?" he asks bluntly, apropos of roughly nothing. His arms fold loosely across his chest, dogtags jostled slightly by the motion.

Eddie tucks the filter in her lips, dark eyes flicking up to Kai's face. "Whaddyamean?" Because apparently she finds that question rather vague. She tugs out her lighter where it's slung around her neck on an unregulation chain, and flicks it open and sparks it to life to light her cigarette.

"What you just said." Kai tips his chin to indicate Eddie, her cigarette, or the conversation in general. "Talking about your best friend, and consolation prizes. I told you he cared. What more do you want? It's hard enough finding people that care, people that've got the inclination to do more than frak and flee, right now."

Eddie leans forward slightly, folding her arms on the table with her cigarette smoldering from it's tuck between her fingers. A slight smirk catches the corner of her lips, "He cares. No offense sir, but then why are you sitting here, getting my sob story instead of him? There is no doubt that our friendship remains, and we're still thick as thieves when it comes to the rest of the world. But things change. I don't begrudge him for it, honest."

Kai gets an odd sort of look on his face after Eddie's spoken. A slight twist of his lips that approaches a smile, though it's wry. "Yeah, things change. People change. When we realise they aren't what we thought they were. Then you realise you've reached this.. this point of no return. Where you can't go back, so you have to go forward." Blue eyes shift to the cigarette and the fingers holding them, and back to the bulkhead again. Maybe he's trying to quit, or maybe he's just got other things on his mind.

Eddie's smile threatens to go a little towards sad, but she's restraining herself, pulling back actual feelings in favor of a more widely accepted strong front. "And he's gone forward without me. More power to him." She thunks back in her chair, cigarette returning to her lips. "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride."

"I'm not sure I can picture you in a white dress, anyway," the Captain murmurs drily, glancing to his watch thereafter and starting to ease to his feet. His hand ruffles through her hair gently as he moves past to his bunk's ladder.

Eddie's jaw clenches as he reaches out to ruffle her hair, "Gee thanks. No, I'm always the maid of honor screwing the groom in the coat closet before the ceremony, just to prove I can, right?" He's off, it seems, so she pours herself out of the chair and back to her feet, free from going to the gym it seems. "Good talk."

"Really? I'd have figured the head would be more your style." He might be smiling, but then again he might not. With his back turned to the young woman, who the hell knows. "Try not to let her get to you, Morales." And then he's clambering up to fetch his own pack of smokes— aha. Which would explain why he hadn't lit up by now. And then back down, before heading for the hatch.

Eddie has her back turned to him by the time he's down on his feet. "No worries there sir." She responds simply, retreating towards her own bunk. Maybe it's nap time.

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