Gross Anatomy
Gross Anatomy
Summary: Jules' body is discovered in the Brig. Suspicious circs!
Date: PH 216 (20 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Brig

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #216
OOC Time: Fri Nov 20 22:03:31 2009

While the larger classes of the fleet might have two separate brigs, one for officers and one for enlisted, this would not be the case on the Kharon. Three cells are packed into this small room, each containing a toilet and bed. The bars provide no privacy, possibly as an incentive to the ship's crew to stay out of this room. Done in the same drab battleship gray that the rest of the ship is, there is only a single desk to occupy this room which faces the cells. Perhaps a bit oddly, this room is almost as strictly utilitarian as the Naval Offices.

The call had went out to both medical and the S2, but Jacobs, the fastest runner at Sick Bay, was the first on scene. With his trusty satchel slung over his shoulder, he appears to have already made an assessment. Also, before anyone even gets close to the area he has instructed the MPs to hand out masks and latex gloves for personal protection.

Why would he need to do that? Well, there he kneels next to the bed of Jules Ozymandias, her pretty fresh corpse still laying there. The whites of her eyes are bloodshot, her eyelids swollen and she has yellow foam coming from the corners of her mouth.

The S2 isn't far behind the first doc on the scene. She's arrives about sixty seconds later. The marine obviously hauled ass from just about the furthest point on the ship. She slides through the hatch, after a few words exchanged with the duty MPs outside. The MP standing behind the desk looks nervous, and for good reason. Salazar's dark eyes flick to the Brig, the doc, the body, and then to Dover, the MP in question. She doesn't say anything, but turns to step further inside, headed toward the cell containing the doc and the body.

Pike rushes into the brig, medical bag in hand. Her eyes fall to Jules' corpse, her expression oddly not anything more than one of curiosity. She looks to Jacobs. "Is this how the body was found, Corporal?"

Corporal Jacobs raises a hand to Salazar as she gets closer, "Hold on, sir, don't get too close." Have to take every precaution when dealing with this kind of thing. He looks back at the body once again, concern drifting across his eyes although the protective mask he's wearing obscures the lower half of his face. Then it's time to answer Pike's question and elaborate. "Yes, sir. I have only touched her to check vitals and retrieve a blood sample." Then he goes on to what his short investigation has found already, "Eyes are bloodshot, eyelids swollen, strange yellow foam coming from her mouth." His tone has gone from concerned and is now clinical and professional, "There is no sign of any bruising or any kind of struggle, however there is a pair of needle marks along her jugular. One is pre-mortem, one post. The post-mortem mark is from me taking the blood sample. I suspect the pre-mortem mark is from when she was poisoned with whatever this stuff is."

Salazar stops just inside the cell. Her eyes fall to the corpse, and she considers it for a long moment before she steps out again, do the Brig proper. There's a brief shuffle in which she orders the detainee currently on PT (Cavalera) released at the Gym to AiQ. "Dover, make the call." She turns back to the doctor(s). "Is there any reason to be concerned the room could be contaminated?" IE, do we all now need to go sit in medical and have blood drawn.

The last one to arrive, it seems, is Dr. Andrews. The new trauma doc is getting on scene with a more intensive trauma pack slung over his shoulder, quite unaware that well… said trauma pack is less than needed at this point. His rushed gait, however, comes to a pretty quick halt as soon as he steps past the MP at the door… given, well, the lack of activity going on in here seems to indicate that trying to revive a body is no longer an issue, pausing there and just going "Oh."

While the other marines are tasked out to scamper about and do Salazar's bidding, Corporal Jacobs nods. "Yes, sir, there is definitely reason to be concerned with contamination." He moves out of the way of the trauma doctor if he actually wants to enter as he continues to explain, "Without knowing whether this was a chemical poisoning or biological weapon, I would recommend we quarantine the brig for now and anyone around here be confined to Sick Bay until further testing is completed."

Salazar nods, already having expected that. Still, she doesn't look pleased. It's just a subtle shift of the line of her mouth. "Outstanding." She turns to the comm again, picks it up to take care of some marine shuffling. Dover gets the joy of staying. The S2 bends to pick up a mask, and slips it on, before she moves over to hand one to the duty MP. "Suit up."

Dante does indeed come in closer, espessialy since Dr. Pike seems to have stepped back. Moving to kneel down by the body once Jacobs has risen up, setting his trauma case on the ground next to him and opening it up, putting on simliar gloves and a mask as Jacobs had passed out. He pulls out a small sample tube, collecting some of the foam that was issuing from the poor woman's mouth, screwing the tube shut and setting it back in his pack. "Ensign? How long before we can move the body for the autoposy?" he glances up at her and Jacobs, "We'll get the bloodwork analysis going but I'd like to get some other biopsies as well."

Jacobs just nods, "Roger, sir." He then holds up the sample of the foam he had already taken, along with the sample of blood. He holds them out for Dante to take, "Here you go, sir." He then moves closer to the body again to point at a pair of prickmarks on the jugular. "See this one, sir? I think that's where she was poisoned. I figure it was a chemical agent as opposed to biological because nobody else here is showing any symptoms at all. The guards also said she just laid down to sleep and then…this happened."

"Move it if you have a body bag on hand. The Brig will remain locked and quarantined until a final determination is made." Salazar waits out of the way for the medical types to get the ex-Jules on the move.

Dante accepts the samples from Jacobs, setting them with the one he did. "Chemical or biological toxin…" He shuts the trauma case now, since the trauma is pretty well good and done for. Dante does place his fingers on either side of the wounds, inspecting them just to confirm that there's no signs of some sort of insect bite before letting his hand fall away, starting to rise up. "Once I get back to sickbay, we'll send someone down to bring the body to the morgue… if it's nothing exotic, we should have something within the hour."

Jacobs nods as he says, "Yes sir. I will stay with the body and assist in it's movements." He then turns to Salazar as he says, "Sir, please report to Sick Bay and standby until our tests are complete. Tell the orderlies that you will have use of the duty nurses desk." Odd for a Corporal to give an Ensign orders, but when the medical stuff comes down, oftentimes medics are instructed to take charge. Then, with that business completed he turns his head back to Jules' body, mixed feelings of losing a definite enemy and a comrade seeming to fight and he mutters. "Pretty soon, we're going to run out of body bags…"

The S2's slight frown eases with an ETA on that notification. "Good." She's a woman of few words today. It could have something to do with a prisoner dying in her brig under mysterious circumstances. Yeah, definitely that. "I'll remain here, then escort the body to Medical myself."

Dante starts to pull off his mask and gloves, "I'll log in the time of death and get you the offical instance medical report once Corporal Jacobs has a chance to fill in his first responder information, Ensign…. I'll be in Sickbay getting the toxicologies started." Leaning down to grab the trauma kit, "And if anyone that was in the area starts to feel ill, have them report to Sickbay immedialy." After all, just because it most likely /is/ a chemical doesn't mean it /is/ a chemical. He pauses, glancing down at the face of the body just one more time and then turns and heads on out.

Hell of a second day.

Salazar merely nods to Dante as he makes his statements, then moves to leave. She remains standing where she is. Once the orderlies or nurses come for the body, she accompanies it to Medical, along with Jacobs.

CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Sickbay

The hatchway immediately opens into the larger room, though the muted blues of the room are complimented by the white sheets on the various beds lying at wait for any injured personnel, which are lain out in neat rows. Curtains are available around certain bed bays for examinations and privacy during them. Rows of lockers around the room are labeled in easy-to-read yellows that contain everything from surgical supplies to the basic items such as sterilized bandages. A counter to the Fore end of the room is the ships pharmacist and can dispense items like aspirin and ibuprofen to anyone who might need it. Behind the manned counter stands an electronically locked metal door that leads back to some of the more controlled pharmacological items. To the rear of the room is a specially designated and sealed 'clean area' for surgeries.

About twenty minutes after Dr. Andrews left the brig, personell showed up with a body bag and a stretcher to pick up the body. Apon arrival at Sickbay, they'll find Dante at the blood analyzer, running the toxicolgies on the blood and the foam, amongst other tests. The trauma doc glances up only momentarily before looking into the analyzer's eyepiece again, "Ah good… almost done with the analysis here, just a little more time, that's all."

The S2 steps in with the gurney carrying the body. She's hands off, merely serving as an escort. Her sidearm remains holstered, arms crossed as she makes her way into Medical. The dark haired marine glances briefly around, nods to Lt. Andrews, and waits for the verdict. She does a reasonable job of displaying patience. Reasonable, not spectacular.

Along with the S2 and the bodybag and gurney comes Corporal Jacobs, guiding said gurney by his own hand. He still has on his facemask and latex gloves, but they do not do much to hide his resentment for this very moment. He guides the body back into the Recovery Ward, tucking it away in some dark corner away from patients. He emerges, still wearing the equipment and apparently doing his best not to touch anything. In fact he just settles on a stool and stays quiet.

Stepping away from the analyzer, Dante letes out a low sigh. "Well, the only good news I've really got is that we won't have to worry about contamination…" He reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes as he does so. "Her blood chemestries are jacked up, showing signs of systemic organ failure and incredibly decreased blood oxygen levels… the plasma filter did pick out a forign substance. I don't have a final ID on it yet, but the computer is giving a probability match to coolant." There is a look of true sympathy that flitters across his face, "Not exactly what I'd call a… pleasant way to go."

Alyssa walks into Sickbay, a smile on her face until she picks up on the atmosphere. Choosing not to speak until she hears more, she walks instead to her desk, nodding at Jacobs as she does so, giving a slightly inquisitive look but otherwise keeping her mouth shut.

"Whatever it was, it saved her a firing squad tomorrow night," Salazar replies. She glances down at the body bag, then looks over to Dante. "The timing is odd. We're looking into it. Thank you for your quick work, Doctor. I didn't fancy spending the entire evening twiddling my thumbs up here when there's footage to review." She looks up from the body finally. "I look forward to your full report, when you have it narrowed down more closely."

It seems silence is what Jacobs brings to this party. Even though Alyssa does get a courtesy lecherous wink, there's obviously no feeling behind it. Even though he finally gets to remove the mask and gloves, it doesn't seem to bring him any relief.

"It'll take the computer more time to get a full match but we should have it by morning." Dante glances over at Alyssa as she slips in but he doesn't do more than just nod at her before glancing back to Salazar. "We should have a preliminary report to Security within an hour and…Jacobs? Can you notifiy the cornor we'll need the autoposy started?" Just then, the reality of the situation on the Kharon rears up again, compared to how it would be at a pre-Warday hospital. Dante pauses for a few seconds and then says, "We… don't actually have a cororer… do we?"

"I hope someone remembers their gross anatomy," comes the S2's comment as she makes her way toward the door. The Security Officer doesn't seem concerned. Surely, in a room full of doctors, someone's qualified to crack open someone already dead. Not like you can frak up and kill them, right? "Good evening, Doctors." And out she goes, to places less needly and sterile.

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